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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"El Pozolero": A legacy of death by Tijuana´s "Soup maker".(Interview included)

Translated by Tijuano for Borderland Beat.
Special thanks to Chivis Martinez for pointing out the video.

El Universal.
Santiago Meza Lopez, aka "El Pozolero"(Soup maker)
It was January 23rd, That day Santiago Meza Lopez didn´t care about being seen crying, neither did he care that tens of news reporters, soldiers and curious people wanted to take pictures of him, or ask him how he made “El pozole”(Mexican meat soup), or how much the Sinaloa cartel paid him. He only cared about God´s forgiveness.

Santiago, one of the FBI´s most wanted drug dealers, could barely open his eyes: the beating he received when he was arrested leaved his face swollen. Crying was hurtful, but the cocaine dose he had inside made it bearable.

By that Friday´s mid-day, inside Tijuana´s military base, in Tijuana, the detainee begged constantly “Please, forgive me…”.

Meza Lopez was asking indulgence from the relatives of all the people he dissolved during nine years, first under the orders of the Arellano Felix cartel, then under those of the Sinaloa cartel when El Teo switched sides.

“El Pozolero”(The soup maker), that´s how he was called inside the organization, because he was in charge of getting rid of the bodies of the war that was being fought in Tijuana over the drug routes towards the United States.

Some people say Santiago was crying because he didn´t believe he was guilty, he thought life put him there and that was the job intended for him. He claimed he wasn´t a killer, he wasn´t a kidnapper, he didn´t saw himself as a drug dealer.

Soldiers remember that when he was arrested, in his way from Ensenada to Tijuana, he kept praying out loud. He asked God for forgiveness. “Sorry, sorry” was heard inside the Humvee in which he was moved to Tijuana.

"El Pozolero" leaving one of the properties where he dumped remains.
Little was known about “El Pozolero” in the following 4 years, until the end of 2012, when the Attorney General´s Sub-office for Specialized Investigations of Organized Crime ( Sub-procuraduria Especializada en Investigacion de la Delincuencia Organizada, SIEDO) decided to revive the case, sending a group of specialists to Tijuana with the mission of finding the remains of those who were dissolved in acid. Then his statement came to the public lights.

He was caught in the kitchen
Inside the Federal Attorney General´s office(Procuraduria General de la Republica, PGR) people remember that the Public Ministry waited anxiously. Arriving to their building was a hit man who –they were told- had dissolved more than 300 bodies in acid.

When Santiago Meza arrived, he wasn´t what they expected, a short man made his appearance, with a well cut moustache. He was shacking and had trouble breathing and moving.

“El Pozolero”, a 36 year old native of Guamuchil, Sinaloa, worked for the “big guys” since he was 19. He started as a construction man for the drug dealers that operated in the border. Then he started working full time for the Arellano Felix family, one of the biggest cartels in Mexico.
According to what he said that night in the PGR, being loyal and hardworking made him get promoted, he became office keeper. Drug office keepers take care of the drug depot´s surveillance.

There´s where he met his boss: Teodoro Garcia Simental, aka “El Teo”, considered by some reports as one of the most ruthless and bloodthirsty hit men ever. When “El Teo” began his fight against Fernando Sanchez Arellano and chose to betray him, “El Pozolero” also switched sides: he became an ally of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera.

Santiago was captured soon. It was a party night in Ensenada, inside Baja Season´s hotel. When the army arrived, Meza couldn´t escape, he was so intoxicated he couldn´t even run. They got him making sea food.

Baja Season Hotel, home of the last party of "El Pozolero"

The recipe came from Israel
In January 25th, 2009, Santiago Meza Lopez shared his recipe to make “Pozole”, it include two empty oil barrels, several pounds of caustic soda, latex gloves, gas masks, and a pair of “teachers”, supposedly brought from Israel.

Authorities mention that somewhere around 2000, the Arellano Felix brothers decided to use new methods to get rid of their enemies. Before they just dumped the bodies in the sewers or the city river, but it was dangerous and someone could catch them.

