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Friday, June 21, 2013

Another case of corruption? Tijuana´s Border Administrator lives in luxurious neighborhood in Houston, TX.

Borderland Beat
Alejandro Amadeo Gonzalez Guilbot
El UNIVERSAL. Houston.-  Alejandro Amadeo Gonzalez Guilbot, Central Administrator of the Tijuana´s Customs Office, receives a monthly pay of 104 thousand 113 Mexican Pesos-Roughly 8 thousand USD-. His life, however, is more like that of a millionaire than a public employee.

Gonzalez Guilbot owns two homes in Houston, Texas worth close to 1 million USD and several vehicles valued at about 600 thousand USD, including a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost.

This employee of the Mexican Internal Revenue Service (Secretaria de Hacienda) also appears as the owner of two businesses in the Houston area.

Gonzalez Guilbot has been a public servant for almost two decades. In 1994 he was the director of the preventive prison known as “El Torito”; from 1995 to 1998, director of the Reclusorio Sur prison in Mexico City; in 1999 he worked as the assistant manager in the International Airport of Mexico City.

From 2001 to 2003 he worked for the Mexican presidency under the Citizen Attention Directorate; from June 2003 to 2006 he worked for PEMEX-in PMI, Houston-, but he sued PEMEX, who ended up paying him 783 thousand Mexican Pesos-About 63 thousand USD-.
It wasn´t until 2011 when he reappeared as a public servant working for SAT(Servicio de Administracion Tributaria-Internal Revenue Service) as the Regional Administrator for the Evaluation of the North Pacific. Since this past March 16 he is the Central Administrator in the Tijuana Customs Office under Enrique Peña Nieto´s office.
The Federal official is in charge of one of the biggest entry points between Mexico and USA-With about 10 thousand operations daily-, his monthly income of little more than 8 thousand USD marks a sharp contrast with his home in Wynden Estates, in a closed street he shares with 7 neighbors.

111 Wynden Estates, Houston, TX, home to Tijuana´s Border Administrator.
 Records in the Property and Tax Office in Harris County, Texas, show the acquisition by Gonzalez Guilbot of a house located in 111 N Wynden Estates Ct. Houston, valued at 896 thousand 453 USD, this transaction took place in January 2006.
Gonzalez Guilbot chose a centric and luxurious neighborhood in Houston to buy this house. Some neighbors denied knowing him, although an elderly woman said someone by the name of “Alexander Gonzalez” would need to be contacted in order to authorize her to talk about Gonzalez Guilbot.
The neighborhood is located less than 4 miles from GALLERIA, Houston´s main mall, a place where you can find restaurants with 80 dollars stakes and a Neiman Marcus store.
“This isn´t the most expensive neighborhood in Houston”, states a retired man, “there are other areas, for example, the one where former US President George Bush senior lived, close to San Felipe Street, in River Oaks”, and you can get there in about 10 minutes walking from Gonzalez Guilbot´s home. Many oil businessmen live there....continues next page...

Wynden Estates Court is really quiet, the neighbors take their dogs walking and claim there´s no crime or lack of security in there. The grass is green, freshly cut, and there´s not a single pot hole on the streets. On those streets you can see BMW, Mercedes-Benz and several other luxury brands. The cheapest car usually seen is a 50 thousand USD Cadillac.
The house number 111 located in Wynden Estates is up for sale, it has 4 bedrooms, the main bedroom has Jacuzzi and a big receiving room, the house has 3 bathrooms. There are 15600 sq. ft. of construction. There´s even a cube designed to house an elevator, should the owner decide to install one. Rent for this house is between 5 and 6 thousand USD monthly.
All 8 homes from the compound are similar. “The main advantage of living in Wynden Estates is privacy”, that´s what neighbors say. Smiling, an elderly woman allows the reporter to enter the compound, the 5 ft tall security gate opens after she enters her password, the compound is monitored by security cameras 24/7, and the local police patrols constantly.
Inside, at the 111, which is Gonzalez Gulbot´s home, you can see the 85 thousand USD 2011 Lexus LX 570. The Rolls-Royce, he owns(According to DMV records) can´t be seen, although the garage door is closed.
A 20 something man walks out from 111. Doubting, he states Alejandro Amadeo isn´t home. He was the contact with Gonzalez Guilbot, Gonzalez Guilbot called the reporter but refused any interview.


