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Friday, July 5, 2013

Charges Dropped: 5 Military Officials Accused of Assisting BLO Ordered Released From Prison

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Today Judge Raul Valerio Ramirez  ordered the immediate release of Gen. Roberto Dawe, Gen. Ricardo Escorcia, Gen. Ruben Perez, Lt. Col Silvio Hernandez and Maj. Ivan Reyna from the federal criminal Altiplano in Almoloya, in the State of Mexico, where they have been held in the maximum prison since their arrest last year. 
The charges were dropped against the men due to a lack of evidence.  
First it was  Tomas Angeles Dauahare (above upon release), the Mexican General accused by “Jennifer” and “Mateo” protected witnesses, of protecting the Beltran Leyva Cartel. Based on information provided by  the protected witnesses, the general was imprisoned.  Then in January of this year in an unprecedented move, the PGR issued this finding;
"With respect to defendant Tomas Angeles Dauahare, the statements of the collaborating protected witnesses have not been corroborated by any probative means, except for the fact that the accused was a public servant in the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena: Secretaria de Defensa Nacional), without having any proof to date to confirm the statements by 'Jennifer' and 'Mateo'", says the court document numbered DGCPPAMDO/707/2013 from the PGR.
Due to the fact there was no evidence to prove the claims of the two protected witnesses, the general was released from prison in April.
One of the witnesses has the code name “Mateo”.  Mateo (photo above)  is in reality Sergio Enrique Villarreal Barragán, a.k.a. “El Grande”, of the Beltran Leyva cartel. Villarreal was once a federal police officer stationed in Nuevo Laredo, defected and worked with the Juarez Cartel, subsequently moving to CDG, eventually worked with  Beltran Leyva as a lieutenant.  Villarreal was arrested by the Mexican Marines in 2010 and extradited to the US, in May of 2012.
"Jennifer" and "Mateo", code name for "El Grande", stated on several occasions that Angeles Dauahare helped Edgar Valdez Villarreal, "La Barbie", gain military protection while trafficking cocaine via aircraft in  Cancun, Toluca and Cuernavaca airports.
The other witness is yet to be officially identified but who was the key accuser in the case against former drug czar Noe Ramirez Mandujano. Ramirez Mandujano was also released in April after a judge determined witnesses had given contrived testimony and prosecutors had manufactured evidence.
All charges against the five men released on Thursday stemmed from information provided by “Mateo” and “Jennifer”.  No substantiating evidence could be found to support the claims.


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  2. Lack of evidence my ass!!!! That judge just made retirement money he goin to disneyland lol.this is as shady as it gets

  3. This has to be embarrassing for the PGR, the SIEDO, now the SEIDO, and for ex-President Calderon and his government. They have egg splattered all over their face. Some people, including Gen. Duarahare and ex-head of the Federal Police Ramirez Mandujano, were detained under the Calderon administration due to the false accusations brought forth by protected witness Jennifer. If I'm not mistaken, he worked as a govt. official in Guerrero and began to work for BLO. Roberto Lopez, "Jennifer", accused several govt officials, law enforcement and military, of providing BLO with protection in exchange for bribes. The allegations have been proven false. Not only did he throw the Calderon Govt. for a loop, but the DEA as well. Every allegation he ever came up with was a lie. The most interesting part of it all is that he is still being protected by the U.S. and Mexico under the witness protection program. Jennifer is not incarcerated. Wtf!

  4. The witnesses should be gone by now

  5. Gen. Roberto Dawe, Gen. Ricardo Escorcia, Gen. Ruben Perez, Lt. Col Silvio Hernandez and Maj. Ivan Reyna and everyone like them:
    those are the real drug lords.

  6. Nothing goes right in mexico and as for the witnesses they are probably dead some where

  7. El H is going to eliminate Zetas plaza boss for disrespecting his last name. If Z40 hasnt done already

  8. This happens every time when corrupt politicians in Mexico get arrested. They stay in jail for a while then are released later for 'lack of evidence'.

  9. Yes, what a farce. In the USA, it's called one witness testimony, and if proven to the jury beyond a reasonable doubt, then a conviction may hang on one witness. The dude probably had credibility issues, and get a load of the so called protected witness identified by name with a picture. Talking about looking over one's shoulder and sleeping with one eye open.

  10. Since the 5 officials released, this will be a big problem those the enemy of BLO especially CDS and also the Zetas if BLO will not scare to revenge the recent attack of Zetas.

  11. Sometimes the witness isnt that credible in the u.s and they still get convicted just look at when they had sammy the bull gravano as the star witness against john gotti.he was as big a lowlife as they came and gotti still got convicted

  12. Anonymous 9;23. You said "The allegations have been proven false.... Every allegation he ever came up with was a lie. "
    I have read nearly every story published about the generals since they were arrested up until now. The strange thing to me is that in not one article has there been any reference to what evidence was used to make the determination that the allegations were false. Did the generals simply say "that is not true" and the PRI attorney general and/or judge say "there you have it, the witness was lying."
    I would be a lot more convinced the generals were innocent if the Mx. government would provide the evidence which they based their conclusion that the original evidence was false or fabricated. Also, I can't believe that the AG under Calderon would have arrested these men of their stature without doing an extensive investigation, checking their financial condition and history (and those of their families), and all the other things you would do in any big case. There has been no discussion of that aspect of the cases, only a general statement that some "evidence had been fabricated". What evidence was fabricated or falsified? All of that kind of info had to be at the fingertips of the current admin. as they made the decisions that these men were not guilty, yet they didn't share any of that info from the previous investigations. As Chivis has said on numerous occasions, "I just want the facts, not your conclusions"

  13. Of course they had to serve sum time while PRI got back into power, and they knew they weren't going to keep them their , and very true theese Generals had lots of time to thinnk in prison their gonna come out wanting revenge on who put them their , can't wait to see what's coming.

  14. well there still are 3 of 4 beltran brothers lol...

  15. It´s a recurrent problem, lack of proper investigation and political use of high profile cases, in 6 years we will see EPN´s high profile arrests and convictions (not sure this is the right word) fall in pieces just as we are seeing now with Calderón´s ones because little has changed, cases built on operatives that most times include illegal actions, forced confessions and testimonies from witnesses that can be considered reliable or unreliable depending on who is calling the shots, all very relative and put together with pins, add to that a justice system subservient to the powers that be and this is what you get. This is not about these militars being guilty or innocent, this is purely political.

  16. why dont you guys post the el mayo wanted to kill el chapo story thats a dope one

  17. I read the claims of Francisco Javier Arrellano Felix. I don't believe Mayo tried to kill Chapo. I believe he was a mole for JAGL in the Cartel de Juarez. Funny how Ramon goes to kill him at the airport and he does'nt show-up. He could have told Chapo not to show-up and, or Ramon AF to show-up. Hmmm! Could that have been Mayo!! They conveniently decide not kill them when he showed-up at Mayo's house with Ramon hiding ready to ambush him. On Mayo's orders! It's like the Archbishop's Posadas Ocampo murder. The intended target of the Logan Heights hitmen was not the archbishop but Chaps. Somebody set-up CAF. I guess what I'am trying to say is that Chapo is more powerful than what we are led to believe. Maybe he is also protected by the real power in Mexico: ex-President Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

  18. I love watching someone get beat witg a 2x4 and beheaded

    1. U oughta go to Mexico and try it. Or just stand in front of a mirror and do it to yourself record so u can watch again and jack yourself to it.


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