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Monday, April 1, 2013

His Life Threatened: "ValorXTamaulipas" Disappears from Facebook and Twitter

Borderland Beat: Written and Submitted by Tijuano

This past February the organized crime offered 600 thousand Mexican Pesos(about 50000 USD) to anyone who gave information about the creator of Valor Por Tamaulipas. The objective: “To shut his mouth”.
The social network accounts of “Valor por Tamaulipas” that used to give alert about risky situations along Tamaulipas state disappeared.

Twitter´s account @ValorTamaulipas and its Facebook page which contained citizen reports where deleted and at this moment the reasons are unknown.

Note from Chivis:  In todays issue of La Jornada they referenced VXT other FB page however some are saying it is not real, at this time I would caution posted anything of it or any other attributed to VXT.  others believe it is the same person because it was formed a month ago, this cryptic message appeared today:

"because of the risk that means I'm done with this page (the original), I decided to create this one, so that if the first page is blocked somehow this new page will still work sending possible SDR (risk situations) that may occur, please follow me
Proceso is reporting the twitter page @RespXTamaulipas is the new page as the admin for forced to closed the others due to insecurity.  Link HERE

 Here is the coordinating FB PAGE and admin message ( bing translated):
Public opinion: in relation to the suspension of accounts on Twitter and Facebook user value by Tamaulipas; We inform the following: it was recently made public, threats against our colleague, which at the time were evaluated and analyzed to determine the veracity of them.
In recent months, the collaboration of our partner's cause was diminished also by labor issues that they demanded his time. Rarely had to momentarily suspend its SDR releases by such circumstances.

 In addition, at certain times; He also showed his courage and enthusiasm to continue to participate actively, to inform and protect citizens Tamaulipas, also joining charity campaigns and some other altruistic character were added to the cause of serving the community.

 Today, we announce a temporary suspension in the activities of both accounts, in order to strengthen the work of our blog and thus also, protect administrators from these pages.
We are confident and very certain of the support of our people and of the uncertainty that can generate such abrupt interruption of releases. Soon we will be reinstating  our accounts and generating again objective, truthful and timely information that serves the Tamaulipas  people and all the good people who pass by our State.

 It is necessary at this time to pause in our activities and redefine our objectives.

I appreciate the attention and support, as well as the concern of every one of the followers and ask not specular false information regarding the administrator of VxT, from this moment, accounts sisters are joining to be a virtual, active community at the service of our people.

 It is not me just say don't be fooled, my new colleagues help me to improve accounts and manage information in the best possible way; This work stoppage is temporary

 To read the new Proceso Article LINK HERE


  1. I followed VxT on face. I guess I better watch out now.

  2. well im glad he's okay...

  3. I hope god is with vxt

  4. found some people following rio grande valley corruption.
    worth the read if you ever wondered how criminal cartels had such an easy time getting loads from point a to point b.
    The Shadow of the Son
    The trials of the border's most powerful law-enforcement family
    by Melissa del Bosque Published on Wednesday, March 27, 2013, at 1:15 CST

  5. smart move to stop. Hope they never find him though.

  6. That other VxT FB is fake, confirmed by Responsabilidad por Tamaulipas

  7. fuuuuuck people use the TOR browser before you log on. you cant get traced, i've been telling you people for awhile now...

  8. I hope he is still alive


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