House located at 8527 Atascorita Lake Way, Humble TX.
There´s another home registered in the Texas Government records under Guilbot Alejandro Amadeo G., the home is located in 8527 Atascocita Lake Way, Humble TX 77346, this one is valued at 162,187 USD, this one is similar to the one in Wynden Estates, but lacks a pool.
There are a lot of luxurious homes in this area. There are big malls and restaurants close by. The Neighbors don´t have the need to drive to downtown Houston.
On the main door there´s a copy of the Yellow Pages book and several fliers of the local pizza joint, this indicates nobody has been home in several days. Just like in Wynden Estates, there are several security cameras working 24/7, as claimed by the signs.
A pair of Mexicans was installing new tile floors in the neighbor´s pool, “They live here, this aren’t vacation homes, they got ranches for that outside. This homes have up to 6 bedrooms”, stated Emmanuel, born in Estado de Mexico, Mexico, but working in this area of Houston for more than 10 years.
Only one of the 7 vehicles registered by Gonzalez Guilbot at the DMV was located at these addresses.
In 2004 the public servant bought a Cadillac Escalade Luxury Edition with license plates 80SLV6, worth about 52 thousand USD; the next year he registered a Nissan Altima SL; and in December 2006 he bought a 2007 Mercedes-Benz S550, license plates 308TRJ, worth more than 95 thousand USD.
2004 Cadillac Escalade
2007 Mercedes-Benz S500
The list of vehicles owned by Tijuana´s Border Administrator includes a 2009 Lexus LS 460, license plates RRK390, worth 75 thousand USD. He also owns a 2007 BMW X3, license plates HBF742, bought in January 2010.
2009 Lexus LS 460.

2007 BMW X3.

In June 2012 he bought a 2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost, license plates RRG82, worth more than 325 thousand USD, that same year he bought a Lexus LX 570, license plates DK1Y894, worth close to 85 thousand USD.
2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost.

2012 Lexus LX 570.

Under Texas Secretary of State, where local businesses register, Alejandro Amadeo Gonzalez Guilbot appears as owner of two businesses in Houston. However, both of the registered addresses are P.O. Boxes.

Loyc Investments, LTD Co., this is a society created in 2004 (When Gonzalez Guilbot worked for PEMEX), along with Maria Caraza, Juan Uriarte and Carmen I. Gonzalez. The company is an importer of different foods, including oat and brine, this according to the records of the US Customs.

In 2007 he opened another business: Allofe LTD Co., dedicated to importing paper for tea bags, one of his clients is Lagg´s de Mexico(One of Mexico´s biggest tea companies), owned by his family.

In the case of Loyc Investments, LTD Co., the registered address is Dr. Kingwood 4582, but this address belongs to a courier company, a Chinese food restaurant and a beauty salon. This address is a 5 minute drive from one of Gonzalez Guilbot´s homes.

Gonzalez Guilbot registered Allofe LTD Co. at 5161 San Felipe Street, but this one also belongs to a courier company, the manager of this company said they receive their client´s mail. He was asked about Gonzalez Guilbot but denied knowing him. 

Gonzalez Guilbot was asked for an interview but he refused, he spoke briefly with the reporter, but refused to answer any question regarding his properties in Houston, the reporter insisted on interviewing him but he kept refusing.

He offered a conversation with his mother´s lawyer in Houston, Hector Longoria, who only accepted to speak about a family lawsuit regarding the inheritance of about 200 million USD, but he refused to speak about the properties of Gonzalez Guilbot.


  1. why not san diego area

    1. No state taxes in texas.. many wealthy people live in texas when they recieve large amounts of money internationally

    2. Property taxes in Texas every year. If you don't pay your property taxes, the state of Texas will confiscate your property/ies. Unless your 65 yrs. old or don't own a property. Some of the property tax money goes to the funding of public education/universities/colleges.

  2. Only way out of mexico is if you're corrupt.

  3. So where the heck does this dude get the money to afford all this? $2000 per week,multiply that by 52 and its less than half million a year.....lets just say he been saving all his money for the last 20 yrs(all his hard earned honest money).Th

    1. 104000 a year and how much did he make in the stock market and how much does his wife make.just because someone writes a story don't mean shirt.

    2. Two businesses that have no physical address, but imports products. A Mexican official who lives much larger than his income. The Mexican government isn't the only organization who's paying him. Cartel front

  4. He's obviously corrupt! The Ghost alone is 4-5 k a month

  5. Whats so wrong about eing corrupt. tell me you wouldnt if you were in his position. if you say no your a liar

    1. If you dont know whats wrong with being corrupt you got WAY bigger issues.its about having values in case you dont know what that is and no i am NOT a liar just was taught better than that.what you do in the dark will come out in the light eventually

  6. I don't give a shit what he owns where the fuck are the charges!? All this was a long list of what he owns. It's just speculation. My famliy has nice cars and shit and we are not drug dealers this info is shit

  7. Im sure he has it all written in his wife name and she is a stay at home mom

  8. Yea right if u dry that shit out u can fertilize the lawn in the way can anybody do all that on that salary

  9. i am going to get some photos of the mansion in my border area and try and get the list of cars that belong to a mexican civil servant. same stuff different state and city.

