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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Francisco Castro Trenti accused of helping CAF in Tijuana; his brother is PRI Candidate for Governor in Baja California.

An investigation led by the Mexican Attorney General implicates Francisco Castro Trenti (brother of Fernando Castro Trenti, PRI Candidate for Governor of Baja California) with the Tijuana Cartel.

Francisco Castro Trenti.
El Universal.- Francisco Castro Trenti (Brother of Fernando Castro Trenti, PRI, who is currently  running for Governor in Baja California) allegedly collaborated with the Tijuana Cartel during his term as State Director of Criminal Investigations and as Police Chief of Tijuana.

Fernando Castro Trenti and then Presidential Candidate Enrique Peña Nieto.

This was revealed to the Republic´s Attorney General Office (Procuraduria General de la Republica-PGR) by none other than Francisco Javier Arellano Felix, former leader of the Tijuana Cartel. Arellano Felix made these statements on February, 2012 collaborating with the Witness Protection Program under the name of “Howard”.

The former drug lord claimed he paid Castro Trenti (Now Rosarito´s Public Safety Director) up to 20 thousand USD monthly for his services, this according to the investigation by the PGR accessed by El Universal.

Arellano Felix, who is currently serving a life sentence in the US, also mentioned his funding to then PRD Candidate Narciso Agundez in Baja California Sur, Arellano gave Agundez 300 thousand USD and paid for several things ranging from hats to radio ads. Agundez won that election and became the Governor of Baja California Sur, the same state where several CAF members have been arrested by Federal Authorities; even Arellano himself sailed from Baja California Sur when he was arrested by the US Coast Guard.

Francisco Javier Arellano Felix aka "El Tigrillo" and Arturo Villarreal Heredia aka "El Nalgon".


On February 8, 2012, Francisco Javier Arellano Felix aka “El Tigrillo” was questioned by PGR agents in San Antonio, Texas, in relation to an investigation by the SEIDO( Attorney General Office Specialized on Investigation of Organized Crime) regarding the operations of the Tijuana Cartel.
During his statement, Arellano Felix revealed the amount of corrupting power of his organization; he gave names of public servants and police chiefs who allegedly worked for him, helping his criminal cells in their day to day activities, Arellano also mentioned the kind of services he received from them and the amount paid by him. On his statement he remembered Castro Trenti worked for him in 2003 when Castro was the State Director of Criminal Investigations.

He mentioned someone by the name of Jorge Eduardo Ronquillo Delgado aka “El Niño”, a former sicario who worked for a Tijuana Cartel lieutenant known as “El Quemado”, killed Alejandro Manjarrez (Personal assistant of then Governor of Baja California, Alejandro Gonzalez Alcocer), and the help he received by Castro Trenti who charged another men with this crime in exchange for more than 200 thousand USD.

Arellano Felix claimed “It was about 2 AM when El Niño was driving out of an Arena in Tijuana, at the same time the personal assistant of the Governor, someone by the name of Manjarrez was driving in another vehicle, they somehow crossed paths and began an argument, El Niño pulled his gun and killed him”.

He continued: “They arrested El Niño after this, and sent him to prison, Ernesto Angulo Hernandez aka “El Quemado” told me he was going to fix El Niño´s problem with help from Saul Montes de Oca aka “El Ciego” since he knew Castro Trenti”, “I asked him how was he going to do it since everything became a big problem, he even was arrested with the gun and gun powder in his hands, and he told me he was going to change the report so the guy who was with El Niño was charged instead of him, he was going to give some money to Castro Trenti for that and I said it was OK, he later confirmed me he gave Castro 20 thousand USD and later another 200 thousand USD, I remember the process took about 2 or 3 months and then he got out”, “Castro Trenti was later named Police Chief in Tijuana, this was before Zatarain, when he was the Director of the Police he was contacted by “El Ciego”, who changed the zone commanders, he also told him when someone of our men was arrested so he could be freed, and for this we paid him via “El Ciego” 20 thousand USD monthly, I remember his time was short as Director”.

Saul Montes de Oca aka "El Ciego" at the moment of his capture in the famous Baja 1000 race.


“Howard” stated: “I also remember the year 2005, Arturo Villarreal Heredia aka “El Nalgon”, via his friend Julio Cordero who sometimes also hanged with me, one time he was with me in La Paz, Baja California Sur and we met with the candidate Agundez, who was candidate of PRD, Julio stepped down so I could see he knew him, he greeted the candidate”, “He later told me the candidate asked if we could give him some money for his campaign, and I told him I had no problem with it, I sent him 300 thousand USD with Julio Cordero; I also gave money to Cordero so he could send the candidate Agundez some propaganda”, “Agundez later won the election, I don´t remember if it was for Governor or Mayor, but we began to have contact with the Police Chief”.
Narciso Agundez and former Presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.


