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Friday, March 29, 2013

7 killed, 3 women in Chihuahua Bar

Borderland Beat
At least seven people were killed and two others injured after an attack inside a bar in the city of Chihuahua.

According to early police reports, four men and three women died as a result of gun shots,  perpetrated by a man wearing tactical gear. After he committed this crime, he fled on foot out into the streets of Centro.

Unofficial sources said that the alleged shooter was young. The Diario de Juarez reports that the incident took place inside Mogavi, a bar located on 21st and Doblado Streets

Elements of different police forces as well as emergency services arrived on the scene to treat the injured.

Among the casualties are two waitresses who worked for Mogavi and another employee, identified as "Chava." 
The bodies were taken to the premises of C4 to proceed with proper identification and autopsy as required by law. A major police operation responded to the call to look for the triggerman.
Six of the seven victims have been identified

Alma Aracely Miguel Quiroga, 37 años and Tayde Frías Muñoz, 37 both employees at the bar

Norma Lorena Santiago González, 41 Sergio Daniel López Montes, 38; Tomas Casillas Tarín, 44, Oscar Guillermo Payán Rodríguez, are four of the five bar patrons that were victims. 

There still remains one more male bar patron victim client to  identify.

Chihuahua is one of the most violent states in recent years have disputed criminal groups in the service of the Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman and Juarez.


  1. Arriva el cartel de Juarez y La Linea
    Saludos desde Denver, Colorado para Ciudad Juarez y a todo Chihuahua.

  2. We see that the crack law enforcement of Mexico is buisy protecting the unarmed defenceless citizens of Chihuahus, O Yea!!

  3. The whole damned thing that is happening in Mexico can be laid at the door of the P'RI government which for decades have been very toady with the drug cartels.
    Now, they have grown so ungovernable that there is nothing that can be done to contain them.
    Why don't the government just hand the reins of government over to the most powerful drug cartel and let them run the show, which to all intents and purposes, is what the cartels are actually doing!!

  4. Why would anyone in their right mind go out to any bar at night in any MX state riddled with violence. What a relief it must be for murderers there to know they will never pursue any sort of justice on behalf of victims.

  5. I used to live not that far from there and always heard that place attracts total malditos and you're just asking to have your life screwed with and changed by hanging there. For what it is worth.

  6. Right Chapo is like Robin Hood.Never hurts innocents.Nothing like going to work to support your family.And some piece,of ...t orders a,hit .Real brave

  7. Es terrible en lo que se ha convertido Chihuaha.

  8. Ala verga con el chapo puro juaritos! No pueden pinches maricones de sinaloa

  9. I love how most people are always praising Chapo and on his nuts.

    He is a drug lord, he has killed innocents and always will, he will never change. Instead of wishing Chapo to win the war, maybe you should wish that all cartels die, so mexico can have peace.

  10. La Linea fighting Chapo. Typical La Linea/Juarez kill everybody in sight.

  11. Mexico is lost forever!

  12. Open up a funeral home in mexico youll be rich..


  13. yuo damn right...kill everyone in linea still continues with force and not even juarez is chapos,after more than 6 years,that piece of shit had all types of government agencies backing him up...and still doesnt control shit,not even culiacan!!!! cds should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!! f--k all you chapo nut huggers,let facts speak for themselves...cartel de juarez continues,chihuahua is not cds...go to juaritos jamming to the fantasy chapo corridos ,going around town saying your cds...yeah hatters keep hatting,chihuahua is cartel de juarez.

  14. saludos pa toda la klika de la linea desde wichita kansas

  15. Fuck la loser the womenkiller scrub ass La LInea of Juarez

  16. "Go kill more women punk ass Juarez Linea bitchesMarch 30, 2013 at 8:41 PM"
    ............................Heard that

  17. Juarez and Linea all they do rap little grils and kill them thats all they do

  18. No me alegra que maten a tanta gente pero chihuahua deve de ser de el grupo local LA LINEA y el cdg son los que entron a hacer el desmadre ya ni chingan respeten territorios pinches marranos


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