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Monday, May 13, 2013

Hipolito Mora´s response to Knights Templar´s death match: "I find El Tio funny"

Tijuano for Borderland Beat

Hipolito Mora (leader of La Ruana´s Communitarian Police) responded to the video released by alleged Knights Templar leader Dionisio Loya Plancarte. In an interview with journalist Luis Cardenas of MVS Radio, Hipolito Mora said, among other things, he finds Dionisio Loya funny.

The following is a transcription of the interview conducted today:

The situation in Michoacán is really dangerous, it´s a situation where violence is very real, it´s a situation where organized crime has arrived at different places in Michoacán and simply taken absolute control, they don´t allow the entrance to food trucks, they don´t allow social workers, they don´t allow the vaccination programs, they have isolated the population, they don´t let them in or out or do anything. Some days ago a video emerged in YouTube, in that video “El Tio” from the Knights Templars threatened Hipolito Mora, leader of the Communitarian Police in La Ruana, in the video “El Tio” tells Hipolito “We either have a dialogue or we have a death match”

I want to thank Hipolito Mora, leader of the self-defense group in La Ruana for answering this call.

LC: Mr. Hipolito, good evening, how are you?

HM: Fine Sir, how are you?

LC: Fine, tell us, have you seen the video? Have you heard what “El Tio” from Knights Templar told you?

HM: Yes I have

LC: What do you think about it?

HM: Well, I have no problems with him! Ha hasn´t offended me, he has not hurt me, I have no anger towards him. I think I don´t have to dialogue with him because I don´t know him and I have never done business with him. I don´t have to duel with him because I have no problems with him. If he´s got problems with me, well I don´t know.

LC: It appears El Tio has problems with you…

HM: Well, yes he does but I don´t. If he wants to have a shootout with me, then maybe he has his reasons, but I don´t, that´s why I announce publicly I´m not going to accept his invitation because I don´t have problems with him, I only set free my town and my people from them, they had them scared, they killed people when
ever they wanted, they arrived at midnight scaring people without caring for the wives and children suffering, they just took them and killed them and we never knew about them anymore.

LC: How was La Ruana before you arrived with the self-defense groups? What did the Knights Templar did to you?

HM: The charged taxes on everything, they forced people to close their businesses anytime they wanted because they were going to sell in the only garden we have, they came to sell beer, wine and everything. They had the lemon controlled, the owners of the packing factories had to pay them a tax as they call it, the owners of the packing factories could not choose who they hired or from who they bought lemon, they were the ones taking the decisions. The worst is they told them who to buy from, someone from them arrived with three thousand boxes and they bought it right away, some poor farmer arrived with twenty and they had to tell them they were full, they had no space for them but at the same moment they were buying two thousand boxes from them (Knights Templar) and they had us fucked.

LC: How much did they tax those who could even pay?

HM: About 1.5 pesos for kilo to all those who could even deliver lemon, besides that every truck had to pay 500 pesos to them; it was a lot of things they did to us. That´s the problem “El Tio” has with me.

LC: What did they do to you? At which moment did you say that´s enough?

HM: I used to sell 20-30 boxes of lemon and they told me they were full so I became fed up and said to myself “I got to do something, I got to do something for my people, the poor people” because, honestly, those involved in these movement are mostly poor, there are no rich people here, only poor people, those who suffered the most.

LC: What did you do? How did you convince them to fight the Knights Templar? How did you take them out?

HM: It was very hard for me, I talked with many people, I invited them to do something but they all said no, they were afraid, then I found 3 or 4 as crazy as I am and I told them “Hey, do we do this?” and they said “yes”, so I told them “we have to invite the townspeople to the garden, and when they are there we step up and ask them to fight for their rights”, they said “ok, let´s do it”. When we had to step up, most of them cowered and I had to step up with what little I had, they were scared. One boy who used to work with me, and a construction man, and one other man stepped up with me, they stepped up with me.

LC: So the townspeople didn´t back you up?

