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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 die in Reynosa

By Chris Covert

A total of six individuals have been killed in separate incidents in Reynosa, Tamaulipas Monday, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news report which appeared on the website of said that four armed suspects exchanged gunfire with a unit of the Mexican Army Monday.  The incident took place near the intersection of calles Fuente de Diana and Catorce in Fuentes colony.

The suspects were travelling aboard a Chevrolet Cheyenne pickup truck when the incident occurred. Following the conclusion of the confrontation, soldiers secured four rifles, four pistols, weapons magazines, helmets and bulletproof vests.

Two of the four dead suspects were identified as Edgar Vidales Garcia, of  Mazatlan, Sinaloa and Reyes Jimenez Diaz.

Separately, another exchange of gunfire  with another Mexican Army road patrol took place Monday afternoon at around 1640 hrs.

In a press release posted on its official website, the Tamaulipas state Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado or attorney general said that the two armed suspects were travelling aboard a Nissan Titan pickup truck when it crossed paths with a Mexican Army road patrol in El Olmito colony.

The suspects were identified as Julio Enrique Ramirez Rios and Janer Francisco Cano, both from Reynosa. Soldiers also seized six rifles at the scene in the aftermath.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and 


  1. Gee Chris you're smart at this.

  2. Nueva Ciudad Guerrero - Sobre el SDR de el Lunes en la noche. se indica que fue un enfrentameinto entre Z y CDG "ubo demasiados muertos, eso ocurrió de las 8PM en adleante, cuando entró una caravana de 17 trocas de los Z entre las berchas rumbo a Cd. Mier quedaron las trocas del Golfo con muertos, y muchas armas, la gente que tenga cuidado al viajar por Cd Mier y Guerero, andan muchos Z en la carretera el Ejército no intervino, hubo gente secuestrado, hagan algo para que el gobierno se mueva por favor"

    El día de ayer en la mañana se reportó otro SDR en el que en ese si respondieron SEDENA y PF este otro fue por la salida a Nuevo Laredo. En los contadores de muertos como @cancerbero_real que hay en Twitter mencionaban oficialmente a 10 personas sin vida en Tamaulipas que lo más probable fueran relacionados al SDR de la Mañana el previo no se tiene un estimado del saldo.

    jajajjaja 20 golfas menos en este topon pos no que muy vergas putos y chivis ahi tengo 2 fotos de este topon de los z contra los golfas....quedaron tirados hecchos mierdas los golfas jajajaj

  3. Not saying its true just wondering has anybody here herd that thay killed alfredo rios aka el kommander. Or is it pure bullshit

    1. The one killed was chuy quintanilla. beto's brother

  4. What's the dude from Mazatlan Sinaloa doing there? Was he on loan? This "carteles unidos" shit is gay ! Along with the songs...punk bitches

  5. Yea I heard el komander got killed to is it trues?

  6. NO.he just appeared in el gordo y la flaka.

  7. They say that kid, Janer Francisco Cano is from Mexico but he lived in La Joya, Texas and attended La Joya I.S.D. His picture and date of death is in the facebook sight (R.I.P La Joya ISD Students)

    1. Yup looks like he went down the wrong path and ended up down the shitter

  8. I miss you janer :'(
    I remember when we would sit un class munching and talking about our crushes lo
    R.I.P muy friend

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