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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Zetas Cartel Money Laundering Trial: VERDICT WATCH

Chivis and Havana for Borderland Beat

Today closing arguments were heard by the jury and courtroom spectators, unfortunately it was not heard by our courtroom reporter as the courtroom was filled to the brim and he did not get a seat.

His last text reported that he may be able to gain a seat but only if a spectator leaves.  If that should happen and I receive his notes in the evening I will edit this post.  Because this news is time sensitive,  I am using some information of reporter Jazmine Ulloa's report,  Ms Ulloa is a reporter for the Austin Statesman and graciously allowed BB to do so.  She says she will post an expanded version of her article later this evening.   Be sure to follow the link to her report. 

My guess is that the verdict will be reached by tomorrow. I would be very surprised if it continued beyond Friday.

As one would expect, defense attorneys argued to the jury, the  inmates that served as witnesses for the state had no credibility.  Citing their criminal history of drug trafficking and murder, attorneys concluded the inmate witness’ testimony should be discounted for those reasons in addition to their cooperation was in exchange for personal gain.

Defense attorneys for Chevo and Jesus Huitron and trainer Fernando Solis Garcia, argued their client’s innocence stating the defendants had no knowledge funds were derived from criminal activities.   

“You heard a lot about Zetas. You heard a lot about horse racing,” said Brent Mayr, attorney representing for Jesus Huitron.”But the evidence against my client is just not there”, he said

“He was not a co-conspirator,” Mayr said. “He is a homebuilder. He is committed to building homes and building lives.”  This statement is one that was corroborated by at least two witnesses who said in their testimony that Jesus really was wrapped up in family and house building, not horses.

Doulas Gardner the lead attorney representing the United States in this case, prompted jurors to examine the evidence; the photographs, wiretap transcripts and financial transactions.  He argued that in doing so jurors will identify the strong links connecting the defendants to each other and the operation.

Update:  Our source was able to take a seat in the courtroom at about 10:15.  Tomorrow I will update and expand this report, and hopefully we will have a jury decision by then.
A big thank you to Jazmine Ulloa!
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  3. I just want to say I found this site a month ago and do alot of reading. BB you all do a great job and a service to keep us readers informed
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  5. Thank you Chivis. Be safe always.

  6. Chivis you were very professional in stating you used some info from Statesman but I read both and this is not a copy and paste job, you gave yourself too little credit.

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