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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3 die in Zacatecas as shootouts continue

By Chris Covert

Three unidentified individuals were found dead or were killed in drug and gang related violence in Zacatecas state, according to Mexican news accounts, and BorderlandBeat anonymous correspondent, Zac.

"Shootouts and executions continue, near Fresnillo more human remains were found and it's in that city where shootouts have been more common," writes Zac.

According to a news account posted on the website of ZTR Zacatecas news daily, the remains of at least one unidentified individual was found near Fresnillo municipality near the village of El Triunfo.

According to the report, an unidentified individual stumbled on the location Sunday nine days ago while searching for firewood in the sierras where he saw bone fragments, some human tissue, and some trash, including soda and beer bottles and some clothing.  The Mexican Army had been notified and arrived at the location six days ago.

According to a translated quote referring to December, 2012, in the story by an unidentified resident, ""There was a chance that 19 federal police patrols along with the helicopter, made a persecution against such evil people, which took the life of 12 gunmen," said one resident.

It is unclear which gunfight the resident was referring to since a number of raids and gunfights between Mexican security forces and armed suspects took place during the month of December, 2012 throughout the state including in Fresnillo and Guadalupe municipalities.

About the current situation in Fresnillo and Guadalupe municipalities, Zac writes: "Perhaps the most alarming things around the capital have been 1 execution attempt and a brief shootout in plain daylight in busy areas, but...'s more of a constant dripping of violence than big bursts of it, minor shootouts are still a daily thing, usually in colonias in the outskirts. "

According a news report which appeared in the online edition of Hoy Zacatecas news daily, five days ago a business owner, Francisco Montes Tijerin, 75, was shot and wounded outside his business on Avenida Francisco García Salinas near the Centro Comercial Tahon commercial center.

More than two weeks ago an unidentified man was shot and wounded in an intergang gunfight on  Bulevar José Lopez Portillo, and an unidentified woman was hurt incident to the shootout when she was hit by a vehicle, according to a separate report in Hoy Zacatecas.  Some of the armed suspects involved in the shootout fled the scene aboard  a Ford Lobo pickup truck.

According to Zac, two men were executed in Transcoso municipality Monday.

"Last night 2 men were killed in Trancoso, it was a weird night with the football match, rumors of shootings here and there, people celebrating and all that, so it´s not clear what happened and which rumors are true, federal police closed down part of the city center, people who were watching the game at bars in the area were not allowed to leave for a while, but one news site says it was a false alarm and others don't mention anything...I have my doubts about the false alarm thing, but as you can imagine it was a noisy and moved night so it´s hard to know what exactly happened," writes Zac.

According to  news report posted on the website of Zacatecas en Linea news daily, two men identified as Juan Carlos Saucedo and Juan Carlos Cordero Tenorio, were found shot to death on a dirt road next to a mall.  A third individual, identified as Juan Carlos Garcia Cordero,  41, was briefly detained a short distance away by local Policia Metropolitana.  He was subsequently escorted for medical attention by Policia Federal and Policia Investigadora police units.

According to a report the two victims were shot with small caliber weapons, .22 or .25 caliber, and since no spent shell casings were reported at the scene, the weapon used could have been a revolver.  Cartel affiliated gangs typically prefer to use 5.7mm, Super .38 or 9mm pistols in their enforcement activities.

Thanks to Zac for the information and insights in Zacatecas

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and


  1. Keep the info coming,thank you.

  2. So I take it there is a general disliking for guys named "Juan Carlos" in the region?

  3. "So I take it there is a general disliking for guys named "Juan Carlos" in the region?"

    Note to self: Go by the alias 'John Charles' while traveling through Zacatecas.

  4. "So I take it there is a general disliking for guys named "Juan Carlos" in the region"
    Any John or Charles in here,,,run.I see on here Mexican bros living in Zaca,saying Chapos people are there killing Z and patrolling?People in Zaca would know i guess?

  5. Zacametralletas is a very important route people sleep on..

  6. May 29, 2013 at 8:31 AM
    It´s confusing, I live in Zacatecas, and you keep hearing people talking about "los chapos" and "los golfos" without making distintions, yet all the narco banners, marked trucks, etc, you see around are gulf cartel and not CDS (except in the south west tip of the state, that´s purely CDS), and definitely they are killing zetas left and right, so is the government, you don´t hear about any (or hardly any) action against the other groups, only zetas.

    For many months it looked as if CDG were acting as the private army paid by CDS, or as the ones giving the image and taking the heat while CDS would take part in all that but without flaunting names, for the last 2 months or so I hear more about CDG in some parts of the state and CDS in others, looks as if as they are wiping out zetas they start to divide territory between them?

    Hopefully someone with more information can clarify all this better, because the way it is the press doesn´t say anything, only brief reports and no analysis, so everything is what people say here and there, all rumors that float around, only someone from within the government or the cartels could tell us what is really going on.

  7. May 29, 2013 at 11:49 AM
    Bro maybe thats exactly why it is confusing sometimes,,we know the two crews are there and apparently they are working together to an extent.Are the people happy they are there?Can you feel a different vibe?More tranquilo?Imagine how many Z have been quietly killed and dumped?Be safe bro!

