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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Benjamin Arellano´s attorney gunned down. Mayo´s nephew murdered in Tijuana.

Tijuano for Borderland Beat

Benjamin Arellano Felix.

The body of a man identified as Roberto Navarro Vazquez, 45, was found inside a vehicle in the Tijuana neighborhood of Lomas de Aguacaliente.

Police sources confirmed  the body was found yesterday at about 8:00 am in the exclusive residential zone. Neighbors claimed they heard gun shots and called the local police and fire department, neighbors also reported the hit man attempted to torch the victim´s car.

Roberto Navarro´s car after the execution.

A police operation was conducted in the area, several corporations were part of it, including the State Preventive Police (Policia Estatal Preventiva, PEP) helicopter,  but no suspects were arrested.

Navarro Vazquez´s body remained in the driver´s seat, of the Chevy Trail Blazer. The vehicle had signs of smoke coming from the left side of the vehicle, at first neighbors thought that the hit men tried to burn the vehicle, but police reports indicate that this wasn´t the case.
The official report states that the victim was a lawyer and that he was executed with a 9mm hand gun, apparently he was “hunted” down by his killers, who lie in wait  outside his house the entire night until he exited his house and entered his vehicle.

Next, a man driving a Buick Le Sabre, caught up with the victim, and motioned for  him slow down, as if to greet the victim, instead shot him several times.

Witness reports Navarro was shot several times, one of the shots impacted his head, making him  loose control of the vehicle and hit a wall. His foot was still on the accelerator so the car´s left tire keep rotating, this caused smoke, the smoke that prompted neighbors to believe someone tried to torched the vehicle.

Police found 5 shell casings, and according to the State Attorney General Office, the weapon had not been used in previous crimes.

Soon after the murder, the victim´s brother (an active officer in the State Preventive Police) arrived at the scene and identified the body.

Roberto Santiago Navarro Vazquez, was the former defense attorney for Benjamin Arellano Felix, Tijuana´s cartel former boss.

Julio Cesar Salas Quiñones, aka "M4"
Unofficial reports given to Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias(Border News Agency) indicate he also worked in several “Organized crime” cases, mainly those of members of the Tijuana cartel. Navarro worked as defense attorney for several years, his clients were mostly members of the Tijuana cartel. Recently he was in charge of the defense of Julio Cesar Salas Quiñones, aka “El M4”. Some sources told AFN that Navarro recently asked for the records of Teodoro Garcia Simental, aka “El Teo” a former Tijuana cartel member who collaborated with enemies of the Arellano Felix brothers.

El Mayo´s nephew killed in Tijuana

Two men were executed last Saturday inside a Tijuana  apartment. A third man was also shot and identified as a prison guard working for the State Preventive Police. Two members of the Mexican Army were presented as witnesses.
At about 11:00 pm, the local police responded to a gunshots reported in the area. When they arrived at the scene they found two corpses with gunshot wounds to the head, the victims were believed to be State Preventive Police agents, but the corporation denied it, and claimed only the wounded man was a prison guard working for the State Security Council.
The execution was conducted with 9mm handguns and took place in the Astiazaran street, belonging to the Jardines del Rubi neighborhood.

At the moment nobody knew the identities of the dead men, but one of the victims was later identified as Jose Angel Luna Garcia, 22, nephew of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada Garcia.
The other victim was a US citizen by the name of Joseph Flores, 25, who apparently worked as a car salesman in California and was Luna Garcia´s roommate. Neither Luna Garcia, nor Flores had criminal records in Baja California.
Jose Angel Luna Garcia was born in Culiacan and -according to witnesses- worked in a paper supply store in Tijuana. His body was buried in Culiacan, Sinaloa.
Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada Garcia.
This isn´t the first time that relatives of “El Mayo” have problems in Tijuana, María Isabel Gutiérrez Zambada, identified as Zambada´s niece, was kidnapped in 2010 by a group of criminals believed to be under the orders of Juan Francisco Sillas Rocha, a former CAF lieutenant. In April. 2012, two nephews of Zambada Garcia were arrested by the local police with help of the Mexican Army. 

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  1. Thanks for the detailed reporting Tijuano.

