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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Zetas vs Golfos; Three years of hostilities

Proceso (2-20-13)

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Translator's note: Nothing new, but a good recap, nonetheless. --un vato

MATAMOROS, Tamaulipas (Proceso).-- According to state prosecutors' statistics, February 2010 was when the narco-war started that has left around 10,000 dead to date in the northeast part of the country and in Veracruz, among them hundreds of innocent victim, in addition to disappeared and displaced persons.

Today, wide regions in the Mexican northeast are desolate. Closed businesses can be counted by the dozens, the night life barely attracts a few regulars in Monterrey and many towns survive amid precariousness and violence.

The background for this violent escalation can be dated to January 25, 2010, with the execution of Zeta gunman Victor Perez Mendoza, Concord 3, in Reynosa, at the hands of Samuel Flores Borrego, El Metro 3, a member of the Gulf Cartel (CDG) that had control of the city. His body was found in an abandoned vehicle on the Reynosa-Monterrey highway. Beside him was the body of Eloy Lerma Garcia, an agent of the State Ministerial police.

In the days after the murder of Metro 3, his followers erected a strange monument on Hidalgo Blvd, one of the most important streets in the city, with the figure of a rooster more than three feet tall and a floral arrangement with the words: "Always at your orders." ("Siempre a sus ordenes.")

In February of 2010, the major confrontations between CDG and Zeta sicarios  strted. Streets in the border cities of Tamaulipas began to fill with armored pickups carrying armed killers.  

La Riberena, a two-lane highway with wide shoulders that connects Reynosa with Nuevo Laredo and  extends for 144 miles was the scene of the most bloody battles beginning in March that year. Hundreds of Hummer, GMC, Lobo, Durango, and Suburban trucks drove through that highway, with the logos of the two opposing cartels placed on the windshields.

Camargo, Ciudad Mier, Miguel Aleman and Guerrero were witnesses to the confrontations, in which up to 70 vehicles from each side took part, with at least five gunmen each. The fighting went on for months, with shootouts and grenade blasts lasting up to 24 hours at a time.

The narco-war resulted in scenes not seen before: Three fourths of the inhabitants of Ciudad Mier fled that "magic town"; some sought refuge in shelters in Miguel Aleman, while others went to the United States. The Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA: Secretaria de Defensa Nacional) even built a base for a 600-man battalion in that county. The troops continue to patrol La Riberena on land and air.


And, although the confrontations stopped towards the end of 2010, even today, the facades of dozens of homes and businesses, some of them abandoned, still show signs of gunfire.  There are also the remains of burned out pick ups and chapels dedicated to the Holy Death ("Santa Muerte"), including the one located at the entrance to Miguel Aleman, as you come in from Reynosa.

The fighting spread to cities and towns of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Veracruz and Nuevo Leon, but especially to Monterrey, the city that was the pioneer of high tech, the biggest and most important city in the north of Mexico, with its prestigious universities, thousands of businesses and the headquarters of the nation's principal corporations.

According to the Nuevo Leon Attorney General's Office, in the past three years there were more thn 4,400 murders, 80% of themrelted to organized crime. In Tamaulipas and Coahuila there was an average of 1,000 murders per year.

Violence also brought mourning to the principal cities of Coahuila, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi and Veracruz, including its capital cities.

Many CDG leaders were arrested or executed, presumably betrayed by their own hired killers, among them the followers of El Coss, known as Los Erres ("The R's") or Rojos, and those of Cardenas Guillen, Los Metros.   

The once-powerful CDG saw its top leaders fall at the hands of Marines troops: Eduardo Costilla, El Coss, and Mario Cardenas Guillen, both in the Tampico metropolitan zone, in September, 2012.

The Zetas split up. A faction is led by Ivan Velazquez Caballero, El Taliban; another is led by Miguel Angel Trevino, El Z-40. The organization lost its principal leader, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, El Z-14, in a confrontation with the Navy onOctober 7, 2012, in Progreso, Coahuila. The word in that group is that Lazcano was "set up" by his own friends.

