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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lydia Cacho:Most Killings of Journalists are Ordered by:Government, Military, Political Parties

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat-Submitted by Forum administrator DD
A shocking revelation from the journalist previously kidnapped and wrongfully imprisoned.  She was awarded asylum in the US but decided to return to Mexico.  She states narcos are not the sole cause of journalist kidnappings, that in fact the majority of those kidnappings are ordered by Government, political parties and the military among others.

 Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho. Lydia Cacho was prosecuted for publishing a disclosure of an investigation in which a network was unveiled of child pornography and trafficking in Mexico.

The book “The Demons of Eden”, describes  Mexico’s organized crime   and  pedophilia involving several public figures. Since its publication in 2005, Cacho has not ceased to receive threats.
Cacho’s work resulted in her own kidnapping and torture.  At one point, Cacho said, she was abducted, taken on a harrowing 950-mile drive from Cancun to Puebla and briefly jailed. Allies and in Mexico and the United States were able to arrange for her release.
In February 2006, a recording was released  of a phone call between the governor of Puebla and Kamel Nacif, in which the latter thanks him for the  favor done by Marin in arresting  and prosecuting Lydia Cacho.
Despite what Cacho described as overwhelming evidence, her kidnappers were never convicted.

Following the trial, Cacho said, she had to meet sources wearing disguises because people feared being seen with her.
Cacho publicly named those she believed responsible for her abduction, comments that made her vulnerable to legal action.

She refused to be silent, however, and eventually defamation laws in Mexico were reformed because of her case.

From CNN: Torture, sexual assault, kidnapping and death threats have not silenced Mexican investigative journalist Lydia Cacho.
 She has courageously reported on corruption, drug violence and sex trafficking in her home country for several decades, sometimes even exposing the corrupt practices of government officials and high-powered business people.
Fearing for her life, she was forced to flee Mexico last summer, but has now returned there to continue her work.
In the video, Cacho tells CNN’s Hala Gorani why she continues her fight to report the truth, despite the horrendous challenges she faces.
 Anonymous Blogging:

If anyone thinks bloggers are not in danger we need only to remember the gruesome executions of Nuevo Laredo blogger to remind us.

Global Voice posted an article about the subject which is posted in full on BB Forum by DD. 

An extraction:
 In Mexico last month, a drug cartel offered a bounty of MX$600,000 for information on the identity and location of a person who has been using social media to report on drug violence  in the northern state of Tamaulipas. The drug war has had a stark, chilling effect on Mexico's press, with sometimes lethal violence against journalists forcing news outlets to censor their coverage of crime. But this and other recent incidents have shown that both professional and citizen journalists alike are now facing these threats.
Link to Guide HERE
 Citizen Reporters-The New War Correspondents
As with any internal conflict, information is vital and thus very important to control. Media outlets and governments now self-censor their own content – some because they are said to be collaborating with cartels, others because they have been explicitly threatened for covering “uncomfortable” news. In response, citizen journalists have been working to fill the gap by reporting on the violence they see around them.
The New War Correspondents"  a new study from Microsoft Research, describes the changes that the conflict has brought about for information flow in Mexico:

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  1. GOD ALLMIGHTY!! I would never return to Mexico if I were her nothing will change...But good for her for standing up for what she believes in maybe if Mexico had more people like her Mexico could get out of the whole that it is in???

  2. Excellent story and brave woman. Hopefully one day Mexico will be able to enjoy the freedom of speech and free press that the US has.

  3. another amazing post packed with information
    thank you

  4. This has been happening for years, mostly by the state governors, when they don´t want the press to publish something they simply send police men to their offices, if they dont agree, somehow an accident or an execution follows lead.

  5. What a brave lady. There's much more pieces to the puzzle though. You must search for the truth with an open mind. The strong majority powerful political figures are satanic pedophiles. This might seem absurd if you are a lost soul that is not enlightened on the truth about society. I recommend a book called "The Franklin Cover Up". It will change the way you think about governments. It didn't change mine, since I have known these horrific secrets about the secret societies long ago. Occultist are very much real and so are invoking demons. Please don't criticize and first search for the truth with an open heart and mind. I remember long ago when I was a lost soul believing everything was ok and not acknowledging or wanting to hear the truth pertaining to life. Society merely worries about material things. The satanist have you right where they want you.

