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Thursday, June 20, 2013

ZACATECAS NEWS: Reports of the Last 8 Days

Borderland Beat Reported by "Zac"  BB Source in Zacatecas

Additional Narco Grave Found Near Fresnillo
During a surveillance patrol, elements of the 97 infantry battalion detected 4 clandestine graves with human bones in the community of El Triunfo, in the mountainous area of the municipality.
Military personnel arrived in the offices of the Ministerial police in Fresnillo for the purpose of reporting the discovery which occurred at 2:45 pm on Tuesday June 11th.
State Ministerial Police (PME) reported that on the surface, they found a partial body, the lower extremities, as well as the skull, ribs, spine, and part of the upper extremities.
They explained that the skull contained a bullet hole caused by a gunshot to the back of the neck.
In this same area, agents found four graves, where, after digging with shovels and picks, found numerous bones..
The first grave had a total of 34 fragments, as well as a pair of Smith & Wesson handcuffs.
A total of 38 fragments were found in the second pit,  15 in the third and 18 in the fourth.
On May 19th around the same area, 3 km away from the small town of El Triunfo, burnt human remains together with clothes, incinerated oil drums, blankets and other items were found by locals searching  for wood.
According to locals last December that area had been used by cartel members as training camp but they never reported it out of fear, then around 4 months ago the criminals started leaving the area. One local recalls "There was a time when 19 Federal police along with the helicopter went after these bad people, and they killed 12 sicarios".
The Regional Justice Attorney, in collaboration with the 97 infantry battalion located three clandestine graves, two in the Purísima del Maguey community and another in the limits between Fresnillo and Saín Alto.

Juan Manuel de Loera, Vice Attorney of Justice, reported that from early morning, on June 18th, expert forensics and a member of the public prosecutor's office accompanied the military in the search for the mass graves, while looking for four soldiers who are missing.
Loera explained that in each pit there was "around a kilo of bone fragments, which have not been determined to be human yet, so we have to wait for genetic analyses".
On Wednesday night, shortly before midnight, gunmen in two vehicles attacked elements of Federal Police who maintain its base in the avenida Ramón López Velarde, in Zacatecas historic city centre.
After the attack, which took place in a matter of seconds, the aggressors accelerated towards Guadeloupe, while the policemen boarded their trucks to undertake the pursuit.
According to official sources, police corporations implemented an operation to find the assailants, while witnesses claimed to have seen a large concentration of patrols on University Avenue, and elements stationed on alert opposite the Hotel Howard-Johnson, the bicentennial Plaza and the streets and alleys that surround this area of the city.
That same night more shootings were reported in different parts of the city, but there´s no official information about them.
On Thursday night June 13th shootings continued in the state capital, from 11:30 pm in the colonias González Ortega, Felipe Ángeles and Benito Juárez there was a shootout between two armed groups; leaving 1 gunman dead inside a vehicle.

First detonations were heard in the fourth section of the colonia González Ortega, when a blast was heard and vehicles began the chase, shots were reported elsewhere near the Mercado de Abastos.
Apparently the chase and shooting occurred in several streets, up to almost return to the colonia González Ortega, where again another blast was heard near the parque Palomas, where a truck was abandoned.

Elements of the metropolitan and ministerial police arrived later and patrolled aforementioned colonias  in search of suspects.
Simultaneously with the shootings and in a different part of the city, a man was found dead inside a black Ford Focus with plates from the US, he had been shot 4 times in different parts of the body, the car was found between Guillermo Prieto and Manuel Doblado streets behind the baseball park
Update Note:
Federal police are now confirming the event on Thursday evening resulted in the deaths of eight people.  Also confirmed was that several narco vehicles were left at the scene.
People in Zac however are saying this is a low ball figure.  Typically casualty figures are underreported.
The body of a woman, who had the trousers down, was found on the side of the road that leads to the community of Boquillas, Zacatecas; It is presumed that she was raped and then shot, several bullet casings were found at the location.
This is a relatively isolated area right outside the capital, the road ends in Boquillas, a small community of 250-300 people, therefore very light traffic.
The finding was discovered by locals on Wednesday morning at around 7 am when a call to the emergency line 066 gave notice to the authorities.
Elements of the Metropolitan Police (Metropol) and the Municipal police in Zacatecas arrived to the site, which confirmed the report and sealed off the crime scene.
Experts of the forensic medical service and the public prosecutor's Office arrived at 8:15 in the morning to start with the investigations of the case.
So far, the identity of the victim is unknown; however she had light hair and was wearing blue trousers and a striped sweater.

While the authorities conducted research, police corporations mounted an operation in search of something.

