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Thursday, May 9, 2013

JOSE TREVINO GUILTY! and Defense Attorney's Closing Arguments

by Chivis Martinez and Havana for Borderland Beat
José Treviño is Guilty along with three others, all except "Jesus Huitron!  Fernando Solis Garcia and  "Chevo" Huitron immediately taken into custody.....families embrace, more details below.

Verdict is in:3:36 PM the jury reached a decision

As the verdicts were read, the families of the defendants broke down in tears while hugging each other seeking comfort.  It was a highly emotional moment and one that reporters themselves could not help being moved by with  compassion.

Jury Verdicts:
Jose Treviño Morales -Guilty
Francisco Colorado Cessa - Guilty
Fernando Solis Garcia - Guilty
Eustevio Maldonado Huitron - Guilty
Jesus Maldonado Huitron - Not Guilty
The judge ordered Fernando Solis Garcia, and Eustevio Maldonado Huitron taken into custody.

Jesus Maldanado Huitron, obviously very upset about his brother said it was an injustice.  His life and business is in shambles. It's an injustice. “My life is destroyed.  I will work to build it back.”  He said he had six horses the government didn't take.  "I plan to continue building houses and painting houses.

His lawyer Brent Mayr said, "Jesus" has always been a contributing member of society and his life will be rebuilt.  

Jesus Maldonado Huitron and his niece expressed their feelings of injustice, and reflected on the fact that  Paul Joans and Tyler Graham, "white" horse trainers were free of prosecution.   