Benjamin and Ramon Arellano Felix.
They decided to bring to people from Israel who knew how to dissolve corpses in acid. They trained a group of men, including Santiago, who in those days used to take care of drugs that were to be smuggled to the United Stated.

Santiago gave details, he  began by buying the empty oil barrels, then he dumped about 100 pounds “powder” which he bought in a hardware store, in the Mariano Matamoros colony, east side of Tijuana. The pounds of “powder” were caustic soda, which he bought at a price of roughly 1.5 dollars a pound.

“The corpses that I was given to make “pozole” were already dead; I dumped them complete inside the oil barrels. A lady once asked me the reason why I bought so much caustic soda , I told her I used it to clean houses…”, told Santiago Meza.

Santiago was helped by two young men who he identified as “El Chalino” and “El Yiyo”, a pair of 25 year olds, who were also born in Sinaloa. Both left Guamuchil and arrived at Tijuana with the idea of making lots of money. The diligence entrusted to them was “to learn how to make pozole…”.

“The way they gave me the corpses was as follows, “El Teo” would call me and tell me that at a certain hour, in a certain place, I was to be given the merchandise. He would call me and tell me that they didn´t knew in which the corpses were being transported. Then they would call me and tell me in which car they were. They would make a light signal and the delivery was made”, explained Meza.

Teodoro Garcia Simental aka "El Teo", former boss of "El Pozolero".
Santiago stated that working with caustic soda is no child´s play. You got to be careful and he always was; He used as protection latex gloves and gas masks.

The location was also well chosen: They used a property located in the road to Tecate, a desolated area called “Ojo de Agua”. “There´s where the “pozole” was dumped, we dumped about 60 corpses”. They also used a small ranch in the outskirts of Tijuana by the Boulevard 2000.

“But my only task was to get rid of the bodies!”, Santiago made this clear, he even considered this as a normal job, he was paid 600 dollars per week and was given the “ingredients” for his “meat soup”.
He wants to leave jail
Fernando Ocegueda Flores, president of the United Association for the Disappeared (Asociacion Unidos por los Desaparecidos) says that relatives won´t forgive Santiago. They don´t believe in his tears. “He´s an evil being, even though Santiago didn´t kill their relatives, they believe that only someone mentally disturbed would desecrate a corpse like that”.continues next page
With a gasped voice, Fernando Ocegueda explains: “We believe that his asked for forgiveness because he was still drugged and felt his whole world falling apart. When we looked for him, he didn´t want to help, he didn´t want to tell us where our relatives were buried”.

“El Pozolero” is imprisoned in the El Rincon Federal Prison, in Nayarit, and the only charge against him is for his presumed possession of illegal firearms.

The Republic´s Attorney General Office said that his case is still open, “in process”. However, activists were told that an habeas corpus was promoted this year and that Santiago could be set free in the next few months.

“He shouldn´t be free, he must be in jail. The only thing he knows is to make “pozole”, and he´ll be back to his old habits”, says Fernando Oceguera.

Fernando Ocegueda Flores and Mexican poet Javier Sicilia.
The man who dissolved corpses in acid, the same man that cried that day in January, 2009, has apparently been forgiven by God. At least that´s what Rafael Romo Muñoz, Tijuana´s Archbishop,  told the media: “Even if he got rid of 300 corpses, he still has God´s forgiveness if he is truly sorry. There´s always forgiveness in God, no matter the sin you committed.

