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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gulf Cartel Boss Arrested in Cancun

Borderland Beat

The suspected leader of the Gulf cartel in the resort cities of Cancun and Playa del Carmen was arrested by police and Mexican army troops, the Quintana Roo state Attorney General’s Office said Thursday.

Jose Roberto Diaz Cornelio was captured Wednesday in Merida and taken to Cancun, Quintana Roo Attorney General Gaspar Armando Garcia said.

Diaz Cornelio was moved early Thursday to the municipal jail in Playa del Carmen, where he will be tried on murder and extortion charges.

Officers from the police department in Merida, the capital of Yucatan state, and soldiers participated in the operation to arrest Diaz Cornelio.

The suspected Gulf cartel boss is being investigated in connection with the murders of Jose Salvador Delgado Estrada and Marlin bar DJ Jose Israel Lopez Morales, whose bodies were found in Xcalacoco, an area in the Riviera Maya.

“He is also being investigated for running extortion rackets targeting discos, bars and stores,” and for extortion “that harms a businessman ... linked to a tax inspector in the city of Solidaridad,” the attorney general said.

The gang led by Diaz Cornelio attacked the businessman’s house with a fire bomb, Garcia said.

“Roberto Diaz Cornelio acknowledged that he handed over 120,000 pesos (about $9,000) monthly to his immediate boss, Miguel Angel Villalobos,” who ran the Gulf cartel’s business in the northern zone, the AG said.

Villalobos ordered the killing of Cancun police sector commander Gumersindo Martinez Gomez last month, Diaz Cornelio told investigators.

The Gulf cartel is no longer as powerful as it was in the past, partly because of its break with Los Zetas, the criminal organization’s former armed wing, which severed ties with the cartel in 2010 and now runs its own narcotics trafficking business.

The Gulf organization, which mainly deals in cocaine, synthetic drugs and marijuana, mostly operates in northern Mexico and the country’s eastern coastal areas.

The cartel, like other Mexican criminal organizations, has branched out into kidnappings and running extortion rackets, targeting businesses.

Mario Armando Ramirez Treviño, the Gulf cartel’s leader, was captured by army troops during an operation in the northeastern state of Tamaulipas on Aug. 17.

Ramirez Treviño took over the Gulf cartel’s leadership about a year ago.

The cartel’s two previous top bosses, Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, known as “El Coss,” and Mario Cardenas Guillen, who went by the alias “El Gordo,” were arrested last year.

The Gulf cartel, one of Mexico’s oldest drug trafficking organizations, was founded by Juan Nepomuceno Guerra in the 1970s and was later led by Juan Garcia Abrego, who was arrested in 1996 and extradited to the United States.

Osiel Cardenas Guillen took over the cartel’s leadership in July 1999, but he was arrested in 2003. He continued running the Gulf cartel, one of the most violent criminal organizations in Mexico, until his extradition to the United States on Jan. 20, 2007.

He was succeeded by his brother, Antonio Ezequiel, known as “Tony Tormenta.”

Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen was killed in a shootout with marines on Nov. 5, 2010, and Costilla Sanchez took over the leadership.

Cardenas Guillen was the leader of one of the two branches of the criminal organization.

Source: EFE


  1. The only Mojones El Commandante Pepe will deal with now will be the ones he makes when he takes a shit in prison! lol It all went down hill for Jose Diaz when his boss's house was broken into. It don't get anymore ironic than when a criminal's house is broken into by other crimunals. To say the least - El Mojon Villalobos, shit turd, was probably pissed.

  2. I wonder who's or what faction of the Gulf Cartel is responsible for all these cells and lieutenants in Quintana Roo and Yucatan. I guess the CDG still moves drugs through the peninsula and up to Monterrey and to Reynosa and Matamoros. Also what interest does CDG have in Zacatecas besides trying to push off the Zetas from Fresnillo. Who's the one responsible for backing Talibans forces, is it rhe Metros or Rojos specifically Mario Pelon. I know that the Metros are responsible for the war in Monterrey but what about Zacatecas.

