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Friday, May 31, 2013

"Tony Tormenta" evaded the FBI and DEA

Borderland Beat
From the Borderland Beat forum posted by Bjeff
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From the shootout that killed Tony Tormenta

A decade before he became one of the three leaders of the powerful Gulf Cartel in Mexico, Antonio Ezequiel Cardenas Guillen slipped away from U.S. investigators in Houston, according to an FBI file released through an open records request.

By the late 2000s, Cardenas, whose brother Osiel preceded him as the cartel’s leader and started the Zetas gang, was a member of a triumvirate that ran the cartel, according to an indictment filed in a Washington, D.C., federal court.

In November 2011, Antonio Cardenas, known as “Tony Tormenta” was killed in a shootout with Mexican marines in the border city of Matamoros.

In 1998, FBI agents acting on a tip raided Cardenas’s home in Houston, according to the recently released records. They saw Cardenas leave the house, but, citing lack of resources, chose to execute a search warrant on the residence rather than follow him. The search yielded “cash, numerous vehicles, cocaine, marijuana, firearms and one 1996 Sea Doo Bombardier with expired Florida registration …”

According to the reports in the FBI files, investigators didn’t know much about Cardenas or the organization with which he was working. Agents circulated information about him and his vehicle, but by then he had escaped. In a memo filed in December 1999, an FBI agent said Harris County prosecutors had indicted Cardenas on drug charges and wrote that the bureau would be closing its file.

Only a month earlier, the Cardenas name began to ring out along the Texas-Mexico border when Osiel and his henchmen forced a pair of U.S. agents off the road in Matamoros and threatened to kill them. The agents talked their way out and rescued the informant who had been showing them around the Gulf Cartel stronghold.

Osiel Cardenas was eventually arrested in Mexico in 2004 and extradited to the U.S. in 2007. In 2010, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

He was most famous for hiring as his personal muscle the band of former Mexican special forces soldiers who would become the Zetas.

After Cardenas’s extradition, leadership of the cartel fell to a committee of Tony Tormenta, Eduardo “El Coss” Costilla Sanchez, a capo under Osiel Cardenas, and Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, who was killed last year.



  1. OsielCG created the Zetas, AECG, Tony Torments, tried to destroy them. When Tony Torments was killed at the hands of SeMar marines, the cohesion of CDG was killed along with him. I don't think all these CDG groups are really under one command. For the most, these CDG factions are CDG in name only. In the scheme of things, Tony T inherited the leadership of the gc and did'nt add much in terms of innovating drug trafficking. What he did do is unleash disastrous wars with the Zetas and the govt. of Mexico. That and leaving behind lovers and children are about the only legacy Tony T created.

  2. Wow too bad he didnt evade that bullet to the head. The only good capo is a dead one. Hope all that money can buy you a ticket out of hell. I doubt it though

    1. Wow thanks dipshit u really put me in my place . Haha i bet ur a Chapo cheerleader or a golf geisha and u really added to the conversation. Who sounds repetitive now buttface

    2. Hahah yess!! I completely agree with you bro...if all you local keystone cop wannabes are so tough and you would all "shoot all narcos on sight" then quit talking and go see how that works out for you

  3. He didn't evaded anyone if he's Fucking worm food.. sometimes I wonder if writer's from BB are more of bandwagon fans than actual writers

  4. Big time killers- Metros own M14

  5. Shoot to kill. Me and my AR10 I'll clean out the whole block. Gunna

  6. lots of gulfo in H Town

  7. Well said.....u must be from Moros.

  8. I guess the CDG got too big and powerful for their own good.

  9. "lack of resources" in america? i don't think so, they are as crooked as mexican police

  10. CDG is pushing into california they want some part of the queso CDS & CT have. I heard they around L.A. & the Central Valley. Let's see if they last.

  11. Bullshit logisticly its too far.lots of compition cds is their ally but not gonna loose market share in way Gay Golfas ..

  12. Tony "Tormenta" Cardenas was killed in November, 2010...not 2011 as stated in the article. I was living in el centro area of Matamoros at the time, just a few blocks from where he was killed (in photo). What a circus!

  13. What's can't publish my easily confirmed statement that TT died in 2010 and not 2011? I was there...I'm an eye witness not to the actual death of Sr. Cardenas but to the mayhem occured prior to and after said event.

  14. Tony Tormenta was killed November 2010. Metro 3 was killed Sept. 2011.

  15. This is Cartel De La Fetterly Avenue.Todos ustedes me la pelan pinche bola de pendejos.


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