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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Week Ends With 72 Deaths In Four Days

Human head found in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Since the past “Holy Thursday” until the evening of Easter Sunday, at least 72 people were killed in different parts of the country, according to a new overall count of deaths in violent acts by Aristegui Noticias.

Despite the thousands of people who vacationed in tourist zones in the country and the vacation of millions of Mexicans during this season, organized crime did not cede, and the spiral of violence continued.

Most executions occurred in the state of Sinaloa, with at least 16 deaths, followed by Chihuahua with 14, Morelos with 7, Durango with 6, The State of Mexico with 5, and both Guerrero and Jalisco with 4.
Among the violent events in the country, the one that stands out was the murder of seven people in a bar in Chihuahua on “Holy Thursday”.

This is a comprehensive picture of the various crimes, reported by various local and national media, who are credited and linked to at the end of this article.  

Some events from “Holy Thursday”

El Llano de los Peraza
The early hours of last Thursday (March 28), 5 men were found dead in the town of El Llano de los Peraza, municipality of Sinaloa de Leyva, in the mountainous Sinaloan land.  Police reports indicated that the 5 men were shot to death.


On the night of that day, in the capital of Chihuahua, 7 people were murdered.  The 7 people consisted of 3 women and 4 men, who were inside a bar located in the center of the city.  According to witnesses, at the bar Mogabi, a hooded individual arrived—wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying an assault rifle, shot at customers.

Meanwhile, 4 people were shot to death by firearms in different parts of La Laguna, in Durango.   Police reports first detailed the discovery of a male corpse, who died from at least one bullet wound caused by a firearm in Gómez Palacio Jiménez, near El Vergel, of Gómez Palacio.

Two other males, both with a gunshot wound to the head, were found dead in San Pedro de las Colonias, Durango.  Another man was murdered in Gomez Palacio, from two gunshot wounds.  In Tepehuanes, a girl and her father were killed.

More assassinated on “Good Friday”

Similar to the representation of the way of the cross of Jesus Christ in different parts of the country, a young lavacoches (car washer) was executed in the plaza Las Águilas in the colony Prados de San Vicente, in San Luis Potosí.
Father and son shot to death
In Juarez, a double homicide occurred in the colony Carlos Chavira, when a group of gunmen opened fire on a father and son, on Friday afternoon when they were in the backyard of a home grilling meat.  On that same day, the discovery of a corpse in a bin was reported.

In Quintana Roo, 2 gunmen shot at point blank range and killed a man in charge of a brothel (it was known as a "massage house"); another person who was injured in this attack died in a hospital at noon on Saturday.

Multiple executions on “Holy Saturday”

In Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, in the morning a human head was found; while on Saturday night, 2 young men were injured after being attacked by gunshots, one of them died while being transferred to receive medical care.

Tijuana, Baja California
In Tijuana, Baja California, 2 men were executed in different events during the course of the day on Saturday night and early Sunday.  The first crime occurred in the municipal office Centenario, the second in the colony Mariano Matamoros.

In the State of México, an armed commando riddled to death a youth who was selling lingerie in a street market in Ixtapaluca.
Leon, Guanajuato
Hermosillo, Sonora

More dead on Sunday

The lifeless bodies of six people shot to death were found in different locations on Sunday The Attorney General of Sinaloa reported.  The crimes occurred in Culiacán, Navolato, and in Guasave.  It was also reported that a protected witness of the PGR during the “Michoacanazo” Onofre Hernández Valdés, was killed from two gunshots inside his house in Jiutepec, Morelos.

In Monterrey, after being pulled out of a taxi and made to kneel in the middle of the street, a man who was being abducted was executed with 5 bullets in the chest in the colony Condesa.  In Nuevo León, they also killed a person in Apodaca and another in Guadalupe.

In Guerrero, 4 men were killed in different colonies of Acapulco and Coyuca de Benítez, one of them was a taxi driver.

Meanwhile in Morelos at least 6 people were executed, in most cases it is presumed that it is because of organized crime, which attacked their victims in public, despite the operation that keeps deploying state authorities in the state. 