HM: If nobody backed me up back then, I´ll already be death, luckily the town was tired. I stepped in front of them, I was masked, the only time I used one, and asked for those who wanted to fight for their rights, and their response amazed me.

LC: You are armed right?

HM: Yes, an old shotgun, by the way it was stolen from me, I had about 30 years with it.

LC: So you have no weapons now?

HM: We do, we have lots of them, but I started with that old shotgun and I lost it here in the movement.

LC: And how do you get those weapons?

HM: With the help of people who is tired of these, they cooperate buying them for us, some other we took from the Knights Templar, when they left town after the protest march we got into their homes and took them. That´s how we have acquired them, the citizens help us with that.

LC: Dionisio Loya Plancarte claims you are part of Cartel Jalisco New Generation, is that true?

HM: Nobody believes him, nobody believes him. Society knows they have to use everything at their disposal to discredit us. They want to make us look bad in front of the Government, society and the media, but people know who they are, the people can´t be misled, the people is old, even kids know that.

LC: Do food or help trucks arrive at La Ruana?

HM: No, we have no gas, we have no fuel, we have no food, and every day becomes is harder on us

LC: Not even the doctors who vaccinate the kids are allowed there, right?

HM: No, Oportunidades(Federal Government Social Assistance Program) won´t come here, they want us to go to Apatzingan, but they don´t let us inside Apatzingan, they(Knights Templar) have checkpoints in Apatzingan and nobody tells them anything, they take people´s IDs and if they are from Carrillo Puerto they take them away and we never know from them again. So, how do we go to Apatzingan?

LC: So you are besieged? Nobody can get in or out of there?

HM: Exactly, we can´t get out of here, if we get sick we have to help ourselves, we can´t go nowhere.

LC: Have any authorities tried to see what is going on? How they can help? Have you spoke with any of them?

HM: Not from the State or Municipal authorities. The ones patrolling the roads, the streets and alleys is the Mexican Army and the Federal Police, and I thank them for that. The Federal Police has lots of honest agents who really care for society, I´m really thankful to the Federal Government for at least watching over us.

LC: But they have you besiege, they watch over you but nothing gets to you.

HM: No, nothing, that´s all. They only patrol here, watching we don´t commit crimes, and we are here, but that´s all.

LC: Are you Afraid?

HM: I´m not afraid

LC: You are not afraid of “El Tio”?

HM: No. I´m not afraid of “El Tio”, or anyone else. I find “El Tio” funny

LC: You find “El Tio” funny?

HM: Yes. With the thing he said, I´m laughing, his friends make me laugh, and they´ll laugh when they see me laughing. I even think this thing he is doing is a game.

LC: But the Knights Templar have a lot of weapons, don´t they?

HM: It´s not a game, it looks like one to me, I´m not afraid of him or anyone. I wake up calm, I live calm

LC: And if someday the Knights Templar arrive in La Ruana, what´s going to happen?

HM: They did, we fought them.

LC: Will you fight them again?

HM: We already did, there were lots of deaths, but they don´t tell the public.

LC: How was that shootout?

HM: From what I saw, in the shootout we had 4 casualties and about 7 on their side.

LC: 7 deaths and 4 from you, 11..

HM: There were more, they took them in their SUV´s. The Knights Templar took a lot of corpses on their SUV´s

LC: Are you afraid they may go there and, maybe not to you, but, they may hurt the townspeople, the people in La Ruana?

HM: Of that I´m afraid, what they can do to my people, not what they can do to me, I´m not afraid of that.

LC: What does the Mayor of La Ruana tell you? What is he doing?

HM: Nothing, he´s the brother of one of the main drug dealers in the region

LC: Does he live there?

HM: No, he got out of here

LC: He used to live there?

HM: Yes, he lived here but he already left. Last week his brother was killed, he was the biggest drug dealer in the region.

LC: What is the name of the Mayor of La Ruana?

