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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mexican officials say they foiled an attempt on Pena's life

By Chris Covert

Officials with the Puebla state attorney general's office say they have detained three individuals who were planning an attack on Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto Sunday, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a report which appeared on the website of El Mundo de Cordoba the three men were detained Saturday in Primera Privada Francisco Villa in Tlaxcalcingo in Puebla state after police were tipped off to the plan of attack.

Detained were Ivan Izazola Vazquez, an engineering graduate of the Universidad Tecnologica de Tehuacan, Eduardo Salazar Vazquez and Xavi Vazquez.

According to officials in the Puebla state  Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado, both Eduardo Salazar Vazquez and Xavi Vazquez were detained at a private villa with devices used to make Molotov cocktails.  The plan was revealed when the alleged ringleader, Izazola Vazquez, tried to buy more materials but was instead reported through the local emergency phone system.

According to reports Izazola Vazquez is the member of the Puebla Revolucion 2013 movement, which along with YoSoy132 student movement which began last summer, had been planning a protest march against Pena and his national government later in the afternoon in Zocalo square. 

Members of both organizations have been scrubbing "more aggressive" comments from Facebook pages in the wake of the detention of Izazola Vazquez.  Those organizations have also disclaimed any connection to the planned attack.

According to the report, the plan was to attack Pena and a number of Mexican officials for Cinco de Mayo celebrations in a convoy which will begin at 1100 hrs Sunday.

The attempted attack comes at the end of a difficult 10 days for President Pena.  A visit from US President Barak Obama ended with Obama refusing to address his government's role in the Fast and Furious government sanctioned gun running scandal. 

One of Pena's social programs, La Cruzada Contra la Hambre or Crusade Aganst hunger is in deep trouble with the national Chamber of Deputies when it was found that officials in Veracruz state have been using the program for political purposes.  That revelation has raised the calls for the resignation of his Secretaria de Desarrollo Social (SEDESOL) Rosario Robles.

Another victim of those revelations is the stalled legislative agenda from the Pacto Por Mexico, which all three major political parties signed on to at the  start of Pena's term last December.

Yo Soy 132 is a student movement began during Pena's presidential campaign in which Pena campaign officials identified 131 students who participated in a particularly raucous demonstration and demanded they be disciplined.

The Yo Soy 132 movement now claims the three detainees are three provocateurs in their midst.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and


  1. What does this have to do with narcos or the border?These guys are guerillas not druglords!

  2. Bloody pesky uni-kids...back in my day blah blah blah..

  3. We need more citizens like that to get rid of those corrupt motherfuckers

  4. Ojalá se lo hubieran metido al joto , no vale para una chingada.

  5. Drug is escape of reality. Reality becomes very depress and too many people lose their ability to face the life just sobre So if you can .GOOD FOR YOU Only remember when you judge another it is you with four other fingers point to youself Not for me this life of negotiate contraband or use escapes Outside the law because cazadores is legal .But this is my point .Laws are made for business to prosper and who controls the money is who has the law also. Of course coruption is what comes And the more you try to justify what side you take is the more guilty you have. if you love a country or people or have proud for your state .this is not bad just when you put excuses to make bad negotiate then you become the devil too. Of course devils always try to cover the mask with excuses. They don't hurt inocents .Only other devils Just too blind to know the difference.

    1. You smoking some strong stuff, huh!!

  6. What a shame. That worthless parte de mierda deserves a bullet.

  7. After what occurred in Boston in April, the PGRE of Puebla was'nt taking any chances. If these three detainees wanted to harm EPN seriously they would have needed something more powrerful than molotov cocktails. The EPN administration is really receiving a lot a heat from student groups and protests. Nothing would please Pres. Peña more than to quite these student groups some.

  8. Given the government's lack of transparency in all media matters, this report is difficult to evaluate. Furthermore, police agencies have no credibility at all, so one has to be very skeptical when they provide suspects. Look for signs of torture on their faces.

  9. meh that's not an attempt to kill him but an attempt to make a mess, lots of noise, riot stuff and shit. Illegal and all you want but not a murder attempt.

  10. You are starting to sound like the sellout Mexican media Televisa, Milenio, Tv Azteca, Universal, etc... Those student have demonstrated several times that Enrique Pena Nieto's political party PRI has sent instigators to pretend to be students and provoke chaos so YOSOY132 loses credibility. The Mexico City mayor Miguel Mancera and Ebrard refuse to release street video of who really destroyed businesses this past December 1st when they arrested several student to blame for the damage. However, the student uploaded to Youtube videos that demonstrate that they were not involved and of the instigator hanging with the police behind the barricades only minutes before the riots began. Mexico needs this young students to be supported by the media that tried to portray a peaceful Mexico when this are still the same or worst.

  11. I don't beleive or trust anything the mexican intelligence has to say. they can track students who wanted to harm EPN, but they can't find chapo guzman who walks around with 300 people, cars and helicopters...sheeesh!!! frieken corrupt as gov.

  12. Is it just me or does this not scream false flag? Who else other than the President is doing more to help the drug cartels by letting them settle turf battle with civilians as the buffer and allowing and encouraging the media to ignore rampant violence throughout the northern part of the country?

  13. This is BS. Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated nor known in Mexico.


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