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Monday, April 15, 2013

MURDERED: Alonso de la Colina, former host of “Hechos Guerrero”

From Twitter

Mexican journalist Alonso de la Colina Sordo was killed today (April 15) in the central city of Puebla as he left a bank officials said.  Until this past February, De La Colina Sordo was a news presenter for a television newscast in the state of Guerrero, one of the hardest hit regions in Mexico by the violence generated by organized crime groups.

The 50 year old journalist was shot in the chest by the heart as he left the bank in a shopping plaza in the city of Puebla, said sources of the Office of the State Prosecutor.  The Director of the Ministerial Police, Juan Luis Galán reported that the journalist “was approached in the parking lot of the shopping plaza by a man who was about 1.80 meters tall and robust”.  “He fired twice into the air to scare him and then killed him”.

Personnel of the private security of the shopping plaza attended to the journalist, but they were unable to revive him and he died minutes after the shooting, according to initial investigations.  The authorities have not yet established whether the motive for the murder was a robbery or was it some kind of persecution for the journalists’ work.

De La Colina was a news presenter for the television newscast “Hechos Guerrero”, but on February 15 he said his goodbyes live during the broadcast of the program and also announced his intention to pursue new projects.  A day later the local TV station closed, it had been under contract for 16 years to the family De La Colina Sordo in Acapulco.

Footage from TV Azteca:

Recently, the local channel has resumed reporting news in Acapulco, one of the main tourist centers of the country.  Since 2000, about 80 journalists and photojournalists have been killed in Mexico, one of the most dangerous countries in the world for the exercise of the profession.

Source: Homozapping

 I just thought I'd add this video made by @frankcjc dedicated to journalists who have been murdered.


  1. one more to add to the already long list :( and EPN still trying to cover the sun with one finger

  2. Keep it up guys . Do it for your country they support you guys making a lot of headway. Always said journalists would bring down these mighty cartels.

  3. Mexican government sending out warning to other journalist not to report on drug wars and other illegal activities of corrupt officials.

  4. That country and it's people are so fucked

  5. Can some Mexican here define which group of people can still feel safe in Mexico? As I see it we have the Billionaires which don't seem to be affect while all the rest from politicians, law enforcement, small/mid class businesses, normal people and all levels of the criminal underworld have to live in fear.
    Shouldn't somebody ask why nobody of these cartel cells have tried to mess with the Billionaires? Shouldn't there be real profit to be made? If you have no moral limits and have no problems gunning it out against heavy armed opposition blocking whole areas why is this group untouched?

    Unless of course this group is behind all these cartels and they have an agreement to not touch their own while they play divide&conquer with other fools.

  6. Criminals and drug cartels are destroying this country! These people need to be categorized for what they are - terrorists! The impunity has to stop and the sentencing of criminals needs to be incredibly harsh. Go to the UN and scream out for help! How much longer can the leaders of this country look the other way?! Redistribute the wealth, create a good welfare system, enforce compulsory education and ensure good literacy rates. Bring children out of poverty! These are all things that these TCOs DO NOT want. They want a country on the brink of collapse, they want the police to be earning a pittance so that they can be corrupted, they want the young cannon fodder desperate for cash.

    1. A NWO Mexico style? Lets hope not. I agree with what this poster says completely! U can chop off the head but if the monster has 20,000 heads what's the point? Start at the root and offer the alternative. This country has so many widows, so many orphans. And yet, with no solid welfare system it is set to fail yet again. I pray for u Mexico!! Xx.

  7. Rest in peace your work here is over.

  8. less journalists mean less focus on cops too.

  9. how to solve the problem in one month. they need to declare drug cartel members "enemies of the state"-including anyone who is a collaborator up to the rank governor. They also need to put a bounty dead or alive on any drug cartel member or collaborator from lowly halcon to sicario hitmen to bosses. This implies that whoever kills a drug cartel member or their agents can do so with impunity. Unlike the situation we have now where the criminal kills with impunity but the state restrains the law abiding citizen from defending himself. 5000.00 per halcon,10,000 per sicario 20,000 per drug lord. With the caveat that raising false charges is treason against the state. If the government does not agree, the people should rise up and take care of the politicians first then take care of the other parasites, the drug dealers. It is amazing that a few dozen men are able to terrorize a whole nation. The Mexican state is close to losing its mandate to exist. It has failed its people.

  10. Gotta love how street taco vendors get extorted but fat ass Carlos Slim drives to work everyday without a worry in the world somehow??

  11. @12:43 and even more important, corrupt politicians, I have no doubt that many journalists have been killed by orders from someone in the government, I suspect more of state level governments than federal

  12. April 16, 2013 at 5:56 AM
    "Redistribute the wealth, create a good welfare system, enforce compulsory education and ensure good literacy rates. Bring children out of poverty"
    Good common sense ideas,you would think there may be one influential Mexican who wants to see his countries little ones all over Mexico at least have a shot at a better life,,come on EPN,surprise all us grings and stand up for your people.Enough is enough,you are president,bulldoze your ideas over anyone who stands in the way of a better Mexico for the disenfranchised children and young people.C,mon Enrique shock everyone ?

  13. The hitman made Alonso reliaze he was about to die
    Maybe he knew the shooter

  14. What did they kill this guy for?What was his big misdemeanor,his big crime?Being a newscaster,was that his crime?Cowardly little scrubs.

  15. Pepe Aguilar singing at the end.Sad sad video,makes you wonder how dudes can kidnap and kill these people?These kind of people are the salt of the earth,they hurt no-one,are decent human beings,try to tell the world what is going on,we shouldn't be killing people like this.
    They are the kind of people who make life better,truly,they work,pay tax,raise children to be good people,and we are allowing them to be killed with total impunity.Mexican national disgrace,it has to be called for what it is.Who has been caught and punished for all this?If it happens tomorrow,will it be the same?Does this show how high complicity goes in authorities?Why would they not do something to stop this?

  16. 4:18 A.M. says that the Billionaire's do not get bothered? W'ell let me think for a moment, How many Billionaires live in Mexico? Beside's mabey 3 that are public the rest are undercover for all the appropriate reasons,Drugs,Tax Fraud, and Politicians that should be wealthy at best but certainly not "Billionaires". Mexico might have a lot of millionaires but Billionaires; I don't think so! The point is people of means have the power and brains to have "Heavy Security" they live in Guarded Communitys and with personal body guards and spend as much time out of the country as they do in the country. This in fact brings the odds of them being robbed or brutalized from slim to none. Whereas the common Mexican is below middle class and has to work and live among all the riff raff that plays on people who have absolutely no one to turn to when they are raped,assaulted and murdered on a daily basis. The law and order of the day in Mexico presently is kill or be killed.

  17. The big problem is as you say, the elected people forgot they work for the individuals and generally are pushing unique agenda's to line their pouches.


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