In a statement authorities ratified the event and reported that the young woman had 2 shots, also at the location a white powdery substance was discovered, allegedly cocaine.
11 bullet caps were found in the area and that the girl was between 25 and 28 years.
This case has caused some social alarm since it´s not the first one of this kind that occurred recently. On May 10 the body of a 28 years old  woman was found at el Bracho dumpster, she had been kidnapped the night before, then raped and killed with a stone.
On Wednesday 12th, at around 10 am, a convoy of approximately 14 trucks with gunmen left two bodies on the road Jerez - Fresnillo, by the crossroad travelling to  San Juan del Centro.
It was reported to the municipal police, but before the authorities could get there, the bodies, said to be of a man and a woman, approx. 20 years old, were removed from the crime scene.

Federal Police and military were dispatched,  but they only found blood and a narco message. The contents of the message have not been made public,
Members of organized crime attacked a convoy of troops from the 97 battalion of the Mexican army resulting in  four dead criminals, the arrest of seven more, the confiscation  of three vehicles, as well as the confiscation of a still unspecified number of assault rifles and ammunition.

This incident took place at 17:45 on Friday 14th in the community of Saín Bajo, in Saín Alto municipality, which is located in the Northwest of the State of Zacatecas.
The military report indicates that the military were carrying out some surveillance when they were attacked by the criminals, which forced them to repel the aggression.
On June 18th the bodies of three men were found a few meters from the federal highway 23, which leads to Jerez de Garcia Salinas; the three young men were taken out from several trucks and then shot, they were blindfolded and their hands and feet tied with tape.
At around 19:30 the emergency system 066 received the report there were three men lying on the road, near the tolerance zone known as Las Láminas, elements of the Municipal Public Security were dispatched to the location.
The men were wearing jeans and t-shirts, their ages ranged from 18 to 25 years, none carried identification. The three bodies are already in the forensic medical service (Semefo).
Unofficial data indicate they are two miners and another young man who would have been kidnapped in the fraccionamiento Abel Dávila in Fresnillo  the day before in the morning, being forced from their homes with violence................continues on next page...........
Criminal groups keep fighting each other in Fresnillo, with exchange of gunfire and chasings while being on board of cargo vans.

The events took place at the exit to the road to Valparaiso, reported police sources.
The same sources reported that the same thing happened at the exit to Jerez. (same road where the bodies were those 3 men were executed, same day too).

“Strong shooting in Fresnillo heading out to Valparaiso and Jerez, a group of trucks chasing each other very near the lienzo charro in Fresnillo from 3 white GMC trucks and white suburbans armed subjects wearing military style clothes came out and stopped a dark red RAM and a black Bora, that apparently was escorting the RAM, they shouted "putos zetas" and "vámonos a la chingada ora putos",.

While trying to take the occupants of the RAM and the Bora another truck passed by and shot, and that’s when both the RAM and the bora escaped at full speed and they also began to shoot, and a strong shootout ensued between what is likely CDG and Los Zetas.
Vehicles fled towards colonia del Valle and the mercado de abastos, at this point more vehicles were reported to arrive with the marking  “CU” (Cárteles Unidos)  chasing after  more vehicles that also came to support  the RAM and the Bora.
The shooting furiously intensified at the exit to Valparaiso and it was in the crossroad Valparaiso-Jerez, where at least five trucks stopped and started to shoot at each other, traffic was stopped and witnesses reported seeing and hearing the shootings causing their rapid departure from the scene.
Very close to the intersection there was a white truck abandoned and reports say inside there are high caliber weapons, radios and bullet-proof vests, the truck has no plates, but driver side has several bullet impacts and also in  the left rear tire, red code was activated due to the chase and shootings.
3 armored  vehicles of the ministeriales arrived from their base in Zacatecas, army and SEMAR also arrived to the areas of conflict, as well as  the Federal Police.
It is not yet known if there are any casualties  within the city in Fresnillo or the roads adjacent to it.
In the colonia del Valle a Ford Focus where there were 4 young women and 1 man, was stopped, the young driver was brought out with blows and taken in a Toyota Tundra type pickup.
The focus was manned by another armed subject who was taken from the vehicle  and was escorted at high speed. Witnesses reported that the girls cried and asked for help but another truck appeared and instantly began to shoot, seeing nothing could be done they rapidly fled the scene.

