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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 die in southern Chihuahua

By Chris Covert

Five members of a family were shot to death Monday night in far southern Chihuahua state, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a new report posted on the online edition of Milenio news daily,four armed suspects staged an ambush along a dirt road at around 1930 hrs in Guadalupe y Calvo municipality in Baborigame.

The victims were identified as Adelina Carrillo Gutierrez, 61, Jesus Chaparro Loera, 63, Wenceslao Chaparro Carrillo, 36 and two unidentified children ages 11 and 7 were traveling aboard a GMC Sierra pickup truck when the shooting took place.

Several AK-47 and AR-15 spent cartridge casings were found at the scene by investigators.

Guadalupe y Calvo has seen an increase of violent security incidents in recent weeks, the last incident an apparent ambush in a remote part of Guadalupe y Calvo, which claimed the lives of four individuals.  A previous incident of the kidnapping of a political candidate just a week before that shooting preceded a renewed deployment of Mexican federal security deployments including army and naval infantry troops to the region.
Miguel Osorio Chong

Meanwhile Mexico's Secretaria de Gobierno (SEGOB) or interior minister Miguel Osorio Chong, formally announced the training of the first of the news Gendarmaria Nacional, totaling 5,000 effectives, according to Mexican news accounts.

The Gendarmaria Nacional which will operate under the auspices of the Policia Federal, was the centerpiece of the new security strategy by the recently elected President Enrique Pena Nieto.  The emphasis in the  new strategy was to reduce drug and gang related violence which has plagued Mexico for the last several years.

According to a news report posted on the website Animal Politico, Osorio Chong in a radio interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga, reiterated his government's commitment "in the coming years" to a "news justice model".  The aim, according to several new accounts is to reduce the involvement of Mexico's military in counternarcotics operations, long an objective with Mexico's political left.

The news is a seeming reversal since mention of the Gendarmaria Nacional was omitted from the Plan Nacional de Desarrollo or National Development Plan last May, a move Mexican press claimed was a reneging of a campaign promise Pena made a year ago, despite reepated announcements since Pena's inauguration.

According to a separate news account, in the first stage of the Gendarmaria Nacional plan, a total of 8,500 soldiers and 500 naval infantry troops would be included in the new security force.  It is unclear in Osorio Chong's latest announcement if that part of the plan has been followed.  Osorio Chong has said in the past the the new Gendarmaria Nacional would have both police and military training, which suggests that SEGOB has been or will be moving some elements from the army and navy into the GN.

Currently, Mexico's military and federal police appear to be operating in counternarcotics operations under the command of SEGOB, the Policia Federal under its direct control.  For years during the administration of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, the Policia Federal had operated as a separate cabinet level agency.  During the legislative honeymoon last December, the Policia Federal were moved as a sub-agency of SEGOB.

When the elements of the Gendarmaria Nacional are ready to be deployed, they will likely go to the worst of Mexico's trouble spots, mainly on the northern border where the most intense of the drug and gang related violence has taken place over the years. 

One likely location will be southern Chihuahua state.  Earlier this year Chihuahua governor Cesar Duarte Jaquez had announced that Gendarmaria Nacional troops would be deployed to the region which can now be seen as a rather premature announcement.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and Borderland He can be reached at


  1. Se pasan de vergota de cavallo prieto sawache con una mancha blanka en la cavesa. La gente del chapo.

  2. Hmmm 2 of the people that died last name was carrillo. Yall think there is a connection!??

  3. Had any of you guys toyed with google maps (satelite) over the zone where the crimes where committed you would have seen the abundance of landing strips and airports over the mountains. What sort of produce does the airplanes deliver or pick up over there?

  4. I have seen so any websites saying how "Safe"
    Mexico is.
    Sure, there's places a little more secure than others. Years ago it was never like this.
    Again, it is sad what beautiful , historic,
    Mexico has degenerated to the level it is now.
    This coming from myself a victim of violence in Mexico.

  5. Chapete esta pierdendo la.plaza de chihuahua compas

  6. Wow...what a coincidence. just as the cds is losing southern Chiwas (the last part it still controls) to the cdj. The pussies of the cds, nearly 10,000 soldiers & feds in a span of 7+ years could not eliminate the cdj. More soldiers will mean more chaos with the end result being the same, The CDJ on top. Why? Because The CDJ is nearly all Chiuahuenses & Chihuahua is there home. This "war" is now about state pride like it or not, believe it or not. It turned that way when the cds fags would yell “puro sinaloa” in Our state, which is an insult to Proud Chihuahuenses like myself.

    Drugs will always exist & as long as they are illegal so will these “cartels” point, blank, period. I’ll tell you right now All cartels kill, extort & kidnap INNOCENT people again, ALL - OF - THEM – DO.

    The Juarez cartel is one of the oldest cartels in Mexico & former EMPLOYER of chapo guzman, mayo & el azul. All those years Chihuahua & Juarez was peaceful. Juarez was even a tourist destination for adults & collage kids from el paso. Families would regularly visit Chihuahua. I’m not saying it was crime free but it sure as hell was NOT what it is now.

