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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Violence in Acapulco Intensifies

Borderland Beat by K Mennem BB Forum
Acapulco is no stranger to drug violence, as it was one of the first cities in Mexico to be hit with savage murders when the offensive against drug cartels began in 2006. Violence has been steady, slowly scaring away international tourists, yet not enough to scare away Mexico City weekend travelers. The city has remained popular with local tourists despite high profile murders and kidnappings, which usually occur on the outskirts of the tourist zone.

In recent days violence has seen an uptick in Acapulco and surrounding areas.

June 30 - Two men, (one identified as Rafael Antonio Barreto Arizmendi, 22 years of age and a computer engineer, and an unidentified passenger who had tattoos on his arms) were killed and finished with grace shots in the head after being assaulted at the OXXO store in the town of Tunzingo, in the rural area of Acapulco. A gunmen waited and shot them. Authorities counted 25 shell casings at the scene.

June 30 -  Acapulco - Body found, unknown male, beside a stream in La Mica. The head of the body showed signs of having been crushed with a heavy rock. The victim was face down, wearing plaid bermuda white and a green shirt.

June 30 - 17 people were kidnapped from their homes in the municipality of Cocula, in northern Guerrero.

July 1 - About 22:00 on July 1 on the federal highway Mexico - Acapulco, authorities found the body of a male person aged 25 to 30 years old. It was reported that armed men clashed, resulting in apparently two other people killed or injured, but minutes after the fact men arrived and took them to an unknown destination, leaving only one of the bodies at the scene.

July 3 - A young male was executed outside of a home.

July 4 - Eight young men were gunned down outside of Acapulco in the town of Coyuca de Benitez. Five were minors. The victims were stated to be huffing paint and glue at the time.

July 4 -In Acapulco a man was executed at his home. His body was found inside a car Chevrolet Cavalier.

July 6 - A group of armed men stormed into an upscale subdivision of the municipality of Acapulco, known as Las Gaviotas, leaving two soldiers dead, including a woman, and five seriously injured.

July 6 - In the village of El Quemado, in the rural municipality of Acapulco, on the old road to La Banana, found the body of Rodrigo Hernandez Tacuba. 24 year old male.

July 6 - About 23:00 in Colonia Juan R. Escudero in Acapulco, a man who was shot, and later died due to the severity of his injuries. Gunmen attacked him and then fled.

July 7 to 8 - Six people executed during Sunday and Monday. One victim was a man left hanging from the bridge that is located outside the Benito Juarez Primara Garita colony.
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  1. Holy Sheep Shit !!!!!!!! Guerrero is on fire !!
    There has been massive bloqueos on the Zihuatanejo - Acapulco highway near Santa Rosa last week Protesting the violence and insecurity.

    Inky dinky Parlez Vous !!!!!!!!!

  2. This kind of crap is why id rather have the italian mafiosos.they dont do shit like this and its just about makin money for them.god bless those poor ppl in mexico

  3. This is the garbage that arturo beltran leyva left let those animals keep killing each other wont be long when they kill el eden 05 and el tete galeana once these animals are finish then maybe some peace will comeback in to that beautiful port

    1. El 05 lo respalda el H va estar duro pa ke caiga,

      Los traidorres y corrientes son los ke estan callendo. El H va a recuperar la plaza toda

  4. Acapulco has been quite for a while. I knew CIDA and Barredora. couldn't stay quite for too long. Maybe El Melon and El Heber are feeling encroachments from LFM, CT, Guer. In. CJNG into Acapulco causing them to react in solidifying their plazas. A free-for-all in Acapulco?! Were is "El Jefe de Jefes" when you need him!

  5. "Acapulco has been quite for a while. I knew CIDA and Barredora. couldn't stay quite for too long"
    These two crews have done some gruesome things in the past,it might get really vicious,,who can be the worst?Then again CJNG are masters of being gruesome,them fuckers get medieval,,,remember what they did to the La Barredora sicario? Eder Jair Sosa Carvajal,is one of the leaders,did he have anything to do"La Pelirroja"just because of the message on her back?

  6. Wtf, I don't believe it..Why were those kids huffing paint and glue? With all the drugs in mx. Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get a bag of meth. Maybe the paint was on sale?

  7. I know two families that come from Acapulco. They wont even return home for funerals or holidays anymore.

  8. Friends were in Acuna - make that they stayed in Del Rio and only one crossed over - a couple of weekends ago and said many killings in the last several weeks. What's the latest?

  9. Acapulco needs a solid cartel like they had Arturo back in the day so there wouldnt be this gay shit Sinaloa Cartel would be dope they would take Acapulco to the highest shit

  10. Arturo had everything under control!!!!! Wen he was here!!!!!

  11. July 10,2013 10:51pm Italian mafiosos are no better they kill to maybe now they dont kill as often but they have done some of the same shit back in the 80's and early 90's. There was a mafia war going on in Italy with lots of murders,extortions,terror created by setting off car bombs and political assassinations. Also the violence related to Italian mafiosos in the early 90's exploded in new york city with the city having more then 2000 murders in 91 alone due to italian mafia wars. More recently though they are in a turf war with the nigerian drug dealers yup what u see in acapulco is going on in Italy to and elsewhere murders related to turf wars . With all that next time get informed on what your favorite greaseball italian mafiosos are doing and have done stop thinking there cool glamorous good people you dam fool.

    1. I didnt say i liked any of them scumbags not at all they all need to drop off the face of the earth but i dont recall them boiling and burning children and killing pregnant women.i do not use drugs or idolize any of them as they are all losers!!!

    2. Yo ain't lying about the Italian mafiosi. They can get as medieval as any cartel out there regardless of ethnicity. They used to dismember people at a bar in Philly back in the day in Mexican cartel style. Although the American Cosa Nostra can't carry out murders on a mass scale the way they used to, the FBI has something to do with that, they have established sophisticated ways in carrying out their crimes. They''re still relevent organized crime outfits. The movies that have potrayed the stories of wise guys, for the most part, are based on true stories : Good Fellas, Casino, Mobsters, Donnie Brasco, and Hoodlums. And no, FBI does not stand for Full Blooded Italians. Capish...Lmfao

  12. 2:43

    I wrote a little update on the Coahuila thread as someone asked me the same about acuna. I am hearing the same thing but not enough to post an article.

    Lenny is officially back as presidente, PRI got crapped on even after paying off all those voters who then voted for PAN

  13. at 4:33 PM
    "More recently though they are in a turf war with the nigerian drug dealers yup what u see in acapulco is going on in Italy to and elsewhere murders related to turf wars"
    Yup,politically correct or not,southern Italy and a lot of it are fucked up because of North African immigrants causing an even worse crime wave that is never going away,the prostitutes walk around with their tits out,and the tourists walking past with their children?So much for multiculturalism?Un vero peccato.

  14. Don't you just Love Acapulco; I mean talk about a Mexican Quickie
    Divorce just bring the intended "Ex spouse" on an all expense paid vacation to Acapulco and send them out for a pack of cigarettes after dark and "Voila" your going home and they aren't!

  15. We travel to Playa del Carmen and is a amazing place to rest. Acapulco is out of the mood now.


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