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Monday, March 18, 2013

5 die in Tamaulipas state

By Chris Covert

A total of five armed suspects were killed in ongoing drug and gang violence in Tamaulipas state, according to official nd news accounts.

In a news release posted on the Tamaulipas state government website, the Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE) or attorney general said that a confrontation took place in Nuevo Laredo Monday morning.

A Mexican Army unit exchanged gunfire with armed suspects at around 1040 hrs near the intersection of  calles Yuca and Azucena in Valles de Elizondo colony.

Typically encounters such as Monday's gunfight are preceded by a road patrol signalling suspects who are travelling by vehicle to stop, who instead attempt to escape capture by fleeing.  Following the encounter, soldiers recovered a Ford Mustang sedan, three rifles and 18 weapons magazines.

Meanwhile in or near the bloody city of Reynosa three armed suspects were shot to death by Mexican security forces Sunday.

According to a news account posted on the website of Milenio news daily, the three dead were killed in two separate encounters.

Two unidentified suspects in their 20s were killed in an gunfight with units of the Policia Federal  and Mexican Army.  The encounter took place on kilometer 25 of the Reynosa to San Fernando highway.  The suspects were aboard a Chevrolet pickup truck.

Following the gunfight, Policia Federal agents found several handguns, ammunition and two bulletproof vests.

Meanwhile in Reynosa proper, one suspect was killed in a gunfight with Mexican security forces.  The incident took place on Calle Emiliano Zapata, in Jacinto Lopez colony.

Security forces secured three rifles, weapons magazine and accessories in the aftermath.

Mexican security agencies are currently gearing up for the upcoming Easter weekend, in less than two weeks.

According to a news account posted on the website of Milenio, the mayor of Ciudad Madero, Jaime Turrubiates Solis  is expecting 1,200 security troops in the area, including Mexican Army, Mexican Naval Infantry and Policia Federal troops.

Ciudad Madero is a  resort city in southern Tamaulipas and a suburb of Tampico.

Nationwide it was reported that Mexico's Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB) is expected to deploy 6,000 federal security troops in Jalisco state in adance of the holiday.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political new for


  1. @ Chivis
    Here is a good story. Maybe you can repost?

  2. Can anyone tell me what SDR stands for? Not related to this be see it several other places.




    1. Hey ThinkTank all that looks confusing. First of all Osiel and Coss are locked up and Gringo is dead and who knows where the fuck R1 is at. And wasn't it Coss that made the alliance with CDS?

    2. was the metros.namely metro 3,who made the arrangement with elements of JAGL.
      and just cu OSIEL and Coss locked up, doesn't mean shit.....they have Familia and close confidants that are heavily the CDG wars...also Osiel had Zs that weren't with the Lazca Zs ....
      ATTE.ThinkTank28.7 N.V.

  4. SDR situacion de riesgo or "Risky situation"

  5. hey chivis do u think z40 is even in mexico?? I don't understand how it can b so hard to locate these guys if they're in mexico. Even z42 I mean it really gets to me cuz if it were the usa we would have located every head of every cartel

  6. ^^^ or all fucked up ^^^^

  7. @6:04

    without a doubt in my mind he is in Mexico. It is how they all circumvent capture, low profile, surrounded by trusted people and pay offs. I think he must be extra vigilant now that lazca is gone.

  8. Don't forget that the cartels have halcones or lookouts. Especially the zetas little kids go patrolling the streets radioing for 5-0s and suspicious vehicles. I think that's a major advantage. You see them all the time in nvo. Laredo. That's z40 turf so I wouldn't doubt that he lives in the dangerous parts of the city but the halcones around there are rapent and raid party's and also take "care" of the streets so it doesnt get attention.

  9. All in Mexico . CIA knows where they all are. Just trying to make the right moves at the right times without more bloodshed than there already is. Not to mention China won't allow the U.S. to touch Chapo . He makes them billions by buying boatloads of meth precursor and no telling what else . The other top narcos have to battle it out for territory controlled by Chapo to allow product through. Most people are blind about China being behind much of this . With the U.S. owing trillions to China do you see Chapo in any danger or being busted soon? The U.S. is to blame for 99% of all of this . Now the cartel is in our backyards butchering in suburbs. I give this world no more than 5 years before God cleans it all up.

    1. Another doomsday prediction get over it already the world end for the person that dies tbe world keeps spinning the only thing world thats gonna get cleaned up is ur life when u die

  10. Think Tank is an idiot... His/hers posts have never contained anything new, accurate, or even anything that later turned out to be remotely or partially accurate (JAGL Sinaloa branch Gente Nueva vs. Mayo Antrax vs. Fuerzas Especiales de Azul-CIA SAD vs. Zetas (Taliban) JCNG El Mencho vs. La Familia Nazario vs Familia Chango vs CT VS DEA SOG... just ramblings by someone who desperately wants to be respected as an authority on an internet blog). If anything is correct, than it already has been posted on this particular website in former articles; although I would say TT does seem to have a good memory or at least an abundance of time to purview old BB articles... Osiel hasn't run shit since 2007, although he did run CDG from 2003 to 2007 in Mexican prison. In 2007 his ass got extradited and cut off from his former world. When that happened, he gave up all the info he had on CDG/Zetas operations to increase the possibility that he might see the light of day again. That also lost him all respect and admiration from the guys on the street. Guys on the street in Mex don't fight for snitches in American prisons trying to save their own asses. And it was probably Coss that gave Tormenta up in 2010 given his connection with the Marines and the fact that he didn't get touched... With the additional fact that El Junior is snitching as well, I would say the Cardenas name is not what it once was on the streets of Matamoros...And it was COSS that led the alliance with CDS, and that is why he WON'T run CDG from prison like O did... Because he led the plea for help to CDS he does not have the respect of the die hard CDG crews from all of their groups...I can't believe people respond to this person like he has some knowledge that can't be gleamed from reading this website, albeit in it's entirety... I do give you respect for that. But if I were a betting man I would say you live somewhere in the midwestern U.S. and that you have a lot of time on your hands. Maybe you can track my ip address and silence me with a drone strike...
    Atte: The REAL CIA Special Activities Division (SPC OP GRP)

  11. March 24, 2013 at 10:38 AM
    "The REAL CIA Special Activities Division (SPC OP GRP)"
    Dude,TT just postin his thoughts and opinions on here just like you and i,there is no need to come at him sideways like he done some personal harm to you?Its a blog where anyone can post what they like,,so chill out,the more the merrier with intelligent opinions.We don't want internet shit talk all day long do we?


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