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Friday, July 12, 2013

PUCD Hang Mantas Denouncing New Leader of Colima Cartel

Borderland Beat By Bjeff
In four municipalities of La Chontalpa and in the center, People United Against Crime (PUCD) hung mantas, that denounced the presence of a new boss of the so-called Colima Cartel, allegedly under protection of state authorities.

Yesterday morning in the municipalities of Cardenas, Cunduacán, Comalcalco, Paraíso, and in the center, several narcomantas were displayed, where authorities are accused of protecting Gerardo Mendoza Chavez, the alleged leader of the Colima Cartel.
In Cardenas and Cunduacán at 8 am federal law enforcement and military mobilized outside primary school Eugenio Amat, located on Calle Francisco Gurria, where some of the narcomanta were located, which was withdrawn by forces.
Another was placed on a wall of the UJAT Chontalpa Unit, which is located on the Avenue University, corner of Highway Cunduacán-Comalcalco, as in the municipalities of Comalcalco and Paradise, as well as in the city center on the Avenida Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, up to the footbridge La Venta Museum, which were removed by the police authorities of each place.
The PUCD warned authorities of the danger of Gerardo Mendoza Chávez, alias "El Flaco", who belongs to a criminal group operating in the north of Mexico.
According to the manta Mendoza Chávez was arrested for possession of drugs, firearm and released and then blamed for the assassination of former Govenor Silverio Cavazos, and now he is the Colima cartel leader.

Note from Chivis:
I attempted to translate the manta:

Gerardo Mendoza aka “El Flaco and/or gerardon (not sure couldn’t read it) arrested for drug possession and armed possession. He was released and after was guilty for the murder of the ex President Silverio Cavazos. He is now leader of the Colima Cartel, keeps abducting people of the area, guilty of kidnapping, charging fees and other things. He is trying to enter south land with the help of the state and ministerial police, being the major kidnapper and the major extorter.

When will you, federals, military, marines and state police will do your job, stop selling yourselves out to these types of rats. When will it be the day that armed forces do their job without existing financial interests? Gentlemen and Mr. President, is it that difficult to stop these people or is it a matter of security strategy? Weren’t you so interested on the security of the people? In Michoacan, we are tired of this. People of CJNG lead by scumbags such as Mencho and now this guy that comes to rob what we have gained with our hard work blaming other people that have cared about us.

Enough of the Corrupt Government and criminals, For a better Mexico!!!

We are here: We are P.U.C.D.
Source TabascoHoy


  1. PUCD are Caballeros Templarios

  2. Sorry...I am rushing to get stuff up but am super busy, I will try to translate ASAP...but would appreciat4e help from readers if possible...paz, chivis

  3. Colima cartel?? I thought they were extinct. Howcome we dont ever hear about them??where are they located?

  4. Boy they got a cartel for anything.whats next? The dogcatcher cartel?

  5. From what I know...Colima is dominated by Cartel De Jalisco CJNG..Could this be any signs of inter conflict inside the cartel?

    White Lobster

  6. Actually I know people in this dig shit if a cartel here in the states n thay ballers. CDC use to be la familia. Sense then they joined forces with jalisco. El puerto manzanillo is a gold mined u guys forgeting that. Now I guess thay at some what of a war with michicacac. Tjis is real shit not no fake news. Now u guys no. the founders were the orozco nuniez fam. Three bros outa manzanillio


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