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Monday, July 29, 2013

7 die in La Laguna

By Chris Covert

A total of seven individuals have been killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in Mexico's La Laguna region Monday, according to Mexican news accounts.

Newa accounts which appeared on the online editions of El Siglo de Torreon and El Diario de Coahuila say that five unidentified taxi drivers were gunned down at a taxi stand in Ciudad Lerdo, one of the larger towns in La Laguna region of north central Mexico.

According to the reports, the shooting began at about 1330 hrs when armed suspects with AK-47 rifles fired on the victims in the Centauro del Norte colony near the Ciudad Lerdo to Juarez highway.  At the moment reports fail to make clear if anyone survived the shooting other than one unidentified man who was taken for medical treatment.

Only an hour before in Gomez Palacio, which is directly adjacent to Ciudad Lerdo, two men were shot to death near a primary school.

The victims were identified as Ruben Huereca Gaytan and Jesus Rivera Rangel, and were shot near Benito Juarez primary school in Bellavista colony by armed suspects using AR-15 rifles.

The La Laguna region which comprises several western Coahuila and eastern Durango municipalities,  recently underwent a change in its security status when it was announced that the Mexican Army would take over all police functions. Until that announcement, La Laguna had suffered with a high amount of criminal activity including armed robbery.

Gomez Palacio had had part of its police department dismissed earlier in the year and were disarmed by the Mexican Army enforcing the Explosive and Firearms Act. 

Mexican federal information policy makes it nearly impossible to gauge how well Mexican federal security operations in the region fares, but as with several other regions in Mexico including La Laguna, La Tarahumara and northern Tamaulipas, it appears that federal security elements may have been redeployed to Michoacan to deal with the renewed violence in that state, leaving the other regions with reduced security deployments.

In other security news in Coahuila state a total of eight unidentified suspects were detained near the town of Cuatro Cienegas by Coahuila state Policia Estatal units, according to a news account posted on El Siglo de Toerreon.

The suspects were detained on a variety of offenses including murder, kidnapping and extortion.

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  1. Just another day in México.

    1. Guud ol mexico... I hope el chapo brings peace to mexico by taking over all 32 states+52 LOL

    2. Simon y ke aiga masssn pase ya que mi morra no tiene paradero. Ta peor que una aspiradora de marca.

  2. the war on drugs is never going to end.war means money to fight it and control it.politicians excuse to rob money from the government and money for protection from the cartels.

  3. To the people that live in Mexico I feel horrible for them and as bad as I want to move there how can I when the Mexican people can't stand the violence

    Vegas Guys

  4. yeah chapo brings peace,and also cocaine,marijuana,meth... which brings physical health problems,mental health problems,32states + 52,yeah fill 84 states with poison. yeah real funny.

    1. Well u can callit how u wantit,or how it is who needs chaps,when Walgreens or any pharmacy for that matter gots most americans seniors especialy hooked on phonix,Pharmacuetical cartels are the reel problem especially the lobyists.U COFFEE HOUSE REVOULUTIONARY S.O.B.


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