  6. Thanks BLB. This story is truly inspiring.

    I hope others will step up and follow her courageous example and journalistic activism.

    Mexico, is growing a lamentable list of women martyrs.... women fighting the "good" fight.


  7. She is right,everyone in mexico wants a cut of the pie....its good she has named those public figures with there filthy habits,there are Monsters in Mexico harming innocents,and know one can do anything cause they have to much power and influence.
    This story is shocking.

  8. free press in the US? you are fooling yourself, the same level of corruption exists here, only the citizens are armed thank God so they must keep thier business secret.

  9. Chivis- Outstanding story. Call me naive but I had no idea that the gov't.was involved in these horrific crimes. Granted, I knew there is corruption but to take part in the brutality of journalists, is a travesty. May these brave woman find peace. Thanks Chivis. Peace to all innocents, Texas Grandma.

  10. Heroic strong woman fighting for truth and justice for mexican citizens and guaranteed she will continue to not be supported by her countrymen. Mexicans need to stand up for themselves and stop letting such a disgustingly corrupt government murder and slaughter them while they get rich.

  11. Replies
    1. 8:10 am. Really, this is all you came away with out of this tragic story? Wow, are you 12 years old? Sounds like you are part of the problem(no respect for women), not the solution. Have some compassion dude,what if it was your sister,mom,auntie,grandma? Would you have the same sentiment? Just saying....Texas Grandma.

    2. Send a pic of yourself grandma . I live in Texas too . I bet your a hot little jalapeño too.

  12. They have captured el canelo in durango nephew of nacho coronel

  13. Texas grandma, do you really need to sign your name after every post? Its getting really annoying. Why is a grandma on here anyway, go bake your grand kids some cookies or something.

    1. Why don't you quit pickig on the grandmother from Tejas and knock off the stereotyping. Say that to Sra.Chivis and you wouldn't forget it .

  14. 8:55 AM - Please leave Texas grandma alone. She is a positive force, and concern yourself w/being annoyed by bigger things and trying to do something about resolving the problems

  15. Great post DD and Chivis. I admire her, and I'm going to read her book. I've wanted for some time to understand more about the government's role in human trafficking and just how much they know. Usually I'm directing that question towards law enforcement. I've ask questions, and I never get very satisfying answers (hmmm, I wonder why?). I hope her book will help answer some questions. Regardless, I'm glad she wrote and admire her bravery. Thank you guys.

  16. Thank you for this report Chivis. Lydia Cacho is most certainly a true heroine. These revelations from her also confirm what I have suspected for a long time about pornography and abuse of women & children in Mexico ...

    Los demonios estan dentro del sistema

    Take care. Yes BBB can be threatened. But possibly also pressured by the Mexican Gov't to shut down.


  18. damn.....not full of yourself yet?!

  19. at 11:06
    what cha talkin bout willis?

    DD admin of forum this is his story both parts brought to me to put on mainboard he gets cred for this find. I just added images and links. I think it is a great story and now I also want to read her book. Her story is amazing and she was received many prestigious awards. I did not have enough room but I would like to do a post of her complete story in detail. It is going to be a movie....paz, chivis

  20. These are the stories that compel my return to BB. You can skip the execution videos and dead people posed in lawn chairs. They teach us nothing and give us nothing with respect to information. Stick with these please! Chivis and Vato you two bring the best. I thank you.

  21. She should have stayed in the USA. I applaud her courage...though unwise.

  22. Now I'd like to see US-reporters being equally brave ... I mean sticking their head up and raise such questions as:
    - why are drugs prohibited but guns not (or why are guns legal but drugs not)
    - why do we have a de-facto two-party system as opposed to a mutli-party system (you'd expect that a 300 million people could think of more than two ways to solve a problem)
    - why do we allow the president to pardon convicted felons (e.g Mark Rich and "Scooter" Libby but many more)
    - why are we the world biggest consumer of illegal substances and psycho pharmaceuticals
    - why do we have the highest prison population per capita in the world and still have higher crime rates than SIMILAR countries
    - why do we invade countries on false premises and have 1 million people killed (yes I know this time they are only dirty muslims and in vietnam they were stinking asians) and there are nooooo consequences for those responsible
    ... well I could continue but I really wonder why the guts are all outside of our borders ... ooohhhh I forgot when you turn the TV on and watch the commercials or anything coming out of Hollywood there are plenty of gutsy people but I mean reeeeeaaaal life thinking people, not people yielding a gun, swinging their dick and brawling, but real guts!