On the same day, in the limits between Tepetongo and Jerez, elements of the 53 infantry battalion secured three vehicles with reports of theft.
Apparently it was the dismantling of a training camp of a criminal cell, whose guards shot at the military as they fled and they managed to escape; no one was wounded or arrested.
A strong confrontation that lasted for about an hour between sicarios of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel (CDG) arose this Thursday, June 20th, in the community of Estación Gutierrez, Fresnillo municipality, Zacatecas.
According to the first reports, there were criminals killed in the intense gun fire and several vehicles were abandoned full of bullet holes. There´s still no official information from the authorities about this incident.
In the clash even grenades were used. The chase and shootout aboard several trucks took place between the communities of Estación Gutiérrez and Francisco I. Madero, better known as La Quemada
Elements of the Federal Police, the Navy of Mexico and the army arrived and blocked the roads to check vehicles and an operatve was set in the area to find suspects.
* Note: The press report  used as source says this shootout happened on Wednesday, but that must be a typo since it happened on Thursday evening

Ezequiel Cárdenas Dominguez, who was 21 years old and lived in the colonia Lomas de Plateros in Fresnillo was found dead in the colonia Nueva Rosita, near the community of San José de Lourdes.
Cárdenas Dominguez was found with his throat slit, with his hands tied and gagged with tapeand in the middle of a puddle of blood.
A call to the emergency system 066 reported that there was a corpse of a male at that location.
Members of the State Ministerial police, as well as, members of the Municipal police, Federal preventive police and troops of the 97 infantry battalion went to the crime scene.
This was reported by the press on June 20th, but it´s unclear of the exact date, most likely it was June 19th.
Sources used by Zac to compose this post: Facebook-ZacatecasOnline-AccesoZac-ImagenZac-LasNoticiasya-Direccionezac-Pagina-LaPoliciaca
Much gratitude to "Zac"


  1. To All The Tijuano Fans awaiting part 3:
    He will return soon, he has been ill. :(

    Thank you for your patience during this busy time for everyone at BB. Next week should be better...and thank you for the readers who wrote and offered help.


    1. Hey chivis is this, pelon the us, marine turned zeta that was arguing through the, narco blogs with that guy from the golfo that, looks like a, nerd? I forgot his name

  2. I always wonder when they write cartel people attacked some army patrol and that only cartel people died. How believable. Is that the red code for the army attacked people which they suspected to be cartel or had a hit contract for?

  3. We have all the cartels in north carolina. The zetas plus CDG plus a bunch of la familia and knights templar. They are currently running around in red shirts here, using blue infra red thermal equipment to try and kill people, dress up and accuse other gangs of doing it, threatened to kill people execution style in the counties, and threaten and extort the hell out of you. All for GOD. We have a lot of people here who went to Mexico and got involved including getting Malcolm Xs grandson killed by including him in Mexico. They want everyone dead. We are all waiting for the Juarez hitmen to come up to Greensboro and finish this african american fascist nazi technology group that wanted Malcolm Xs family dead and all the whites dead too. Oh and no latinos or mexicans - just for blacks.

    Are they the black panthers on Hewitt Street.

    1. I just couldnt help myself.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT

    2. Makes sense because that North Carolina plaza is sooo important hahaha

    3. F...ken mames wuey.

  4. I was watching in a supposed interview of el dos letras from la mochomera that los mazatlecos are now aligned with el chapo?? Got any info on this chivis

    1. No vato yur off el dos letras is after chqpos ppl he jst sent a narco message to chapo sayin hold on cabrones bravo n some other duds cuz he allreadys gots thm on sight

  5. @Chivis: Kudos and nice article.

  6. Wow this sounds more like Syria. Zacatecas got some crazy mofos doing battle. Jesus Christ.

    1. Aqui pura jnte de gumicbxgbx y cartel violador.

  7. Every cartel has been present in Zacatecas to "wipe" out the Zetas. And the Letra is still around. if u cant beat em , join em

  8. Looking forward to TJ story part 3.
    I am not surprised they are finding narco-graves in Zac.
    These are likely either zeta kidnapping victims or murdered zetas that were buried by CDS or suspected 'death squads' when they were 'cleaning up' the area.

  9. No worries thanks for everything all of you do!

    It's crazy to think about how much stuff like this is happening and not being reported......smaller / isolated incidents all over....

  10. as far as i know cdg and allies are working their way up Zac. taking zeta turf by force,and zetas are fighting to keep what they have left after z-50 switched zetas in the north and CDG in the south heading up,would i be right?

  11. Has anyone else heard of Z reinforcements supposedly going in and most of the CDG etc are ex Z ?

    1. Si señor, los golfos k ay en Zacatecas son la gente del Taliban k cambiaron bandera... los golfos no salen d Tamaulipas.. nada mas se ven las unidades marcadas con CDG y XXX pero todos eran Letra

  12. And once again its on

  13. Like always the federales and military arrive late just to pick up the trash

  14. Fresnillo was the big zeta stronghold, and still is although they are weakened, that's why so much fighting, executions and graves in that area, if they are kicked out of Fresnillo they will be left without any important plaza in the state.