Overall, this is an overview of the violent deaths that occurred in various states, since last Thursday leading up to Sunday:

Sinaloa = 16
José Ayala Olguín 20 years old
Ricardo Ramírez Martínez 25 years old
Félix Espinoza Zamorano 34 years old
Feliciano Ramírez Cota 50 years old
Marino Chávez Armenta 30 years old

Chihuahua = 14

Morelos = 7
Onofre Hernández Valdés “Emilio” 

Durango = 6
Víctor Manuel Hernández Gutiérrez, 31 years old
José Ignacio Mendoza Sandate, 22 years old
Carlos José Muro Medellín, 26 years old

Estado de México = 5

Jalisco = 4

Guerrero = 4
Daniel Domínguez Carmona— A taxi driver
Rey David Olivera Ávila 32 years old— Another taxi driver

Nuevo León = 3

Michoacán = 3

Tijuana = 3

San Luis Potosí = 1
Jorge Javier Negrete Cerda

Quintana Roo = 1
Juan Luis Robera Rodríguez 33 years old

Guanajuato = 1
Érick Alfredo Barrón Vázquez, 19 years old

Sonora = 1
Jose Ramon Garibay Rodriguez 48 years old

Tabasco = 1

Coahuila = 1

DF = 1

Source: Aristegui Noticias
Sources used by Aristegui Noticias: La Policíaca, Proceso, Frontera, El Sol de San Luis, Excélsior, El Diario de Juárez, El Diario de Juárez 2, El Sol de México, El Sol de Morelia, El Sol de Morelia 2, El Norte,, Milenio, El Siglo de Torreón, Periódico AM, El Imparcial,  Sexenio, Blog del Narco, El UniversalReforma and Notimex)


  1. 72 MY ASS Mexico news and media don't report cartel or military cartel information and the military don't share their intelligence on were who there currently fighting, hell the military can go into sinola and kill hundred of people in the mountain and it will never be on tv.

    So if the military ambush and kill 100 cartel members its almost never reported and the ones that do get reported by family members only 10-20 family members file claims of dead bodies so they say one 20 killed, I think on average 100-500 people a week in mexico is killed by gunfire, ambush military fighting kidnapping and cartel murders

  2. The US needs to take over Mexico and restore order because they are like parasites enetering the US! Obama had better get his head out of his ass! Every minute wasted its just getting worse! Invade mexico now!

    1. Invade Mexico? Yea sure. Think of the price tag for the exit and peace keeping for a country of that size. It would bankrupt our treasury. We (USA) marked the Rio Grande as our border in the 19TH century following successive and successful wars against Mexico because it would have been too difficult to contain and manage any further territory South than the current border.

  3. why are taxi drivers getting killed around acapulco? does that happen everywhere?

    1. Because they work as lookouts for a cartel

  4. As a Catholic myself, I would surmise that at least some of these crazy cartel murdering members were raised in the Catholic faith. They take "AN EYE FOR AN EYE",to another level. Maybe it's the drugs,insanity,greed,power and of course money. They can kill each other off every minute of the day, God speed on it. But, you kill or maim INNOCENTS and that's the line I can't get passed. Everyday that passes, I just have to pray and keep hope alive,that the madness of the cartels will end. Given this latest news, it is getting even harder to do. But, thanks for keeping us all informed. Peace to all innocents, Texas Grandma.

    1. Do you really pray? This was no holy week. Just some made up pagan b.s. Majority of MEX is Catholic. Thats why all this is happening. Catholic is a fake made by Pet Goats (Satan's Children). Same as Islam. Do not pray or worship to the Virgen Mary.

  5. Mexico as usual,What about this new President,what is he doing? Remember how all you journalist attacked Calderon, Well whats up with Nieto?? Why are you not Demonizing him?? What has he done? HELLO !!

  6. What about the five killed in 2 bars in Guadalajara Sunday night? One was a U.S. citizen.

  7. donde en sonora?