HM: Luis Torres Chavez

LC: And what is the name of the drug dealer he is associated with?

HM: It not his partner, it´s his brother, at least I don´t got proof of it.

LC: What was his brother´s name?

HM: Jesus Torres Chavez

LC: And nothing is known about Luis Torres Chavez?

HM: He´s working in Knights Templar´s areas, inside the municipality, there are some towns still under the Knights Templar control and he is working there

LC: Well, Mr. Hipolito Mora, you left me amazed with some of the statements you made here..

HM: Like what?

LC: For example, that you are not afraid of El Tio, the fact that they don’t let anybody in or out, the fact there´s no food, no gas, how do you live?

HM: We got gas, because some people go to towns from Jalisco and bring it here

LC: But the gas station is dry?

HM: Yes, yes, they bring their gas and sell it here and 12, 13 pesos, one fucker was selling it at 20 pesos but we told him “hey, lower it pal, we are almost broke and you want to kill us”

LC: What is going to happen with the lemon? Will you be able to harvest it again?

HM: Yes…

LC: The problem is getting it out, right?

HM: That´s the problem and I hope Mr. Peña Nieto does something about it, I hope he helps us, he comes here, and besides, that he releases my 40-something Communitarian Police arrested about 2 months ago, they are innocent young man, there were 51 but some of them have been released. I would like the President to notice they are poor people, many of the women here don´t have money for diapers, for milk, they are young women; some of them are their mothers. However we handed over to them 21 criminals captured by us the Communitarian Police, between Knights Templar and Hawks, we handed them to the government and the next day they were on the streets.

LC: You do know you can´t take justice on your hands, right? But you got tired of awaiting the authorities…

HM: I´ll ask you, what would you do if someone assaults your family and nobody helps them?

LC: Tough question…It´s complicated, of course.

LC: How much time were you under the Knights Templar yoke?

HM: Between the Knights Templar and La Familia Michoacana, about 8 to 9 years…

LC: 8 to 9 years?

HM: Yes

LC: And you got fed up?

HM: We were tired, right now we are more fucked than before but at least we are calm.

LC: Mr. Hipolito Mora, I want to thank you for taking this call and I hope we this isn´t the last time we do it.

HM: Anytime you want Sir, and please help us.

The following are some pictures published on the Facebook page VOZ CIUDADANA DE MICHOACAN, that page claims the Communitarian Police is nothing more than criminals backed up by CJNG.


Weapons confiscated by the Mexican Army to the Communitarian Police.
Weapons confiscated by the Mexican Army to the Communitarian Police.
The page claims this corpse belongs to an innocent citizen.  He was killed in the fight against the Knigts Templar,


  1. Last picture looks gruesome, like a shotgun to the fayce.

  2. So what exactly is a death match? Do they meet in the ravine after school and fight? Or do they recruit as many guys with guns as they can and let the stronger army win?

  3. The interviewer annoyed me with some of the questions and the tone of the interview. It was almost like he was questioning the bravery of this man as foolhardy.

  4. Wow this is amazing! i hope the movement only gets stronger!! viva michoacan libre

  5. I don't understand why the govt hasn't flown in supplies to these ppl?? Or even the usa govt? I mean we fuckin do all this humanitarian bullshit for these african fucks but we can't do anything to help ppl n a country that borders us?? Buncha bullshit. Shows how corrupt mexico is. In the photos it says guns confiscated by mex. Fed police from community guard? Y would they take these ppls self defense weapons?? Fuckin mexican govt. TF TAMPA, FLORIDA

    1. But the Comunitarian people are infiltrated by enemies to fight on CT.

  6. Hipolito Mora Vargas talks a good talk, but who knows? He refused to answer whether or not he's affiliated with CJNG, and he doesn't address why and where the "communitarian police" obtained the automatic rifles and grenades used in the ambush against the Caballeros Templarios last week.

