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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Knights Templar: La Tuta's Video Translated-El Tío Back From The Dead?

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
Can't we all just get along?  [Zetas and New Generation need not respond]

La Tuta co-founder of Knights Templar (Caballeros Templarios) released yet another of his video messages.  His theme in this video is; acknowledgement that he is a criminal and yes his organization is a criminal organization, but when it is necessary to arrest Knights Templar, the military should conduct themselves with honor and not become police, judge and jury. 

He speaks of community police, stressing that those guards are not of the region and brought in while posing as locals attempting to secure municipalities.  He also speaks of his enemies Mencho and Zetas. 
El Chayo- Nazario Moreno González
Tuta, whose name is Servando Gómez Martínez is known by both La Tuta and El Profe.    His monikers translate to teacher or professor, a tribute to his profession prior to his drug trafficking career.
His criminal career has netted him a United States indictment, derived from his stint as a leader for La Familia Michoacán cartel (LFM).  LFM leader Nazario Moreno González, was killed in December 2010, in a violent two day clash in the Michoacán mountains, which caused a division within the group leading to a split and the formation of a new cartel, The Knights Templar.

La Tuta and Dionicio Loya Plancarte, aka “el Tio” co-founded the Knights Templar.  Tío was reported killed in March of this year in Michoacán.  Dionicio is the uncle of Enrique Plancarte, aka La Chiva, another high level leader of Knights Templar.

On Friday of this week a video appeared featuring an elderly man presenting himself as “El Tío” .
In the video the man challenges Hipolito Mora to meet  for a  dialogue, “face to face”,  to resolve the problems they have over La Ruana, Buena Vista and Tepalcatepec, he also said if nothing is resolved, then they should fight to the death. Although the man has facial similarities to El Tío, there is enough difference to call the claim into question, perhaps the man is in reality a relative of Tío and not the man himself.  For that determination, you be the judge.
La Tuta is also wanted in México with a 2.5 million USD bounty on his head, Which is ironic because the government was sending him teacher recompense until 2 years ago, although he had not been in a classroom for a decade.
The following is the translated contents of the La Tuta video:
Good evening to the general public, our state, our lovely Michoacán, our municipalities, cities and all those who receive this message that we are putting on air with the best intention of being able to help and contribute to the solution of many problems.

We want to emphasize to the media and all the people that are listening to us and watching this video that we are not responsible of the marches that have occurred on Friday 19th of the present year in all state of Michoacán, in Apatzingán, Morelia, Pátzcuaro, Uruapan, Cuatro Caminos; wherever the marches occurred. We are not responsible in any way for that situation.

If the town is protesting is because they are tired of corruption and I don’t think it is against us because the little that I know and we have seen is against the state government and federal government.

Maybe the federal government has not fulfilled its obligations, we have said it and we have express it on banners, on videos, where we have said that if the federal government and the state government accept their responsibilities of good guardians to put public order on the entities, we put our weapons aside, we will not turned them in but we will put them aside because we don’t want that because of what is happening in Buenavista, Tomatlán,  La Ruana, in Tepeque where community guardians are forming, which behind them are the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

That guy, Mr. Mencho, my enemy, so to speak, because we are of different organizations, he has his organization and I respectfully represent the organization of the Knight Templar. Our intention is to make this work. We want our town to be ok and our people would be able to hang out and walk freely in Michoacán.

We know that we affect third parties interest, of course we do, all those that are with the Jalisco Cartel and with the Zetas. All the people form Michoacán are welcome and I give my word of Knight Templar that there is nothing against any person unless it is proven that they have relationship with those groups.

Returning to the topic of the community guardians, these people that are in Tepeque and La Ruana, you can see on the videos when a woman says: First, we are being trained, we are given weapons and now we are being arrested; referring to the Mexican Army elements. Which ones? We don’t know.

Something is going on there. The government is confronting town versus town. Please gentlemen of the federal government, resume things, that is not the way to conduct ourselves, we are willing to dialogue and see what we should do to make this work.

There was another case in La Ruana where a hooded person stops a taxi cab and asks the driver: Who are you, where are you from? And the driver shows him an identification and tells him I am from here, La Ruana of such and such colony. It is documented in Milenio. They were showing it on Milenio network. 

The guy doing the interview (the hooded man) didn’t even know where that colony was and takes the driver’s phone away and asks him of some  character, if I recall correctly it was La Goya and the driver tells the hooded man: “La Goya is a well-known woman from La Ruana”.

