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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Was this child a killer?

Proceso (4-2-13)

Background: Jorge Armando Moreno, 13 years old, was killed on February 27, 2013.  His body was found with fie other bodies on the side of the highway between Morelos and Vetagrande, about six miles from the state capital of Zacatecas.  All the bodies showed signs of torture.  Jorge Armando had been arrested on February 4, 2013, along with several suspected members of the Zeta Cartel, and several Guatemalan individuals accused of organized crime activities.  Although the prosecutor claimed that the boy had confessed to having committed ten murders, the judge released hi into his mother's custody because he was not yet 14 years old, the minimum age for incarceration in the state's juvenile detention center.--un vato]

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Detained and tortured by federal police, Jorge Armando was kidnapped again and tortured by a criminal organization -- believed to have been Zetas -- and then murdered. He was 13 years old. In the television news media he was called "the child assassin" because that is how he was portrayed by the state attorney general, and for the media, it was easy to disseminate the nickname. To this day, neither the Zacatecas Attorney General nor the Federal Attorney General (PGR) have issued corrections. This would constitute an admission that, in reality, the boy was the victim of the police and the criminals they say they're fighting.

ZACATECAS, ZAC. (Proceso).-- Federal police arrested him the afternoon of February 4 and then tortured him, along with 14 other persons, supposedly because he belonged to a criminal organization. Two days later, a judge released him because he was just 13 years old.

Although he was at risk, no authority provided him protection because an official disclosed -- and the media assumed-- that he was a "child assassin." That can no longer be proven or contradicted because the child was again tortured, then murdered.

At dawn on February 28, the ministerial police found his body, with five others, on the side of the highway between Morelos and Vetagrande, five miles north of the capital of Zacatecas. He was executed with large caliber weapons.

The death of the minor shocked Zacatecas society. The Network for Infant Rights in Mexico (Redim: Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en Mexico), the Organization for Social Development and Education for All (Odisea A.C.); (Organizacion para el Desarrollo Social y la Educacion para Todos) and the State Commission on Human Rights (CEDH: Comision Estatal de Derechos Humanos) are demanding that the public officials who failed to respect the adolescent's due process rights be identified and held accountable, because, they argue, he was victimized by organized crime and by the authorities.

Mexico's Office of Attorney General (PGR) and Federal police (FP) are not giving out any information on the events in which their personnel intervened; the State Office of Attorney General (PGJE: Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado) has denied any responsibility in the case and the State's Superior Justice Tribunal (Tribunal Superior de Justicia del Estado) has remained silent on the matter.

The 14 persons who were arrested with the minor in early February have already been transferred by the PF to the SEIDO facilities [special unit for organized crime investigation] in Mexico City, where they remain incarcerated. 
Being a child in Zacatecas
Jorge Armando Moreno Leos dropped out of elementary school at the age of 10, when his family fell apart. He lived a few months with his father, but then he went back with his mother and two younger sisters.

For three years, he earned a living on the street: washing cars, dumping the neighbors' trash and selling popsicles, But he also learned to use drugs on the street.

He dreamed of buying his mother a washing machine, but he didn't have enough money, so he decided to do what many others had done and joined the Zetas two and a half months ago.

His mother, Maria Isabel Leos, begged him to get out of that life and to go back to school, since he had finished grade school in June of 2012 in the Zacatecas Institute for Adult Education (IZEA: Instituto Zacatecano de Educacion para los Adultos) with an "A" grade point average, which is why Governor Miguel Alonso Reyes had awarded him a showy, three color diploma the following November, only four months before Jorge Armando was murdered.

Mrs. Leos talks about him with tears in her eyes: "My life went away with Jorge because he was a very good boy. Like all children, he was rebellious, he liked to go out with his friends. He dropped out of school because I work and he wanted to help me."

She describes him: "He was very helpful. You can talk to everybody and nobody believes it when you tell them he was the so-called "child assassin." He would see a person outside his house and ask, 'Can I help you sweep?', 'Can I help you take out the trash?', 'You want me to wash your car?'

He sold popsicles on the street when those people (Los Zetas) grabbed him. The boy would tell me that he was going to buy me a washing machine, that they were going to give him the money. I would tell him, 'Don't believe them, m'ijo (my son)', Because he never had any money! They promised him a lot of things that weren't true." 

She supports her daughters working as a street vendor. She found out her son was arrested by the PF because he saw his photograph in the morning news on TV Azteca Zacatecas. 24 days later, she learned of his murder the same way.

Today, she's begging President Enrique Pena Nieto and Govenor Miguel Alonso Reyes for protection for her and her daughters. She doesn't want anything else, because, since the death of Jorge Armando, she has received messages and calls with death threats on her cell phone, from alleged members of the "three letters" organization.

