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Monday, March 25, 2013

UPDATE: 13 Killed In Altamirano, Guerrero

Borderland Beat

UPDATE: The full story, I think,  from Hotel Las Vegas Bar and other attacks in the surrounding area including a neighboring business of the bar in which a man was killed.  13 in total for The Bloody Friday Seige in Guerrero see below.
The attack by gunmen in the Hotel Las Vegas Bar and a neighboring business, located behind the town hall of the municipality, left at least five members of the Federal Police (PF) dead and three civilians killed, with 4 wounded.  Also in the Sierra de Ajuchitlán, it was revealed that four people were killed by organized crime members.
It all started around 11:30 pm last Friday, where off duty PF officers were inside the bar. At some point assassins entered and blasted AK47s targeting the officers but also hitting civilians at surrounding tables.  After the shootout they fled in trucks
At the scene four men were killed, two of them belonging to the PF, and were identified as Edwin Lopez and Hector Casanova Escribano Escribano,  the other two, civilians,  names are unknown.
Paramedics and Emergency Medical Rescue arrived at the facility to assist those wounded, who were taken in ambulances,  however, three of them died before receiving medical attention and were recognized as José Benito Velazquez, Jose Mariano Juanchi and Anuar Santa Maria Ortega of who are PF.
Wounded survivors are: Toribio Gorrostieta Arzate, a teacher and his neighbor Conafe Cutzamala de Pinzón, Jose Fernando Aparicio Alcantar, 23 years old and Moscosa Samuel Nieto, 25, of the latter two are PF members.
Two individuals declined medical attention but received bullet friction leg wounds,  as was the case for an  unknown number of persons said to be military.   
Directly after the attack on the bar, criminals attacked a neighboring business and killed Wilber Pineda Pineda, 30 years old. 
The violence did not stop there, ministerial authorities received a report that the Sierra de Ajuchitlán, municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, four others were killed by hit men of  organized crime.
Simultaneously, in the Lomas del Valle, the occupants of a van opened fire on the frontage of the home marked with “60”, but fortunately there were no casualties.

Lost count?
5 members of PF killed
3 Civilians Killed
4 wounded needing hospitalization
Neighboring Business:
1 Killed
Home close by:
4 Killed
Photo sources for the bottom 3 from Esquenia Agencia
Sources used to write this post:  CB WEB, IM Noticias Radio, PorEsto


  1. It's so sad to see how much Guerrero has changed! I used to live in that state, in the last 2-3 years several of my friends have moved elsewhere because of the violence, Altamirano is quite small too, this must have been terrible for the whole city

  2. Just looking at the photo's makes me think of there loved ones back at waiting for daddy to get home,wife thinking she's going to strangle her husband cause he is late for dinner...then he never arrives.
    This is fucked up man,happens every day in Mexico and for too long,sorry for rambling again,but its just like the anon said before sad.

  3. Chivis- Sad but great reporting,given no US news covers these tragedies. Do you have any idea who is responsible for these horrific crimes? May God bless all these victims. Peace to all innocents. Thanks, Texas Grandma.

  4. Obviously, these bandito's who did this knew exactly where these feds were hanging out and were drunk without their weapons. The problem is the "Collateral Damage" that 3 or 4 other civilians were killed and all because these so called sicarios don't give a fuck on who die's. Also they probably didn't evem get the right guys. Ah! Mexico what a Fucken mess!

  5. Thats what happens when u take down la barbie he had all of guerrero on lockdown for many years there was no such violence because they knew they will answer to him and the leyva bros he went down and everybody is triing to win that plaza everyone is there cdg, sinaloa, cida, templarios, zetas , blo and other groups formed may the best crew win

  6. So much for Los michoacanos calling it quits

  7. I did not want to write this but people on the ground there are saying they were drunk. so you are correct it looks as though they were given time to become drunk and more defenseless. Other reports say a couple were on duty but on break. I don't think they are allowed to carry weapons off duty or on break but I am not sure...

    anyone know?

  8. Mexico is just one horrible mess but they are reaping the seeds they have been sowing for years through corruption,deception,greed and coverups. As the bible says: "You shall reap what you sow" and "The wages of sin is death".

  9. @6:39 it was after when Arturo Beltran Leyva was killed that things started to get out of control in Guerrero, by when la Barbie was arrested the violence there had already spiked and only got worse from there on.

  10. All this over the drug needs and habits of ghetto blacks and rural white trash in the USA.
    Not saying the cartels would not resort to extortion, kidnapping, theft and other crimes but those crimes would not support a huge syndicate.

    The United States should legalize and tax the crap out of marijuana. Fewer people in Mexico would die needlessly and people on this side of the border can make a living growing it.

  11. Kids, these wars in the Sierra Guerrerense are not over mota. it is over the coast routes through the sierras as a point of entry for cocaine and synthetic drug precursors, but more importantly it is over the coveted territorial control of poppy fields that rival those of the golden triangle in CHI-SIN-DGO.

  12. The only way I see this ending is legalizing all drugs. The market and profits continue to grow, along with the cartels and corruption. The U.S. has stopped meth production on their side opening up a new market that is or will be more profitable than the cocaine market. Coke for the ghettos, meth for the suburbs and weed for everyone. Throw in a little heroin and that's a lot of money. What the hell do they do with all of it? Something needs to be done that's a fact.

  13. So sad guerrero is beautyfull state but lets no forget is tierra caliente and in past decades families against families was usual ,

  14. March 26, 2013 at 1:53 PM
    "All this over the drug needs and habits of ghetto blacks and rural white trash in the USA.
    Not saying the cartels would not resort to extortion"
    What a comment,what an asshole"ghetto black"what the fuck would you know about it?Your just some bitch scared of his own shadow.


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