Closing Arguments:
Defense attorneys argued their case to the jury, attacking the credibility of the inmates that served as witnesses for the state.  Citing their criminal history of drug trafficking and murder, attorneys concluded the inmate witness’ testimony should be discounted for those reasons in addition to personal gain in exchange for testifying. 
Attorney David Finn
Attorney David Finn representing José Treviño Morales, made the point that the timing of the money laundering investigation should be noted.
"The horse, zeta money laundering conspiracy investigation was a politically motivated, the timing of the indictment coming three months before the American presidential election and a month before the Mexican presidential the US everyone was in an uproar about Fast and Furious, Eric Holder and the shooting of Agent Zapata.. Mexico's problem is corruption."
Chivis: Finn surely hit the head on the nail in that last statement, it is one I often articulate, and strongly have confidence in.  Cartels are the byproduct of corruption, but it’s the corruption that permeates every social, judicial and political system in Mexico and the basis for their inability to solve serious issues.  
Corruption has allowed crime to thrive and expand into an uncontrollable entity.  However, Mexico has an even greater issue, as corruption is an accepted way of life, embedded in the mindset of its citizens.
 This is not saying that organized crime groups are not to be held responsible for their actions, it is simply making a statement that Mexican society, its people, must change their standards and demand integrity in their social structure the greatest difference between a fully developed nation and one that is struggling to develop is a strong system of law and order. 
 In Mexico, there is a system that is so weak, and corrupt, society is fearful to call for assistance, for bad guys wear uniforms intended for good guys. [Chivis stepping off her soapbox].
While addressing his client Finn argues that the state, "Can't get the big guns, [so they] get the clean brother"
He continues, the prosecution is counting on bad math to convict these guys 0+0+0+0 =0 and the state spoke about “40” [José’s brother Miguel Treviño] to bolster the case.
"They talked about "40" because they didn't have a case”
He tells jurors about José being harassed for years because of his brothers,
"The government has been all over José for years now, [Being] searched at the border, his house in Texas, his car in Oklahoma, and later the raid at the ranch."
"They searched and came up with zero", "150 boxes and this is all you got?"
"They brought “40” into it because they didn't have a case. 
Finn reminds jurors;
"The burden of the proof is on the government beyond a reasonable doubt.  Did they proof guilt beyond a reasonable doubt?"
 Bringing it home Finn tells the jury;
If you hesitated to judge him guilty, that is enough to say, “not guilty"
 Attorney Christie Williams: Representing José Treviño
Williams recaps in her argument; "The government didn't prove its case and it is my job to point that out.”
"The government didn't do their job and the government is trying to make you believe it did [have a case] because José has the Treviño name."
She prompted jurors the prosecutors looked at all the evidence but couldn't get a wiretap on her client, so they assembled 60 witnesses and still can't prove that Jose Trevino knowingly agreed to participate and conceal drug money.
“Prosecution only saw what they were looking for”, said Williams, “They didn't have evidence before the indictment."
"The prosecution wants us to think Treviño's were broke and they got a hold of some social security report. But why didn't they [use information] from tax filings?"  
"It is really important to the case, to note that the business was started with clean money from the $25,000 to buy Tempting Dash. If the $25,000 is clean, then the winnings from the race are clean and the IRS didn't order tax records."
She continues, that it would have been easy for the Treviño’s to put aside cash and she did the math showing it wouldn't be that hard. 
"It isn't my job to go with my calculator and their records and show how possible it is by putting $200 a week- you don't want to see me get my calculator out again."
2006 -$7,700
2007 -$7,700
2008 - $7,700
Williams further contends that the Treviño’s would never have bought Tempting Dash for $25,000, "a horse with borne virus and a bone chip on the ankle but Jose knew and he wanted to start a business."
“So we see Jose buy the horse, win a race, hire a book keeper, do tax returns.. He is honest and hardworking.  He could have sold Tempting Dash at any time for 3 million, he didn't do that, he wanted to build a business.”
[Problem alert, explain Gordo’s ownership, while Tempting won the big race, why would he willingly sell a horse earning over 1.4M?]
“There is nothing wrong to start a business, want to breed babies of winning horses in Texas and Oklahoma.”
"Guerra knew Villareal for 25 years.  Treviño bought from Villareal.  Guerra didn't suspect anything was off until he realized Villareal had too many horses under Fast and Furious. Guerra wasn't dishonest....They've done everything to make it look like José is dishonest, Searching his house at 7 AM, at the border, his car but they didn't find anything.”
Williams goes on to say the government was busting everything around José but his life didn't change because he didn't need to change, he wasn't doing anything wrong just trying to run his horse breeding racing  business.
"After the raid at Los Alamitos, he didn't change a thing."  "What did they find?”
“He still had the same old flip phone."
“They found he has lived here since he was 15, and worked hard.  Why would he suddenly abandon his life, to become tangled with the legacy of the Zetas?”
The Zetas, and they are really terrible, will make a case.  But my client only shares the same last name, he is not a Zeta."
 "No evidence of communication between Jose and 40 or 42, or phone calls or emails.  They have Zero!"
 "That is why you should write Not Guilty under [the name of] Jose Treviño", Williams concludes.

