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Monday, June 17, 2013

Granier's corruption was an open secret

Ricardo Aleman for El Universal June 13. 3013

Granier Clan

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

In Tabasco, even the most uninformed knew about the thievery of the Granier clan and his kin. In reality, the looting was an open secret, as well as the fact that some of the governor's appointees were simply window dressing, while "friends" and "relatives" were the real bosses who were dividing up the plunder.

And of course -- that's the way it should be!-- for Granier, his family occupied first place in the "pinata" that El Quimico's [the "Chemist," his nickname] government became; El Quimico, a rock politician that sold himself well with the mask of "citizen governor", because at the start of his political career, he denied being a PRI partisan, which helped him coax a good part of the public's and voters' opinion.

However, it's not true that El Quimico discovered the philosopher's stone that transforms garbage into gold. No, no, he didn't go that far.  Actually, he took advantage of close friendships with reputable men in power and in Tabasco politics -- and national politics -- to become mayor and then to become the most corrupt governor.

And contrary to what many think, Mr. Granier also developed that difficult art of Yucatan culture, calling himself "compadre" (intimate friend) of the current governor (of Tabasco), Arturo Nunez, and of the current coordinator for PRI senators, Emilio Gamboa, among many others who today could save his life.

But it turns out that, for Tabasco politicians and potentates, it was no surprise that, day after day, Governor Granier would utter his favorite phrases when talking about the excesses of his son Fabiancito and the grotesque frivolities of his daughters Paulina and Mariana. "If I have to give my life for my children, I will give it," he would say.

Today we know that Granier appeared voluntarily and without a judicial protective order before federal authorities, not because he thinks anybody believes in his innocence, but because his children asked him to. They demanded that he "clean up the family name." And like any loving father, he chose jail for himself  above prison for his children.

And the truth is that the core of the structure that led to the most scandalous plundering of Tabasco public funds is located precisely in the Granier family. Fabian Granier -- "Fabiancito" to those close to him -- was also known as "El Papayo" [literally: "Dad, I..."], because he believed not just in his talents as a "ladies' man" and "the power behind the throne", he also used to say "Papa, yo quiero...", "Papa, yo hago...", "Papa, yo...". ("Dad, I want...", Dad,...I will...", Dad, I...")

In that manner, El Papayo  cultivated a close relationship with Amilcar Sala Villanueva, ambitious and prosperous businessman who convinced Fabiancito to, in turn, convince his governor father -- Andres Granier -- to appoint Jose Manuel Saiz Pineda as Secretary of Finance.

As we have stated in earlier columns, Saiz Pineda was an expert money launderer for businesses in the southwest (of Mexico), among them those belonging to Amilcar Sala. In fact, the idea of appointing him Secretary of Finance was precisely to launder money.

Once the basic tripod was in place -- Fabian Granier, Amilcar Sala and Jose Manuel Saiz--, the plan for plunder was ready. Then began the parallel businesses, the diversion of funds, the dummy purchases.

In effect, Amilcar Sala was the real Secretary of Finance, while Fabian Granier was "the power behind the throne". "El papayo" would distribute loads of cash; he would decide budget items, he bought communications media and legislators, while his parties in Las Vegas were memorable, squandering money with open hands.

At the same time, Amilcar Sala would brag that his real estate holdings were rising like froth, as was (of course) his taste for luxury cars, such as a gorgeous Lamborghini. But that was in the beginning.

The opulent of  Granier's son
Then came audacity and the big leagues. An official source states that soon after the start of the Granier administration, Humberto Mayans, then Secretary of Government -- today, PRI senator --, and Carlos Pineda "El Pelon" Pineda, Jose Manuel Saiz Pineda's uncle, joined the trio.

The entry of Mayans and Sainz Pineda into the clan created the most powerful group for plundering public money and for dirty deals, while at the same time controlling politicians and communications media.

