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Friday, March 15, 2013

5 die in Tamaulipas state

By Chris Covert

As Mexican federal security forces have seized drug, guns and cars since last weekend's bloody gun battles in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, a total of five unidentified individuals were found dead in Reynosa Friday night, and in or near Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas state, according to press accounts and official government news releases.

A late report which appeared on the website of Durango based said that a Mexican Army and Tamaulipas state police patrol located the body of a man left aboard a Ford pickup truck near the intersection of calles Occidental and Praxedis Balboa following an exchange of gunfire.

The government does not make clear if the victim, identified as Édgar José Zertuche Botello, was killed as part of the gunfight with Mexican Army and local security forces.  The report does say, however, the weapons and tactical gear were found in the truck.

The report also says that Mexican Army units have been involved in fighting at several points in Reynosa.

According to a news release posted on the Tamaulipas state Procuraduria General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE), or attorney general the victims in Ciudad Victoria were located Thursday evening and early Friday morning.

Two men were found shot to death near the intersection of Calle Felipe Arredondo Vega, and a private drive in Las Cumbres colony.  Both victims were in their 20s and both were shot once in the head with a .40 caliber weapon.

Meanwhile Thursday evening two unidentified men in their 30s were found tortured and shot to death in Ciudad Victoria. The victims were found on Libremento (Bypass) Unidos Nacionales between the exits to Matamoros and Monterrey.

The PGJE in its news release makes mention in the news report that the victims were the victims of a local gang rivalry, which one gang won.  The mention probably means a message was left at the scene.  No gang was identified as the culprit in the shooting.

In Reynosa Thursday, local drug gangs were involved in gunfights and pursuits with local police.  According to a news account which appeared on the website of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, the fighting began on Bulevar Morelos, where state police agents were involved in a pursuit of armed suspects.  Blockades were put up by local gangs in Longoria and Rodriguez colonies.

Tamaulipas governor Egidio Torre Cantu was apparently visiting the area when the gunfights and pursuits took place.

Wednesday, more than four metric tons of drugs were seized by Mexican federal security forces in Reynosa.  A news account which appeared on the website of El Sol de Mexico said that a Policia Federal road patrol discovered two wine cellars at a location known as El Berrendo which is on the Reynosa to Monterrey-Nuevo Leon Highway, which were being used to store the drugs.

Almost four metric tons of marijuana and 100 kilograms of powder cocaine and 60 kilograms of crystal methampetamine were seized.

The news report also said that weapons were also found at the location but the number and type were not disclosed.

On Tuesday a news release by the Mexican Secretaria de Defensa Nacional (SEDENA) said that 30 vehicles, guns and drugs were seized in the aftermath of the bloody confrontation in Reynosa.  The seizures took place between 1130 hrs Sunday and 2100 hrs Monday.

Tamaulipas government sources have claimed that only two individuals were found dead following a three hour gun battle in the city, while local residents through Twitter and other social media have claimed as many as 50 men were killed.

Both the Los Zetas and Gulf cartel local gangs are known to take the bodies of their dead and remove them from the field of battle to prevent their rivals and the government from gaining intelligence on the activities.

According to report which were also appeared on Borderland Beat, Sunday's gun battles were an internal struggle within the Gulf Cartel.

According to the news report about the vehicle and guns seizures, 30 vehicles were seized, ten of them custom armored civilian vehicles, along with 13 rifles, 5.092 rounds of ammunition, 235 weapons magazines, 13 grenades (presumably 40mm launchable), two grenade launchers, one rocket launcher, one rocket, 11.595 kilograms of marijuana, and personal quantities of powder and crack cocaine.

A total of nine unidentified suspects were also detained.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. The two body's found in Ciudad Victoria had a narco message which read "keep sending more for us to kill Atte: Z" it was a message to Gulf cartel.

    Strange though,this is Commander Diablo's playground,i thought.

    1. Diablo is dead.
      been dead or is forever in hiding like R1 in a narcofosa that nobody will find, ever.....
      atte. ThinkTank 28.7 N.V.

      remember the manta that exposed gringo.x-20,m4 and others by z40, he's got the local state and federal police as his secondary armed wing to eradicate rivals and.perceived threats.

      Diablo family waxed , Diablo went into hiding or most likely is narcofosa'd , the same.with R1 he was pretty much a on the camera guy as was Diablo and now they cease video making for a life as bug food in a hidden grave.

      atte.ThinkTank 28.7 N.V.

  2. wow imagine the money spent on the 10 armored vehicles

  3. Z-40 has the SEMAR under his payroll! No really! Of course he has the Mx. naval infantry under his payroll to carry out his bidding. Who caught Coss and Gordo Cárdenas of CDG? Who caught Taliban and killed Z-3? SEMAR! MATM did state in his narcomessage that his enemies would be dealt with. Putitos de agua anyone! This Z-40 has outlasted CDG and Z cartel members who he came up with in the narco game.

    atte. MonsterTank

    1. I doubt he outlast chapo.he seems to be too mentally unstable and when u have a complete psychopath in control it will eventually unravel.i dont know much about the narco business but it seems like chapo got his shit together better than z40

  4. Ya no se maten pendejos !!!! SANGRE TAMAULIPECA es Muy Cara !!! Juntos ponganle en la madre a los sinaloa...CDG los va usar el chapo como condon...Envidia siempre destruye todo..

  5. I hope your right think tank,bout Diablo being dead he was a piece of shit....just wish the Zetas made a home movie that he starred in.

  6. 1:06pm there still some of the originals goin strong....theres bout 8 left isnt there???

  7. It's a shame they didn't kill the governor - the worthless corrupt SOB.

  8. Todo mundo sabe que Z40 tiene a la SEMAR,PF, y Marina bajo su mando.Nadien del CDG tiene mas poder que el Z40.

    Esos que mueren contra los Soldados y Marina en Plazas Z en Tamaulipas es parte del show.

    Para los que no saben pues para que sepan porque creen que puso "Putitos de Agua" como supo que el Taliban iva mamar y como supo que el Gringo se iva chingar al Metro4? en aquellas mantas que puso en Zacatecas.

    Para que miren que Z40 carga power ni se diga su carnal tambien.....

    Doz Fronteras

    Every that didn't know Z40 has SEMAR,PF,Marina on his command.All of those Z that fight against the Soldiers and Marines in Z plazas is part of the show.

    How did Z40 knowthat Taliban was the next to be captured? how did he know that Gringo was going to kill Metro4? remember those Mantas 40 order to hang in Zacatecas last year?

    Z40 has a lot of power just like his brother...

    Two Borders

    1. He might not see the brorher in texas for a long ass time.he will be on a walker by the time he gets out if he ever gets out

  9. Repost in English: March 16,2013 2:07pm : Stop killing EACH other stupid asses.. TAMAULIPECOS BLOOD IS TOO COSTLY!!! To the CDG. el Chapo will use you all up like Condoms !!!! Greed & Envy destroy all...

  10. @6:17pm cause he been in the business longer is probably a good reason,remember Z-40 is 40yrs old rounderbouts and Chapo is bout 140yrs old,need to bury the old greedy bastard..he been round too long


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