Mike DeGeurin attorney for Francisco Colorado Cessa
Cessa’s attorney [at left] thanks the jury and talks about the U.S justice system, "not perfect but the best in the world... the jury system concept is a protector of the accused when a jury is doing their job looking at the evidence"
“Colorado Cessa grew up in Tuxpan, Veracruz and has a environment remediation business. He is a very successful business man. 70-90 million Witness Barerra from UBS one of Cessa's financial advisors was not aware of his clients interest in quarter horse and didn't know any of Cessa's money came from or went to horses.”
“And the government alleges a conspiracy to launder drug money.
“Ramiro Villareal a horse purchaser. And he had done it for a very long time. He was pretty good at it. Somewhere between 2008 and 2011 he met 40 and 42.”
"Colorado Cessa's son Antonio said he met 40 while working for Villareal learning cattle from him and didn't realize 40 was anything other than a rich guy." continues next page........
"Rene Amarillas was the federal agent that asked Villareal to cooperate and recorded calls," But the agent didn't know if Carlitos was Carlos Nayen or Commander Carlitos and didn't know if Poncho Cuellar was Pancho Colorado. [this reasoning may have derived when he was cross examining Alfonso Cuellar and learned the difference between between Poncho and Pancho and later in the same testimony the difference of; Carlitos and Commander Carlitos.]
“Carlos Nayen was a wiz at selecting the best horses. Blues Perry was a magnificent horse. The three top horses in Mexico were owned by Colorado Cessa because Nayen chose them. He was a great picker.”
At Nayen's wedding Colorado Cessa was a witness.
"Carlos invited Del Rayo Mora to his wedding and lent him money. Del Mora was a friend of Nayen's father- in- law to be...Alfonso Del Rayo Mora goes to write a check for horses that weren't his...he looked beat up said it was from a golfing accident. Carlos Nayen had a dark side.”
He shows an exhibit of companies Carmina, Desiree and Princess, Bonanza. Carlos Nayen was Cessa's purchasing agent was moving and shaking the money and if any crimes were committed it was probably him.
Cessa continued paying for horses. He wasn't at the Mr. Piloto race so he wasn’t in the winners circle along with everyone else.
Quick loan money manager Jaff said around November 2011, something change. Cessa needed money quickly, seemed agitated and disheveled. Had Carlitos gotten to close to the Zetas? Carlitos went to the US"
Then DeGuerin addressed the government witnesses
"Cuellar couldn't even pick out Colorado Cessa in the court room because he never met him.
“And "Mamito" that killer, with dark eyes that turn grey as you talk to him, who admitted he tortured people you can't trust people like him. And Carlos Hinajosa said he was a prosecutor, (said he was a lawyer working in the prosecutor’s office.) He wasn't, he was a Zeta accountant.”
Hinjajosa said Cessa got money for equipment but it was outside the indictment. So don't trust Hinajosa. he said that 6 million were taken off the books. Don't believe these allegations.
Hinajosa said he provided a thumb drive from a computer to the the authorities. FBI didn't bring it into evidence.
Then DeGeurin went on to sing the praises of Cessa’s ADT Petrolservicios.
"Sure money went out and horses were bought that ended up in names different from Francisco Colorado Cessa. But you have to prove the funds used to buy the horses, were funds knowingly provided by Cessa with the intended objective of being used to launder money that were from the proceeds of drugs.”
Guy Womack attorney for Fernando Solis Garcia
Starts out talking about To Kill a Mockingbird and Atticus Finch.
“All exhibits are the evidence that you'll use to make a decision of innocence or guilt. You swore before God, you will do that.”
He compares a government investigation to that of a train going down a track. The theory being going towards a destination and the plan they take to get there. They load up the evidence. Once you are locked onto the rail, you can't divert very much.
‘The government started with five defendants that didn't want to plea bargain. They wanted to clear their name.  continued on next page
He continued, “When the government is involved in a big investigation they use witnesses they have promised immunity. So the jury always have to take that testimony with caution. If I tortured people, I wouldn't hesitate to lie if it helped to reduce my sentence.”
“It doesn't affect my client, Fernando Solis Garcia because no one said Fernando did anything wrong.”
Cuellar said los Zetas would use big businessmen. “Fernando isn't a big businessman. The Zetas killed Villareal because he knew too much and were afraid he would testify. Fernando never testified. Cuellar didn't know Fernando or Colorado and we saw the Mr. Piloto race that Cuellar said that he helped fix the race. We saw the race here and know that isn't true.”
“The truth is that on September 6, 2010 Mr. Piloto won the American Futurity, the only big race he won. The truth is Mr. Piloto is worth more as a stud because of his good genetics.”Mamito was Z-7, in Mexico they caught him and extradited him for killing Jaime Zapata. The prosecution told him that was totally unfounded.
In this trial, only the reliable witnesses knew Fernando Solis Garcia.
