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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

PRI Candidate Wounded in Mexico Attack, Husband Dies

Bordeland Beat

The candidate for a local legislative seat in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, Rosalia Palma, was wounded on Saturday in an attack that took her husband’s life, officials at the state Attorney General’s Office said.

The incident occurred near Palma’s district of Teposcolula – she is one of the candidates in the July 7 elections to represent the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Pary, or PRI, in the Oaxaca state legislature.

“Her husband, Efrain Cruz, died in the attack... she was wounded and taken to a hospital in this capital (Oaxaca),” Mayra Ricarde, spokeswoman for the state AG’s office, said.

The woman was apparently riding in an SUV with her husband and a niece through the Oaxaca region when they were attacked by unidentified gunmen.

The candidate’s husband died at the scene of the attack, a place on the highway where the SUV had to slow down because of a “geological fault,” while she was hospitalized, Ricarde said.

“We still don’t know (Palma’s) state of health, nor where the bullet hit her,” the spokeswoman said.

Local media said the niece who was traveling with the candidate and her husband was also wounded.

Saturday’s incident was the latest of several acts of violence during the electoral campaign, following the June 12 slaying of Jaime Orozco Madrigal, the PRI’s candidate for mayor of the town of Guadalupe y Calvo, and the kidnap-murder of the leader of the Oaxaca state branch of Mexico’s leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, Nicolas Merino, who was found dead two days ago.

Source: The Associated Press


  1. this is stupid, when these politicos feel someone gunning for their position, they hire the local colors to do this, this reminds me of the philippeans, its that old spanish colonial way of dealing with opposition by being frantic about losing ones luxury

  2. The son of PRI candidate was also killed over the weekend in culiacan. It was beltraneZ.

  3. If you want to survive in Mexico, don't drive a Ford F150 or anything with LOBO on the side. You can spot a Mexican drug dealer a mile away down here on the AZ MEX border. A Ford F150 or GMC Yukon (gold) and some tacky as hell clothes and a fat girlfriend with way too much walmart makeup on. And you can smell them before you see them because they put their cologne and perfume in Windex bottles and spray it on like bug repellant. Guess what people, if you want to sell drugs and not get caught or shot at, don't put a Santa Muerta gold chain on or bumper sticker on your car. Fucking idiots.

  4. Why would anybody with a brain and common sence, would run for a polictical office in Mexico? It's suicide, literally!!!! My answer is GREED!!!If they win a seat ,the politicians collect taxes from the cartels. In this day and age, ALL mexican politicians have a price...Not worth it........

  5. The truck is at least over 50k US dollars. something is not right here! Maybe the husband was in on something!
    Still feel bad for the family!!
    hope they get well soon..

  6. In Mexico only the criminals practice capital punishment. I wish Porfirio Diaz was back in power.

  7. There you go, all negative comments!!! Raza, there are people in Mexico that work hard, and are legitimate!!! Wow F-150??? for the dude that said don't drive any F-150s!! LOL your making it seemed like they are driving BMWs-750, or Benz, or Porshe! I drive an F-150 4 door XLT, worked my ass off!! does that make me a bad person pendejo??? This is the deal with us Mexicanos! full of jealousy, put every paisa down and accuse him/her of being a narco etc. Some Mexicanos, Mex-Americans work hard for a living and just because they buy a 40 or 50 k truck wow!! Don't judge the book by it's cover.

  8. I think ill leave the"raza"there to it,argue amongst yourselves.
    Its sad to see the husband in pictures with his wife as a couple,never mind what may or may not be the reason?

  9. All 3 pictures are different vehicles.

  10. wat da fuk they r

  11. It was a truck. not an suv

  12. Poor lady, next time she won't be so lucky.


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