  10. I say rob his ass and leave him penniless and then deport him.

  11. This is Bullsh@t.Not every wealthy Mexican is a Narco or corrupt.Until you have proof you shouldn't put people out there and specially address and license plates.El universal what goes around comes around.

  12. Con la mafia no se juega y menos con el tres letras. CAF

  13. I figured it up. Both houses are about one million dollars. 30 year mortgage is about 3200 a month.both cars 2100 a month.could be less if he had a down payment on there house and car.if he is married and his wife makes half what he makes this ain't and my wife after taxes make 70 thousand a year and we think 34 thousand a year more we could buy what he has.just think if you and your wife made 3000 dollars every week.that's 156000 a year.don't get me wrong I believe there all corrupt on both sides of the border.but this story ain't shit.

  14. So how much did you pay in taxes on that $70,000 a year. How about food, utilities, bills and more. I make a lot more then you and it seems hard to stretch that money after living. Especially into that kind life style. The banks would not loan that money on his debt to income ratio to buy all those things. He would not qualify to buy those houses as he would have to prove more income. I will say he paid cash for everything. He would have to show incomes in the USA also to qualify for those mortgages. Aduana and corruption are one in the same here in Mexico. I live here and have a friend that was going to be accepted to work for them. After discussing it and being an honest person he turned it down. He knew he would at least have to turn a blind eye to all the corruption. I also knew an aduana in Tijuana. This guy had a great house, cars and always had a literal roll of money in his pocket all the time. I had drinks with him on a few occasions.

  15. Maybe just maybe Mr. Gonzales Guilbot difd earn his wealth through all his hard work as a civil servat all these years, However, his wealth has corruption written all over it. There is no mention of what his wife does for a living, so I'm assuming she is a housewife. He worked for prisons in Mx., the equivalent of the IRS in MX., PEMEX, and now he works for the Customs Office in TJ, which happens to be the largest border crossing between the U.S. and MX. Some of these agencies are known for their corruption. On top of that, He has two businesses registered with the state of Texas. Now maybe he had some money fronted to him considering he and his family are plaintiffs in a lawsuit concerning a $200 million family inheritance. The questions I ask are why would he invest in the U.S.A when he is making his money off of MX.; in a city, Houston, more than 2000 mi.s away from where he works. I imagine his airfare spending is threw the roof. He would also have to be paying yearly property taxes and license fees in the state of Texas. I don't know, it could go either way whether Alex Gonzales Guilbot has nexus with narco trafficking.

  16. Anybody making 1000 a week in texas can an do live like millionaires. Its cheap out there. This guy makes twice legitimately. Wtf that's weak evidence to any judge in the country. All the vehicles are nice but used so don't give me new car prices either. Pissed off now!

  17. Loving these idiots trying to balance this guys money/income and justify this guys millionaire lifestyle. Again, just another guy making his money off your back in some kinda way. You can spin it any way you want but he's corrupt, and he might be living the life now, but eventually it will come back on him. It always comes back like whiplash. Don't say there's no story here, this story is only beginning.

  18. Hes probably corrupt but that isnt evidence of corruption. His family sounds like they have money, so that could explain a lot

  19. This is one of the stupidest reports I have read on this site in the past week, and I'm not even Mexican.

    Print us some good shit, not a bunch of speculative nonsense.

    Unless you hear that the law rightfully has something on this dude, leave him alone... It's not like he's killing anyone, you stupid fairy's..

    I would be pissed if some little loud mouth came up with some bs story like this about me.

    1. So you're his accountant or cousin or employee? Shut up already. And you are nothing to write about, but you know that too. You are no ones authority little girl. Go back to your CNN and let the rest of us be. Don't click on the story if you can't handle the content Princess, its for adult comprehension. Tell your boss Alejando Hola...okay :)

  20. It's probably a stupid co-worker who is jealous of his success.

    They know that the law can only do so much, so they send in the media snitches to investigate and put them on blast...

    Not a fan of those tactics, they always end up having a negative impact on the reporters in the end.

  21. f'n dweeds. Now a year later he is being investigated by Mexico for corruption..guess he wasn't spreading the corruption money around to everybody.

  22. Definitely NEEDS an audit. His multi-millionaire assets do not match his $8,000 monthly salary. Possibly, he invests well or has a legitimate side business, but it sure smells like potential corruption with some drug cartel payola involved.

    And how can a Tijuana border administrator reside so far away from TJ? How can anyone "serve" their country when positioned so far away from the "job site?" That, too, seems fishy.


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