If you are trying to make it in the horse business, like Jose Trevino was, you would want Fernando Solis Garcia to find you horses. You would want Fernando Solis Garcia to be your agent. You would want Fernando Solis Garcia to train your horse.
In 2010 Fernando Garcia met Jose Trevino in 2010 over Mr. Piloto. He trained him in New Mexico near Riodoso beginning in July.
I trust this decision to the jury
Richard Esper Attorney for Chevo Huitron
“The jury is a living working reality, I boil it down to two words: Legal Principal, the right to remain silent and conspiracy, the knowing unlawful agreement to intentionally agree to commit a crime-knowing dirty funds are going to be used.”
“Jury judges the credibility of witnesses. You can believe their testimony or not. I put them into three groups.’
1st- The dark cloud group
Sinister witnesses: Cuellar, Guadalajara, Mata, Moreno flooded the country with drugs, ruined so many lives. They did it just to put money in their pockets. They just don't care about anyone but themselves. Don't be fooled. It is all about them and only about themselves. They do not care about the lives they are destroying because they are drug dealers. They camouflage their lives.
2nd group - Nayen and Villareal-they know who to look to get the job done whether it is trainers, jockeys, breeders. They know Chevo, and Fernando because they are people within the group that know horses and can help get things done. Villareal and Nayen knew the people to dupe.
3rd group - The people they dupe
Fernando and Guerrawho didn't pick it up for the last moment, Chevo who was concerned about Villareal and Barradas and asked Tyler if he had heard and Tyler asking him if he was slow to be paid.
Tyler Graham who said he didn't do anything wrong because he didn't know about any cocaine distribution
For the Huitrons one little box was taken out of the house. They consented to the search. So what could they be hiding?
Espy says Chevo wasn't aware because of the buffers, those that work at disguising and camouflaging the crimes. There is no evidence that says Chevo was aware. Reasonable doubt. The evidence will make you hesitate
That is reasonable doubt.
All this man has done is work hard. Send him back to his family
Brent Mayr for Jesus Huitron
      Jesus leaves court after acquittal
Mayr told the jury  the trial lasted 13 days -4,680 minutes
Prosecutor Gardner spent 20 seconds on Jesus Huitron, the reason being; there is no evidence. Jesse Huitron is a money launderer. He is committed to building lives not destroying lives. There is no evidence.
None of the witnesses have anything to say about the Jesus Huitron. Some have never even heard of him.
Tyler Graham just said he knew he built homes. There are no calls between him and Tyler Graham.The evidence doesn't exist that he is a money launderer.
Agents give theory of structuring deposits. He thinks there is evidence that Victor Lopez may have deposited money.
Training that many horses as they did will give you a much bigger income than if you train fewer.
Evidence shows that money isn't used to buy fancy cars. Their lives are simple.
Jesse is a home builder he wasn't aware of the source of transactions and what was the objective was for the future.
My client has no knowledge of where the money came from and didn't knowingly enter into a conspiratorial relationship to launder money across borders.
Prosecutor Douglas Gardner [at left]
Overt actions, emails, all speak that the defendants knowingly participated in conspiracy.
Studying snipets of this paper trail will show these men used the quarter horse industry to launder money from drug smuggling.
About Jose Treviño's daughter Alejandra's wedding. No estimates, no quotes from the Banda del  Recodo. It is 40's favorite band. That was his wedding present
No money or agreements or breeding contract for the transferring of 35 horses from Fernando to Zule Farms.
A Mexican Blackberry was found in Jose Treviño's drawer. It contained two numbers. So that discounts the idea that Jose has had the same telephone for many years
There is the taped conversation talking about putting horses in the clean guys name because 40 doesn't want them in his name.
The death of Fly First Down; insurance death payment netted $350,00 of clean money
Colorado Cessa spent 10 million on 121 horse that financiers at UBS weren't aware of.
He was in Houston, allegedly because of security reasons but he was still buying horses. Six months earlier he was buying horses but there is no evidence of those horses.
Nayen bought 23 horses
And Fernando Solis Garcia spent 6 hours in 2008 depositing payments in 9 separate banks. In an email to Fernandl after the Los Alamitos to Fernando Garcia saying “toss cell and Facebook.”, What reputable business person does that?
The Huitrons shared a bank account received small deposits avoiding the CTR, then recycled the money to the other conspirators
Prosecution say all the Huitrons know where the cash comes from. Victor Lopez had all Huitron social security numbers and birth date information.
Huitron racing emails and all the co-conspirators use the email address
These overt acts are snap shots in time. Pictures are worth 1000 words 2008 to June 12, 2012
He exhibited the photo of the winner circle of 2009 Tempting Dash "Dash for Cash" with Jose Treviño.
If you missed "Week 1" link here for "Week 2" link here for week 3 link here