3 drums filled with "pozole" left in a Tijuana street, circa 2008
Reporters interview "El Pozolero" while standing above one of the pits used to dump human remains.(Transcription below)


Q: What kind of people did you get rid of?
    A:       I didn´t knew what kind of people they were.
Q:Were they already dead?
    A:        Yes, they were.
Q: Did you chop them?
    A:        No, full bodies.
Q: How did you do the “work”?
    A:        I would just put them in an oil barrel and the acid dissolved them.
Q: How gave you your “tools”?, How did you get them?
    A:        I bought it.
Q: Where?
    A:        Everywhere.
Q: How much time did it took you to get rid of a body?
    A:        24 hrs.
Q: What did you do with the remains?
    A:        I used to throw them in a pit.
Q: Mainly, what kind of people did you get rid of?
    A:        I don´t know.
Q: Woman, children, men?
    A:        I don´t know what kind of people they were, they gave them to me, I didn´t knew who they were.
Q: How much did you get paid?
    A:        600 dollars per week.
Q: What kind substance did you use?
    A:        Caustic soda.
Q: Who did you work for?
    A:        El Teo.
Q: Who is he?
    A:        El Teo, don´t tell me you don´t know him.
Q: How did you meet him?
    A:        I knew him from a log time ago.
Q: Where did you meet him?
    A:        Here, in Tijuana.
Q: Who introduced him to you?
    A:        Nobody, from my job
Q: Where did you work before?
    A:        In construction.
Q: Where there 300 bodies just from last year?
    A:        About 300, more or less.
Q: Once they disintegrated, what did you do with the liquid?
    A:        I threw it on a pit.
Q: Where is it?
    A:        Here
Q: Are there bodies where we are standing?
    A:        Yes, here.
Q: Who else does this for El Teo?
    A:        I don´t know.
Q. You don´t know anyone else?
    A:        No.
Q: How many bodies did you get rid of in a week?
    A:        No answer.
Q: How many bodies do you have here?
    A:        About ten.
Q: And when did you dissolve them?
    A:        About three months ago.
Q: How much time did you spend with the bodies you were given?
    A:        24 hrs.
Q: Are you regretful?
    A:        Yeah.
Q: Were there only drug dealers? The ones you executed?
    A:        I don´t know.
Q: Who brought you the bodies?
    A:        They were different people.
Q: What would you say to the relatives of those who you dissolved in acid?
    A        What can I say? Ask them for forgiveness.
Q: Why were you crying moments ago?
    A:        Before giving an answer, the soldiers took him away.

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  4. He knew what he was doing and what he was into, he's no innocent. After all if he was working for the cartels before he started to get rid of the bodies it was obvious he knew it was illegal! Evil, sick bastard. I seen a documentary with that man Fernando Flores and his wife it was very touching they said their son was taken and nobody knew why but they believed this sicko disposed of him.

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    I interact with people in Mexico that have studied English for years and are not nearly as capable in using English. I will leave it at that.

    Translation is a tough job, but I talked Tijuano into translating and writing a video narrative for the readers, as readers have appreciated mine. Another time consuming effort.

    Why not concentrate on positives and stop not picking?

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  25. Ignore the haters picking up on one or two grammatical errors, we all know that this site and the stories posted on it are posted and written/translated by non native English speakers so why beat them up over one or two things. I myself am British and I don't go crazy when Americans say persons instead of people (person = singular, people = plural) or if they say soccer instead of football. I think the ppl at bb are doing a great job bringing us native speakers the stories happening in Mexico and for one or two small errors I think we can all understand what is being said and I think most people would agree. Keep up the good work and peace people.

  26. For the "spell check" guy - I think you're requesting a grammatical check, where "to" should be "two" - or similar.

    This is the only place where one person can read and try to understand the whole of the "Drug War".

    The reports you read are coming from the war front. These reporters are filing reports under the threat of violence.

    Continue reading, stop complaining, offer assistance, if you can.

    Staffers and Mods; Please keep up the good work!

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    Federal police said in a statement the first gunbattle began when officers aboard a helicopter spotted armed men traveling in four vehicles in the town of Gabriel Zamora.

    The gunmen opened fire on the agents, who shot back and killed five assailants, the statement said.

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    Hours later in the town of Apatzingan, federal agents were accompanying a caravan of citizens commemorating the anniversary of the death of Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata when gunmen fired shots at some of the participants. Police killed one of the gunmen, authorities said.