  1. It seems to me politics in Mexico are making good money due to the narco. $20k USD per month and a whopping $200K USD signing bonus? Why aren't we all politicians in Mexico? Oh yeah, cause you either end up in prison or dead after that.

  2. el gallo de tijuanaJuly 3, 2013 at 8:21 AM

    as you can see why el caf is still in power but yet again when is chapos callobaraters are going to be mentioned it funny when theres strong indications that el caf is far from being dismantel and theyve gained more power shit like this surfaces but its a good report tijuano i like you cause youre a very honest guy

    1. ur an idiot!!!! Did u even read the article? Francisco arellano felix is talking about ppl he corrupted in early 2000's. He's not talkin bout now. But I'm sure caf is still around but no where near the stregnth and influence they once had.

  3. Corruption starts at the top.. Mexico's form of trickle down economics.

  4. Wtf! You give a candidate $300 thousand and you, FJAF, gets caught by U.S Coast Guard anyway. These socialists don't protect as good as the other major parties. Either that or they put one over him, or somebody snitched him out and paid more money. I remember when Francisco Javier got caught in 2006. Iam sure CAF will try to get at Agundez when they get the chance. As far as this brother of the governor Castro Tresti is concerned, is the midget and miado snitching him out! This is not great investigative work by the incorruptible PRI govt. Since when is
    Pancho AF a rat. He is ratting on his own family's cartel. Who is leaking out the information?(DEA). This can't be good for the Tijuana Cartel.

  5. Tijuano bro wers the war for tj 3 ????? But anyways great post love to read about wat goes on in tj keep up the great work!!!!!!

  6. Caf learned from mistakes from the past that's y they still in power in tj....

  7. To those familiar with this case, "tigrillo" was gonna get death sentence for murders on both sides of the border, ratting out seemed like best option to stay out of death row and keep some proceeds.

  8. ...that is why DEA made it clear the captured were in " international waters", they didn't want Mexico to get panties in a twist because they violated sovereignity and couldn't capture most wanted narco of the region. Had to be a dedazo, no doubt about it.

  9. Y q pedo con los bullies q mataron por andar bulling al hijo del changel.... Bulling kills

  10. It doesn't matter what el tigirillo says anymore, his giving up the players when he used to be in the game. Theirs a whole new chess board on the table with new pieces , its been known for years politics recieve money from drug lords. Shitt tigirillo got away with murder and who knows what else. No death sentence for him. Tijuana will never die out neither will Mexico how many presidents have robbed this country yet it still stands . As long as USA keeps buying dope Mexicans will have dollars in their pockets. Saludos a la gente Que trabaja!

  11. governor Hank Ron is still loose...

  12. @July 3, 2013 at 10:23 AM:

    Thanks! I´m working on it, I had some health issues I had to deal with, but I´m working on it.

    I hope to post it by the weekend.

  13. attn chivis police and sheriff corruption
    Jury selection begins for 3 in Panama Unit case

    Alexis Espinoza walks out of federal court after his arraignment Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013, in McAllen.

    Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 9:18 pm

    Ildefonso Ortiz | The Monitor

    Posted on July 2, 2013

    by Ildefonso Ortiz

    McALLEN — Jury selection has begun for three former lawmen facing drug conspiracy charges in the Panama Unit case.

    On Tuesday morning, former Hidalgo County sheriff’s Deputies James Phil Flores and Jorge Garza and former Mission police Detective Alexis Espinoza went before U.S. District Judge Randy Crane for the start of the selection process.

    During the hearing, defense attorneys and prosecutors went over the questions that potential jurors would be asked as they work to select 12 jurors and two alternates who will choose the fate of the three former lawmen.

    Because of the notoriety of the case, attorneys were to pick from a larger pool of juries, Crane said during the hearing.

    While the selection began Tuesday when the potential jurors were given a written questionnaire, the final selection will actually take place on the eve of the trial at the end of the month, when attorneys will ask potential jurors a series of questions about themselves and about the case.

    Some of the questions voiced during the preparing of the questionnaire dealt with the potential jurors’ knowledge of the case through the media.

    “I don’t read the newspaper, but every day my wife gets excited about the latest story on the Panama Unit case,” Crane said jokingly with the attorneys.