  8. Whatever way you look at it,,,its a waste,,pain,pain,pain for someone.
    And in all of these killings there is definitely people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and paid with their lives,in other words innocent of what the gunmen were looking for?These levels of impunity result in this kind of behavior,killing people with no compunction and no fear of being caught,no unwritten rules anymore.

  9. what about tamaulipas

  10. @4:23 am it happens everywhere, taxi drivers often work as halcones and small scale drug sellers, sometimes they also cooperate in kidnappings, so whenever one tries to cheat their bosses or stop working for them or there is more than one cartel around, taxi drivers die.

    @1:52 am, the US needs to cooperate with Mexico because this problem affects both countries at many levels, your warmongering bullshit is just that, bullshit, no one with a functioning brain would think that starting a war with your neighbor, who has not attacked you, would bring anything other than more death at both sides of the border, and that's not even counting with the political and economic reasons why such a thing simply can't happen.

    About this article, I'm with the first comment, there are way more than 72, just near where I live I have heard of 3 executions unreported in the press during those same 4 days...and a long shootout officially without victims (as usual, since cartel members pick up their bodies and the police lets them do it so they have less mess to deal with)

  11. April 2, 2013 at 9:25 AM

    En Molino de Camou (San Isidro) en el Municipio de Hermosillo, Sonora

  12. Loss of life:
    - Mexico has it's serious problems but what about people who made it to USA to start a new life and it's native American 'citizens'?

    If you live in the USA:
    - "A retired Army officer with nearly 30 years of service under his belt, as well as combat experience in both Vietnam and Afghanistan issued a dire warning to all Americans" -->

    - and that message comes from one who knows something!

  13. inorder for murders in Mexico to grab American headlines, the cartels must murder a young pretty all American whitegirl...

    1. Why is there always some bozo on here who tries to drag the race card into it.this is only about one color and that color is green$$ on both sides of the border plain and simple greed

  14. @423 taxi drivers work as halcans

  15. Your own problem,what do you want the"gringos"for ?

  16. my family is now one of these.
    I am in the usa maybe the last of my family. today april 2nd at 4am
    a group of men with long arms invaded my fathers house. the house that i lived in but my family sent me to the usa in fear for my life. three generations of my family were home at the time sleeping i am sure. my mama popi my sisters brothers nieces and nephews all gone but i received reports from my fathers workers that the gunmen were keeping people away as they were taking anything that they could pry out of my families house.
    god watch over them and protect them and let their end be short and merciful. maybe i should have been there with them so that we would all be together in the end.

  17. Mexico would never let the U.S.A invade, Just not going to happen in this life time.

  18. This is what happens when the entire country is a gun free zone! And an official 72 is, well, and officially a lie.

  19. good thing mexico doesn't have nukes, or zetas would of used one by now

  20. And the thing it's that they say nothing happens in our citys, dicen saldo Blanco , what a lie , and please stop all those videos about the murders it's nothing to be aclomplished anymore it's just gruesome to published that shit

  21. @1:52 AM Obama isn't president of Mexico he doesn't need to invade anything. Jaysus some warmonger morons make the USA look like idiots.

  22. Yea that is nowhere near close bs

  23. To the reader who requested the story of the child sicario. I read the story and we will get publish it here on BB . Thank you, it is heartbreaking. ...Paz, Chivis

  24. someone forgot to take their meds....

  25. I want to share with you guys a bad experience i had while i went on my vacations with my family to visit fam in municipal town of Chihuahua i don't mention the town name. But we were having fun and all the family got together and about 12:30 am 4 trucks showed up with mask men and heavily armed. This trucks belonged to the municipal police. and took 2 brothers and rest of cousins. And told us to shut up and took everybody to the muncipal town jail.and ask for a fineor they said they were goin to tortured everybody. Those were corrupted police and all they wanted was money. This happened on 3/23/2013 in a town of Chihuahua. And i apologize for my bad writing. I just wanted to share this story with everybody here

  26. April 2, 2013 at 7:29 PM
    "the cartels must murder a young pretty all American whitegirl"
    "Why is there always some bozo on here who tries to drag the race card into it"
    Tell us about it,usually Mexican,really constructive.