    The citizens continued on and were again attacked by gunmen who fired from an overpass, police said. Eight people died and another eight were wounded, including two police officers.

    The Knights Templar cartel, which controls much of Michoacan, has been fighting rivals along its borders with other states including Guerrero, where a variety of smaller cartels control drug smuggling and other criminal activities.

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  31. Just to keep the science straight, the caustic soda solution this crazy guy made to dissolve the bodies is not an acid at all, its the total opposite. It is a base solution that breaks the bonds that hold tissues together.


  33. 8:24AM

    I paraphrase for clarity. This is what my aunt who has been a translator for 40 years suggested I do in this forum of writing. The goal is the ability of a group of people to understand with clarity what has been written.

    As for colonia...that is also a word used in the US, yes there are colonias in many states in the US. WHen you are dealing with many names, states, municipalities and colonias it is better to use proper wording, to be definitive. I would hope that readers are capable of using google to type in "define colonia" to learn the meaning of it or any word and learn something. It did it for you:

    'residential quarter of a city'

  34. @12:46

    "@ Chivis Did u even bother reviewing it"

    Well pal, in your limited 3 sentences you also made grammatical errors!

    Look I am not an finish editor and can't possibly do any more work for BB. But I find your comment narcissistic and rude. In a perfect world you would never come back to BB.

    Tijuano is a great source, as we do not have a source in his city. But I wonder how long he will stay before he gets fed up with the bitching from readers such as yourself.

    Fed up and leave so many others who decided it just was not worth it.

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    That's more constructive than pissing everyone off all the time with your constant crowing,fuck do you people get out of it?
    And Chivis,,fuck em,,don't bother arguing with them.Let them gibber to themselves about grammar and whatever else,they complain,that's what they do!

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    "There's several sentences that throw me off because of the unstructured sentences that don't make sense"
    Well fuck off then,go and read Einsteins theory of Relativity and leave us alone.........Is that structured enough for you ?

  37. "There's several sentences that throw me off because of the unstructured sentences"
    You need throwing off,,,,,,preferably a fuckin bridge or overpass .

  38. It matters little to me if he was involved after the fact. He assured that hundreds of families will never have peace, never able to bury their loved ones, and never receive confirmation of their deaths.

    he Destroyed evidence, he was an accomplice, he had the information of the murder of hundreds....

    He is a despicable animal

    when we humans excuse this type of behavior we lower the bar of morality and culpability making it easier for citizens to say "yes" when criminals are asked to do certain jobs.

    The line of right and wrong becomes less always just my dos centavos

  39. @ all those complaining about grammar and proper sentence structure:

    You´re right, I made some mistakes with this post. My english is somewhat rusty right now. However, I´m sure most of you undestood what I meant.

    Does that mean I don´t care? No, I´ll try to double check my posts from now on.

    1. Everybody understood u tijuano everyone but the tard who probably rode the short bus in school that least normal short bus ppl dont critizize

  40. @April 11, 2013 at 10:14 AM

    You´re completeley right, NaOH is a base, you see? That´s what happens when you try to translate an article as soon as possible! I just traslated what was in the article and never thought twice about that, guess I forgot what I learned in chemistry.

    1. You guys shouldnt waste the posting space on these grammar the space for ppl who actually have something to say that ppl are interested in

  41. @April 10, 2013 at 10:44 PM:

    Lei la noticia el Sabado, en las noticias de Tijuana no se sabia que era el sobrino del Mayo, estoy revisando las paginas de Sinaloa y al parecer es cierto.

    1. Where can I find info on this?

  42. He'll only serve a few years? Disgusting. For even one count, in this country, what he did could get him life without parole. Multiple counts of accomplice to murder, accessory to murder, conspiracy, evidence tampering, witness tampering, evading arrest, to name a few. A Nuremburg style tribunal should be set up to try these types of crimes - crimes against humanity.