    The Panama Unit was a street-level narcotics unit comprising sheriff’s deputies and Mission police who went rogue. Five of the members and a sheriff’s deputy who wasn’t part of the now-defunct unit already have pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges for seizing loads that were then turned over to accused drug dealer Fernando Guerra and his son, Fernando Guerra Jr., who would then distribute the drugs and split the profits. The lawmen also were protecting drug loads during transport.

    The case garnered much attention because Espinoza is the son of Hidalgo police Chief Rudy Espinoza and Jonathan Treviño, who pleaded guilty in late May, is the son of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño

  14. attn chivis brand new case against panama police unit
    New 'Panama Unit' allegations surface in federal lawsuit
    Patrick T.L. Shumaker's booking photo from a January 2011 arrest for marijuana possession.
    Posted: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 8:39 pm
    by Dave Hendricks
    MISSION — A Mississippi man joined a lawsuit against Hidalgo County and Mission on Friday, claiming the now-infamous Panama Unit caused him “extreme emotional trauma” during an illegal search.

    Patrick T.L. Shumaker, 34, of Starkville, Miss., claims the Panama Unit searched his motel room using a fake warrant and demanded drugs. When Shumaker refused, the Panama Unit had him jailed — without charging Shumaker with any crime.

    “They told him that they had the goods on him, that they knew he was in the drug business and that they wanted him to ID drug dealers for them,” said attorney James P. Grissom, who’s representing Shumaker.

    In mid-December, federal agents started dismantling the Panama Unit, a special anti-narcotics squad based at the Mission Police Department and overseen by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office. Agents arrested Mission police Investigator Jonathan Treviño, the son of Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Treviño, and eventually charged nine lawmen with participating in a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy. Six have pleaded guilty.

    The Panama Unit’s raid on Shumaker’s motel room, though, wasn’t included in the federal case and hasn’t been previously reported. Many details about the incident remain unclear.

    “Shumaker was resting peacefully in his motel room at the Travel Lodge Motel,” when Jonathan Treviño and a sheriff’s deputy arrived, according to the lawsuit. They produced a fake search warrant, which Grissom said Shumaker later received from motel employees. Dated 6:15 p.m. June 28, 2011, the document includes an illegible signature.

    The Panama Unit probably targeted Shumaker because he’d previously been arrested, Grissom said.

    Court records show Shumaker was arrested in January 2011 for possession of between five and 50 pounds of marijuana, a third-degree felony. After pleading guilty to a lesser charge, Shumaker received two years of probation and a $1,000 fine.

  15. “They’d scour the records, find somebody with some kind of a record, then they would put the squeeze on them,” Grissom said. “That’s how they were able to get to the position in the network to find the people that they could steal large amounts of drugs from.”

    The lawsuit describes a similar incident in July 2012, when the Panama Unit allegedly forced a Pharr man to request cocaine from an associate. The Panama Unit made an arrest, but didn’t report all the cocaine.

    Deputies also took jewelry and other valuables, which temporarily went missing and weren’t logged into evidence.

    After searching Shumaker’s room and car, a 2011 Nissan Versa, the Panama Unit returned empty-handed, Grissom said, and demanded Shumaker call someone for drugs. When he refused, they took Shumaker to the Mission Police Department jail.

    Booking records show Shumaker arrived at 8:05 p.m. June 28, 2011. Under the “offense” category, the booking records show only “suspicious person.” Shumaker was released about two hours later at 10:10 p.m. after Jonathan Treviño decided not to file charges.

    The booking records don’t match Shumaker’s lawsuit, which says he was jailed overnight on July 28 — a month later. Dispatch logs also differ from the lawsuit’s timeline, which places Shumaker in the hotel room when he encountered the Panama Unit.

    Instead, Mission’s dispatch logs show the Panama Unit stopped Shumaker near the intersection of McColl Road and Pecan Boulevard in McAllen. Police called Mission Towing, which removed Shumaker’s car.

    Afterward, the dispatch logs show the Panama Unit went to the Travel Lodge.

    Grissom confirmed the traffic stop, and said the Panama Unit told Shumaker he’d been pulled over for failing to signal and failing to show identification. Afterward, they went to the hotel room, Grissom said.

    The different versions couldn’t be reconciled Tuesday.

    Neither Shumaker nor his aunt could be reached for comment. An attorney for Hidalgo County and Sheriff Treviño didn’t return a call requesting comment Tuesday afternoon.

