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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mexican marines rescue 104 kidnapped migrants in Nuevo Laredo

Five alleged kidnappers detained by Tamaulipas state cops

A total of 104 kidnap victims were rescued by a Mexican Naval infantry unit in Nuevo Laredo Sunday, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a news account which appeared on the website of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, the military unit had been dispatched to a residence in 150 Aniversario colony in Nuevo Laredo where marines found the victims, 91 men and 13 women.  A total of 102 victims were from Honduras while two originated from El Salvador.

Meanwhile, a raid in Nuevo Laredo netted a total of five alleged kidnappers.

According to an account which appeared in a separate item on the website of El Diario de Coahuila,  the raid came after investigations began following an armed confrontation between armed suspects in Nuevo Laredo March 7th.  The gunfight involved Tamaulipas state Policia Ministerial, Policia Estatal Acreditable and Mexican Army units.

According to the report, the gang was responsible for at least 60 murders, as well as robberies and other violent crimes.

The detainees were identified as Fernando Araujo Flores, Carlos Aguilera Romano, Raul Murillo Fraga, Adriana Yacare del Toro Lopez, and José Juan Antonio Carvajal.

It is worth noting that  José Juan Antonio Carvajal and Adriana Yacare del Toro Lopez died in the Nuevo Laredo Centro de Ejecuciones de Sancciones (CEDES) only a day after entering the prison.  Antonio Carvajal was stabbed to death in a prison brawl while  Toro Lopez was found hanged in her cell.

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  1. strange story,i mean the deaths of these kidnappers

  2. Nuevo Laredo zeta territory

  3. Se los esta llevando la chingado á Tamauilipas. Balaceras, fuga de reos, rescate á migrantes. Hasta alcanzaron tigre suelto. Lo único que les queda es qué se les abra la tierra.

  4. wow thats a lot of people!!

  5. This is.proof there's death squads killing.kidnappers and other criminals in Mexico.Someone has to clean this shit up.

  6. Its ashame when it makes people happy when someone gets killed.but I'm guilty to.when the zetas die I be leave its a good are laws the army can only pertect the homeland.if anybody charges extortion I want them dead.there traitors to Mexico.the fear is starting to were off.people are starting to fight back.I still be leave regular people killed zetas in nuevo Laredo for revenge.

  7. In before the idiots that say ZZZZzzzzzZZZ. This is what your beloved poverty cartel is known for.

  8. The girl kidnapper adriana del toro lopez was in ur last post bout 5 ppl killed n prison. She was the chick that was found hanging n her cell

  9. Fuck the fucken zerotes, zerotes are the fucken zetas

  10. i got no issue with kidnapping but when there civilians me personaly its crossing a huge bridge innocent people i respect the zeta for there power and balls but im from tijuana baja california but if they where protecting someone that didnt pay a toll like whats going on know im okay with it cause the one not paying a toll knows the consequenses he still choose not to pay its on him but civilians me personally i choose to change and protect those civilians till there release because i know there innocent PURO CAF BUT WE STILL STICK WITH OUR ALLIANCE LOS ZETAS AND TRUST ME ZETAS ARE ONLY TARGETING RIVALS AND FAMILY MEMBERS THAT PROTECT AND RELATE INFO TO OTHER MEMBERS THAT THEY BELONG TO BUT CIVILIANS ARE NOT OUR TARGET

  11. Jesus... the comments on this site are becoming less and less coherent

  12. ^^^^ amen bruh...

  13. so how much is the toll you talk about?? is it based on percentage of appoximate value, or, how many lbs' or litterally how many people you have in the car??

  14. Gente de Tijuana quit lying out tu culo Holmes you ain't doing shit you Internet gangsta

  15. Gente de Tijuana, pinche pelado u aint shit, ull rott in hell probably sooner than later. Scumbags like u don't last that long, u probably don't even have a fam n if u do they're fucked. Sorry homie, go wash cars, vende pinches raspados or elotes and ull be honorable and at least live a lil longer. Jotolon!!!

  16. Was I in danger?
    Did I meet any cartel members?
    I am a white Scandinavien guy in my mid40.
    Walked cross the bridge to Nuevo Laredo early evening saturday 2. March. Had a few beers at the Montera Bar i Hidalgo street. Had dinner in a restaurant. Went to a few other bars in the area around midnight and back to Montera. Joking a lot with the bartender. Tiped him well. Spend time with a girl. The bar was completely full. Only a few "pale faces" like me. Police/army controlled the bar as they several times passed the bar in their pick-ups. Went back to US around 2 pm. Did kind of the same things in Matamoros 2 days after. First time in Mexico. Did I put my self in a dangerous situation by doing that?

  17. @ March 13, 2013 at 11:29 AM

    you got a funny sense of humor.... Did I put my self in a dangerous situation by doing that?...gnaw man was safe as houses


  18. March 12, 2013 at 11:49 PM
    "Gente de Tijuana quit lying out tu culo Holmes you ain't doing shit you Internet gangsta"..........Fuckin funny brr.
    Gente de TJ,,dude are you for real or what?No shit,if you are i want to hear from you,everyone else should want to hear from him to.Who knows about some of this shit more than him?I know i don't,i aint no player,most of you aint neither,we should try and listen sometimes.Even if he aint for real,,so what.Saludos Gente de TJ

  19. GENE DE TIJUANA said...
    "i got no issue with kidnapping"
    Dude your a fuckin killer sayin shit like that on here,didn't you know you gonna get ripped for sayin that.The people they kidnap,usually they got money?If they got money,and they don't pay,they get topped and buried?Or do they get a chance?What if they pay up and still get topped?You know that goes on,all the fosas?That cant be good for that kind of business,why pay if they gonna kill you anyway,and they keep callin to say if you pay more we let him go,when he already dead and rotting?You know this goes on a lot,c,mon man,you gonna a take a fucker who got a lot of paper,whether he civilian or not?Just askin man,no problems

  20. pero no canten victoria ke ya avemos muchos entre ustedes bitchs pero atorenle gringitos de mierda y somos cdg no zetaas


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