  1. Thank you!, looking forward for the updates, from your reports on the trial José Treviño has no way out, willingly or not he was pushed into this by his brother and the case against him seems clear to me, Colorado Cessa is also dirty as they get.

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      This is Brotherly love? He got teally screwed over by 40! Outstanding coverage of the trial Chivis. I greatlyly admire you. Peace. Texas Granda.

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    1. He wasn't making 7700 a year. It was an example of saving 200 bucks and adding up to 7700 a year.

  5. " In Mexico, there is a system that is so weak, and corrupt, society is fearful to call for assistance, for bad guys wear uniforms intended for good guys." That is a great quote, Chivis! I hope you don't mind me cutting and saving it. You summed up an entire country in one sentence.

  6. Highest Yoga TantraMay 9, 2013 at 2:23 PM

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    We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the verdict . . . tick-tock tick-tock . . . The 3rd week recap was awesome reading . . . Thank you again Madame Chivis & Havana.

    One question I forgot to ask you through your source «Reyes» Who are the (12) jurors? Demographics, sex, age, level of education, etc . . . I am hoping some of the jurors are NOT unemployed Anglo-Saxon ♀ with a 6th grade education who are clueless. My apologies but I’m not a misogynist and no offense to women in general!
    ∧ ∧   
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    Chivis Martinez and Havana,for your efforts on this story

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  26. I just want to throw this out there because people have to know about this guy, and these events aren't spoken of much.

    Miguel Trevino aka Z40 organized the mass murders of HUNDREDS of innocent people in Allende, Coahuila. He and his men (and he did go with them) marched in and systematically rape, tortured, and murdered people over the course of a few WEEKS, and little to nothing was done about it.
    That and the San Fernando massacre.

    My point is, regardless of Jose's guilt or innocence, I hope that he can somehow help lead authorities to his brothers, in return for a reduced sentence.

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    1. @ May 9, 2013 at 9:02
      in the federal system no matter what you have to serve 85% of your sentence. in other words it is not day for day. of course there are exceptions for good time, just as there are not for mandatory sentences. first time offenders, non violent crimes. I've been thru the fed system personally and didn't hear it from a friend, I lived it. just sharing facts.

    2. But if you get in trouble inside or join a prison gang you will do 100% of your time, or if you commit another crime inside they'll take you to court and if you're found guilty they will stack that sentence on top of th the one you already have.

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  44. In the U.S. judicial system, whether it be federal or state, the job of the defense lawyer is to build.doubt in the guilt of his/her client inorder to obtain an acquittal; in other words, put holes in the prosecutions case. If that does'nt work, to obtain the lightest sentence possible. If one juror holds out, and refuses to agree with the other jurors, that can result in a hung jury and the case will be thrown out. The more trails a defendant/s has for the same charges, without obtaining a conviction, the harder it will be to obtain a conviction of guilty for that defemdant. You can't try a person for the crime twice if found innocent or not guilty: that's called double jeopardy.