    Last night, after the big shootout in the evening around Estación Gutiérrez, there were reports of more shootings in different parts of Fresnillo and I´d assume also out of the city around the small communities, but it´s really hard finding out what goes on in those rural roads and small towns, all you get is rumors.

  15. El pedo aqui en zacatecas esta bien cabron, la gente save que en el enfrentamiento que tuvieron los ztas y cdg estubo bravo, mas de una hora escuchando plomazos y la realidad es esta hubo mas de 25 muertos muchos quedaron en las trocas muertos y la mera verdad eran los muertitos de los zetas.los zetas llegaron en por lo menos 30 trocas cada una troca con 4 o 6 cabrones a bordo pero nunca se imaginaria que los del golfo los doblegarian en todo mas 60 trocas y un chingo de vatos del golfo rebueltos con los del cartels unidos estubo feo como se matavan, a muchos los rematavan dentro de las trokas y a otros eridos se los llevaron a puros chingasos y los que lograron huir salieron con el ravo entre las patas ..atte guerra en zac.

    1. No sabes nada de Sombrerete? Como esta la situacion en ese pueblo? Las noticias no reportan nada. Aca en USA solo escuchamos rumores.

    2. Y como supistes eso

    3. Saludos pa la gente de ZACATECAS departe de los MICHOACANOS

    4. Tambien lo que paso en florencia un comando de los zetas de al menos 60 se toparon con el carteles unidos . le diorin en su pura madre dicen que tumbaron como 50 zetaputas pero nunca dijieron nada nomas dicen k uvo 8 muertos por ahi

  16. What site did you copy and paste this from?

  17. 11:18 do you know what an ignorant fool you are? Tell us the secret of copy and pasting material in the Spanish language that magically becomes English?

    BB these trolls need to be blocked. they add nothing and are lowlife punks with nothing but time on their hands. Probably from Mundo. Clearly you listed all the sources used for the post. But also clear is that they ALL are in Spanish, therefore a huge amount of work went into it. Thank you Zac and Chivis. Excellent as always and something that can not be seen ANYWHERE

  18. Thank you. Actually I think by posting, the "stupid" becomes very clear...I love your Q-Wouldn't it be nice to just copy and paste Spanish and it magically becomes English?...Oh yes!

    These gnomos don't matter at all :)

  19. Protest blocking acapulco to zijah somewhere in the middle of the two cities no traffic moving either way today is day 2

  20. The Federal Police has confirmed today 8 people killed in the Thursday evening shootout at Estación Gutiérrez

    I think many more died, sicarios always try to take their fallen so they don´t get identified.

    1. Eso es lo que ellos te dicen los policias y la prensa pero la realidad es que fueron mas de 25 gueyes casi todos eran zetillas, te lo digo por que familiares bieron todo el pedo, dicen que nomas unas 4 personas del golfo cayeron los demas puro ztillas, aqui en zac la guerra la va ganando los c.u y cdg la neta. Nomas por que los topones que se dan son derrepente y no hay chanza de gravar si no para que bieran como en casi todos los enfrentamientos gana el cdg...

  21. @June 21, 2013 at 1:17 AM

    Playing video games and eating pizza at 4 am give people strange dreams...

  22. So we use predator drones to spy on our own American citizens for surveillance. How about we send a couple predator U.S. controlled drones to Mexico. I guarantee you won't see any more convos of 15 trucks with gunmen driving around dumping bodies.

    Who cares if these criminals pretend to be or are actual corrupt police. If your not authorized in a zone then you can say 'sayonara' because your 15 cars filled with gunmen wont keep you safe from a couple predator missiles.

    The cartels will have to resort to using rode side bombs from then on or IED's after all Mexico's basically Iraq just a little closer to home.

    1. Mexico has many drones and a huge underground command center

  23. Reports of another shootout today at 3 pm in Plateros, very close to Fresnillo, 2 dead, zetas vs militars or federal police, but nothing in the press anywhere and no official info.

  24. June 21, 2013 at 5:19 PM

    Deja de mamar verga del CDG. No eres nada y nadie tu. Todo los carteles son bola de puto maricones igual que tu y tu padre.

    Muerte a los chuecos, los narcos, los zetas, los chapos, los golfo, los templarios, los jalisco, los juarez, los tijuana, y los politicos!!