  23. Oh and Chivis .... do us all a favor. Try to talk Lydia into leaving Mexico for a while. She can't win any battles - if she is stone cold dead. This woman is not going to survive in the current situation. It is better for her to fight from the sidelines.

  24. To the complainer who thought it important enough to write and say me and vato post a lot of execution videos. You are wrong about Vato he has never posted such a thing and I can bet on that.

    as for me, sure I have, but I make a focused effort to present a wide range of information and posts. I think it is sensationalism to go after the same type of post every time and quite frankly I want to reach a wide audience.

    I can testify to the filth and disgusting sick comments that do not make it for your eyes to see, when graphic photos and vids are posted, and those are not the readers I want to draw. And I struggle with the issue of the stories depicting violence. I think it is up to each person to find what their conscience can live with.

    As for 4:54PM I hear you, but she has chosen her path and I support her choice. Mexico needs heroes and sheroes to set examples that other will find the courage to follow.

  25. @3:49. Please feel free to exit this great nation of The United States.

  26. Chivis ... I wrote 4:54
    I appreciate the heroism and conviction of Lydia. The same goes for you, by the way. No doubt Mexico does need heroes and sheroes :-) But when it comes to this issue of the sexual abuse of women in Mexico ... what is needed most is the TRUTH. There is little truth out there, and what little exists ... is precious. The truth can only be spoken by journalists who have respirations and a pulse. I hope Lydia will re-consider. Perhaps she is reading this - there are many ways to fight a war Lydia! Dying will only assist your enemies right now.

  27. peoples of mexico if you dont know about the TOR browser, its free it anonimizes you, your location everything if you have worries about leaving an ip address each time you log on, the tor browser constantly resets your ip address as a different one, untraceable, it was created so people that are living in adverse enviornments, political or war zones so you can let others know what is going on in your area, without fear of reprise...check it out

  28. God Bless Lydia! Keep her safe and alive, as she exposes the scum in Mexico

  29. Admiro a esta mujer de "guevos"

  30. "Mexico, is growing a lamentable list of women martyrs.... women fighting the "good" fight"
    Yup,the women are the ones who stand up against anyone

  31. March 25, 2013 at 10:34 AM
    "Take care. Yes BBB can be threatened. But possibly also pressured by the Mexican Gov't to shut down" ?
    How can the Mexican government shut this blog down with pressure?
    Some of you people really are stupid,or naive,who knows.

  32. It is funny these same people who whine about video always try and appear somehow more moral than the ones who choose to open their eyes"there is something wrong with you for watching those videos" This madness is happening and these idiots are filming themselves doing it,nothing opens eyes as much as video,it is as real as it gets,it is here,should we not watch it and stay in the dark?
    You whiners should be happy we have BB,who else is going to put them up and qualify them?Gore sites with no agenda other than traffic or sensationalism?We would all rather this wasn't happening,lets show the world it is happening,right now?With stark brutal truth,in whatever media form.

  33. Yeah she's a good person . She's gonna get hurt or worse , she needs to move some where else . I wouldn't want anything to happen to her hot self . She's Hot!

  34. Tex-GMA

    I know you don't need my encouragement because you can more then adequately defend yourself! But hang in there, I remember when I began as a BB reader and the user name buela chivis and I was given so much disrespect from a few haters. Some people don't like our passion, whatever.

    Just know your supporters outweigh your naysayers by far. And we at BB appreciate your continued support....Paz, Chivis

  35. Very true. Mexico's government has been as Lydia says. Check Enrique Peña's silence policy with violence, just to make up numbers but violence still kills innocent people and government remains silent. They don't care about population or have partners in crime, no doubt about it. Mexico is corrupted from government within. This has been in the last 9 decades. If someone doubts it, it's welcomed to live in Mexico but remain informed.....

  36. This is very true, any time, anywhere in Mexico.

  37. March 25, 2013 at 9:13 AM
    Its a guy thing,believe it or not,guys really do think about it all the time.
    Its always there,don't hold it against us,just the way it is.


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