The hooded man, tall and robust, did not even know who that person was. Most of us know who la Goya is but he didn’t know who she was, by that time a woman from behind approaches him (the hooded man) and tells him: “Let him go, the driver is from here, he is my nephew.

What is that telling us? That that person that is as community guardian is not from Michoacán because he didn’t know the young men, he didn’t even know the colony that the driver was telling him and was proving with his ID.

Gentlemen, don’t forget when the first 27 community guardians appeared, 7 of them were from Sinaloa and Guadalajara, Jalisco, with arrest warrants, some of them even for homicide.
Then, who is behind all this? Please, gentlemen of the federal and state government fulfill your obligations.

The government says all the time that they are after the Knight Templar because we are criminals and we are armed. Now I tell the government, possibly the only person that has been seen on media armed is me. I do it because it is my responsibility to watch over the interests of my enterprise and of all the people that are with us in Michoacán.

You say that we are armed. You are correct, we are armed, we do have weapons to defend our state from the Zetas and Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, but now I am going to tell you something, on television appear a lot of armed people and not only armed but hooded, working for the PFP and militaries and there is no problem.

There is where the armed people are and there is where the people of Jalisco (cartel) come from under the orders of Mencho Seguera. There is where the government should put order.
People protested on April 19th here in Michoacán against all those guardians, if not everybody would have form guardians. We know they had the right to protest and they should have their reason. We know that they said that they were protesting because they didn’t want the people (guardians) of Tepeque, La Ruana and Buenavista travel through Michoacán land because events have occurred where there are shootings and many deaths. Probably the fear of the people that are protesting is that one day their relatives would be passing by and a stray bullet hits them......continued on next page....

Gentlemen, we tell you if the community guardians of Tepeque, Buenavista and La Ruana keep going forward and maintain their purpose throughout the PFP, because this situation was orchestrated by the government of Calderon with several generals and coronels here in Michoacán, which it is them who are making the town against town act. We are part of the town gentlemen and we have said it, we respect the federal government, specially the military.
We have said the reason of why we respect them. It is not fear gentlemen; we are men just like they are. We are also willing to give our lives to defend our town. But it is fair and necessary that order is establish. We know that you have to be after us.

Be after us if we are criminals and also the people that are with us that make mistakes, the federal government should settle accounts with them. If my enterprise notices that some one of the organization did things that they are not supposed to, that are against our rules, we will put order, gentlemen. We know it is your duty, but with respect gentlemen, do your duty with respect.
We have expressed; we have many friends here in Michoacán. We have entrepreneurs, farmers, cattle breeders and of all kinds. If we are doing something that affect directly the people, do not hesitate to tell us and we will put a solution.

We all have seen how Genaro Garcia Luna orchestrated his scenes to come out on television and ennoble himself. How many innocent people are in prison? The general that just was released from prison, I don’t remember his name but he has said it himself.
Those protected witnesses, those innocent people, it is not fair gentlemen, a 70 or 80% of the people that are in prison are innocent. Yes, there are people that are guilty, like us, and we have said it, we are guilty, we should be prosecuted because of what we have done.
Military, PFP and Marines are organizations of the federal government to only apprehend criminals. Not to be a judge, that’s why there are many problems because you try to kill us and we are going to fight back.

Arrest us and turn us in to the corresponding authorities. Let a judge give us a trial but how it should be. You (military) should not take part, should not take money, nor support the actions of the CJNG nevertheless, of Zetas because we are not going to leave the weapons and we will have to fight back.
I repeat, it is not a threat for you gentlemen of the federal government. Please reconsider and don’t take anybody’s side. Let’s find a way to fix things; we are willing to dialogue with you whatever is necessary. Please whoever was elected interim governor in Michoacán, reconsider and be aware of all the events that have been happening.

Listen to the teachers, students, investors, civil organizations and if it’s possible listen to us. It is not well seen because of the difficulty that we are criminals but we are willing to seek measures and the proper path to get to a discussion with you and to set order not only in Michoacán but where we can contribute.
This is a message for the government of the Mexican Republic. If we can contribute in anything and you invite us to dialogue about what is happening in Michoacán and parts of Mexico, we are willing to go.

We want peace gentlemen. We also have family, we also have someone to look after and that is why we are watching over the interests of Michoacán. Unfortunately, we sometimes have to go to other places and attack because they are trying to enter our state. Let’s set some order gentlemen, I don’t know how to let you know but we are willing to dialogue.
Please all the people of PFP and militaries that were under the service of the Calderon government resume your situation and don’t let yourselves be bossed around… Genaro Garcia Luna is no longer there, which was who despicably humiliated you, you all know, it came out on all magazines how he treated you, but he is no longer in office. Supposedly there is a new government, new system; we have to trust the new government.

