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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

6 die in southern Chihuahua

By Chris Covert

A total of six individuals were killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in southern Chihuahua in two separate incidents, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news account which appeared in the online edition of El Diario de Juarez news daily, five men were  shot, four of them found dead near the village of San Ignacio de los Almanzan in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality Sunday.

Citing the source of a spokesman from the Chihuahua state Fiscalia General del Estado, or attorney general, state police were advised via an anonymous phone call that the victims had been wounded near the San Ignacio de los Almazan river Sunday.

The victims were identified as Gonzalo Alvarez Lopez, 38, Obier Macías Carrillo, 30, Saul Lopez Macias, 28, Jesus Noel Cardenas Macías, 43 and a fourth unidentified man.  Cardenas Macias was not present at the scene because reportedly his family had taken him to receive medical care, but Cardenas Macias died before reaching help.

The five victims were all shot with AK-47 rand AR-15 rifles.

A separate account in El Diario de Juarez southern Chihuahua Fiscalia Jesus Chavez said that the five were killed in  an armed encounter between two local rival criminal groups

Meanwhile elsewhere in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality a 60 year old man was found strangled and beaten to death, according to a news account which appeared on the website of El Sol de Parral news daily.

Tomás Garcia Zuñiga was taken from a residence in a home invasion in  Hiela Mucho Sunday and was later found dead nearby.

The news report said that four armed suspects carrying AK-47 and AR-15 rifles broke into the residence and threatened to take everyone present prisoner.  The family members instead fled, so the suspects took Garcia Zuñiga.

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  1. La Linea taking over!!

  2. Criminal organizations fighting over the weed harvests. It's a never ending situation there.

  3. *yawn*

    Fueled by the USA's appetite for drugs.

    1. 10:04 a.m. needs to get his fat ass a job instead of sleeping all day on mamas couch posting at 10 a.m. on weekdays . Must be canadian

  4. BB we need a scoreboard to find out which cartel these guys belong to. I here two different sides, la linea is winning and then u hear chapo is winning. I need facts here not cheerleaders

  5. This has nothing to do with the Drug Cartels. These are hits conducted by strung out niggas from bario azteca. These dudes are looking for loot to buy their next bag of pierdas of crack or meth. CDJ made a big mistake when they introduced barrio azteca into the mix. These niggas are petty criminals who become addicted to drugs in the pen. Now these foos are reaking havoc.

  6. Chapo cleaning the poor CDJ / la linea

  7. Read the title and instantly knew it was in Guadalupe Y Calvo

  8. Chapo cleaning up!

  9. Idiots killing each other off, better them than us

  10. JL is one smart person thats why chapo/mayo wanted him gone since day one he dont care who you are, but your not gonna exceed over the agreed buisness deal,cds was able to cross shipments but JL had a limit for all of them and chapo is always trying to expand until,he crossed la linea. JL is still active guys dont be confused."es un muerto viviente y carga un comando"Arribaaa Chihuahua,Chihuahua! !!!!

  11. La linea getting rid of tha people chapo left to starve and fend for themselves

  12. *yawn*
    Fueled by the USA's appetite for drugs.

    And Mexicos criminal need to flood countries with it ?
    (Pisses you off don't it,its so boring,everyone can point fingers)
    I bet your the same guy always writing the same shit,,yawnnnnnnn

  13. "10:04 a.m. needs to get his fat ass a job instead of sleeping all day on mamas couch posting at 10 a.m. on weekdays . Must be canadian"

    No dude,i bet he's one of these apologists for everything and he is US or Mexican,but your call is not a bad one.Dude the time stamp is not relevant,when comments are posted they wait for approval,and if Chivis aint on point,it can be a long time.

  14. August 28, 2013 at 9:39 PM
    "JL is still active guys dont be confused."es un muerto viviente y carga un comando"Arribaaa Chihuahua,Chihuahua! !!!!"
    Dude,wasn't there rumor that he was killed in the battles in the Sierra a year or so ago,when a lot of dudes were left on the sides of mountains an shit?Of course no one saw any confirmed death of the Bestia Ledesma,just rumor so who knows,i tend to think he is alive.

  15. @8:52AM

    NOT SO...the time stamp is the time the person sending the comment sent it, comments come in to blogger and they sit in queue WITH a time stamp until one of us 3 moderators can get to them.


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