  2. Tijuana is heating up! Thanks for the info.

  3. Its seems that CAF does not have a truce nomore with sinaloa. It was smart that CAF kept a low profile this helped them revive the cartel . now CAF will hit sinaloa cartel in TJ , mexicali, all baja and san luis rio colorado thats the next war coming up

  4. Great post. Any idea who maybe responsible for these executions? BB forevast that Tijuna was going to heat up. Also, was El Mayo part of the business or just collateral damage to mess with him? As for the attorney were they trying to get rid of him due to who he represents as clients or was it another message being sent? Thanks for any help you and BB readers can give me. Peace to all innocents, Texas Grandma.(who went overseas to see my family and really behind on the war in Mexico.) :-)

  5. Fastest ballistic test results on earth. - Tijuana Mexico

    Quite interesting, the area search for the killer(s) of a cartel defense lawyer in comparison to the area searches done for innocent people killed by cartel sicarios.

    Simply amazing.

  6. This has to be a tit for tat murder incidents. CDT vs CDS. You take out my lawyer, I take out your nephew or visa versa. This might unleash more violence in Tj as MZ tries to exact revenge for the murder of his nephew.

  7. so nice to see the virmin destroying eachother instead of the grandmothers women and children for a change.

  8. scared in USA
    how can i tell this. the whole family invaded at 4 in the morning.
    my father beaten every day my mother and sisters far worse. after many days of finding other family that lived around the city all were told take the clothing on your back return and you die. i should not give exact details but all family left that city some to other parts of mexico the most terrified went to the USA. one new mouth to feed with family in usa is ok but i am the lucky one just my family living with family here. others of my city many living in one house not enough food for all. the children eat first. page one

  9. Tijuana gettin lively again.

  10. I heard that CAF has recruited hunderds of the sureno gang. MZ wont do anything . Sinaloa cartel are fighting zetas, beltran leyva mostly took over all north of sinaloa.. do u think chapo will win TJ , ofcourse not. CAF is going to clean them up from baja. Fernando sanchez arellano is a powerful man but is keeping a low profile too late now. War will start.

  11. i guess we have the people responsible for el melvin arrest and trying to recruit caf members to join cds i wish i really wish a war can be avoided but reality is chapo cause this by trying to remove el caf from tijuana

  12. Looks like "Benjamin " ended up with a better deal then his lawyer got.

  13. could be at least a dozen reasons for each murder, Mayos nephews working (if he was working) in Tijuana, is problematic for reasons not even directly related to CAF and CDS. Just the fact he is from Culican, and a junior is enough to get him killed, if the wrong person takes offense. The lawyer, who knows what that guys was into, a carte lawyer about 10 different ways to get murdered, I doubt this is the coming of a war in tijuana.

  14. Thank you Tijuano, another great post, I'd like to hear your opinion about what's going on up there, I was talking briefly with a friend from Tijuana 2 or 3 months ago, he was telling me about how calmed things were (relatively of course, calmed in Mexican terms, compared to where I am) I'd like to know what's the word in the street.

  15. I just got called up to go to TJ and go hunting. Look for my work in the upcoming BB posts

  16. Like J said, I don´t think this two murders are related, I merged both posts for space reasons.

    There´s been about 2 executions per day, even with that number, Tijuana feels calm. Tijuana doesn´t have the problems it had in 2008-2010. If you ask me, I think Tijuana is way more safe than most border cities right now, especially those in Tamaulipas.

  17. El Mayo and El Chapo could pass for identical twins!

  18. time to bring back the afo task force

  19. A si que el CDS piensa en quitar al CAF de su terreno con la muerte del Sobrino del Mayate(Mayo Zambada).Esto se va poner caliente gente el CAF aun tiene mucha gente en su terreno a ver si ni se pone como Juarez.....

    A ver si el CAF busca alianzas con los Carillos y Zetas y Beltranes como de apoyo en plaza de Tijuas!

    Doz Fronteras!

    So the CDS want a war with the CAF because they killed one of Mayos Zamabadas nephew? CAf still has a lot of people in Tijuana!

    Maybe CAF will do an alliance with CDJ and Beltranes and Zetas....

    Two Borders!

    1. zetas halfway done! Juarez and Beltranes have a TRUCE not alliance with CDS. Afo does too, probably just rogue members like sillas rocha.



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