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Sunday, April 28, 2013

8 die in Monterrey in Nuevo Leon

By Chris Covert

A total of eight individuals were killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in and near Monterrey in Nuevo Leon, according to Mexican press reports.

An article posted Sunday morning on the website of Milenio news daily said that armed suspects entered  Jhonny´s Place bar in Guadalupe municipality near the Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo highway Saturday night killing three customers and a guard.  Another eight individuals were wounded in the attack.

At nearly the same moment another attack, this time against a traffic cop, took place near a dance hall called Villa Antigua in nearby Juarez municipality in Garza y ​​Garza colony.  Security elements at the scene found one unidentified local police agent dead and two taxi cab drivers wounded.

Friday afternoon at around 1740 hrs, an Apodaca traffic cop was fond shot to death near the intersection of Avenida Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Calle Ojo de Agua.  The officer was identified as Joel Rodriguez Martinez, a motorcycle patrol officer.

Two 7.62mm spent cartridge casings were found at the scene.  Rodriguez Martinez was shot once in the chest and once in the head.

Further south of Monterrey, in Altamira colony, an unidentified man was shot to death and his girlfriend and mother were wounded at a family gathering Saturday night at a residence near the intersection of Privada 7 de Diciembre and Prolongacion Hilario Martinez.

The attack used a handgun and fired seven founds at the victim hitting him once in the head and once in the chest.

Separately, a local Monterrey attorney was found shot to death in Monterrey Friday evening.

According to a separate news report which appeared on the website of Milenio, Eliseo Martinez Elizondo was found near the intersection of avenidas Corregidora and Aaron Saenz near Santa Maria and Cumbres del Valle colonies.  The victim was blindfolded and had been shot three times.  Martinez Elizondo was reportedly kidnapped the day before his body was found.

Martinez Elizondo has been linked to local casinos as a founding member of a gaming company which was bought out Resolute Operating Company, LLC.  He was also general counsel to a number of bars in the Monterrey area and he maintained an office in Texas.

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  1. They have a street named "Avenida Carlos Salinas de Gortari" the ex-president that ruined Mexico? Wow, next thing you know they are going to have an Avenida Adolf Hitler. It is well documented that Carlos Salinas de Gortari not only killed his politican and drug opponent but that he actually benefited from most, if not all, of the bad that he caused Mexico during his 1988 to 1994 presidency. He sold several hundred national(Mexico) companies like Telmex and handed Mexico's banks to his buddies. He is thought to be a partner of the riches man Carlos Slim. That would be a reason why he gave Slim the ONLY telephone company in Mexico for pennies on the dollar. His brother Raul was convicted of murder, drug dealing(i've heard there's a picture of him with then Gulf Cartel capo Juan García Ábrego but haven't seen it), getting a 2nd passaport with a fake name through the proper corrupt authorities and also London and Switzerland banks froze $110 million USD. His "wife, Paulina Castañón and his brother-in-law, Antonio Castañón were arrested in Geneva, Switzerland after attempting to withdraw $84 million USD from an account owned by Raúl under an alias". Again, wow, what idiot decided to name that street? Better yet, what a bunch of idiots would allow their city to get a street with that name that stands for the worst in Mexican history?

    1. this president you are talking about carlos salinas de gortari all he did was implemented the neoliberalismo olmost to full in mexico which what described in your comment "selling" public companies to private investor and now his coming back to implement the neoliberalismo again to take from the people of mexico what he could not take las time and that is among others the energy sector(oil,gas,cfe) , penal system, education, tax everybodys incomes and really think that this so call war on drugs was intentionally created to pass all of this reforms whitout the people being aware of it becouse of the concern of public security as the first concern over all

  2. TEN PEOPLE ARE REPORTED KILLLED IN MICHOACAN according to Reuters and trusted Scandinavien/Danish paper Berlingske April, 29th.(
    My translation:
    Ten people are reported killed in fighting in the west Mexican state of Michoacan, which is plagued by regular showdowns between drug cartels and criminal gangs.

    According to Reuters the killed are members of vigilante groups that have emerged in the state, because they do not believe that the authorities are good enough at protecting civilians against the criminal gangs.

    Local media said on Sunday - according to Reuters - that some of vigilante groups checkpoints were attacked by men armed with high-powered rifles and grenades.

    Michoacan is the center for the production of the drug methamphetamine, and rival gangs are fighting over land in the mountainous state, so they can grow marijuana and opium, which they can use to produce metamfetaminen.

    Nearly 70,000 people from both the various drug cartels and among Mexican security forces have been killed since former President Felipe Calderon declared drug cartels war in 2006. Additional 27,000 people are still missing.

    BNB / Reuters

  3. If only we new who was doin what,we would understand why these killings ere in Monterrey,is it the last death swings of the zetas hold on Monte? or what the fk is goin on ?

  4. Yeah Mexico's gone to shit.wont be long before this headline ;si hallaron 6 cuerpos decapitados i con torturas fisicas en la avenida Saddam Hussein entre las calles Osama bin Laden y vlad dracula.

  5. What is the difference between a criminal gang and a drug cartel? Horse shit, pig shit, its the same shit. Mexico has always been in shit....

  6. Carlos Salinas de Gortari,who would like to see him in a video being tortured and asked all his dirty little secrets?Fuckers like him in every country on this planet.Dirty grasping little men,who have enough money to last a lifetime,but just cannot stop grasping.Why is there not a Mexican like him with the exact opposite of his nature?Someone who wants to help his fellow Mexicans and Mexico,and not rape it?

  7. they got Inés Coronel Barrera


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