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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

7 die in Tamaulipas

A total of seven unidentified individuals were found dead in southern Tamaulipas state last week, according to Mexican news reports.

A news report which was posted on the online edition of Grupo Informador said the victims were found in three narcofosas, or burial pits in Abasolo municipality May 30th in Guadalupe ejido. 

A unit of the Mexican 8th Military Zone located the graves last Wednesday. The victims had been dead for about a year.  One of the dead was reportedly a woman.

Abasolo is roughly halfway between Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas and San Fernando.  It is on Tamaulipas Highway 38.

Meanwhile in Ciudad Victoria, an intergang firefight had led to the securing of weapons and ammunition, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news account which appeared on the website of Milenio news daily said the gunfight took place Monday at around 1655 hrs near the intersection of Calle 5 Ceros and Bulevar Praxedis Balboa between armed suspects.

The news report said he shooters were in two different vehicles, one Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck and a compact sedan.

The gunfight took place in Horacio Teran colony and ended in Moderna colony.  A Mexican Army road patrol located a GMC Acadia where weapons were found.

Two rifles and six weapons magazines as well as a quantity of ammunition were seized.

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  1. Chivis no se si ya chequiastes los 3 videos horrorosos que pucieron en los blog 1 de los zetas donde descuartisan a 4 viejas una de ellas la supuestamente la comandanta guera loka y los otros 2 del cartel del golfo donde decapitan a una niña de 17 y a un niño de 15 precedente de honduras....dice un comemtario de los que postean en el blog que van a ver mas videos donde matan a varios estakas y un comandante de los zetas"eso es lo que el anonimus puso en el blog pero quien save"

  2. Thank you for the work you do at BB Covert Chivis, Buggs Havana, Tijuas. You keep the readers informed of the hidden narco war that is going on Mexico. Hopefully one day this land of the once great Mexica, Maya, and other indigenous civilizations regains its greatness,, and the stories channge from those of war to those of peace and prosperity.

  3. I heard CDG took out a lot of zetas from Reynosa over the weekend.

  4. June 5, 2013 at 9:27 AM
    "I heard CDG took out a lot of zetas from Reynosa over the weekend"
    Bro,they may have got a cmdte as well,and killed him on video?I wonder if some of this is what is gonna come out on video next?It never fuckin ends does it?

  5. Im from reynosa, im hoping cdg and zetas make a pact, and hand la puta de e la chapo y miada zambada there asses. Before thay try anything in tamps. When thay were together shit was calm, and thay were unstopable

  6. I guess Nas was right, some beef is everlasting.

  7. To Scared in USA
    I was unsure if I should post your comment?
    and this was the one on el 28 Marzo?



  8. Hey 6:18pm, that sounds really nice, and and maybe one day if you lucky they will let you become a "halcon" for them.

    1. Actually. I sell cds and got a lil store im just sayin, u cant blame me for.wishing shit would go back to the old days

  9. Scared in US

    Ok. I understand, I am very, very sorry what has happened. If you care to email me know it will always be confidential...Paz, Chivis

  10. 5:51 AM
    I dont think he meant it quite like that.To try and regain a little tranquility maybe?What do you think?


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