    Mr. Treviño's conviction of guilty is the appropiate verdict. Members of his brothers'cartel clearly said that Z-40 was purchasing horses from the proceeds of drug trafficking: in order to launder the money through a quarter horse company. F. Solís was making structured payments to banks inorder to to pay for horses. The money was coming from Z-40. The neice and nephew were paying homage, representing, by throwing hand signs at the winner's circles after a race of one of their horses, indicating the cartel code numbers of their murderous uncles. No connection, ugh?

    The Federal Reserve of the U.S.A. is a private Bank that controls the printing of money for out government. Paper money if you will. This money is not backed up by gold. It consists of 12 regional districts with their own boards made up of powerful business people; it has a main corporate board made up of a chairman and deputies; and the Rothschilds own 50% of the New York branch. They have never been sudores even though their profits run in the excess of over $100 mil. per year

  45. Simon ese wey fue traisionado por el seta cuarenta tamien luky laska y un putamadral de weyes ke desde kuando valieron verga por el cuarenta paisa corriente no vale verga

  46. I worry about the dehumanizing attitudes of people like @359pm, who call others like Jose, "All cartel scum," It's this kind of dehumanizing and objectifying that allows us to chop each other up literally and figuratively everyday. I am sickened by the depreciation of human life in all the violence in our societies. I am creeped out by those who refuse to acknowledge another person's humanity, either with their finger on a cuerno de chivo or poised above their keyboard ready character assassinate someone.

  47. Closing argument: So are they trying to say with a $25K investment of 'clean' money, he turned it into a multimillion dollar business with that huge piece of property Oklahoma with horse stables, staff, monthly expenses..??
    I like how the lawyer emphasizes the $25k was clean, but what about the millions to keep the operation going on a monthly basis??

  48. Ahora si el 40 y el 42 ya estan pagando por todas las muertes de los cinco manantiales ,piedras negras,acuna,monclova,sabinas y Rosita van a ver como se pudre su hermano en la carcel es poca la justicia pero es algo ojala y los agarren y los manden a estados unidos para que aqui si paguen realmente todo lo que an hecho

  49. He will get anywhere between 96 months and 120 months. He will serve 3yrs less that his sentece. They have the drug and alcohol program, halfway house and other such programs that he can take advantage of. I dont feel sorry for this waste of sperm but I do believe that his brothers made him do it and he felt obligated. Im sure 40 gave him start up money for this business and then he probably slowly started pushing Joses legal business into 40s laundering scheme. Joses biggest mistake was asking 40 lend him money. 40 took advantage and felt his brother could not refuse him now.

  50. I knew the race card would show its ugly face sometime.Never mind they are guilty as sin.Loyalty is all good,but the fat clown was dirty and he got caught,so stop whining about race.Can you only come up with 2 white faces?
    Huitron is a good old boy,being taken advantage of,,,,

  51. Any news on this: Malcolm Shabazz, the grandson of Malcolm X, killed in Mexico City yesterday - beaten. Looks like you guys have really done it now, the Nation of Islam will not be happy with the cartel related to this murder.

  52. jose Treviño fue usado por sus hermanos z40 y z42 como muchos otros y gozo de las riquezas por un rato eso no lo hace inocente o menos culpable los verdaderos culpables están afuera z40, z42 y Moreira culpables de la matanza en allende Coahuila en marzo del 2011 donde familias enteras y amigos desaparecieron y humberto Moreira porque, porque el era el gobernador en Coahuila en en ese momento y se hizo el que no vio nada igual que el ejercito y autoridades locales ese es el nivel de corrupción en mexico autoridades de los tres niveles de gobierno asociados con el z40 y z42

  53. I love it. Dumb ass sons of bitches. Laundering money with race horses ? Come on now! Its not that I don't know and understand the mentality because I do . I still think its funny after all my years of observing it . Over and over there will be another group of dumb asses throwing money out there in a high profile flashy exhibition . Then when they get caught with their dope money , the dopes will say "how can they do me this way. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  54. I am very happy the drug cartel has broken down into uneducated low IQ people like these. They are brutal and dangerous but easier to make a case against and get the seizures. For every physical action there is a bunch of little ripples go out that makes other things happen. I think a bigger piece of the market is being taken down because it is unconsolidated . If it starts getting well organized again the CIA will take some people out and let it splinter however it wants . Its been a long time coming but the war on drugs declared by Richard Nixon is heating up . It may be all that saves Mexico and the US

