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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hidalgo: Under Soles of Los Zetas, Knights Templar and...

Borderland Beat

The government of Hidalgo, has continually boasted of having much less violence and organized crime than other states, but the reality is quite different. For years, tested in an accurate way, the state has been protected by the leadership of Los Zetas. 

Remember that the main controls of the criminal organization of Los Zetas were from Hidalgo, including the maternal and paternal family of the late Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, a humble and respected family throughout the state.
'El Lazca', the former leader of Los Zetas cartel,  built a luxurious mausoleum in Pachuca, Hidalgo. His death occurred on the second Sunday in October, according to the Mexican government, in a clash with the military. The photos of his body were the only evidence, because his body was stolen from a funeral home in Coahuila, a state in northern of Mexico. The mausoleum is not documented, but the type of construction is very similar to that of the church he built and until a year ago had a plaque thanking Heriberto Lazcano for the donation for the structure. Both buildings have a huge chrome cross adorning the front façade of wood and cut glass. The church is located a mere three blocks from the Military Camp 18-A. The area is secluded and tucked away in the state capital of Pachuca. About 200 meters away is the Ministry of Labour, local government, the airport and a shopping plaza. In fact, the avenue is nearest one leading to the highway to Mexico City.
(Supposedly) El Lazca's Hildago Mansion
Hidalgo state lives under the dead shadow of "El Lazca," with its ongoing intracartel war silenced by the state authorities under Governor Francisco Olvera Ruiz.  He muffles, as best he can, the information on most of these events. Striving for the Hidago plaza, Los Zetas defend their territory while the Knights Templar are constantly trying to settle in the entity. That is the reality, even the day before yesterday police arrested 13 members of the Knights Templar, the organization headed by Michoacana Servando Gomez Martinez, alias "La Tuta," in Rio de Tepeji
One may wonder why they struggle for Hidalgo plaza? Simple, the town of Tula was formerly "owned" by the Pacific cartel and two years ago was taken over by the Knights Templar. And  with the construction of the "Arco Norte," Hidago has a direct connection between the states of Puebla, Queretaro, Hidalgo, and Michoacán. It graciously extends a free pass to the north of the country.
This new highway has been exploited by criminal organizations to transport drugs, women and children for sexual exploitation in Tamaulipas, because the safety and security is voided by federal authorities. Hidalgo has several problems that are becoming a time bomb, including domestic violence, disappeared women, femicide and obviously organized crime, together a perfect mix of low and high impact offenses destroying safety. In this state of Hidago where nothing happens to prohibit these event, everything is controlled by the governor, all tied with covenants and agreements, including the media which is silenced by the threat of suspension  of advertising payment which translates into thousands of dollars for local media. Proof of this is the recent strong rumors that the two persons detained for the 7 femicides in Tula were scapegoats delivered by organized crime, from the state to the federal government to make a strong show of bringing order. Everything moves and is muted with a single phone call, a call from the governor of Hidalgo and facilitated by the Corrupt police of Francisco Olvera Ruiz...
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  1. "Until a year ago had a plaque thanking Heriberto Lazcano for the donation for the structure."

    Thx for all the people you murdered in your short life too. Nice man.

  2. Yes, the governor doesn't even try to pretend most of the time to be anything other than corrupto puro! Nice read for a Sunday afternoon

  3. El lazca esta vivo!!!!

    1. Tu como saves apoko Lo miras en persona? Vives con el informalos con una foto donde esta vivo entonces no?

    2. En serio? El Lazca esta vivo? Solo en tu mente?

  4. @ 5:16pm.

    No creo que sea asi compa, la jente de poder asi, esta segada por el logro que an alcansado para dejar el trono asi nomas, sigase puñetiandose la mente si usted quiere, pero al lazca ya eta pagando por lo que hizo y sabra dios que le espere a esa gente que a echo tanto mal...

  5. A chrome generous. Maybe Lazcono's partner chose chrome after washing the wheels of CDG for most of his worthless life.

  6. This sounds more like hell than anywhere else! And the governor is the puppet master.

  7. And so is jenny rivera tupac and pedro infante

  8. Viva el lazca putos puro acuña y q chingen a su madre los de putorion jajajaja!!

  9. dirty filthy knights templar's

  10. Everyone is somehow is currupted, and they don't even know it...

  11. Do you have recent information on the Los Zetas in Hidalgo? Also, would people with major facial scars be seen as part of the gang =or people who went against the los zetas?


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