  43. Chivis y a todos de bb, gracias por todo lo que hacen para informar a la gente sobre Mexico.

    - Junius

  44. $600 per week, anybody in Mexico would go for that opportunity.


  46. Why was he crying? These tough guys don't cry if their momma gets her head cut off with a hunting knife.

    Funny that the writer makes a big point of pointing out the tears.

    If he gets out he probably won't live very long, especially since he's talked.

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  48. bb reporters are good translators, but most of them are not journalist, they get their posts from diferent sources ( which they always give credit to)

  49. Ive killed in the military, does that mean I cant be forgiven? It was my job to do so..

  50. @ chivis don't let these people get a rise out of you just do your work, present it and accept criticism when it's constructive. even assholes can give you good critiques even if they do it in a douchey way . . . forget about them you're doing good echale ganas!

  51. I wish people would stop making excuses for evil behavior, it is the reason the situation does not improve. Basta ya!

  52. The translation is a bit off,but as always,good reading.Keep up the good work bb.

  53. I don't understand why Mexico even release these people!!? In this country monsters like him would never be released. Lock them up until they take their last breath. It's the least they deserve!

  54. The translation is not off. I read the whole article fine. Is it perfect english? No. But who needs that. No one speaks perfect english but im still able to understand slang in my daily life. If you cant make sense of it, the problem is with you, not with Tijuana. If having one or two words off really throws the whole article for you, you may have a problem with reading comprehension.

  55. April 12, 2013 at 10:59 AM
    "No one speaks perfect english but im still able to understand slang in my daily life".............True words brother.
    As for this guy"El Pozolero"isn't there such a thing as destroying evidence,desecration of corpses,helping in a murder,furtherance of a criminal enterprise?This guy has destroyed evidence of murders,that's what his job was for,to cover up murders.As far as i,m concerned he is as culpable whether he killed or not,he knew exactly what he was doing and why?He is as deeply involved as anyone else,he enabled this gruesome murder spree to continue by destroying any trace of murders committed.We will never know the identities of these people because he destroyed everything that could have helped police,authorities,and finally and most importantly family members.

  56. To all of the grammar\spelling teachers: Go some place else to read!BB does a great job reporting and you need to take your whining elsewhere.

    To the person that stated that the killers are a million times worse:What if it was your family member? Do you need closure to live your life after some loser kills you loved one? Think before you write.

  57. @11:35 I did think before I wrote, I said this man was a criminal, I still think killers are a million times worse which doesn't mean I condone or downplay in any way what this man did

  58. worried about spelling and sentence structure? you are worried about the wrong damn thing! go buy some more ammo cause when the cartels unleash their teams in good ole USA you are gonna need it.

  59. It doesnt matter if he did not kill anybody. He is guilty regardless. But in Mexico nobody can walk away free from cartels, specially in those little towns. If they dont do what they say, they kill you and not a big deal.

  60. How do you say "No, I'm going to dissolve any bodies for you" to a blood crazed drug cartel. The cartel had no problem killing 300 people so what's one more guy that you just refused to get rid of the bodies. Pretty sure this is one of those propositions he couldn't refuse.

  61. I feel kinda sorry for this guy. Cuz you can't really just quit. They'd kill before you get out the door and you wouldn't be able to deny a promotion it finish would be AB's purely terrifying

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  64. Some people just aren't pet people to begin with.

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  66. Das ist eiin Thema das ist der Nähe mein Heerz ... Danke!
    Genau dort, wo sind Ihre Kontaktdaten obwohl?

  67. What you said was very logical. But, think on this, what if you added a little information? I ain't suggesting your information is not good., but
    what if you added a title that grabbed people's attention? I mean ""El Pozolero": A legacy of death by Tijuana�s "Soup maker".(Interview included)" is a little boring.
    You could peek at Yahoo's front page and note how they create news titles to grab viewers to open the links.

    You might add a related video or a pic or two to grab people interested about what
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