    1. Y esto es para ty fantoche, yo no apoyo a ninguna vasura de carteles, soy una persona que no apoya a las lacras simplemente digo lo que se vive aki en zac, por que muchos farsantes se ponen a desir hay los zetas van ganando el territorio y no es cierto aki los c.u y cdg estan con todo y andan fuertes es la pura verda..antes los zetas controlavan pero toda esa jente se cambio con los golfos y toda la gente de los zetas que esta peliando zac es la que bienen de cohuila tamaulipas veracruz.por que ni slp zacatecas ya no tienen mucha precencia a hora es cdg y talivancillos.

  25. el otro pendejo segun de zacatecas y stoy seguro que es una golfa cheerleader el vato jajajaj diciendo que ubo mas de 20 zetas muertos y nomas 4 golfos jajajaj pos ni que fueran gafes los pinches golfos pendejos jajaj aki en tampzz los golfos siempre salen chingados en los topones nomas las veces aya en camargo onde si se chingaron a chingos de zetas jajaja...apoko toda tu famiila staba en el topon y cuentando los muertos jajajaj no seas pendejo wei tu familia de seguro staba debajo de su cama pidiendole a dios que no se mueran seas pendejo golfa de mierda nomas eres otro ardido de los zetas que ni sabes como defarmalos pinche mokoso....cuando ai topones de los 2 bandos mueren pendejo!!!!!!!!!

    1. Mira pendejete no soy porrista de ninguna vasura de cartel perrito, y mi familia no los estavan contando a ver quien cai muerto, cuando paro el pedo la policia y ejercito tardo mas de una hora en llegar y todo la jente salio y vio como quedaron los puercoz tirados y muchos agonisando y te lo digo por que la gente de los zetas train sus logos y trocas marcadas con "unidad z" o "comando z" y adentro quedaron muchos muertos y unos tirados a muchos se los yevaron los golfos, a ty es el que te duele el culo de las reventafas que le estan poniendo a los mugrozozz verda, y de los topones pregunta para que veas como les va aki en zacatecas, la gente no es mitotera para aser pinche dramitas por cualquier cosa solo queremos que se acave el pedo asi como en otros municipios donde ya estan calmados...asi que no hable pendejadas vatito de mierda...

  26. Zacatecas hides a lot of stuff that has happends like that time where people are saying that there was a convoy wwith about 50 to 80 zetas and Carteles Unidos at the service of Comandante F1 ambushed them entering FLORENCIA leaving more than 60 dead thats wat alot of pleople said but they never made in public or was in the news and that inly 6 zetas escaped ahahah

  27. Thank you to Zac for covering the capital city. It is often scarier for what you don't know, the feeling that something bad is happening around you that does not show in this beautiful place.

  28. That's true, I don't know who is stronger in Tamaulipas because I don't live there, but I do know who is being hit harder here in Zacatecas and it's los zetas for sure, I wish they all were dead or in jail, no matter the cartel. What that other poster from zac says is true, zetas are bringing people from elsewhere because they don't have many left here anymore, I don't think CDG is bringing people from Tamaulipas but the other cartels are reinforcing them and they seem to outnumber the zetas in every clash you hear about lately, if the zetas lose Fresnillo they will be pretty much done in Zacatecas and it looks like they might lose it really soon...I just wish they would lose it to the authorities and not to other cartels, CDG are no better, they have become just as brutal as zetas.

  29. Rider passed through yesterday and reported the roadblocks.

  30. Hey Chivis heres more to add

    ZACATECAS. - Two elements of the Public Security Directorate (PSD) of Fresnillo were arrested by military personnel along with "El Pelon" alleged leader of Los Zetas in the municipality.

    According to unofficial sources the soldiers were arrested in Silversmiths when the alleged offender transferred for medical care.

    They reported that "El Pelon" is a leader of Los Zetas and participated Thursday in a clash between rival gangs of organized crime.

    It was learned that the police took him aboard the patrol to a hospital for his injuries occassionally, sequelae of confrontation.

    Military surveillance conducted a tour and seeing that they were nervous preventive him to stop for a review and found that they were accomplices of the alleged offender and proceeded to stop them.

    After his arrest, the three were brought before Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) and were transferred to Mexico City to start the legal process

  31. thank you and all the others sending me info
    Zac also sent some info last night and I hope to make a post later tonight


  32. June 21, 2013 at 10:12 AM
    "Si señor, los golfos k ay en Zacatecas son la gente del Taliban k cambiaron bandera"
    Thank you brother for your answer,be safe and sound now,hear me

  33. A el dela camisa roja selo cargo la wesuda.


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