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Monday, September 9, 2013

4 more die in northern Sinaloa state

By Chris Covert

A total of four armed suspects were killed in northern Sinaloa, two in El Fuerte municipality Monday, according to Mexican news reports.

According to a news report which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Juarez news daily, Sinaloa state ministerial agents encountered armed suspects near the village of El Chiripa in El Fuerte municipality, killing one suspect.

A separate news report posted on the website of Vanguardia news daily identified the suspect as  Gabino Zamora Flores, 31.  Sinaloa state police observed a vehicle at around 1110 hrs with armed suspects aboard, but were fired on.  Police seized one AK-47 rifle following the encounter.

Police then requested reinforcements from Choix, Ahome and El Fuerte to continue pursuit of other armed suspects fleeing the scene.

Police eventually intercepted the fleeing suspects, killing a second suspect.

Choix municipal president, Juan Carlos Estrada Vega was quoted in a news report in El Debate news daily that has he has requested an increased "federal presence" in his municipality, claiming the problems in Choix have been building over a number of months.  He said that 600 people in 10 villages in the area have been affected by the problems caused by local criminal groups, although he did not elaborate.

Members of the Sinaloa state bar association have been critical of the government's response to problems in the region, according to a separate El Debate news report.  Roberto Perez Jacobo and Martin Lopez Felix charged that Sinaloa state government "apathy" has kept federal forces from the area in the face of increasing violence over the previous months.

The fighting, especially in Choix has been the result of increasingly hostile competition between groups sympathetic to the Sinaloa drug cartel, and the Beltran Leyva Organization.  The Beltron Leyva Organization has enlisted aid from allied drug cartels such as the Juarez cartel and Los Zetas.

Meanwhile in Los Mochis municipality, some 60 kilometers southwest of Choix, two armed suspects were killed and four were wounded in two separate incidents Sunday, according to an El Universal wire dispatch which was published in the online edition of El Diario de  Coahuila news daily.

The first incident took place in Tabachines colony near a mall two unidentified individuals were shot to death by armed suspects with AK-47 rifles.  The victims were traveling aboard a vehicle when they were struck by gunfire.

In the second incident, four unidentified individuals were shot and wounded  in a drive by shooting on Calle 7th in  Ruben Jaramillo colony.

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  1. It's a matter of time till they kill chapo Guzman...

  2. Chapo Guzman is losing the war in his hometown

  3. The people of Northeastern Sinaloa are being sacrificed like lambs led to the slaughter by the crimal organizations of Sinaloa. Where are the authorities in all this? The Leyva organization is torching villages with scorch earth tactics. Where are the community leaders organizing the self-defense groups to defend the innocents?! The PF, Sedena,Semar, Nayarit PE just finished capturing 26 Zetas. The question arises - What about Sinaloa? Maybe Pres. Obama should send some Tomahawk/ Cruise missiles to Syria and Sinaloa to stop these terrorist organizations. GOD BLESS THE INNOCENTS OF MEXICO.

  4. Anyone know which cartel controls Zapopan, Jalisco?

  5. I lived in Tabachines wen I was 1 year old with my family I left to u.s.a wen I was 4 it was peacful back then we never sold the house wen we moved to tijuana I went back to Tabachines house wen I was 11 it was abandaned with the doors missing everything inside robed I wonder if anyone ocupied it?

  6. chapos people are getting killed and captured with no problem make you wonder if mayo is the one also if chapo is snitching on his people its one of the two

  7. BLO enlisted aid from allied cartels such as Juarez & Z

    Why do they always stress this?
    Why don't they mention the aid the 19th army gives to the CDS or Malova & Chuytono which by know proof is so overwealming

    CDS not as almighty as they want you to believe.

  8. Assad is selling his chemical weapons to Chapo.

  9. Hahahahaah was up chapo hatters you guys have everything twisted el chapo is not losing anything its the other way arounf the Beltran Leyva cartel is trying to weather the storm after breakin with zetas the group that kept them in the game its pretty much over for the beltran leyva el chapo isidro wont ambush anymore cause hes not even in sinaloa el dos letras and his group havent made any noice ether i dont understan why so much buss the ones cleaning house are the federation not the weakeng beltran leyva withought the zetas there pretty much left out in the open !!!!

  10. Anyone knows what's up with El Dos Letras ?

    1. Hes working..leave a message at the end of the beeb...

  11. This is Beltran leyva territory not chapos. Mayo zambada is culiacan. Thee dead are most likely from the mochomera due to chapos people entering that plaza there trying to make a move on it and from what's been happening chapos people are moving fast. The Sinaloa cartel is the main shot caller for a reason if they weren't really strong and dominating the drug trade they wouldn't be the main shot caller cartel in mexico so acknowledge that.

  12. Relax chapo haters i know he aint a saint but hes el chapo not el chepo (ex mexican coach) he know what hes doing or should i say the goberment knows what its doing hahahaha

  13. Looks like el chappy is loosing control of his sheeeet

  14. Replies
    1. 2 letras, chapo isidro, chuy, nacho gonzales, el 14 not to mention "el H2"are still active..they are all under the order to operate quietly now.
      Theres a reason why mayo turned in Manuel torres felix "M1"and why Z40 was arrested ..its all part of an agreement.Mochomo ordered chapo/ mayo to turn M1 in also Z40 had to be arrested why? Because chapo /mayo want a truce with Beltran Leyvas..El H and his brother mario proved to be a serious challenge and when Mochomo comes out (if he is released without problems) there will be a truce.CDS knows that war is bad for buisness.Buisness comes first thats what was decided between el Chapo and H

  15. Its the total opposite of what you guys think. The dead are from la mochomera. The feds are moving in and we all know the feds are on cds payroll.
    The strategy is the same as chihuahua. The government goes in and cleans house and after cds goes in.
    Btw I'm not kissing up on these guys but its the truth. The one with the most guarantees(bribery of government officials)will always reign superior in this case cds.
    It's predicatable. That's how bad corruption is here.

  16. EPN mex president is a traitor to mexico he sold pemex to the private companies now mexicans will be in deeper shit

  17. more money = more power, cartel wars required HUGE money, probably CDS will win to all this wars.


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