Meanwhile, she lives terrified with her daughters, unable to get a full time job. She still owes the costs of her son's funeral because the state social security office let her rent the casket and chapel for the wake and the funeral.

The "killer" who never killed

On the afternoon of February 4, 2013, in a leak to the news media, not through an official communique, the local government disclosed that, in an "intelligence" operation, the PF arrested 15 suspected criminals and delivered them to the Federal Public Ministry in the City of Zacatecas: five were is a safe house in the Lomas del Lago subdivision and eight in the Condessa Hotel, with the latter individuals being from Guatemala.

The news story and the photographs were published the nest day in the press and in electronic media. In the mid-afternoon, Maria Isabel Leos found out from the TV that her son was detained.

With difficulty, she got a relative to give her a ride to the PGR installations, located on the west side as you leave the city of Zacatecas, but it was already dark, recalls the lady, "and they did not let me see my son. I stayed there about three hours, and they told me I had to go to court the next day."   [continues on next page]

But it was not until the 6th that, through court order No. 35 of the Zacatecas Judicial Authority, judge Frida Jazmin Rubio Renteria, a specialist on juvenile justice matters, ordered the director of the Juvenile Detention Center (Centro de Internamiento y Atencion Integral Juvenil) to release Jorge Armando, once it was established that he was 13 years old.  

The minor was delivered to his mother, but he only stayed with her a few hours then returned to the streets. During that brief period, he told Mrs. Leos how the federal police treated him during the 24 hours before they delivered him to the Public Ministry (MP: Ministerio Publico).

"The boy came home very beat up on his body -- she says indignantly-- I asked him what was wrong, because even his left hand was very swollen. He told me that the "federales" would wrap him up in a blanket, throw him on the floor and kick him, they would kick him several times on the body, one of them would step on his hand and another would kick him.

"He told me that the "federales" kept them detained in the Howard Johnson Hotel (the agency's principal center of operations). And that another one would get a pistol and fire it beside his ear to make him talk."

When Jorge Armando went out again, his mother began o hear that the "child assassin" was free. "I don't know where that name came from. Suddenly, I began to hear that in the news Also, a woman PGR lawyer came here to the house and told me: "Pay no attention to what they're saying, it's not true, you know very well why the boy is (being held). They're going to start to speculate and say things in the news that are not true."

In fact, says Mrs. Leos, "it was even said that I am dead along with the boy. In most of the media and for everybody, I died along with the boy, they killed both of us."

She blames Zacatecas Attorney General Arturo Nahle Garcia, for calling Jorge Armando "child killer" and attributing to him the murder of ten people. "I don't know why Nahle keeps making those statements; he's never made it clear that Jorge was not under arrest for that and that I wasn't killed along with him."

When asked whether her son confessed murdering 10 people, she denies it. "At the court, from the time I went there to ask about him, they would say: 'It's just that the kid is a heavy because he's the one who gives orders here in Zacatecas'. How is a 13 year old boy, who had been with them (the criminals), at most, two and a half months, and I don't think it was even that long, how could he be the boss of all of them?"

And, in fact, in the notice from the court that she personally received at her home on February 19, captioned Criminal Case No. 14/2013, it specifies that the minor Jorge Armando Moreno Leos is accused of several crimes, except that of homicide.

"...For the offense of organized crime, violation of the federal weapons and explosives law by keeping firearms reserved for the exclusive use by the Army, Navy and National Air Force, and the possession of ammunition reserved for the exclusive use by the Army, Navy and National Air Force, committed to the detriment of society."

The mother had received the court communication so that on February 20, she would present herself and her son before the court to initiate his prosecution and determine his legal status with respect to the crimes he was accused of. But Jorge was no longer in the house and did not go to the hearing. Maria Isabel went before the court by herself.

Fragment of a report published in Proceso, edition  No. 1900,  already in circulation.  
Note:  Thank you to the reader who requested this story be posted and sent in links. 
The story condemning the child was in fact posted here on BB also of his death, at time the mother begged people to believe that her son was being framed no one was buying her story, read Havana's post HERE .  This new post story casts doubt on the guilt of other so called teen assassins.  In Mexico the lives of innocents are taken and used for many nefarious reasons.  Sadly, life is cheap in Mexico, even the lives of children. 
The government was successful in creating  indignation , and exasperation in the public, this is part of the statement issued in February and perhaps reveals the objective intended of why an innocent child would be framed, if that be the case.:
"State Attorney Arturo Nahle Garcia said, "really the boy can be even more dangerous because of his age, so it is necessary to reevaluate the criminal age of a person".
The boys mother was wrongly reported dead and among the tortured bodies found with her son.  Until today I did not know she was alive.  Read that post by Havana HERE.   Reading the comments of readers there were few sympathetic comments, as we put our faith in the word of the government, when will we ever learn?.....Paz, Chivis


  1. Poor mother,somethings not right....officials say he was working for the Zetas,and then he gets released and gets killed by them.