  7. FB page is no longer there...

  8. Y yo que pense que era el unico que encontraba al tio muy comico

  9. What a brave man. Surprised Chapo hasnt sent in his goons to help CT..

  10. Pena nieto Es un cobarde ke no ase nada por el pueblo y todo Mexico . Vales madre!!!!

  11. I am from United Kingdom and last week I wrote to the mexican ambassador to the uk , I also wrote to my governments foreign and commonwealth office about the situation at La Ruana. My government representative assures me he will put pressure on the mexican consulate to pass on my complaints of the siege of La Ruana to Mr Pena Nieto. I plan to demonstrate outside the mexican embassy in London.
    I would urge all readers from BB to do the same , write to your governers and make them complain to the mexican government. If everyone joins in , and we hit a point of critical mass , we have a chance that Mr Pena Nieto will take some action.

    I feel for the people of La Ruana, and their plight, Mr Hipolito is only doing what needed to be done to protect life and liberty. As such he is a great role model for other towns in mexico.

    If the government and police will do nothing , the people have to take up arms to protect their families and their right to live free , of the scourge of nefarious cartel activity.

    1. Dude you're a badass. Greetings from Chicago. And god bless

  12. The enemy of my enemy is my friend

  13. So these guys are roaming around in escaldes and fj cruisers and are suppose to be dirt poor..? Uhh im not fan of any cartel, but I do think something fishy is going on and I would not be suprised if they are backed by CJNG

    1. Those are vehicles they steal from battles with the knights templarios. he did mention they do drive to Jalisco and pick up gas. I wonder what else they pick up. maybe cartel Jalisco lends then a hand with vehicles and some guns. why fight the battle if u can pay someone else to do so.

  14. @1:06AM they have been fucking CT for a long time, so much that they have driven them out of the towns. that's why it has gotten to this point. They have raided many homes of CT and confinscated weapons caches, vehicles, money, radios, you name it. I cannot say they are not having outside help from particular groups because I have no proof either way but I can tell you that they have confinscated much from CT

  15. Why didn't he ask how they make money don't these guys have a paying day job/families?

  16. Im with Siskiyou_Kid on this one, I found Hipolito Mora elusive in his answers,

    I know several people from Michoacan and all of them have told me everything Hipolito mentions about Knights Templar is 100% true, however, most of them also believe there´s more than meets the eye with the Communitarian Police, I mean, look at the kind of weapons the army confiscated for them, an FN2000?

    @May 13, 2013 at 9:04 PM:

    Army confiscated this weapons because some of the communitarian police had previously taken taken some weapons from a group of soldiers in La Ruana.

    Anyway, I hope the people of La Ruana can live a life without having to being hostages of any cartel. To be honest I don´t think drugs will ever dissapear, but at least hope cartels wont mess with innocent people, right now no cartel does that.

    1. Bro that's the same thing I said.. this guys had some decent assault rifles.. fn 2000 threw me off tho.. how did they get it ? Or from where??

  17. I'm American I'm going to la ruana.

  18. Hipolito Mora is a brave man compared to that coward beggar La Tuta...The Mexican government should help the community vigilante groups to fight against the CT coward drug peddlers...Viva Mexico.

  19. This guy is telling the truth.I think this interview hurt the knight templers more than they could ever imagine.Mexico should change there gun laws and allow good people to have doesn't matter who this guy is.he is fighting a mother fucker who is charging a tax on the hard working Mexican people.and I'm going to help the people of la ruana.this place should be a tourist hot spot.

    1. Tourist hot spot? Wth? Hahaha wow this is where u would like to travel to for a vacation?

  20. So these community carte says or refuse to say if they are with jalisco cartel yet they buy from jalisco?? its probably a trojan horse the jalisco cartel is using because the templars from the pueblo I'm from dont do all that extortion and not letting people be free. why is it just this little town that they supposely treat like that. why are the other pueblos from michoacan living normal and good? Why are the community police driving in fancy cars? something else is going on here

  21. Mis respetos para Hippolito Mora no se dejan aunque si creo que tienen apoyo de otro grupo

    El Chapulin 10.4 Tampa Florida.