    1. Say what u will about gotti but it took the feds over 15 yrs to make a case on him and wouldnt have then if it werent for sammy gravano.they never made a case on carlo gambino he died an old man and never set foot in a jail.comparing them to narcos is apples and cosa nostra was way smarter and believe me those guys had their hands in everything

    2. Yeah but mexican cartels make more $in less time. Thats what evetyone is after..the money

    3. Yea they do make more money in less time but how many of them live to be carlo gambinos age? He made a fortune on everything from trucking to unions, vegas,hookers,dope you name took cosa nostra longer but they werent a bunch of psychopaths they planned and knew exactly what they were doing.feds absolutely hated them cause it was so damn hard to make cases on them.not so hard to do with the mexican narcos.i hate all crooks though dont care if its wall st, la cosa nostra mexican narcos they all the fucking same to me

  55. I bet he rats out his brothers and goes free

  56. Atleast one of these men is gonna be someone's bitch. Great job, Chivis.

  57. An innocent man will go to jail, Jose Trevino Morales is innocent and he will go to jail because the Americas were jealous of his success. My uncle's guilt was his success.

    1. What kind of brother is z40 to let his brother take the fall? If thats the case that joses innocent then 40 ought to step up and take what he got coming to him instead of his brother.its not about jealousy crooked is crooked.bernie madoff was a short fat white guy that got 150 yrs cause he was as crooked as they come

  58. READERS:

    We would like to thank you for the support and kind comments you have given to this series. Honestly, after the first week neither or us wanted to continue with the full coverage, but as one reader predicted, we are VERY pleased with the accomplishment.

    I plan to write a short post about the experience and reveal more about the in the courtroom reporter, and his role in this series. It ended with a hug by Jesus, the sole defendant found not guilty, and one we thought was an innocent in the money laundering operation.

    I can tell you that there is no doubt the BB is a well respected source of Mexican Cartel News, that is followed by the lead investigator on the case, attorneys on the case and all federal agencies on the case. That was confirmed by them, and we received thumbs up for the series.


  59. Hey you guys-I'm thinking you should put this combo on retainer to go to federal narco trials becausethe coverage for the last three weeks has been just above and beyond. Kudos to all of you. I know that took 'a village'

  60. Anyone worried about 40's retaliation should't be except maybe Tyler Graham. Huitron shouldn't get too long. I don't think he deserves too long. It is all about horses with him- he just never should have let them flow money through the account. Glad Jesus was found not guilty.

  61. Do you know how long it will be for sentencing? Hope its soon.

  62. Great job Havana and Chivis. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

  63. You have really done yourselves proud with this reporting, but then your site is so informative and constantly kept up to date. Thank you for all your time and input - it is really appreciated.

  64. @ May 10th/ 12:27 a.m.
    Been locked up fed and state, not proud of it but federal prison is a cake walk compare to state prison. I did 9 yrs. in a federal pen and I had it all. From cell ph to sex from a women prison guard. Was allowed on the yard and work programs. In state it was dog eat dog. We always had riots against the mayates or sabanas or a latino rival prison gang. Trust me homeboy, my 9 yrs flew compare to the 5yrs I did in state.

    1. Shit yeah Bro! I did 6 flat @ the Ramsey 1 Unit, Rosharon, TX, 5 years in the fields, fucking short handle azadon (hoe) that weighted about 10 pounds, makes me sick to remember that shit and the food was horrible, damn chicken pot pie looked like pig vomit, and there was no phone, if you didn't get any disciplinary cases they would let you make a 5 minute phone call every 3-6 months, and there was no sex with female guards, but if you wanted some sex you would have to get yourself some round pussy. So fuck that shit, that was in the mid 70's.

