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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Enrique Peña Nieto Reduces The Number of Soldiers Combating Narcos

Source: La Policiaca

With the rise to power of Enrique Peña Nieto, the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reduced the number of elements involved in combating drug trafficking and organized crime, compared to the staff assigned to these duties during the administration of Felipe Calderón.  During the past six years, more than 50,000 elements were engaged daily in the war against drug trafficking, unlike today where there are only 32,253 elements.

According to official data, with the reduction of the number of soldiers that participate in the ongoing campaign against drug trafficking and the implementation of the Federal Act of Firearms and Explosives, in the current administration it also decreased, on average, the number of detainees, as well as the seizures of guns and drugs, with regard to 2006-2012.

Without even having a combat strategy defined, the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA) also ceased “High impact operations” and instead made “25 operations to reduce violence.”

According to information gathered, a total of 9 soldiers died from December 2012 to January 31—it’s the only data available on this from the SEDENA website.  Within the context of fighting against drug trafficking: 6 by attacks with the use of a firearm, 2 by accident, and one who drowned.  Of these, one was a special force sergeant who died in the state of Sinaloa.

Meanwhile, from December 2006 to December 2012, 224 soldiers died during the war on drugs, of which 171 were killed by firearms, 31 were executed, 6 who were run over to death, 12 who drowned, and four more from electric shock.

Within the two months of Peña Nieto’s administration, the average number of soldiers who died with the use of the implementation of the Act of Firearms and Explosives was 4.5 per month.  During the 6 years of the Calderón administration, the average was 3.1 per month.

The information from the SEDENA claims that within the three months of the current administration, soldiers have arrested a monthly average of 625 criminal suspects.  During the previous administration the figure was 706 per month.

During this administration, the average monthly number of rifles, handguns, and grenades secured was 738 (rifles), 341 (handguns) and 126 (grenades) while during the previous administration the figures were 1,055 (rifles), 693 (handguns) and 146 (grenades), respectively.

Overall, in the previous administration the military arrested 50,897 suspected criminals and secured 75,974 rifles, 49,943 handguns, and 10,583.

With regard to the operations that replaced the “high impact”, the SEDENA realizes that it now carries out the following:

Coordinada Chihuahua
Noreste, in Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Coahuila and Veracruz
Laguna Segura, in Durango and Coahuila
Istmo, in Oaxaca, Veracruz and Tabasco
Veracruz Seguro
Acapulco Seguro, Hurundal and Guerrero I, in Guerrero
Dragón, Valle de Bravo and Valle de Toluca, in the state of México
Mixteca, en Oaxaca
La Barca and Bloqueo, in Jalisco
Frontera México-Bélice 10-2012 and Frontera México-Bélice 1-2013, in Quintana Roo and Campeche
Maravilla Tenejapa and Tapachula Seguro, in Chiapas
Triángulo de la Brecha 1-2013, in Guerrero, Michocán and the state of México
Sierra Madre III in Sinaloa and Durango.

In information collected through requests, the SEDENA was questioned about changes in strategy with the arrival of Peña Nieto against organized crime and drug trafficking, which the government agency who heads General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda said:

 “It is made aware that the document that guided the activities of all of the national institutions involved in the fight against drug trafficking, within the context of the authority of the National Security Council, including the armed forces, during the previous administration was the National Development Plan 2007-2012, that “suggest channeling your request to the liaison unit of the Presidency of the Republic in order to provide the corresponding answer to your request."


  1. Doesn't 224 soldiers in 6 years seem like a relatively low number? I got the impression there would have been MANY more than that.

    1. There is many more than that. The government thrives on word play. These numbers are probably from soldiers killed from members of organized crime that have been apprehended and admitted to the crimes. Even in the US military deaths are separated into countless categories.

  2. Neither Caldeón or Peña Nieto (or anyone before them) has done any half serious effort to fight corruption and social inequalities in Mexico...and until that happens they could send 10 or 100.000 militars to fight the narco, it won´t work.

  3. The Statistics aint very good for the first few months of PRI....still early days.

  4. It's like the Mexican Obama

  5. This says it all...

    1. This says it all? Stfu moron. Has it crossed your mind that USA drug use could be proportionate to our proximity to the countries that produce and smuggle it? USA is also number one in being over run by dirtbag illegals from same countries. It's becsuse we are next door.

      If Spain were Mexico, France would be full of Mexicans.

      Get a grip on the shit statistics you're spewing.

  6. Peña nieto is jst a poppet he aint no real president

  7. Pinched Pena nieto culero hasta q se chingen a algiuen De tu familia te vas a poner las pilas mugroso

  8. Another corrupt Mexican President. Of course he is going to lower the numbers, he is in bed with CDG and doesn't want to lose any more money.

  9. Good job! further evidence that Mexico and each of its politicos are useless. The violence is increasing once again so reduce those fighting it. Genius!

  10. I hope the Zetas take him out. I want to see narco pics of him with his head blasted open. Fucking worthless loser. And I thought Calderon was a pussy. How come Mexico cannot produce a man like Colombia's Uribe? Now that guy had balls.

  11. Soldiers combatting narcos - deaths up with the new president.
    Soldiers fighting narcos down, hmmmmm??

  12. He is only reducing them because he is following the orders of his real bosses, which are the narcos. They got him in, now he needs to repay the favor. What a pussyfaced loser he is. Looks weak too, both physically and intelectually.

    1. There are some videos in You Tube about Peña Nieto raping an elementary school teacher, the teacher later escaped to the US to avoid been killed. And some other videos on the investigation against Peña Nieto, he still is the main suspect on his wife murder.

  13. what do you mean by "32,253 elements" ?
    soldiers and marines
    troops and units ?

    by the way, interesting article

  14. Hello the PRI is in control Party time Narco,so what did the Mexicans who elected the PRI think would happen??

    1. Elected???? its been decades withuot our vote counts

  15. --March 13, 2013 at 6:16 PM--

    Yes by elements I meant to say soldiers.

    -Thanks for pointing that out.

  16. March 13, 2013 at 1:07 PM
    "Has it crossed your mind that USA drug use could be proportionate to our proximity to the countries that produce and smuggle it"
    Dude,you hit the nail on the proverbial head,it is a simple as that,and your analogy about France is also correct,a huge market on the doorstep,get the item across that border by all means.
    But,i think you lost him at(proportionate and proximity)plus he doesn't care about your explanation,it is the endless"told you so about US drug consumption""This says it all"All what?That people take drugs,woop de fuckin doo,i didn't know that.What a discovery?

  17. So if the number of soldiers is going down, will other numbers of different elements be increased, like maybe more GATEs? Or will the GATEs be reduced as well? Doesn't seem like the best strategy to take if you were actually trying to win the war on drugs.

  18. i hope that all acrtels can come to and agreement just pay a fee for every shipment respect each others territory and just make money


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