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Sunday, August 4, 2013

3 die in sierras of Durango

A total of three unidentified individuals have been killed in an armed confrontation in the mountains of western Durango, according to several Mexican news reports.

According to data supplied in a news account which appeared in the online edition of El Siglo de Durango, the shootout took place in Otaez municipality Saturday.

According to the account, a road patrol detachment of the Mexican 10th Military Zone encountered a group of armed suspects at a location between the villages of Macho Bayo and Huajupa, and attempted to stop them.  Instead the unit was fired on, forcing return fire by soldiers.

Two armed suspects were killed.  They were identified as Jesus Andres Nuñez Sarabia, 26, and Juan Francisco Núñez Ortiz, 18. Presumably more suspects were at the scene but escaped.

The soldier who was killed in the encounter was not identified in any of the news accounts.   It is said he was 28 years old.

Separately, according to statistics compiled by editorial personnel of El Siglo de Durango, to date 21 security personnel from local, state and federal agencies have died since January.  A total of 16 were murdered with the rest involved in accidents.  The total killed in all of 2012 was 54 of which nine were accidents.

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  1. Just another day in good ole Mehico!!!

    1. No shit sherlock. Do you have anything else usefull to share?

  2. Acuna is heated up but no one wants to publish about it free acuna


  3. @11:56 PM Probably not covered by any media because searches in English and espanol come up with no new criminal activity or violence in Acuna. Hey BB whats up in Acuna ?

    Google or search as of yesterday and Acuna & nothing.


  5. Narcos in the sierras are good guys?

    "The Ruta won't, and in fact can't, be run in the Sierra Madre without these guy's permission"

    Permission ???? Permission from who ? A bunch of gun toting devilworshiping azzholes?

    They don't own shit !! F*CK a bunch of decapitating , raping robbing f*cking azzholes

  6. yes I hear Acuña has heated up. But never any details, how can one make a post that says "1-4 killed in front of video store" come on, can't do anything with that.

    Compared to other places Acuna is quiet. in little Zac 46+ in three days? now that is hot.

    Zetas control Acuña

  7. If only I could get some info otherwise everything is rumors.

    Like in Zac, we know because Reforma and Proceso has great sources, they are not BDN. Nothing anywhere in acuna. we have to be responsible. I saw where Free Acuna said the same but then said they confirmed the deaths by the video game place. but they said 1-4. confirming means getting sure info 1-4 is not sure IMO still rumor. Acuna is a city like nothing else I have seen. I know how it works, nothing is reported. It takes something huge in your face occurrence to make the news. Like Lalo's killing. I always talk about the 4 bodies in Bravo that night, but no one in Mx reported it. Just a little paragraph in the DR news. ...that is how it is in Acuna.


  8. Yes you are right chivis, great job


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