  65. Jose Trevino GUILTY!!.. NOW let's see how Eric Holder's trial goes for selling Mexican cartels all the weapons.. oh wait he's not on trial.... The US doesn't have criminals they have politicians.. fuck cartels and politicians same shit different toilet

  66. Next time Z-40 decides to open a business in the U.S. inorder to launder money, he needs to have people with college degrees run businesses, or become his partners. Preferably people with law or business degrees. The legal world of lawyers and judges is a fraternity. They know each other. Judges tend to be ex-lawyers. They work with each other inorder to obtain favorable rulings for clientes or for convictions for defendants. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. Z-40 would obtain a form of protection and anonymity of rightful ownership. This conviction of his
    brother and associates for money laundering is a minor setback to his organization; in fact, most people in the U.S. did'nt even hear about this case. They were more concerned with Jodi Arias and the Cleveland kidknappings than Mamito, Pancho, Poncho, Tempting Dash, etc. Talk about a cover-up.

    1. This trial coverage gave me a new hobby. I've been bed ridden and these articles got me interested in something I was never interested in before narcos. So now I'm obsessed and people make my problems look like nothing. Thanks for the coverage, thanks for listening, Bedridden in Baja with Borderland Beat

    2. Not when z40 has indictments in the USA on about 16 murder cases, all drug related and 6 of those cases in Laredo, TX, Rosalio Reta admitted that Miguel Treviño aka z40 paid them to kill those persons, murder for hire and all drug related, so nobody is going to scratch anybodies back, politicians, lawyers and judges will not risk their political careers or their lives for some stupid ass criminal like z40.

    3. Z40 has 11 indictments in Laredo, TX, 5 federal and 6 state indictments for murder for hire, which means 6 death penalty charges.

  67. Think 40 cares? I've wondered about how close they really are. Remember that remark about Jose never imagined he'd be in the winner's circle in the world of racing? I imagine he knew the feds were circling or would be before long! It may have been bullshit anyway.

  68. HAHAHA, see where your narco macho culture gets you. I hope they stay in prison until they are very, very old & decrepit. You play w/fire and you will get burned. Good job jury.

  69. Nah! They wont work with Z-40, they will just continue buying his cocaine-other products. So much for those murder indictments! He doesn't need American businessmen. As long as the impunity continues in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, etc., he will continue to make money off of illegal drugs, gambling, and extortion. The corruption in Mexico will not end anytime soon. Even the international/American/Mexican banks will continue laundering his money.

  70. May 10, 2013 at 5:42 PM
    "The legal world of lawyers and judges is a fraternity. They know each other. Judges tend to be ex-lawyers. They work with each other inorder to obtain favorable rulings for clientes or for convictions for defendants"
    Good comments bro,this is the corruption that is never mentioned,never caught,and is in every country.How dare Z40 try that without them.

  71. May 10, 2013 at 6:39 PM
    "politicians, lawyers and judges will not risk their political careers or their lives for some stupid ass criminal like z40" No shit Sherlock..
    Err,i don't think he meant literally?He may have been pointing a fact out using Z40 what do you think?Do you really think they would turn Z40 down?Wow,here was me thinking they would deal with him?Talk about stating the obvious?

  72. who was in the courtroom?May 11, 2013 at 7:48 PM

    The trial is over and it is safe to reveal who was in the courtroom. Forget Reyes the mystery man my money is on Chivis and Havana the BB power team were both there. Am I right or right?

  73. I can call 40 an wreckless wreck who knows nothing than just killing rivals and shit.

  74. How many years is the average sentence for money laundering?

  75. When is the sentencing phase of the proceedings?

  76. i never saw one story on this trial on the local news in dallas. it was all over the news when they busted them but nothing since.

    props to chivis and havana!


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