    As a Mexican & more importantly as a Chihuahuense, I hate the piece of shit sinaloa fags for starting this war. More than 80,000 Mexicans dead, more than 40,000 Mexican Children are now orphans & thousands have disappeared. Why?? Because little chapo didn’t want to pay the tax charged by The CDJ, Tijuana cartel & the CDG.

    The little shit thought it would be easy just because he bought the federal gov & military. ALL this chaos is the fault of the cds.

    1. Puto Chihuahua mi compa!!

    2. I feel the same way. Even though Carrillos are from sinaloa the landlords are the chihuahuenses no doubt. Chapo is a treacherous piece of shit. Look what happen to el flaco the top commander at the time ( gente nueva ) got busted tin culican what luck Yeah right Chapo sold him out because he was from Chihuahua...I say dont let the se sinaloan dogs get over on Chihuahua..Fuck them

    3. yup flaco got invited to sinaloa and he gets busted.. coincideds.. i think not... sinaloas can't stand for other people to be in charge .. that's why they snitch

  7. That's messed up!! I often here people saying "It's ok driving to Mexico, its not bad like they say".
    Yeah right!!! U never know when these cartel members are on coke or meth and all they want to do is kill anything driving by or anything that moves..
    feel sorry for the family

  8. Sad to hear that the children were caught in the middle of that, hate to hear about that.
    Is this Chapos GN vs Carrilos still?

  9. The victims... two unidentified children ages 11 and 7. AK-47 and AR-15 spent cartridge casings.
    I used to shed a tear when i discovered these atrocities now nothing. they were not the first nor will they be the last. I thought i would be able to relocate away from this but cartel operatives have been entrenched in every single city and state in the USA.

  10. Mexican government has no control what a shame.

  11. the changes i have seen in my beloved USA. "HIDALGO COUNTY - Residents who live near a makeshift illegal immigrant camp north of Edinburg said the site was too close for comfort.

    Border Patrol agents arrested more than 70 illegal immigrants at the site. The camp was near a school and a large subdivision. Officials said smugglers are turning to rural lots to hide illegal immigrants.

    The trend is disturbing for area residents.

    "We thought ... moving out to the county (would be) nice and peaceful. Here we are, with all this commotion going on," Regal Gomez said.

    Gomez watched from his home as a Border Patrol helicopter hovered over a group of immigrants near his home.

    A tip from Gomez's neighbors led authorities to the site. He said the large piece of land at Mile 17 ½ Road and 10th Street is perfect for hiding illegal immigrants.

    Gomez said he doesn't feel safe outside his house.

    "I have a gun, and I stay as protected as I can," Gomez said.

    Gomez and his neighbors watched as the immigrants were loaded into a bus.

    "Round them up ... get them out of here. I hope they do something about this property," he said.

    Border Patrol Spokesman Henry Mendiola said smugglers are opting for empty lots to hide the immigrants.

    "This is a good indicator that these organizations are starting to change their tactics. They have been using stash houses ... hotel rooms. Now, they are using vacant lots," Mendiola said.

    Mendiola said the Border Patrol relies on neighbors to report suspicious activity.

    Homeowners said they hope to see more patrols in their neighborhoods.

    "They don't patrol this area much," Gomez said.

    Border Patrol officials said they will contact the property owner to notify him about the incident. They said agents will provide the landowner with tips to prevent future human trafficking attempts.
    krgv with video

  12. why didn't you post my comment you sack of crap?

  13. No se me awiten razita de Chiwas el cdj esta recuperando el estado con el apoyo de la letra y beltranes.mientras las chaputas y golfas se concentran en zacatecas en sinaloa y chiwas pierde terreno las chaputas la familia carrillo y la familia beltran y la familia trevino se respeta despues de chiwas ahora si pinches carteles unidos ahi va el mounstro a Zacatecas Nuevo Leon a recuperar las plazas que siempre fueron de los z

    Para donde van a correr golfas si casi casi estan envergados en tamaulipas tambien la letra les anda tumbando toda la area sur que conecta con Veracruz ruta clave para los z ya que conecta hacia tamaulipas nomas se van a quedar con matamoros y reynosa y otra plazillas hacia el norte de tamaulipas si la letra controla todo el centro y nuevo laredo y ya por mero el sur para donde corren jotas golfas para donde golfitas jaja

    Doz Fronteras

    1. Mejor que controlen al los de vicky cocas por que ya se les estan viltiando y en nuevo laredo que se ponga truchas por que los legionarios ya les andan metiendo la riata, tu 40 enfocandose en chihuas y a el metiendole la riata en tamaulipas(acuerdese lo que le dijo en una manta el talivan)"tu 40 no tienes la capasida para controlar y dirijir a los zetas tu nomas pinsas en poder para ti mismo, nunca vas a tener la inteligencia y capasidad de lascano, y hay ta antes coahuila 100 % zeta y a hora los golfos y chapos andentro peliando nuevo leon antes mas del terreno ztas y a hora quien tiene mas plazas los golfos zacatecas antes casi todo era zatas y a hora es golfo jajajaja si por el talivan y una cosa chihuas sinaloa no va ser fasil que se lo quiten al cds a mi pensar chiuas se queda con mas de la mitad pero sinaloa va seguir igual,...


