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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 more homes torched in Choix, Sinaloa

By Chris Covert

Armed suspects entered the far northern Sinaloa state municipality of Choix firing rifles and incinerating homes, according to Mexican news reports.

A wire dispatch which appeared on the online edition of El Imparcial news daily said that a total of 17 homes have been destroyed by fire in the last two weeks.  Additionally two more vehicles adding to the count of two  (for a total of four) were also destroyed by fires deliberately set.

Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE) deputy Martin Robles Armenta said that on Monday an armed group, which entered Choix from Chihuahua state, also kidnapped one unidentified individual in the village of Tacopaco.

Several Mexican news accounts say the armed suspects, dressed in black, entered Choix using boats across the Rio Fuerte near the Huites dam.

Communities affected by the attack were Tacopaco and Leon de la Presa, from which 12 people -- eight women and four children were evacuated from the area by army troops, and taken to a shlter where relatives can retrieve them.

Authorities also found spent cartridge casings for AK-47 rifles in the area.

In the last 45 days a total of 30 homes have been destroyed, the bulk of them, 23, in Choix, with the remainder in Sinaloa municipality.

The mayor of Choix, Juan Carlos Estrada Vega, has made a public call for a permanent Mexican Army base in the region saying that Choix would be a strategic location to stop the attacks from Chihuahua state, according to the Mexican news website

The same report said that a total of 44 villagers from Cieneguilla de los Núñez and Babo were escorted by Sinaloa state police to return to their homes last Friday.  The report also noted that 15 primary schools in Choix were to be activated, according to data supplied by the Sinaloa state Secretaria de Educacion Publica y Cultura del Estado.

According to a separate report which appeared in El Debate news daily, Estrada Vega and his police chief, identified only as Said Gastelum, said that it is in the northern approaches to Choix in the mountains where the problems are, not in Choix itself, although the area near Huites dam was a location where marijuana was being cultivated.

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  1. BLO might have lost their alliance with the Zs. With the war of attrition that they have with Guzman, Zambada, Azul Cartel that might not be such a good thing. They need all the manpower they can muster to fight CDS. However, CDS should not be patting themselves on the back yet. Their CT allies just might have lost Guanajuato to CJNG. CJNG just finished hanging narco banners all over Gto. stating their takeover. Mencho is gaining ground in Mexico. That is not good news for Chapo or BLO.

  2. CarBloZ kicking chapos ass in his front porch.

  3. Looks like the mochomera have no where to hide

  4. zetas keep on growing with blo and cdj and cdt i guess chapo is loosing more control and ground


  5. Chapos people are droping like flys

  6. Nobody like chapo for being a rat and a traidor hes losing this war

  7. All over Guadalajara its said that mencho has a pact of no aggretion with hector beltran

  8. Hahahahaha 8:41 these blogers are a joke posting things that have nothing to do with reality ... Zetas beltranes carrillos are all getting their asese pounded to the ground and cartel de jalisco is also losing ground no matter what they say oh and this area belongs to the beltan leyva but not for long they wont even fight anymore there hiding in the sierras what happend to el dos letras and la mochomera and el chapo isidros people are getting killed everywhere

  9. Loosing? The only thing loose is that set of lips on your trap. Guess who I hope 'loses' the war: all these fucking kidnappers and murderers!

  10. Choix is Beltran leyva territory not chapos mencho ain't gaining nada banners don't mean shit

  11. Northern Sinlaoa has always been beltran leyva turf. It's never been chapos. Before the split it was like this. But they were(blo) were a part of the cds. The violence has always been there. But now blo's plazas have heat.
    The rumor is going around that there's a blo-zetas split because el mochomo and el h switched alliance to cds again.
    So most likely its zetas-carillo attacking blo members explaining why they come from chihuahua.

  12. CDS is chasing BLO all over Western Mexico. Chapito lost the war with Chapo. He just didnt have the man power and political pull that Chapo has. These random skirmishes are clean up operations. I feel bad for Mochomo, unless he is helped by people very high up, CDS will get him when he is released soon.

  13. I like this weblog it's a master piece! Glad I detected this on google.


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