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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

24 inmates transfered following riot in Altamira Tamaulipas

By Chris Covert

A total of 24 inmates were transferred from a prison in Altamira to other prisons in Tamaulipas state following a riot which took place last Sunday, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a news account which appeared in Milenio news daily, the transfer took place Monday morning with tight security provided by Tamaulipas state police, Policia Federal Preventiva (PFP) and Mexican Army troops.

The report quoted a presumed security official, Maria Gonzalez Flores, saying that a brawl had taken place Sunday in the Centro de Ejecuciones de Sancciones (CEDES), which closed the prison to visitors for six hours.

A total of 19 inmates imprisoned for state crimes were to be transferred to the CEDES in Reynosa, while another five inmates serving time for federal crimes were to be transferred to a federal facility in Matamoros.

The Milenio report goes on to note that Tamaulipas' Secretaria de Seguridad Publica del Estado (SSPE) had released a statement on the disturbance. A statement had been released on the Tamaulipas state official government website by he SSPE last Monday, but only a mention of the reason for the transfer being the prevention of violence, not that a disturbance had occurred closing the prison to visitors for six hours.

The Milenio report also notes that no one was hurt in the disturbance and no weapons were used.

The prison transfer is the third action taken by Mexican Federal authorities of problems inside Tamaulipas prisons.  Tamaulipas state is one of Mexico's most violent with an ongoing war entering its fourth year between the nascent Los Zetas drug cartel and their former employers, the Gulf Cartel.

Actions taken by the new federal government headed by President Enrique Pena Nieto indicate the security officials intend to regard Mexico's prisons as another battleground in the drug war.

Actions taken by government officials, or by drug cartels in prisons include:
  • The closing of the Centro de Readaptacion Social (CERESO) Numero 2 in Gomez Palacio, Durango a day after a bloody attempted prison break in which 24 inmates were gunned down by prison guards last December.  The action to close the prison taken by the Mexican federal Secretaria de Gobernacion (SEGOB) or interior ministry, has left Durango state with the nearest prison to Gomez Palacio being in Durango city, the capital of Durango state, hundreds of kilometers to the west.
  • Earlier in March the CEDES in Miguel Aleman was closed and all of its inmates transferred to a CEDES in Nuevo Laredo after a mass prison break.  Fifteen armed suspects entered the prison and held prison staff at gunpoint as 12 inmates were freed late February.
  • Last Sunday the CEDES in Ciudad Mante was closed with all of its state prison inmates transferred to Nuevo Laredo as well.
  • Five prison inmates in the Nuevo Laredo CEDES were killed in a brawl last Sunday, including two who had been in the prison less than 24 hours before they died.
Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. The story of the two persons detained in relation to the 108 hostages freed in Nuevo Loredo, and killed in prison one day later is very interesting. José Juan Antonio Carvajal and Adriana Yacare del Toro Lopez were detained as part of the kidnappers who had aprox. 108 hostages from central America. He died in a brawl by knife wounds at the prison and she was found hung in her cell. It would seem those with the most to lose are cleaning up the loose ends( higher ups who have the power to silence someone behind bars.) Tamps. is reputed to be completely controlled by criminals and Sunday evening's 4-5 hour gun battle in Nuevo Laredo without any real interference or interest of the authorities seems to lend to the widespread notion that it is a place of impunity. If anyone has any info on the story or even some rational assumptions I'd like to read about it. Thanks Fingers McFatty

    1. The place were the confrontation happened is a zeta stronghold. You can't blame the authority from being hesitant to go in.

  2. Chivis just want to let you know there was a couple off shoot outs in CD acuna yesterday hope you can look into it possible zetas deaths

  3. Cereso 2 in Nvo.Laredo is ZETA controlled period..Any criminals caught outside on the street extorting or using the Zeta name without permission is immediate death sentence. And they will filter out any contras coming in from other prisons.the prison guards are on the take... Z

  4. about acuna...yep, there sure was my number one source in acuna (I call her "cagney") kept me informed. I will look for enough info to create a post but as of last night just reports from people on the ground. in acuna there is little reporting in the media it is like tamps

  5. There was a major brawl in a Mexican prison and "no-one was hurt". HAHAHA!!! That is the Mexican joke of the day.

    Do you honestly believe that these men rioted and no-one was killed or seriously injured? B.S. Either there were deaths and they do not want the public to know. Or else this riot was staged for some other reason. Nothing happens without a purpose.

  6. Tamaulipas PGJE and SSPE neither one denied murders in Nuevo Laredo last Sunday. Why lie about a prison riot in Altamira?

    Plenty of instances worldwide of prison riots that have been restricted to vandalism and just general hellraising.

  7. Chivis i got family that always hears what's going on in CD acuna i know local news and canal 58 chema is scared to say anything i don't blame him but there has been a lot in acuna but seems like no one wants to say anything but i heard z40 is in the area

  8. March 14, 2013 at 3:08 AM
    "And they will filter out any contras coming in from other prisons.the prison guards are on the take... Z"
    Bro,these had to be CDG affiliated?100 hostages?That would take some organizing and crew to keep that many in line?Safe houses,watchin them.Surely they weren't some independents rollin round kidnapping people?They were dealt with quick style,they must have known there was a green light on them,and there was fuck all they could do about it.

  9. For 100 people to be kidnapped under the nose of Zee and not by zee tells me the Zee leave innocent people alone in Nuevo Laredo...well it gives me asertion that the Zees primarily just move product there north over the border......anyone there tell different story???

  10. wensday night a body was dumped at the unidad in nuevo laredo had a message saying he was kidknapper i imagine he was the last of the crew that was busted . i dnt think they were cdg i think they may have talked they were wanted for 69 homcides. maybe using the letras name without permission .u got pay quota . crazy shit . anyhow wasup chivis , -tyrone-


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