  27. April 2, 2013 at 7:29 PM
    "my family is now one of these.I am in the usa maybe the last of my family. today april 2nd at 4am
    a group of men with long arms invaded my fathers house"
    Bro why?Do you want to say?If you don't that's ok bro.I hope your wrong and they are let go unharmed,all of them.Bro,surely you see this shit is crazy for Mexicans,its gone way to far.A lot here don't understand where all this killing came from,specially killin each other,sometimes for stupid shit,then again bro,we can all kill for stupid reasons,but its gettin crazier and crazier.I hope your family are safe bro,this comin from a gringo,stay down dude.

  28. i have news but i cannot hope till i see with my own swollen eyes. a call came to other relatives not so close in my old town and have been told that if they leave with the clothes on their back that my family will be let go.
    you ask me why? i do not know. my father is a hard worker my mother takes care of the family.
    i know nothing about these men that take homes trucks cars and the lives of our families. i cannot fight these groups of men with my bare hands. i only know i will try to live to see my family again or live to honor their memory in god i pray.

  29. today is the fourth and i go to meet my grandmother who has come to the usa from my families town.
    i have been told that all hope is not lost, that the people who have my family
    "made a mistake"
    the wrong family is it possible to do such a thing as this?
    that they asked their boss if they can release my family. i do not know what to make of this. is it true is it a lie?
    all i know is my heart hurts in my chest and i want to see my mother father and the rest of my family.

  30. I wonder if maybe all those who come up with the ¨"invade Mexico¨" stuff react the same way to everything, that would explain it.

    -"we ran out of toilet paper"

    I picture this last sentence in pure Braveheart style, blue face and all

  31. April 4, 2013 at 8:07 PM
    "today is the fourth and i go to meet my grandmother who has come to the usa from my families town"
    Dude,is it true they also took your uncle?Thats fuckin disgusting,inhumane amigo,how can humans do this,my heart is bleeding like a broke forcet,a bust pipe,a broken dam,a huge bladder,an elephant pissing,how i hope your familia comes back to you,maybe bringing you a pet sheep to play with,to ease your mind.
    Saludos hermano,que estará bien.My grandmother used to carry a burro on her back to the fields,he was tired.She was a great grandmother to me and my family,she would only drink sometimes.
    But apart from that,the best,buenas tardes

  32. "i have been told that all hope is not lost, that the people who have my family"made a mistake"
    Stray strong dude,like rambo,as rambo would say"Adrian,i did it for you"or was that rocky?

  33. no new word about my family but some things i did not write correctly. I have relatives that i hardly ever saw or visited but my grandmother says they must all leave our town this is the only way the bad men will release my family. my fathers workers have already fled the city with their families and a few belongings.
    i see the way most of these abductions end and why should i be the lucky one? please god let these men bring my family back to me.
    a warning you america i have been asked in usa school to join z and sell and be a big man. i only say no and walk away but i see other students they have asked and must have said yes.

  34. @anonymous
    What do you mean you were asked at school to join the Z's? In America? are you the same person who posted about your father in the mayo story?

  35. April 8, 2013 at 2:52 PM
    "are you the same person who posted about your father in the mayo story"
    Yes,part of that is why mi familia are now being held and my tia is used as a pumping stool,i can only hope with hope i will see them agin,i walk away from Z and now we have nitemares.You see,only 2500 of mi familia made it out across and now we hide from everyone.I hope to see100s of mi familia in US soon,hope then can bring powder to sell,we do not have any money so we ahve to do this sell.When will this end for us

  36. Yall have some Ruff Traggic live's....Im African American....& feel so baby for You Spanish ppl

  37. I see now why the Mexican's wanna come here to Us...U guys aren't all Angels but I think 50% of u guys & girls deserve to come to the Us if your truly no on BULLSHIT .....Its Sad that u guys have to live in FEAR Like This & 2 see & no Female's & young children & ppl are losing there lives some innocent....It Turns my Stomach


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