This is an invitation, especially to all police forces of any kind to do their job; stop all these situations with the community guardians and we repeat it once again, we are not responsible of what is happening with the marches. If anybody says that it is induced by the Knights Templar it is false.
A congressman of Michoacán expressed in the media that it was induced, he didn’t say the name but he is referring to us, the Knights Templar. Of course he doesn’t have anybody else to blame because allegedly we are the only ones that are in Michoacán but it is not true.
Gentlemen, assume your role, leave out the radical postures and do it for the good of our town and our state.

It is an invitation to all, we say it again, investigate who Hipolito Mora is, 3 arrest warrants in the U.S. wanted by DEA and he appears beside the commanders of the PFP and military commanders.
So that means that someday, I will be beside a military or PFP commander and come out on television. I know it is not correct because I know what I am and what I represent, however it is not our intention at all to affect regular people, just to watch over the interests of our town and our state of Michoacán.

Gentlemen, you say that we are criminals because we, the Knights Templar, are asking for fees and doing this and that, but what are Hipolito and El Abuelo doing? El Abuelo is a processed criminal, he was released, investigate him.
Who is El Abuelo Farias, the man that is in Tepeque? Investigate him and you will realize many situations. It is not well seen that I talk bad about them but you people, all those that are listening: reporters, journalists, PFP, marines, civil society, go in the internet and see who they are, however they are the leaders of many hooded people.

The federal government that  Felipe Calderon Hinojosa lead, shook, batted and grind off, as if in a mortar, the state of Michoacán to remove weapons, We, the Knights Templar, were left with many weapons because we withstand 6 years escaping in the mountains with them (weapons).
However, now between Buenavista, Tepeque and La Ruana thousands of people are armed. Where did all the weapons come from? Reconsider, federal government, there are several coronels. 1 coronel in Tacambaro, 1 in Pátzcuaro, 1 in Uruapan and 2 in Apatzingán that were under the orders of one general.

You know who it was and they were the ones making it a war town, If it continues this way we are not going to leave the weapons aside, we are going to confront the aggressions. It is not only me that is a criminal, there are other criminals. Not only my organization is criminal, there is Hipolito Mora and El Abuelo Farias, they are big criminals.
Probably not of my level, at least not Hipolito, because I always had the bad habit of paying for everything I did and Hipolito never paid. El Abuelo did pay and there are his criminal records because he had been judged.

This is a call for all the corporations, government, and president of the republic, assume your responsibility and also for the government of the state, assume your responsibility
Thank you
Another foto purportedly of El Chayo in death-take your pick
The video below is footage of the clash in which El Chayo (Nazario) was killed along with 40 others:


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  18. El tio never died... the report from Borderland Beat was wrong... a couple months ago when they reported El tio had died. The one who was killed was "Lucas" who was also boss.

  19. Knights Templar were originally La Familia Michioacana which in turn was originally Zetas which was originally Gulf Cartel in other words las misma caca .El Chapo needs to take over all these territory and show these fools how to run this business like a true C.E.O arriba CDS .

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  21. May 12, 2013 at 8:21 PM
    She is such a warm tender human being,what an example to all of us on here.Shows how to have humility and patience for all.

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    Havana, it was horrible. It did take me 2 weeks, and was the most difficult video I have transcribed. Tuta is so "off", if you go on youtube you will hear many of the same videos sound as though playing on fast speed, because Tuta was tootin speed. Even this video was done twice the second time to slow it down..

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  25. May 12 @ 9:26: "When cartels start thinking like that. They think they are part of everyday life in Mexico. A "new normal". Folks, Cartels are going to be around for a long time..."

    Agree, but history repeats itself. You only have to look back to the history of modern China, from about 1850 to 1950. The "war lords", the Nationalist, the communist and finally, the Maoist - from Sun Yatsen to Chiang Kaishek to the Chairman himself, all funded their efforts with opium and via the opium trade. After the Japanese, and then the Nationalist, were deafeated, Mao consolidated power by defunding his enemies: he outlawed opium production, its trade and consumption. Trafficking and production was a bullet to the head offense and users were given one chance to clean up or face the same fate. It took about two years, but the world's largest opium supply vanished along with the world's largest drug addicted society and remains that way today.
    Only two ways out: dropping the the prohibition of drugs in user societies and countries or implementing a true zero tolerance.

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