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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Relatives of Romero Deschamps have jobs with Pemex until 2999

El Diario de Coahuila (May 6, 2013)

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

One of the most notorious public/private officials in Mexico is Carlos Romero Deschamps, a PRI Senator and also the President of the Pemex Workers' Union. On an official salary of about $2,000.00 a month as union president, Mr. Deschamps, his children and his family have a lifestyle that can conservatively be called luxurious. His daughter, Paulina Romero Deschamps, appeared on Facebook a few months ago describing how she travels all over the world accompanied by her three English bulldogs, Keiko, Boli and Morgancita. They travel on private and commercial airplanes and yachts, and stay in the priciest hotels in Europe and other parts of the world, eating in the best restaurants and drinking wines that cost up to $800.00 per bottle. Her Facebook page shows her posing for photographs and shopping for clothing and accessories (calfskin Birkin bag by Hermes, cost: $12,000.00; limited edition Louis Vuitton Lockit PM Suhali bag, cost: $4,120.00).

Carlos Romero Deschamps' son, Jose Carlos Romero Duran, also lives quite well. A couple of months ago, several newspapers reported that his father gave him a brand new car, an Enzo Ferrari that costs about $2 million. And newspapers, among them Proceso, recently reported that Jose Carlos recently bought two apartments in Miami Beach for $7,550,000.00.

But the benefits enjoyed by Romero Deschamps' other relatives are also impressive. Deschamps was recently elected to his sixth term as president of the Pemex Worker's Union, despite the fact that their own rules do not allow reelection. He was a "plurinominal" candidate for senator, sponsored by EPN and the PRI. This means that his name never appeared on the ballot; rather, he was one of several candidates who were appointed to political office based on the proportion of votes his or her party received in the general election.

One more detail: as a Mexican Senator, he enjoys almost total immunity from prosecution.

-- un vato
Mexico City, Mex.-- According to information from Reforma, relatives of the petroleum syndicate leader, Carlos Romero Deschamps, have positions with Pemex for which they get pay and benefits despite the fact they do no work.

A sister, brothers in law, nephews and even cousins of the union leader have contracts with the state corporation that guarantees them employment until December 31, 2999. In addition, they can bequeath their positions to other relatives in Salamanca, Guanajuato.

Ernesto Prieto, former mayoral candidate in that municipality, and member of the Coalition of Dissident Petroleum Workers, charged that this is happening in the petroleum corporation's plant in Salamanca.

The newspaper Reforma today disclosed an investigation involving the 36 commissioners of Section 24 of the petroleum industry union, where the relatives of the union leader are listed.

The list is for the month of October, 2012, and will remain in effect until 2015, which is the same  period that Fernando Pacheco Martinez will serve as Section 24 leader.

According to Prieto -- who has refrained from filing an internal complaint with the union because he does not think it will do any good--, in addition to the relatives who appear in the Salamanca (union) records, the petroleum workers' leader has placed an equal number (of relatives) in the State of Hidalgo. 

"All of Carlos Romero Deschamps' family is working for Pemex, they have permanent positions, and there are not just 12 of them; there are more, and they are in Salamanca and in the State of Hidalgo, where Romero Deschamps has a great deal of influence. The majority has more than 10 years' on the job," he charged.

According to Reforma, among the union leader's relatives who have joined the union's Section 24 are his sister Maria Esther Romero Deschamps and his brothers in law, Alvaro Duran Lima and Guadalupe Lidia Duran Lima.   

The long list also contains his nephews Armida Deschamps Duran, Victor Hugo Deschamps Lugo, Alvaro Duran Lopez, Victor Deschamps Duran and Ricardo Deschamps Moran.

In the same capacity of commissioners for union duties -- which allows them to perform different functions, even though these may not be defined -- are his cousins Roberto Gonzalez Romero, Nora Estela Deschamps Contreras and Silvia Deschamps Contreras.

Grupo Reforma sought out [Fernando] Pacheco [Martinez], leader of Section 24 of the petroleum syndicate, but he declined to make any comments.

A man who said he was his private secretary stated that [Pacheco] Martinez does not talk to the press.

Union workers at the "Ing. Antonio Manuel Amor" refinery confirmed that the relatives of the union leader are commissioners for jobs that are unknown.

"They have always been commissioned, this isn't recent, they have several years (in the positions), we never see them working, but Romero Deschamps has many opportunities to place his family as commissioners with Pemex, because he's the head of the union," said a worker who had been with Pemex for 16 years and who asked that his name be left out.       


  1. typical aj showing his liberal racist hatred.
    Reply | Threaded | More star
    May 24, 2013; 10:51pm
    Re: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Slapped Down
    3011 posts

    Fuck Sheriff Joe Arpaio!"

  2. Great article Vato, you and BB are doing a great job.

    Mexico is a nation in which only 5% of its GDP goes towards the paying of taxes. In comparison, 30% of the U.S GDP goes towards the paying of taxes. So naturally, Mexico uses its state owned petroleum industry to fund most of its government budget. PEMEX is referred by the government as the patrimony of all the Mexicanos; however, its seems to me only a few people, corrupt politician in particular, are enriching themselves from PEMEX, and specifically the Deschamps. Talk about nepotism at a large scale. However, leave it to Mexico to find ways to remove any possibility of the union president/senator from having to answer for any questionable business practices that might have ccurred while operating the workers union.

    The U.S. oil companies have had a great business relationship with PEMEX over the years. As much as 40% of our oil comes from Mexico yearly. Hell, were probably taking more now. The Eagle Ford Shale borders Mexico, and the U.S. has the best fracking technology in the world. This arrangement has benefited our superpower nation greatly. We, the U.S., fought the Gulf Wars for the UK 's and Europe's oil, not ours.