    “Every complaint I’ve ever seen has some stuff that’s correct and some stuff that isn’t. And what they’re saying about the city, per se, is not exactly what happened,” said attorney Eileen Leeds of Brownsville-based law firm Guerra, Leeds, Sabo and Hernandez. “We’ll be duking this one out.”

  16. Let me put it in english this jacier arrellano is a fucking rat.u got cought ahut the fuck up and do ur time.these si called mecican capos need to learn to shut the fuck up fucking rats.this goes to all rje panochones like javier arrellano osiel cardenas vicente carrillo and that zambada cocksucker.all of you need to man up do your time fucking pussies

  17. Tijuano your back bro! Nice hearing from you.
    Hopefully you recovering from your health issues.
    But damn El trigillo had politicians in his pocket but not as much influence and power that Benjamin and Ramon had. Benjamin gave the final word regardless.
    But good read. Hopefully part 3 is on it's way.
    Regards from San Ysidro,CA

  18. Right on bro I hope u get better borderland beat my respects!!!!!!!

  19. My dad used to know this guy, said he was a real dickface. Extorted a mechanic in Lomas Taurinas,& ruined one of his friends businesses in exchange for tickets of a Tijuanero's boxing fight in Vegas a long time ago.

  20. If only that greedy murderous pig Chapo just stayed out of every other cartels territory.

  21. Tijuano..
    Don't push yourself. Pace yourself. I can say this because I know what the problem is. What a team we are...well I am hoping by next year we will both be cured..!

    Good to see you posting...told you your fans would be elated..

    Chivis aka Tijuano Fan

  22. @El Gallo de Tijuana:

    Me dieron tu mensaje, gracias por el comentario, no se de donde podríamos conocernos pero veo que conoces el sitio de Sylvia Longmire, he leído muchos comentarios ahí y algunos me han llamado la atención, en especial los relacionados a el 5-5 y los de Melvin y el Sargento, se que Melvin puede que salga pronto y de hecho planeaba escribir de ello, del Sargento solo puedo decir que no aparentaba lo que se dice de el, se le veía una persona muy reservada.

    Saludos desde algún lugar de la Baja.

  23. @Chivis:

    Thanks Chivis, I feel better now but will take your advise. By next year I should be at least "half-way" there!


  24. @July 3, 2013 at 8:30 PM:

    Thanks! I´m sure Tigrillo inherited much of the politicians on Benjamin´s pockets, he was so well protected on his days that he used to party with nothing more than 1 or 2 bodyguards(which weren´t really guarding him, they were more like his "entourage"). When you are the head of a Cartel you only do that if you are COMPLETELY sure nobody is going to mess with you. No 300 sicarios, no bazookas, nothing.

    1. You are right about that. It is known that he frequented popular bars and clubs in TJ with no convoys or nothing. But I am sure his hitmen were nearby with plenty of arsenal on alert just in case.
      A question that I always wanted to ask you... Is JB 5-5 really gone? Speculation also reports that he retired or is long gone from Tijuana but still operating for the family...

  25. I guess Don Madero can right up Baja California in the win column. :o)

  26. El inge took controled now

  27. Viva el caf!!!!!

  28. el gallo de tijuanaJuly 4, 2013 at 4:59 PM

    tijuano como esta pareja yo conosco al tb pero sepa que el cambio de clave hace un ano ese compa seledio abrio las puertas del caf cuando puso asalvo la familia del m-4 el tb infiltro los taxis del muletas y con lealtad y honor el nunca voltio las banderas hasta cuando se miraba las cosas dificil el trai asu cargo entre 80 ah 115 asu servicio el quiso con sus comentarios hacer ver que tijuana no estaba acabado y que cuando entren se arreglen porque van a seguir viendo detonaciones lo que la gente pensaba que la frontera no tenia dueno estaban muy equivocados es por eso que el pidio permiso de hablar nomas de ciertas cosas y con el tiempo se miro el poder se maneja con la famila las estragedias y diciplina y lealtad pero la gente nunca se pregunta porque el chapo no puede rebatar tijuana baja california y paga piso usted cree que el chapo realmente quiere ser eso claro que no pero aun asi estaban pensando que el caf estaba muerto pero esta mas fuerte que nunca el tiempo lo esta dando aluz mi pareja el caf es fuete y la estructura esta muy bien puesta al 200% tijuano gusto en saludarlo

  29. el gallo de tijuanaJuly 4, 2013 at 8:27 PM

    caballeros el 5-5 sigue al frente con sus hijos y gente tambien con apollo de sus cerca hermandad arrriba el caf hasta la muerte y como el tb que cambio de clave hay varios que esta con el caf hasta la muerte y sigue la familia al mando de la frontera norte

  30. el 5-5 esta vivo???