  2. when are they going to get rid of the biggest cartel in mexico called the government.They should be held accountable for this boys death and how do we know it wasnt the police who kidnapped and killed those people as when they boy was killed his mother was too. Maybe the police thought they had kidnapped her to be executed and murdered an innocent person.

  3. Mexico has NO leg to stand on as far as complaining as they coddle the criminals and treat the cartels like some sick national soap opera! They know all the names and who is doing what where etc! I am surprised that they do not have trading cards for them! Its pathetic that Mexico doesnt have the death penalty and they allow the criminals to run their country and most Mexicans are proud of that fact, sure outwardly they may say different but that is just a front for society deep inside they think of the cartels as sporting teams. Yes it is sickening and the US should invade Mexico to restore order.

  4. Sadly you cant trust the mexican goverment, however he was indeed caught with a hit team of zetas, he was being charged with possesion of weapons, her mother knew he was with them. He wasnt simply an innocent child, however, we will never know the thruth to its full extent simply because theres no investigation of things like this in this country.

  5. "the comments of readers there were few sympathetic comments, as we put our faith in the word of the government, when will we ever learn?.....Paz, Chivis"
    Very True.I remember this story posted on BB,and i was one of the unsympathetic ones,the story of Ponchis is slightly different,we have"video"evidence of his doings.The sad thing is,there are a million of this kid with no opportunities,he wanted to buy his mum a washing machine,how else would he get money?There is nothing else for him.He was threw to the wolves by authorities,everyone
    knew his name and that he was caught up with Z,and guess who came for him,like they threatening his mother"three letters"The authorities basically pointed him out"let them deal with him him"Is that the best way to deal with him?Kinda doubt it.

    1. What's the three letters???????????????

  6. valla con dios, kid...

  7. zetas are the worst hopefully they'll get rid of all of them.. where is el chapo?

  8. That´s Arturo Nahle´s way, manipulate the facts to make the pieces fall into place, no investigation, just a script, he is great at the misinformation game but sucks badly at being a general attorney.

    I don´t think the police executed him though, once he was released his name was too well known, he was recluted as a disposable pawn from the beginning, once freed both zetas and cdg would have wanted him dead.

  9. I think if you even Know or hang out with NarcoZ
    The chances are you will end up shot or chopped
    To pieces. B.t.w B.L.B Golfos killing z video.
    I couldn't finish the video it was way to graphic
    But I did notice that they didn't scream when it
    happened. Probably those poor z did the same
    To golfas. That's probably why they didn't
    scream for there life's. Guilty minds.
    As for this kid he probably knew zboyz
    Operations knew to much and thus got
    -Al QUDS

  10. This is a young impresionable kid of 13 living basically in the third world where it's Avant'e
    Guard to be a fucken zeta. Mabey just mabey he can make a few bucks to help Dear Old Mom..! but I venture to say he was far from an innocent child. After all he's lived on the streets since he was 10 in beutiful down town Zacetecas.

    1. Who on earth would just let their 10 yr old kid go wander the streets?being poor is NO FUCKING EXCUSE.i would have not had to worry about the narcos killing me when i was a kid my mother would have done it for them if i was wandering the streets at 10.i mean she would have physically beat the brakes off me in the middle of the street and drug me back home by the hair on my head.i dont trust the gvt either but more parents need to break their foot off up in their asses.people cant tell me i dont know what its like to be that poor with no opportunities cause i sure the hell do but i would have never done things like that in my worst hr

  11. Pobre nino, como alguien dijo por alli: Quizo correr antes de aprender a caminar. Tomo malas decisiones pero que se espera de un nino a esa edad, ademas, no era para que sufriera tanto, ni muriera como perro.

  12. I know this kid . He worked for "El Bert" and "El Ernie" who were trained by "el Oscar" aka "the Grouch". They were in a dispute with Pajaro Grande over Plaza Sesamo.

    1. Your a fucking retard 12:56pm SUPER-NACO ESTUPIDO

  13. Jorge A. Moreno was railroaded( le hicieron una jugada) by the federal and state authorities(Zaca.) in order to assist a cartel in the taking over of Zaca. I guess a way to solve homocides in Zaca. is to blame the murders on dead cartel members. If that happens to be a deceasd 13 yr. old cartel member, so be it. The Gov. Reyes can cry all the crocadile tears he wants, butyou don't hear him talking about an investigation into the death of Jorge. Talk about misinformation! Stating his mother was killed with him! There more to this story than meets the eye.