  3. Great article Vato, you and BB are doing a great job.

  4. This is basically why they will never get rid of Narcos cuz the government officials are the biggest gangsters in Mexico and they basically are pocketing money religiously and never want that outlet for cash to ever disappear..

    Los Lancasters
    Comandante Darryl
    Seguridad de hermanos de Lancaster

  5. Wow 2999 , and can have any relative as replacements
    Thanks for your time Un Vato

  6. We fought for the oil companies not uk usa or europe

    1. Who buys the gas at the pump?

  7. who cares how much money he makes off of Pemex...its a government monopoly and international investors are not allowed in,they're only problem is they don't have the technology to tap into their deep sea fossil fuel reservoirs..which means the USA has to play nice,and would love for Mexico to lift It's restrictions and start drilling for with them...and BTW 11:47pm the United States only imports 11% of crude oil from Mexico .

  8. wow, so his bloodline is assured compensation for 1000 years. thats keeping the game rigged well beyond the time this planet will have used all of its deposits of oil. in fact it is so audacious, it is genius

  9. Here is how his corrupt family their pets

  10. that's another family on the list to neutralize
    -don alejo

  11. The cartels "make" money via "plata or plomo" terrorist tactics, certain businesses, and through bribery and other schemes.

    The oligarchic elites steal with finesse and flaunt their disdain for Mexico and its people via opulent lifestyles.

    This is exactly the kind of shit that brought about the French Revolution and Fidel's rise to power in Cuba.

    Of course, things will be different in many ways, what with technology and millions of Mexican immigrants and their kinfolk in the USA... How will they react when the bloody Revolution starts next door? How will the USA react? (For sure, it will split this Nation apart internally.)

    Folks, I feel like I am watching the Perfect Storm gathering for Mexico and Latin America. The makings of a violent revolution are clearly gathering.... For years now, ordinary Mexicans and the poor cynically understand the injustices and corruption in their so-called "Democracy" .... The diverting blame on the USA for what ails Mexico is no longer washing with people.

    IMHO, the Mexican rich and powerful elites along with their corrupt allies (politicians, lawyers, businesses, etc.) will need to keep make sure that their kids are safe and that their beautiful heads are secure because the cartel style of torturing and killing hated enemies is now a standard MO in Mexico.

    Mexico Watcher

  12. Another story that leaves most people frustrated and shaking their heads. Too bad it's not a jail sentence until 2999 just to make a point. And good reminder, Vato ,that mostly no matter what Romero Deschamps enjoys nearly total immunity from prosecution. Changes casual shaking of heads in disgust into bashing heads against walls. Thanks Vato

  13. Since Pemex is a state owned company, the money the deschamps are leeching is an indirect transfer of wealth from the mexican state to them. Pemex pays the emoyees, who in turn pay their union dues, who the deschamps in turn steal.

    This is the way the mex political system and economy has run itself for years, and is one reason how the narcos exploited the politicians addiction to fast money to take over whole states. Mexico will never reslize its potential if it continues on this path and could actually move backward economically and politically.

  14. This is not astonishing as Mexico's crooked elite for centuries have sucked the country's resources and wealth like insatiable parasites. Unfortunately the expense of this comes at the cost of the ordinary citizens who suffer from poor education, infrastructure and a high cost of living for goods and services. The money this thief and his family are stealing could be used for better purposes but especially to build Pemex's infrastructure and R&D so that Mexico could grow their energy sector so that everyone benefits. As I read this it is no surprise to me now that Pemex has failed to re-invest in their growth because of these type of thieves.

  15. I wonder how much they will get to enjoy in HELL???? These are prime candidates for Lucifer's interns...LOL....LOL.....

    1. Our eternal souls are no laughing matter pray for the lost rich or poor

  16. If you read the history of mexico it is filled with revolution. the only difference today as opposed to before is, Mexico's gun laws. Do a report on La ruana michoacan. the military entered there last monday i thought i would have seen something up by now???

  17. Its uber leeches like these that goes all the way to making me feel ashamed to be of mexican descent sometimes.

  18. The cartels should mow that year 2999 contract bullshit down with them nice ak 47 bullets along with those behind it kill deschamps.

  19. I was interested by this comment "as a Mexican Senator, he enjoys almost total immunity from prosecution." What exactly does this mean? Senators in Mexico cannot be prosecuted? What about other politians in Mexico?

  20. May 26, 2013 at 9:23 AM
    "We fought for the oil companies not uk usa or europe"
    Its exactly that kind of isolationist jingoism that leads to bullshit like this,you would be in good company with this disgusting leech on Mexico.Your attitude is what is wrong with a great part of Mexico.But i bet anything you couldn't possibly see that.Expertise not ownership.It is Mexico's oil,oh forget it.

  21. Mexican senators and representatives (diputados) are immune from criminal prosecution except through a majority vote by the Chamber of Deputies (Camara de Diputados). The immunity from prosecution is commonly known as "fuero" (a variation of parlamentary or congressional immunity) and the process to render an elected official subject to prosecution, i.e., remove the official's immunity, is called "desafuero". In Deschamps' case, he belongs to the same political party as the president (PRI), so it is doubtful that anybody can get a majority of the "Camara de Diputados" to vote in favor of a "desafuero."

    U.S. legislators enjoy a similar constitutional immunity from prosecution but it is much more limited than that enjoyed by Mexican legislators.

    State and local elected officials in Mexico enjoy similar immunity from prosecution for a more limited body of criminal offenses.-- un vato

  22. the P.R.I. controls all and thats why they had joaquin hernandez galicia arrested and thrown out of pemex, now for over twenty years the pri sucks money out of pemex, like when the former governor, montemayor seguy. and carlos juaristi septien stole billions of dollars from pemex to fund the pris' political comeback.

  23. I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. See the link below for more info.



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