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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mayhem in Monterrey: 12 die

By Chris Covert

A total of 12 individuals have been killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in or around Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, including a lynching in Monterrey, according to Mexican news reports.

Late Friday night four unidentified individuals were killed and a fifth was wounded in Juarez municipality, according to a news report which appeared on the website of Milenio news daily.

The shooting took place at around 2330 hrs at  residence on Calle Flor de Belen in Valle de San Juan colony, where a lone armed suspect fired an AK-47 rifle into a gathering of five young men who had been drinking. The armed suspect exited a taxi and immediately started firing at the gathering

The dead were identified in a separate report as Alan Joseph Beltran Mora, AKA "El Popeye", 19, Edgar Gerardo Pedroza Cardona, 26, David Adrian Garza Vargas, 23, and José Roberto Perez Estevez, 18.  The wounded was identified as Alan Ramiro López, 19.

After the shooting, the shooter remounted the taxi and fled the scene.

Earlier in the evening a fifth unidentified man was shot to death and two others were wounded in Independencia colony, according to the same Milenio report.

The shooting took place near Loma Larga near San Pedro Garza Garcia in an area called Camino a las Antenas.

Seven other individuals were killed in or around Monterrey since Friday.
  • An unidentified police agent from Guadalupe municipality was killed and two others were hurt in a rollover accident in San Nicholas de la Garza municipality Saturday night, according to a Milenio news account.  A police unit was in pursuit of a taxi cab on Avenida Romulo Garza when the driver lost control near the corner of Avenida Roberto Garza Sada.
  • A woman was found shot to death near a bar in San Nicolas de los Garza municipality early Saturday morning.  Angela Gabriela Rodriguez, 39, was found by a taxi driver at around 0400 hrs near a drinking establishment called La Taberna on  Avenida Universidad, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The victim died a short time later while receiving medical attention.
  • A mother and her son were found shot to death in southern Monterrey Saturday night.  Ana Cecilia Hernandez Robledo, 50, and Claudio Simon Hernandez Arriaga 15, were found in their residence in Cerro de la Campana colony near the intersection of calles San Isidro and Raul Chapa Zarate.  Reports are armed suspects with rifles burst into the residence then started firing as the victims slept.
  • Two men were found aboard a taxi cab shot to death in Monterrey Friday night, according to a Milenio news account.  The victims were identified as  Victor Manuel Bonilla Piña, 30, and Fernando Gonzalez Piña, 44, who were found near the intersection of calles Mina and Juarez in Topo Chico colony.  The report said that armed suspects had driven by where the taxi was, and fired into the vehicle killing the two passengers.  The taxi driver was unharmed.
And now a feel good crime story...

One unidentified individual died and two of his accomplices were beaten in a lynching in Independencia colony in Monterrey Friday night, according to a Milenio news report. 

Three hooded suspects attempted a home invasion at a residence, but when the mask of one of the attackers was removed, somehow a call went out, and a total of 120 local residents fell upon the group, beating them. 

Before units of the Policia Federal and Fuerza Civil could arrive, one of the alleged attackers was dead and two others were severely wounded.  According to the report, the colony was where a number of kidnappings and extortion crimes had taken place.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and


  1. Finally the public is fighting back. Yea....

  2. Why everytime Something happens in Monterrey the title is mayhem in monterrey? Just wondering

    1. Same here. they should do a mayhem in chicago

  3. Its bout time the people start taking matters in their own hands and take back their country.

  4. A los regio montanos los gusta echarle porras a nuestros equipos, aún cuando sean Tigres o Rayados. Hasta los partimos la madre unos a otros por nuestra passion al equipo ke apoyamos. Pero ya es tiempo regios ke le hagamos un frente común contra la delincuencia organizada, para ke esos weyes paren sus atrocidades ke le hacen a la comunidad Regía. Ojalá ke lo ke ocurrió el Viernas en la colonia Independencia sea el comiencio de la limpieza social para un Monterrey libre de la escoria y lacras de la sociedad.

  5. Is it just me? But I felt good about the first half of the story too.. I just don't know witch one I liked more? Maybe if somebody goes to the hospital and finishes off "lopez" I Iwill like that one!!

  6. Way to go folks! Fight for what's yours! It's time to stop laying down!

  7. loma larga in juarez near san pedro is incorrect. juarez is 30-40 minutes away from san pedro. loma larga is where monterrey and san pedro meet

  8. "And now a feel good crime story." Hahaha... I was expecting a cute kitty being rescued from a tree, not a lynching that results in one death and two beaten! Although, I am happy the residents stood up to these a-holes! Imagine if these people (the residents) had access to guns!

    1. I know right my neighborhood they would have been blown into the next life as soon as they hit the door as we are all well armed around here thats if u can get past my pitbulls first lol

  9. loma larga in juarez near san pedro is incorrect. juarez is 30-40 minutes away from san pedro. loma larga is where monterrey and san pedro meet

    Corrected and gracias for the geography lesson.


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