  3. The Gulf Cartel is nothing more than a bunch of loose gangs that are using the name of a once powerful cartel to intimidate the locals and profit from kidnapping and extortion. They are no longer moving drugs and are operating in a similar fashion as the zetas. cdg was once powerful in that region of mexico but that is far behind us even at its peak the cartel never really moved as much weight as the other main cartels of mexico (Tijuana, Sinaloa and Juarez)and that is a fact not speculation. Today the cartel is composed of thugs that are well armed but with little financial power, in other words their scum. PURO SINALOA!!

    1. @6:36

      You're a dumbass, the gulf cartel at its peak (Juan Garcia Abrego) days, moved more coke than cds and caf. It was Abrego who negotiated with the Colombians, therefore turning Mexican drug cartels into distributors of coke and not just mules for the Colombians. Before that all the Mexican cartels would just sell pot.

    2. Juan Garcia Abrego moved as much weight as any top mexican kingpin and so did Osiel Cardenas whom at the time of his arrwst was charged with moving 12 tons of coke a month (lowball figure) and made tbe c.d.g. the biggest and strongest cartel in mexico until the split with the zetas.thats a fact.

  4. A este tacuache nomas en su casa lo conosen!

  5. How's the off-shore fishing this time of year?

  6. September 8, 2013 at 5:36 PM
    Zacatecans say CDS are there but mostly it is ex Z,Talibzs?
    Some Mexican bros and Zacatecans can doubtless tell us the real?

  7. He'll probably be out in under a week.

  8. Thats messico's problem, they keep arresting these assholes and not killing them!

  9. standard kicks upstairs to the bosses is 5% to 10% of the racket. if he's kicking up $9000 a month that means he could be making up to $100k a month

  10. 9,000 a month... how the mighty have fallen

  11. Hey Chivis, word around Reynosa this morning was that El comandante Guicho is the new leader of the Gulf Cartel. If true, can you explain to me. I always understood that El Guicho was one of Comandante Gringos closest friends and right hand. He was a lieutenant for Gringo. Didn't the Gulf Cartel turned on these guys?

  12. CDG ain't weak like most chapo cheerleaders think. Zacatecas is good for growing pot up in the sierras. Metros & Rojos own Zacatecas because F1 was one of M3 soldier. BTW R1 & M60 have a truce going on & have been working side by side. People from Matamoros are in charge of part of Monterrey & Yucatan & Quintana Roo. Yes they are still divided but have been working as one since Costilla got capture & C. Guerra got kill. CDG still gaining ground every day. Theres 2 boss a Cardenas Guillen member from Matamoros & C1 from Reynosa.

  13. Hasta sin zapatos lo dejaron! Bueno, si es que tenia para comprarse unos!

  14. 4:30 no its not that wuicho its somebody from Rio Bravo but theres a alot of wuichos one of them El wuicho toston from Tampico

  15. Juan Garcia Abrego might have negotiated with the colombians but the truth of the matter is that the sinaloenses took his idea to higher levels and have moved much more weight. Amado Carrillo pushed far more weight than Juan Garcia o el pendejo de jotosiel ever dreamed of.This is common knowledge and should be of no surprise to anyone, no one in tamaulipas has ever come close.... NO ONE!

  16. New cartel on the rise "Cartel del Istmo" originated in Oaxaca. A few days ago here in Cancun a member was killed by rivals. When they searched his home they found over 400 keys of marijuana and guns.


  17. Should I be worried about cartel violence or kidnappings if I am staying in the hotel zone of cancun?

  18. I'm sorry but 12tons of coke a month ain't shit to what Amado moved at his peak. DEA estimates that he was pushing 15 to 20 tons a week at his peak making Ciudad Juarez the main entry point for cocaine to the United States and which to this day is the primary route amounting to the traffic of up to 60% of the coke consumed in the US. I'm no cheerleader specially not for chapos and mayos, but honestly the CDG even with the zetas has never been financially as powerful nor as successful as making profits like the other cartels. CDG has never been top dog, at it's peak it was probably number 2 to Juarez, Tijuana or now the Sinaloa Cartel.

  19. About new cartel on the rise "Cartel del Istmo" originated in Oaxaca,one of my primo inside say they are talkin with El Dos Letras and Chaguin?


  20. @September 10, 2013 at 7:36 PM
    You should not be worried about your safety as a tourist. Tourist are safe in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Cartel activity has been going on for years in Cancun and they focus on rivals and members but never tourists.



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