  14. understand no one is saying he was not working, probably as halcon, for Zetas his mom says that, what is offered is that he was not a killer. Big difference.

    My sense is that the corrupt Arturo Nahle Garcia is making cases to change the law so that he and others can pick up bothersome children and lock them up, those undesirables. They do this in CA along with targeting children and kill them outright as a method of social cleansing. You can tell by his comment. and the whole story of saying the mother was dead. It appears to be a fabricated story. The mom was fighting the fight for her son from the day he was detained, and she never let up. This is unusual.

    Who knows what his life may have taken him. Many kids work for cartels to earn money then do not stay in the life. Obviously he was intelligent. We will never know. But the entire point is I now highly doubt he was a sicario that killed 10, there was no proof or evidence except his forced confession.

  15. Poor little vato, his problems are over now.

  16. "targeting children and kill them outright as a method of social cleansing"
    Anyone who doesn't believe this actually goes on in our good old world,take a look at Brazil,you will find videos online where police are shooting kids,because they are street beggars and live in tunnels and hassle people with money.We can't have beggars on Copacabana Beach?Christ the Redeemer overlooks it all,what a sick joke?

  17. Borderland published the story coming out of Mexico accepting the version that this kid was an assassin.
    Perhaps Borderland should spend a bit more time establishing the veracity of stories coming out of Mexico.

  18. You got a point there Chivis, didn´t saw it that way before. If this is in fact social cleansing then my country is worst than I thought

  19. You play with fire you get burnt... you play with the big boys you play by their rules. Doesn't matter if you are 10 or 30. Sorry mom, it's time to shut up and accept the fact that you didn't do your job as a parent. I would kick my son's ass if I caught him with a joint, I would never let him have the chance to EVEN think about being a sicario. I am not gringo... (I live in Guadalajara).

    Also, it disgusts me to read stories about narco-mommie's feeling sorry for their kids when there are tens of innocent people getting kidnapped and killed by this scum every day. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD... your son doesn't have to kill someone to be responsible for the murder of someone. Holding a gun and watching the ass of the guys who are kidnapping innocents is enough in my honest opinion. In a perfect world, they would kill the perpetrators (all of them, children or not) and jail the parents who allowed it to happen for life. This is what we are pushing for in Jalisco... jail the entire damn family. They know it's going on and turn their head... hopefully BB won't run anymore sob-stories for criminals... if you need some heroic innocent people to right about the list is long and getting longer... check out recent kidnappings around GDL.

  20. @4:40PM

    I do not know how it is possible for Havana to have known this. And learn to read to the last word you may have your answer covered. If not, why didn't you write an article and set the world straight?

  21. @ 7:51pm Well said chivis,

    @@5:21pm CDG are the 3 letters, remember that even though the zetas killed him, CDG would had loved to get a hold of him

    1. DEA, FBI, CIA, and many other government agencies have been named the three letters for the last 50 years.

  22. tan pocos comentarios, wow, nos quejamos de la situacion que vive mexico pero estamos a la expectativa de noticias sangrientas, Triste algo asi "tan aburrido" como la noticia del nino sicario no llame mucho la atencion

  23. pinche mocoso, no trae nada

  24. The information published here when everything happened was nothing but the official version, as it was published everywhere, as it came from the authorities, so (in theory) its veracity was as stablished as it could be at the time. Only proceso took the time and effort to dig further and search for more of the story on the ground, something that this site can't do.

  25. @5:28

    The three letters usually mean CDG or Cartel del Golfo, the zetas are known as "la ultima letra" the last letter.

  26. @chivis I talk to diz supposly he work fed jail in da valle and told me tony aka tormenta was lock up in en el valle to texas then mexican goverment and came with a helicopter and took him back to mex after dat two weeks later he was roaming around free I don't think dat happen can you or anybody clear dat up even though he is dead please post thsnks b b

  27. They didn't scream ? No they moaned after the blade went through their skull . This is coming north to the us . You fools haven't seen shit . Watch. The goriest shit is coming . You will all witness this carnage and curse your eyes.

    1. You forget we are as well armed as u guys.good luck with that

  28. April 3, 2013 at 6:58 PM
    "What's the three letters???????????????"
    Dude,come on man,you reading about this or what?Zacatecas?He was Z.You think it could be CDG?Just jokin dude,,CDG.

