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Monday, April 29, 2013

Attacks against Monterrey cops continue: 3 die

By Chris Covert

A staged car wreck in Juarez municipality in Nuevo Leon may have led to the death of three traffic cops, according to Mexican news accounts.

Saturday evening one motorcycle police agent was reportedly shot to death at a location on the road which leads to Reynosa in Juarez municipality, specifically in Garza y Garza colony with another two unidentified taxi drivers wounded.

Now it is being reported in a Monday edition of Milenio news daily that a second and third traffic police agent died at the scene.

According to the report, the three police agents killed in Garza y Garza colony were investigating a traffic accident between the drivers of two taxi cabs, when armed suspects travelling aboard a Volkswagen Golf sedan drove up and started firing.  As soon as the shooters fled the scene, the parties to the traffic accident also fled aboard a second vehicle.

The dead cops were identified as Omar Alejandro Mares Puente, Pablo Enrique Peña Blanco and José Alejandro Garcia Roch.  They are three of a traffic police squad totalling 35 in Juarez municipality.

Meanwhile in Guadalupe municipality, three other traffic police agents have been kidnapped Monday.

According to a separate report which appeared Monday in the online version of Milenio, one traffic police agent was kidnapped while investigating a traffic accident at around 1100 hrs near the intersection of calles Ruiz Cortines and Naranjo Adolfo Prieto colony. He was identified as Emilio Gámez Martínez, de 53 años.

According to the report two more traffic police agents were kidnapped near the intersection of avenidas Eloy Cavazos and Roble.  Guadalupe authorities are denying the second kidnapping.

According to several news reports Gamez Martinez was released in Doctor Gonzalez municipality unharmed later Monday afternoon.

Guadalupe municipality was the location late last Saturday night where four individuals were shot to death  in a bar called Jhonny's Place.  Two of the victims, according to a Monday afternoon report in Milenio, were identified as Ruben Salazar Rivera, 35, and Juan Carlos Vazquez Valles, 26.

Six of the wounded were identified as Raul Lopez Velasco, 24, Raul Lopez Sanchez, 43, Enrique Lopez Sanchez, 47, Ricardo Villegas Hernandez, 23, and Martin Espinoza Vazquez, 29.

According to the report, seven armed suspects after dismounting from a taxi, entered the bar and started shouting identifying themselves as members of a drug cartel before they started firing their weapons.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and


  1. heating up the plaza

  2. Nueva era comenso ... Todo el CDG ya estan UNIDOS los de Reynosa a Matamoros, Zacatecas, Nuevo Leon, San Luis, hasta Veracruz todo por un mejor cartel. CDG y CT vs. CDS vs. Z.

  3. Heating it up or taking aligned cops out,either way someone got a get a grip on this.I always wonder how they get any work done?Its as though their more interested in patrolling and kidnapping people,its like the nature of the cartels has changed,they put their grids on FB and shit like that,and girls writing to them"muy guapooo"What happened to keeping your head low and your business,and trying to make money?Now they patrol,look for people,keep hold on them,and sit in safe houses cutting the other sides head off,while the rest of us stand and look,on call for a couple of 1000 pesos.How did it end up like this?

  4. yeah but who is heating up this plaza,is the question dear watson?

  5. Yea they could take lessons from la cosa nostra.they practiced omerta or silence.i mean they could see something and still tell u they didnt and no killing of innocent families or women and children and STILL made an ass of money.not that i like gangsters cause i dont but at least la cosa nostra had some honor amongst thieves

  6. according to Pena Nieto, those murders dont count...oh well


  8. U.S. dollars at work if we didn't buy the drugs it would not happen killem all let god sort them out.

  9. To " MEXICO, THE COUNTRY OF ANARCHY April 30, 2013 at 9:47 AM"

    I have seen people with anarchy shirts tattoos bumper stickers etc. I bet they don't have a clue what real anarchy is. they should come here to BB and get the full experience. Better yet they should go to Mexico and try living with it.

  10. Nueva era comenso ... Todo el CDG ya estan UNIDOS los de Reynosa a Matamoros, Zacatecas, Nuevo Leon, San Luis, hasta Veracruz todo por un mejor cartel. CDG y CT vs. CDS vs. Z.

    Jajajaja No digas pendejadas wey y no confundas a la gente! CDG esta mas vergotiado que nunca los de Reynosa peliandose con los de Miguel Aleman.Sin sus jefes maximos como El Coss,Tony Tormenta,M-3 ya no saben que hacer.El CDS ya los tacho de traicioneros por lo del Azul en Matamoros!

    Doz Fronteras!

    Stop fk lying and stop confusing the people in this website.The CDG is more fractured than ever.The CDG from Reynosa fighting against the CDG from Miguel Aleman.The CDG without Coss,Tony Tormenta,M-3 they are fighting with each other and they are not organized like they used to be.

    And CDS has problems with the CDG because the BS CDG did to El Azul in Matamoros.The CDS already sees the CDG as a traitors.

    Two Borders!

  11. You should read about the history of anarchist movements and the ideas behind them.

    Anarchy has more than one meaning:

    1. a state of society without government or law.
    2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control.
    3. a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society.
    4. confusion; chaos; disorder.

  12. Por eso le gustan las armas largas al Zeta 40.


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