  22. Lock that scum up they all have illegal weapons ...we know jalisco gives u the fuel Ur ppl don't go to jalis cjng brings it to u ppl

  23. Tijuana- Great read. Whether he's telling the whole truth or not,there is one fact that is 100% true. My son woth Dr.s Without Borders tells me this and many villages are not allowed in to help the people or the many NPO's that want to bring in food and clothes. This is more common in Guatemala,Equator,and of course Columbia. But each year it is getting worse in Mexico. It breaks my heart that in 2013 this savagery involving innocent children,women,elderly and poor people have to endure this. Thanks for letting us know the truth. As always,peace to all innocents. Texas Grandma.

  24. The CJNG has gained a lot of power since they split form the CDS.All this carteles are doing an an alliance against the CJNG in Jalisco and they can't even do tickles to the CJNG.The CDG,Los Coloneles,CT against the CJNG and they can't do shit to the CJNG. Remembers me back in 2010 when La FM,CDG,CDS did an alliance against the Zetas and they didn't do much!

    CJNG has a big presence in Jalisco,Colima,Guerrero and now in Michoacan!CDS dosen't look they backing up the CT in Michoacan just in Jalisco.The CDG is way to busy in Zacatecas fighting the Z!

    Two Borders!

    El CJNG e ganado mucho poder desde que se separo del CDS.Varios carteles se juntanen contra el CJNG y parece que ni le hacen cosquillas al CJNG me refiero al CDG,Los Coloneles celula del CDS y CT.Me recuerda a la alianza que se hizo en el 2010 de la FM,CDG, y CDS contra de los Zetas y parece que ni les hizieron nada a los Z.

    El CJNG tiene una gran presencia en Jalisco,Colima,Guerrero y ahora Michoacan parece que el CDS no puede ser nada para apoyar a los CT en Michoacan nomas en Jalisco.Los del CDG estan muy occupados contra los Z en Zacatecas.

    Doz Fronteras!

    1. No pues te falto veracruz y nayarit por que aun que digas que no ya tienen muy buena prececia en esos dos estados...

  25. people are questioning where he got high powered rifles. hey, listen! if someone fucks with your family, and you can't count on the authorities to protect, then maybe taking help from the rivals is your only choice. I can't blame him for it. Kknihts templar are just crying like little bitches cause the poor comon people kicked their ass all over the place, and are crying foul.

  26. Mr. Hipolito has no choice but to seek help and if CJNG willing to help then he will take it. drug trafficking is accepted by the community but once extortion and kidnapping is involved then thats when the community fights back

  27. "The page claims this corpse belongs to an innocent citizen. He was killed in the fight against the Knigts Templar"

    Se dice " ... this corpse is that of an innocent citizen. ... "

  28. El Tio looking like Fred Sanford. Weeeezie!!

  29. This guys awesome! welldone for standing upto these scumbags.

  30.  why are the other pueblos from michoacan living normal and good? 

    You obviously haven't been in michoacan lately. I went to yurecuaro michoacan about 4 months ago and wasn't a dam thing normal or good , unless you consider a vacant and empty plaza come 6 pm afternoon.The town residents were living in fear then imagine now. Not normal to me giving I just came home from a 4 week stay in Guadalajara and Tepatitlan. Hell , every taxicab driver would tell me , "I'll take you anywhere but michoacan.
    You do the math.

  31. no fire arm for the innocent ppl you can not buy legally how the mexican ppl can defend their families

  32. May 14, 2013 at 12:04 AM
    "I am from United Kingdom and last week I wrote to the mexican ambassador to the uk"
    Bro,if you done that then good on you.At least you are trying to help Mexico in some way.A dude from the UK trying to help Mexico?As you say if there was many more like you,maybe people could cause change of some sort?I kinda doubt it,but at least you try.Greetings bro.