And that's because Andres Granier, along with Carlos Pineda, Humberto Mayans and Ignacio "Nacho" Cobo -- the right hand of Carlos Slim --, are "compadres", partners and owners of the newspapers Diario Presente and Formula Tabasco,  two of the most influential communications media in the state. In other words, Governor Granier's clan had total control for stealing.

And they bought and bought land, in Tabasco, Cancun, Yucatan, Miami (Florida), and a paradise in Barcelona de las Indias, Colombia, in the Cartagena de las Indias metropolitan zone. In particular, El Quimico purchased art, a lot of art, which he treasures with the same love he showers on his children. But there's much more...    


  1. Andres Granier Melo embezzlement of Tabasco's state funds is akin to Nero drinking wine and eating grapes while Rome burned. That bastard did'nt give a damn while Tabasco was burning. Again, the legacy of PRI corruption is alive and well regardless of who taught them to be corrupt. Last I remember, Cortez died in the 16th century. There is no system that will work in Mexico unless the corruption stops.

  2. Cold hearted,greedy,murderous,cunning and many more words can be used to describe these pieces of shit in Mexico,controlling Government....what a joke.
    It's not enough to be happy and look after your citizens in your elected state...why do they do it?

  3. por eso hay tanta delincuencia desde extorsión asta secuestros por que si los funcionarios y gobernantes son una bola ladrones que se puede esperar de los ciudadanos

  4. Do you understand Govt. is inherietley bad GOT IT . U S , Mexico anywhere its BAD, the least the better !!

    1. Your right! Mammon governments are bad. But at least in the USA we eat and have the opportunity to have a decent living even with all the corruption. However I disagree with you about the less government the better. That's like saying the survival of the fittest is the solution. So we should give up because of all the corruption

    2. Yo 10:03 wake up im in da US , we r living suvival of the fittest.

  5. I'll give commentary of this POST tomorrow. Right now I only have the energy to play my part hopes of making this a better world by sharing what I found tonight that goes by the label of -->

    WE ARE AND HAVE BEEN TRACKED SINCE YEAR 2001 thanks to the INTER-NET (a Web built by humans FOR doing what Spiders were Born To Do, CAPTURE AND ... with MORE & MORE TRACKING & CAM.ERAS more and more EVERYWHERE (for YOUR Safety of course ... IT'S THE OPPOSITE, it signifies An Intricate CONTROL GRID = equals DEMOCRACY ¿right?!!!). What does THE GOVERNMENT DO with THOSE who DON{T GO ALONG WITH the Government{s mandates? --- "Please teach me a lesson and get your Cattle Prods out --TASER ME! = Free Speech? ("I live in the best Cunt.tree in the world!!" * ... we've heard that one before!! ha ha

    The INTER.NET:
    Would that happen to stand for Inter-National Net?, it's been available to a great number of Countries.

    We are NOT F.R.E.E folks!!

    1. Very true my man. We've been run Amok, run Astray! We've been bambozzled! We've hoodwinked! Come with the knowledge

  6. @June 17, 2013 at 4:15 PM: Nieto should work harder to clean up the mess and shit.

  7. this is the norm in Mexico, but it still turns the stomach..

  8. Raping Mexico and her people.If these are the elected representatives of the people,,the people are fucked.It makes you wonder how these people are put into positions of power?Everybody knows their immorality knows no boundaries,yet they manage to gain influence?The whole infrastructure must be rotten to the core if people like this can flourish,basically they don't care who knows because without a will to change there is nothing that can be done about it.

  9. @ June 17, 2013 at 9:26 PM Peña Nieto is where he is thanks to the mess and shit, he has grown within the corrupt system and actually represents those who created don´t expect much from him :(

    @ June 18, 2013 at 3:32 PM The whole infraestructure IS rotten to the core, that´s what you get when the same political party rules for over 70 years and no real change in the institutions happened after another party (representing the same elite) took their place. Some deep changes need to happen and soon.


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