  31. El 5-5 is that el cholo gorge briceño??

  32. el gallo de tijuanaJuly 5, 2013 at 2:13 PM

    el 5-5 es briseno primo pero al caballero que dijo que ah eschuchado que el va alos bares no puede todar porque sigue en dialisis pero su salud esta bien controlada pero si es jefe de primera escala y esta con sus hombres de confianza

  33. @El Gallo de Tijuana:

    Creo que se referia a el Tigrillo, es sabido que se la pasaba en el Tangaloo y la ex-Baby Rock, entre otros.

    Del Cholo tengo escuchando varios años rumores, nunca se cuadraron las versiones de su muerte, no me consta nada, solo se que su gente bajo mucho el perfil, pero ahi siguen.

  34. @July 4, 2013 at 5:25 PM:

    Some people say he is still alive(like El Gallo de Tijuana mentions), others claim he is dead, there are way too many rumors around him, not much has been heard from him in years, but they keep making corridos about him, don´t know if that tells you anything.

    1. Briseno was pushing mad weight and has been the only heavy weight within the organization with the most dedicated corridos to his name
      I also heard around peoplein TJ speculating that Fernando put a contract on him and that led to his death.
      But how they say, only the right people know where and how he is.

  35. Saludos desde Atlanta,Georgia aribita de donde esta recluido Benjamin Arellano El Don de la Frontera Norte
    Desde aqui representando todo San Diego CA y la Baja
    Saludos a mi tio el Licenciado juez V. delegacion 20 de nov.en TJ
    Los tiempos pueden cambiar pero la escuela es la misma..
    Aqui estamos con la cachucha bien puesta..

    -G M

  36. el gallo de tijuanaJuly 6, 2013 at 7:59 AM

    los rumores lo corrieron los mulitas y las teas porque abian visto que perdio mucho peso cuando la altercacion con el pit fue un accidente de impulso porque el pit sabe tirrar muy bien y el no falla y afecto el unico rillon que no se vio afectado porque el sufria de lupus pero nunca la familia lo mando matar ese rumor lo corrio el tea la familia le salvo la vida esta es el ultimo commentario el 5-5 sigue ordenando pero de differente forma pero esta el la primera escala toda protection ya se ah mirado cierto tenientes lo han visto cuando los mandan llamar cuando necesitan apoyo por perdida de gente oh salen corto en su cuota pero el sigue alfrente y ordenando pero sigue en dialisis y fuete

    1. Usted que compa. Ya quitese la camisa de aficionado numero 1 del CAF
      La gente que realmente sabe y esta metida en ese circulo no anda diciendo ni en las redes sociales
      El que es valiente es valiente sin hacer tanto ruido aqui bajita mano
      fumando de la mas pegajosa desde Coronado CA

  37. Wats the word around tj about the real deal of briseño tijuano???

  38. Briseño is probably the only one from the old school still around....

  39. el gallo de tijuanaJuly 7, 2013 at 12:13 PM

    corona alli vivi me encanto cantonear por la high school centenial conoces ah alguin que le dicen el yogi es de santana es rival de corona pero ese como los tiene bien puesto con todo corona acribillando su casa el compa como si nada y tiene dos hermanos y 4 tios en la casa el vivia por el 7-11 cerca de centenial high school y tambien tengo un primo que le decian el player pero el compa se hecho perder en el vicio y al respecto de hablar de ciertas frases de asuntos serios se necesita permiso y tambien ese rumor de que el inge mando quebrar al cholo no es algo que se mira bien pal caf y tambien no cierto

    1. City of Coronado enfrente de la cara del oceano Pacifico aqui en San Diego le llamamos "la isla"
      Alli esta la base atras del Park Place Liquor por el ocean blvd.
      Yo si conozco a uno que tres individuos bien parados ligados con associados del sobrino.
      Gente muy discreta.
      El JB anda por alli nomas eso digo

  40. Javier Arellano Felix confirmo la muerte de Jorge Briseno El Cholo. Salio en el Zeta

  41. Replies
    1. Read this weeks edition of zeta

  42. 12:31

    we are on it! I sent an email to Tijuano and he was already working on it...

  43. El caf tiene historia


  45. Los mismos del caf chingaron al cholo confirmado del tigrillo

  46. @Tijuano Hows your recovery bro? I think more people are waiting for Part 3 on the original mob of Mexico (CAF) then stories of the capture of Miguel Angel Trevino z40 being released ... Lets get it in man!! Haha


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