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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Saltillo: Dismembered Bodies of Vanguardia Photog and Student Discovered

Borderland Beat As posted on BB Forum by "Lala"

PGJE's Morales reports the bodies before their arrival

At the intersection of colonias Los Arcos and Miravalle, south of Saltillo, the dismembered bodies of two men were left  next to the wall of an elementary school each one with a message, .

The bodies were in the middle of the pavement at the intersection of boulevard Diamante, Alejandrina and Arco Suizo.
Strangely, according to elements of the State Investigative Police, they were alerted about the "discovery" of the two bodies, provided with  much detail by the Regional Delegate PGJE Claudia Elodia Brondo Morales , and apparently to soon, for  when they arrived the bodies were not there yet.

"Well, you saw that we went around three times and went through the same place three times, and it wasn´t until the third that the bodies were here, it is odd that the delegate knew even how they were dressed and how they were wrapped, and insisted so much in sending us to the exact point, but worst is that she sent us there even before the bodies had been dumped" said one of the detectives.


 While they were searching, a man who passed by and saw the bodies went in his car to give notice to the Municipal Police, at the South Delegation facilities in Echeverria and Libertad.

The policemen on duty passed the report to the State Emergency System 066 and then it was confirmed that ministeriales detectives had already located such bodies.

Although the statement that sent the Attorney General of the State mentioned that the discovery was made at 02:00 hours on Wednesday, actually happened at 00:30 am, shortly after that neighbor reported it to the Municipal Police.
The bodies were found at the edge of the ridge near Arco Suizo, one was on a bedspread with its mutilated limbs surrounding the body, the other body was on top of a black bag and there were sheets on the sidewalk. The messages were placed on top of the bodies and by when the bodies were taken they remained unidentified.
oops! Claudia Morales of PGJE  sent authorities for the bodies before their arrival

Attorney office identifies the bodies
Almost 22 hours after the discovery of the two dismembered bodies, the Attorney General in the State reported that they had been identified, and made known to the media through a press release ...
Members of the Police Investigation of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) managed to locate the relatives of the two victims that were found on Tuesday night in Arco Suizo and Alejandrina, Colonia Miravalle.

Relatives identified Daniel Alejandro Martinez Bazaldúa , 22 years old, and Julian Alejandro Zamora Gracia, 23.

Daniel Alejandro Martinez Bazaldúa had been working for about a month as a photographer for the social section of the newspaper Vanguardia, previously worked organizing special tourist trips. Last contact he had with his family was on April 23.

Julian Alejandro Zamora Gracia, according to information provided by family members, was a  engineering student at Northeastern University (UANE) and was doing an internship at a company of Ramos Arizpe. Last contact they had with him was also on April 23.

Along with the bodies there were two messages that make direct reference to both men, saying they had belonged to a criminal organization and had deserted.
El Diario Coahuila


  1. Considering how one of the murder victims worked for a media outlet, might be a case of journalist intimidation. The other victim might be a case of wrong place at the wrong time. With the Zetas being pinched in Coahuila they felt the need to take their frustrations out on a media worker. There is no question that Mrs. Broda Morales is a corrupt official at the service of the cartel. How else would she have known that there was going to be bodies placed at the location in which they were found. However, there might have been an attempt to set her up since she prematurely announced the location of the bodies before they were even placed there. Smells fishy this govt. official.

  2. that lady knows more thans shes telling...either way, Mexico TOO corrupt anyway.

  3. Say BB they jyst found Chuy Quintanillas dead body in the RGV a few hours ago.rumor is its drug related will u be running the story???

  4. This had better be investigated completely because someone just made a BIG, BIG mistake. If there are not firings and arrests after this, the entire Coahuila state government needs to be dumped!!!

  5. It can only be two things either this guys where putting heat on the Zetas or the contras did this so they can heat up Z territory.

    Two Borders!

    Pueden ser doz cosas una estos chavos andavan de dedos a la Letra o la contra hizo esto para calentarles la plaza a los Z ahi en Coahuila

    Doz Fronteras!

  6. well ... these detectives are making some progress. This time they arrived before the bodies were dumped. Now in the future if they can actually arrive before the victims are murdered - they might make some startling progress at crime prevention.


  7. So in the US we have Gun Free Zones at schools and they end up being shot up, so does that mean Mexico has Dead Free Zones? Because criminals follow rules. Sure.

    1. Yeah why r dead bodies or limbs always dumped by a school?? why don't they drop them at a plaza or banks or police stations...

  8. Nothing shocks you with this country anymore!

    How much longer can these stories go unreported in first world mainstream media!?

  9. "Almost 22 hours after the discovery of the two dismembered bodies, the Attorney General in the State reported that they had been identified, and made known to the media through a press release ... "

    so why all the articles about goverment and media cover up of cartel activities ? the attorney general and the media report about such things

    I'm confused and start thinking that somebody in Borderland Beat simply hates the goverment because he/she hates the political party(parties) who won the election in Mexico.

  10. @6:19AM

    State and federal are two different animals. Much like the US which it is patterned after, Mexico's state have autonomy to make decisions for them selves and this is no exception.

    That said, yes I hate the government of Coahuila, they have no official count of kidnappings or deaths and largely keep narco activities from the public. including the content of mantas which gives good information on where the drug war is.

    Why? Because they are corrupt and in with narcos. Do yu not know how to read? Are you not bothered that the atty gen office reported the bodies before the bodies arrived? If not I am talking to a wall.

  11. April 26, 2013 at 6:19 AM
    "I'm confused and start thinking that somebody in Borderland Beat simply hates the goverment because he/she hates the political party(parties) who won the election in Mexico"
    Are you cracked or what?Why would you love the authorities?The same authorities who let this madness go on and even facilitate it.Claudia Morales of PGJE told the police where bodies were"before"they were even there?The police went looking 3 times before the bodies were at the location she said they would be?Now,what has that got to do with BB?We,ll wait,,,,,,,,,

  12. Hey Chivis...why do you guys have your e-mail by subscription disabled?? This has been a big problem lately.

    Love your work!

  13. I don't know...I will ask the boss

  14. yeah its fkn scary when shit like this comes to light,the state government and the local cartel are one and the same

  15. Mexico is a breeding ground for Serial killers

    1. Your nalgas are a breeding ground to the highest bidder


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