    1. Haha y luego te dispertaste...

  15. Fucking cowards killing children like its nothing. These fucking mexicans wanabe gangsters got no honor.and were is the mexican goverment they would sell their mothers for a few dollars.thats the other bad guys in these tragedy.the ones who stood by while their country is dying from within.

  16. Fuck all who kill children fuck whoever ordered the hit i hope ur families die the as well men who kill families children and old people shld b killed.and fuck the mexican goverment bunch of cowards who wld sell their asses for a few bucks.

  17. Sapo Guzman is a product of his environment. This is so much bigger than that pipsqueak. He is simply mimicking and aspiring to be like the biggest cartel the world has known: Uncle Sam. Study U.S. History (and im not talking about that mass produced textbook, profit driven, bullshit shoved down our throats at the industrial military complex facilities we call "grade school" or "High School", where the friendly pilgrims sing 'Kumbaya Mi Lord' hand in hand with the Ingins. ) (hells no) If Capitalism has taught us anything (whether via Harvard Biz MBA program or the equally efficient School of Hard Knox aka 'Escuela de las Calles') It is simply this: 1) Expand every year to achieve higher profits. 2) Get The Money, Get The power, Get The Pussy. By Any Means Neccesary.
    That said; wether Mother Earth and her offspring can sustain such 'Fist Fuckings' (means) employed by these aspiring, hundreds of thousands of individualistic; insatiable, 'mini empires' ?? ... Well ,that is a completely separate question that few want to think about. Que no?

  18. most of you don't know what's going on..

    Juarez belongs to CDS ...

    1. "Most of you don't know what's going on" but you talk out of you're ass.. la linea is back with a vengeance

  19. June 26, 2013 at 8:58 AM
    "As a Mexican & more importantly as a Chihuahuense"
    Dude,i hear what you are saying,there is regionalism and rivalry in most every country on earth,but isn't being a Mexican more important at the end of the day?Yours is a different rivalry granted,because of the violence it has become more bitter,but you are all Mexicans first?Then again having"outsiders"runnin round?I aint no bleeding heart prick,but,its hard to understand sometimes?You know better than i bro..
    Anyway just saying man,no shit meant.

    1. ????...My 5 year old has more common sence than this idiot.

  20. Mientras que los carteles unidos se concentran en Zacatecas en Chiwas y Sinaloa el cartel de juarez y beltranes y zetas recuperan terreno en especial en Chiwas

    Dejen que los del cdj recuperen gran parte de chiwas con el apoyo de los zetas y beltranes despues se van a querer meter a Zacatecas los de la linea y beltranes apoyar los zetas en Zacatecas

    Ya van para cuatro años y no pueden con la letra los carteles unidos no pudieron en Tamaulipas menos en Coahuila

    1. según desde que se están uniendo en Juárez se unen y se unen y no unen ni verga. ya es mucho ajuste palos setas que no ves que son traicioneros....

  21. Mi gente listen to wat im gonna say, i just got back from chihuahua, parral to be specific and all i heard was linea over here linea over there, according to friends and family from parral delicias was a hot spot as well as parral and the southern sierra connecting chih to durango and sinaloa. The cdj is contesting the southern part of chih actually its makiing a strong move, the word is cdj is chihuahenses with some sinaloas.i met a friend who told me he dsnt say hes from sinaloa becuz he might get killed, wat does dat tell u. One last thing the salguiero family who resides in parral has moved from city, wat does dat tell u. Saludos a mis compas de ave las quintas

    1. Idk ¿ the word iS that CDj iS chiwawenceS with Some SinaloaS? Ni tu Solo te entiendeS compa.

      No le encontraron el clavo! a mi bronco coloradaaaaaaa! SaludoS

    2. Los de juares me la peinan! Ya los burle chingo de veses....

    3. @ june 27 9:30 pm Theres always one idiot out there who has to be a dumbass. When u get reliable info from a hot zone than speak, if not keep ur mouth shut!!! My post was as reliable as can get, straight from the streets and the young hoods who know wats goin on. If u dnt appreciate good info move on and go listen to ur misinformed corrridos,so u can aspire to be like the dopedealers!!!

  22. Y en otras noticias,,,,,,a mi me vale vergaaa estoy igual que todos ustds, no vivo alli en chiwas. Atte el exminero de parral

  23. These Mexicans are full of shit,they dont wanna talk to"anglos"or Mex-Amer,what does that tell you about most of these people?Shit,they hate each other,any one else aint got a chance.My people listen to me,yeah right.......Mierda para los cerebros


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