  8. Aki en Zacatecas, estan cayendo muchos zetas desde pinos asta zacatecas es cdg, en las fronteras y donde controlan los carteles unidos a hora cds esta controlado por cds para los rumbos de florecia estoy hablando, aki los zetas ya estan baliendo verg.asi de simple el cdg esta bien parado aki en zairo y como alla sido que con la ayuda del los talivanes por que eso sienpre lo dice el doz frotetas!! El caso es que esta fuerte el cdg y va por mas, para aca acada rato aparerecen jentes colgadas de los puentes y con la lellenda por" z" o tirados despedasados pero los noticieros los censura el gobierno asi de sinple...atte jente que vive en zacatecas no como otros que ni saven que pedo y viven en el norte usa....

  9. @11:49 AM
    Dude,do you think the CDG you say,are they the old TalibZ and CDG mixed in?That makes it even more confusing?It has to be something like that,one minute CDG are struggling and next they are making pushes and taking Zaca?It was TalibZ that were in there in the first place wasn't it?And all the time CDS in back of them?Yup,confusing alright?

  10. People are very happy that the zetas are being kicked out and welcoming the other cartels in many places, you have to understand that having no cartel in control is not an option so the general opinion is that anyone is better than the zetas. I´m torn in that issue, I´m as glad as anyone else about the zetas being on their way out, but seeing the brutal executions the CDG has done as well I can´t be cheering for them either, there´s no win situation for the people, just a less bad one I guess.

    Being in a territory in dispute brings horrible violence, worse than when the zetas were ruling here, now it´s better though, as the other cartels keep gaining territory, but it has been really bad and ugly stuff still happens.

    1:09 pm is right, censorship is huge, up to a ridiculous point, like militar operatives of big proportions closing down big parts of cities that according to the press or official sources never happened or long shootouts with photos of dead sicarios that as far as the press and PGE go were just minor shootouts with no casualties, so imagine the number of executions or shootouts in isolated areas that get completely covered up, it´s quite surreal.

    The whole Taliban-CDG thing is something I´m still pretty lost about, see I don´t have contacts in cartels, I just live here, and it came from a situation where the zetas were in control of most of the state and the areas of conflict were quite clear, west-south west of the state mostly, and I don´t think Zacatecas was in the CDG radar at all back then, to a big mess that caught all of us "normal" people off guard, it can´t be just Taliban people, it probably was at first, together with CU, but then CDG seemed to keep growing here and I don´t know up to what point it´s CDG people from outside the state, new people from within, or people from CDS under CDG banner so to speak, probably a mix of them all, as I said before for a long while it looked more like everything had the name CDG on it but it was mostly CDS behind the whole thing, lately it´s more differenciated but considering the mess CDG has back in Tamaulipas I don´t see how or why they would be sending people here, a state much less important for narcos, in short, I have no idea, sorry!

  11. Como esta la gente de Zacatecas ? Toda via esta pero la cosa o mas tranquilo ?


  12. May 29, 2013 at 9:05 PM
    Bro,appreciate you taking the time with no antagonism.The way you describe the situation is the way in which people generally look at it,it is very confusing the way in which all of a sudden this huge push for Zaca materialized,TalibZ must have been a sort of catalyst in a way,remember Blood Z,Legionarius?Are they in there and its ended up a mix of different cartel gente?Bro,it shows how they move when they have to?The Z were past masters at hostile takeovers,and it didn't seem to be huge numbers of men on the ground,a few cells kidnapping players,finding out all they knew and basically killing or turning all the tienditas.I wonder if the Z will make any kind of move,or are they leaving?Bro,this must be happening with the tacit approval of authorities?They must have had meetings and sorted this out?I also wonder if these people are aligned with the CDG/Metro faction?If the mantas are true CDS got no love for Metros,after all the Cmdte Guerra Gringo Puma fight?Stay safe bro.

  13. May 29, 2013 at 11:18 PM

    Parece que ya más tranquilo pero sigue medio feo.

    May 30, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    About approval from authorities, definitely, I´d say cooperation because at municipal level specially it´s not that the authorities look the other way, they do work for the cartels, and it´s been crystal clear here as plazas were taken over by a different cartel, for example just today the militars have been revising and arresting municipal police in Pánfilo Natera, some weeks ago the whole municipal police of Sain Alto (if I remember well) resigned all at the same time, many of the municipal policemen from Fresnillo have resigned in the past few months and the whole kidnapping mess of politicians in Cañitas was all because the mayor worked for los zetas (by the way that mayor is still nowhere to be seen in his town, not because he has been kidnapped but because he is hiding and doesn´t dare to show up). Before 2010 the state government was on the zetas payroll, the actual state governor seems to be on the other cartels payroll....anyways this is not news, this is how it goes all around the country.

    The zetas had a lot of halcones and they had people in all towns but I don´t know how many, I guess they had a good number or things would have gone quiet shortly after Taliban´s switch, I know zetas have been sending people from outside the state and their banners recently started to be signed by cartel del norte or cartel del noreste, they are not leaving, proof is that shootouts continue, but they are clearly losing from all I see, just last night 2 more were executed just outside the capital with a message from CDG, I don´t think sangre zeta or any of those groups are around but I can´t assure you anything, from all I´ve seen it´s just CDS and CDG...someone in here mentioned once CT in Zacatecas as part of CU, but I have never heard anyone here in Zacatecas say anything about CT, haven´t seen any marked truck with their signs or anything or have read anything on the press that mentioned them in this area.

    I have no clue as to how the situation here relates to the CDG breakup in Tamaulipas, when I first heard of it I thought "fuck, just what we needed, a 3 sided war" but nope, it´s been all the time a common front of other cartels vs zetas, then there were those rumors about CDS breaking up with CDG, but I didn´t believe them based on what happens here.


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