  33. Whatever everyone's thoughts on this man,he could be a role model for other people in Mexico.Who do they turn to?Even now,nothing is being done to help them.Imagine how much worse it must have been.CT rats are crying because someone stood up to them.Its easy for people to say they are CJNG?Especially CT suckas on here and elsewhere.Personally i wouldn't blame him for taking help against these cheap CT grifters.CT love Michoacan?Fuck off they dont love you.

  34. to the gentleman from the UK, we feel the sameway, helpless. ufortunately corrupt politicians, including Pena Nieto, won't do a damm thing about it. At least the short fuck Calderon would send in the military.

  35. @9:04, I hear ya man! fn BS! Hey there's oil in Mexico Mr.Prez of the USA!! Now let's free them of these barrels of oil, I mean cartels!
    Sometimes i'm embarrassed to be an American living in Baja. Wish I could help out.
    Ex Military, Expat...ciao

  36. yea thats fuck up leaving pueblos without weapons 2 defend them self from goverment viva una mexico libre

  37. Im from Michoacán and to me it looks like cjng infiltrated la rumana and the other towns look at those high caliber weopons they took from them

  38. Im pretty sure the bum on the right side has much more money they u will make in ur life time

  39. So what the fuck is the President of Mexico doing to help his Country......!!! He is allowing all this shit to happen. He has the fucken power and muscle to stop this shit! He's the fucken President! He needs to stand up grab his fucken balls and man up for his country and people!

  40. the Mexican Mafia Eme is connected with the Knights Templars in California and Chicago what is the FBI DEA and ICE waiting for?

  41. the lime is too expensive now 3 dlls

  42. I think these people have been left with no other choice but to to accept help from CJNG. The enemy of my enemy is always a friend.

  43. In the video he says they took weapons from their foes. If they bump off outsiders shooting up their town, then its safe to say they take the weapons of those that fall in the gunfight. (I know I would.)

    If these outside groups want to fuck with PEMEX, fine. If they want to kill rival sicarios, fine. But leave the campesinos alone. Leave honest hard working people the fuck alone!!!

    & what is EPN offering to do about entire towns being besieged? Food drops? Military escorts? & the RCC? If the priest ran away, they too know what is going on.

  44. Thanks for those responding to my original post about the action I have taken in the UK to try to put some pressure on the mexican ambassador. As to why Im trying to help? I have many friends in Mexico , and I am a spanish speaker. A wise man once said " all it takes for bad guys to prosper is for good men and women to do nothing". That just about says it all in a nutshell.

    For the effort it takes to write one reply here on BB , would take the same effort to send one email to your local governor.Im advocating all the people not currently living in mexico to do this. The mexican government are deaf to the complaints of ordinary mexicans, so all those extranjaneros, your governments will put pressure on mexico if you act and write to them. Follow it up with letters or email asking what replies they have had, give them no option other than to act.

  45. You think its possible to drive there.maybe if you come in from the north?

  46. First of all you cant fight war with war. Its like the "war against terrorism" in Iraq or Afghanistan. The president is not able to stop coruption. Things arent that simple. There are just a few ways to try to stop this war in Mexico. USA should change their weapon laws. Most of the weapons used in this war are bought in states like Texas or New Mexico legally. Maybe it could also be a way to legalize these drugs. Its really sad whats going on in Mexico. God bless ya. Greets from Germany

  47. "These two morons look like they couldn't peel a banana with they're false teeth..jajajaja"
    Bro,thats a killer,,if they could find the banana without their spectacles on..Maybe a duel would be funny ?

  48. My money is mine thou. I dont have to hide from anybody. I make great money the good old fashion way with hard work. Money isn't everything.besides how do you know are you his accountant?

  49. if you listen to what the man says in the interview,he said they got the gun from the homes of the knights templers after they left town.

  50. The Mexican MAfia Eme is connected with knight Templars in Texas and California. The United States government will bust la EME???????

  51. Cngj in tha house......yep


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