  29. April 3, 2013 at 5:21 PM
    Man,,they just publish the stories,they aren't private investigators,they are not omnipotent to see whats right or wrong,can you see into the future?The authorities of Mexico told everyone the mother was dead,how would BB no she wasn't?She made herself a nuisance and kept looking for her boy,and now it has come out that she has nothing to do with it.How would BB know that?C,mon man,give the singer some.

  30. By the way,i know you cannot tell by appearances,but does that kid look like a killer?He can't be far off the age at which his life ended.
    The little guy out of his struggle now,millions more aren't.

  31. Live by the sword die by the sword.

  32. Is it so hard to believe that engaging or getting involved with any cartel regardless of the "job assignment" can result in death? Come on, this should be no suprise! Even as a "halcon" it is way to dangerous because "halcons" are the most vulnerable and easy to spot! Unfortunatelty, this kids case is not unique or rare in Mexico! These kids are easy to manipulate and they have no sense of worth or how the world works. This kid probably thought, "I'm a kid...nothing can happen to me!" And the fact that he was arrested and than released pretty much re-enforces that notion!

    A lot people will argue that he had "good intentions" by trying to make fast money working for a cartel! But you have to ask yourself is being poor and working legit low paying chores but staying alive better than taking the risk of doing cartel work? I believe this young kid found the answer the hard way...

  33. @9:46

    you are right and wrong. like proceso and every other media source, Havana went with the only story out there. In order to dig further one would need to speak to the mother and check into her info. We do not have stringers and support such as proceso does, but we do have good sources on the ground. For example I was reporting that the mass killing in Ver was a sham and the people were innocents, long before any of the press did. I had good information. Even today most papers never issued the facts. Same with when Lalo died and the 4 bodies throw in Bravo one being Sifuentes.

    But we are volunteers, we do not have people everywhere, proceso has great resources, but they are far from perfect. So though you are correct, it is not the entire picture, we are not simply a copy and paste, we also print original material, which requires good sources and hours of research.

  34. April 3, 2013 at 5:58 PM
    "You play with fire you get burnt,I am not gringo... (I live in Guadalajara..I would kick my son's ass if I caught him with a joint)"
    Greetings brother you have a point most definitely,if parents were more strict and chastised their children when they do wrong,who knows?But it is a symptom and cases are different,its a sad story whatever way we feel and its happening way to much.Someone who is dealing with this type of criminality will definitely have a more"realistic"approach than us,buenos noches amigo.

  35. My heart hurts for the mother and her poor son looking at his picture reminds me of my son I am so glad I dont live in Mexico poor kid maybe he made a few poor choices but he is still a kid and if he did murder will he should have gotten time but to torture a child and kill him is crossing that line

  36. Hola, Chivis,
    I was in an American paper once and the story was all wrong. When we pointed that out to the paper (and lots of people did) they ignored it and went on with no consideration of getting to the truth. They did not post a story trying to get the facts straight here like you did. In my opinion, you are that much ahead of the mainstream media.

  37. April 4, 2013 at 10:54 AM
    "DEA, FBI, CIA, and many other government agencies have been named the three letters for the last 50 years"
    Is that what she meant?It was one of them?

  38. Why are so many people blaming the Mother? I am a Parent and I am strict with My Children, But I would be a fool to believe My Children are always going to be well mannered and respectful. As a Child grows into adolescents, The company they keep helps mold who they will become as adults. Life is completely different in Mexico than in The US. None of US know the real truth about this Kid, Whether He's a Killer or not... Because as a Parent I know I would stand Behind My Child no matter what UNLESS THEY COMMITTED A CRIME AGAINST A CHILD. So, Yes the Mother may be blind when It comes to Her Child, Who knows. But Why bash the Mother, She's been bashed enough! Just so sad that in Mexico all the innocent citizens are stuck between a hard place and a rock. They can't turn to the proper authorities and Any stranger they look to for help could work for a Cartel. We shouldn't judge this Lady because none of us are or will ever be in Her shoes.

  39. A family member of mine was in the papers all over TX being accused of attempted murder, When I reached out to various papers and News stations telling them they were wrong & I had court documented proof they totally ignored Me. Some even banned Me from there FaceBook pages. The Media will give You a Million lies but they never come correct!

  40. April 5, 2013 at 12:57 PM
    "None of US know the real truth about this Kid, Whether He's a Killer or not"
    Why do you mention the US?The person who started about the mother on this thread said he"was not gringo"and he is in Guadalajara?People responded to him,you should try and read more before making a rush to judgement.There was nothing wrong in what he said by the way,its just the way people want to hate on the US?How do you know how many of the posts come from the US?And why mention that?Parenting is parenting,good and bad.
    You may as well not have an opinion according to your logic?

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