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Monday, May 20, 2013

Nine People Murdered Over The Weekend In Morelos

Despite surveillance operations and the state of Morelos operating under a Mando Único (Unified Police Command), this past weekend nine people were killed, among them a minor in various events in the municipalities of Cuernavaca, Jiutepec and Cuautla.

Couple Found Burned Inside a Trunk

Photo Courtesy of Vanguardia
The attorney general’s office of Morelos reported that the first incident occurred in the municipality of Jiutepec, where a couple was found executed, legs tied and burned inside the trunk of a Nissan Sentra with public service of Cuernavaca license plates “2868 LTG”  that was allegedly used as a taxi.  The car was abandoned on the street Delfinas of the colony Hacienda Las Flores early Saturday.

Student Gunned Down in Cuernavaca

Photo Courtesy of Provincia
Throughout the night a man was executed when he left his home in the colony Tulipan Hawaiano of the colony Tulipanes de Cuernavaca.  The man was identified as Juan Carlos Vargas Pineda, 19.  Relatives of Vargas Pineda say that he was in his home watching a soccer match when he received a call on his phone and minutes later he went outside.  Then his mother heard gunshots and looked out to see his injured son aboard his Toyota RAV4, which stood near the side of a local business called “El Agasajo”.  Vargs Pineda was found sitting in the driver’s seat with a gunshot to the left side of his chest. Paramedics were immediately requested; upon arriving they confirmed that the victim had no signs of life.  Ten 9mm gunshots were found in the crime scene.

In The Center of Cuernavaca, “Mara” Stabs Pedestrian to Death

Photo Courtesy of Diario De Morelos

Later, prosecution experts rushed to the General Hospital of Cuernavaca, “José G. Parres”, for the removal of the body of Fernando Tavira Marquina, 40, who was a victim of an assault on the street Tepetates, located in the center part of Cuernavaca, who showed several signs of wounds from a sharp-edged weapon to the abdomen. 

In the center part of Cuernavaca and among dozens of pedestrians, The Salvadorean, José Mauricio Bonilla Siciliano, 41, an alleged assassin for hire and member of the “Mara Salvatrucha” gang, fatally stabbed Fernando Tavira, who was walking with his family, in the neck and abdomen approximately 8 times. 

Luckily, Cuernavaca municipal police managed to capture the ferocious murderer red handed while he was stabbing Fernando Tavira, before the fear and anger of dozens of witnesses, who later tried to lynch the ruthless guy.   Police requested an ambulance who took the injured to the General Hospital, where the victim died hours later from the injuries. 
The wife told police that she was unaware of the reason why the man attacked her husband. Moreover, it was learned that one of the two cell phones that the murderer was carrying received key messages which he received minutes before committing the crime, leading to the presumption that the murderer was an assassin. 

José Mauricio claimed to be a native from Sonsonate, El Salvador, unemployed and lived in hotels located in the center of Cuernavaca.  Among his belongings, besides the two phones, police found a yellow sideboard with the red words "Corrections Corporation of America" Agency #25818359 commissary #799092 issued to his name.

Minutes later in the same hospital César Soto Pérez, 20, died.  He was a private security guard who on May 15 after an argument with two men who wanted to enter the compound where he worked at in the town of Ahuatepec, Cuernavaca, was shot twice.
Yesterday morning (Sunday), a man of about 45 years old was executed in a country home located in Jiutepec.  His body was located in the apartment 402 of the building 7, where there were 13 9mm shell casings.
In the same municipality of Jiutepec, but this time in the colony Calera Chica, the body of Ángel David Salazar, 17, was found on the sidewalk with a wound to the left side of his chest.  The victim was wearing a white shirt, blue denim Bermuda jeans, and white tennis shoes.

Some of the neighbors reported that all this was the result of a fight between alleged thugs, among some of them who were also injured, but from these events nothing was reported by the municipal authorities.

Man Executed By Three Gunshots
Photo Courtesy of Diario De Morelos
In Cuernavaca in the colony Ejidos de Acapantzingo, on the street Hule, the body of a man in his 20’s was found lying on the pavement.  The body presented several gunshot wounds.  In the crime scene they found 3 7.62mm shell casings.
Experts removed the body of a man in a state of putrefaction in the avenue Naranjo.  The body was dressed in blue jeans and white socks, his hands and feet were tied with a blue plastic cord, and was gagged with a flannel and a stick to the neck was used as a tourniquet.

In all cases the Attorney General’s Office of Morelos initiated investigations to find those responsible for the killings.

El Sol De Cuernavaca
Diario De Morelos


  1. Its crazy how many teenagers and ppl n their 20s get executed. It shows to me that the parental obligations of the parents are not there and I blame a lot of it on the parents. Of course u can't control everyone but parents can make a big difference in the choices that their children make. Also the govt needs to do a major economic stimulus. The need to raise the wages paid to workers to ease the suffering and maybe keep some from choosing a life of crime or short life of crime. In other words, MEXICO SUCKS ASS!!!!! TF TAMPA,FLORIDA

    1. Raise wages how about tell the USA government to help the biggest drug users of the world to get off drugs and maybe with the demand going down that will detour many people from choosing to run drugs for easy money ......

  2. this assassins (mexican mafia eme and MS13) kill people for $5000 dlls in USA and Mexico

  3. MS 13 working for Zetas? Wasnt there an article about MS members from guatemala being recruited to be assassins?

  4. Sounds alot like Chicago on an average weekend.

  5. i give orders to mexican army to kill all rats of mexican mafia eme and ms13 in Mexico and USA. We hope the government of USA stop treathing like princess all this gangsters

    1. Its funny how so many American's want to comment on how terrible mexico is but don't want to except that all the killings are consequences of the drugs that the American's want to consume ,we are the largest drug consumers in the world its called supply and demand idiots its been going on for years.

  6. May 22, 2013 at 11:12 PM
    "the USA government to help the biggest drug users of the world to get off drugs"
    Oh shit,you again?Do you know how boring you are?
    Go back asleep and dream of sheep.


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