A little later, Salvador Martinez Escobedo, La Ardilla, the regional leader of the cartel in the northeast and third in line, also went down. He was the principal perpetrator of the slaughter of 72 Central American migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, in 2010.  

In the three years of the narco-war, the Zetas lost several of their leaders, among them Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, El Mamito, Jaime Gonzalez Duran, El Hummer, and Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga, El Lucky.

They also lost control of Monterrey after the arrest of Carlos Oliva Castillo, La Rana, who worked out of Saltillo. 
His capture was followed by that of three capos stationed in the metropolitan zone of the capital of Nuevo Leon: Roberto Carlos Lopez Castro, El Toruno, arrested in Jalisco at the end of September, 2011; Jose Loera Rodriguez, El Voltaje, captured in Monterrey by the Federal Police, and Francisco Medina Mejia, El Quemado, killed in a confrontation with the Army in Nuevo Laredo. 

Many cells were left leaderless and turned to kidnapping and extortion, while others chose to join the CDG. The split among the Zetas continues in Monterrey.  Proof of this is the slaughter of the Kombo Kolombia group.

According to the testimony of an alleged "halcon" (lookout) who was arrested after the murder, the  Zetas committed the murder, even though they provided financing for the group's representative. The reason: the group would play at private parties for Zeta commanders who had gone over to the CDG.

Despite the fact that both factions are divided and weakened, they are still strong and are trying to expand their domain.The Zetas, for example, are present in the principal cities in the northeast part of the country and in other regions.
Their rivals, the CDG, control Matamoros, Reynosa, Tampico, as well as Monterrey and various counties in Nuevo Leon, and they're allied with the Sinaloa cartel, led by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman.


  1. la ardilla went down before lazcano..then lazcanos killed and found to be in posession of a picture of la ardillas wedding and said to be compadres..What are the chances that 2 top most wanted Zeta compadres are caught hours away from each probably said,"they caught me,fuck.the other homie,he's going down too"

  2. comandantes, coss,elm-1,nino,diablo,junior,sierra,el charly,guicho,el taliban,el aleman(antes z),el 900(se entrego a los gringos) y faltan muchos mas estos cabrones nomas se entregaron ni un pinche disparo contra la marina o los wachos jaja pinches golfas por eso son pirugolfas culeros por k les falta hombria y valor

    comandantes zetas,el guerra,el quemado,el flako,el malandro,el pompin,lazcano,nico,king kong,el perro,el flamas,lino,veyita,el tomy,doble k, todos estos y muchos mas prefierieron morir en la raya peleando contra los wachos o marinos por k los golfos no le atoraban a los vergasos aki en nectar lima(nvo laredo) me rio cuando disen estas chaputas o golfas que segun :"ellos" stan limpiando nvo laredo jajajaja pinches jotos les falta hombria y valor para hacer frente a los zetas.orita si han estado ganando terreno en nvo leon y zacatecas pero eso golfas ustedes nomas le deben de dar las gracias al traisonero del talbianz-50...todos aki en nvo laredo en los comiensos de noviembre nos pregutavamos por k estas pinches golfas se saben los puntos de lso zetas ..pos era x la pinche traision del taliban panochon.lo bueno que aki en nectar lima ya se acomodo todo los puntos y listos para defender la plaza que tanto queiren las golfas y tanto la quieren putos salgan a pelear no nomas salgan a calentar la plaza para k las eztacaz de los zetas salgan a buskarlos y ustedes pancohones les reportan a los marinos y wachos para que ellos les hagan frente a los zetas jaja o apoko no golfas???les kala la verdad cabrones.LAS GOLFAS Y CHAPUTAS NOMAS SON PURO CORRIDO Y LLORONAS CON SUS MANTAS SIEMPRE ACUSANDO AL GRUPO ZETA DE MAMANDAS QUE LOS GOLFAS Y CHAPUTAS COMETIERON.LOS ZETAS SON LO QUE SON MIERDAS Y BASURA PERO MUEREN COMO TIENEN QUE MORIR COMO PERROS NO COMO USTEDS PINCHES GOLFAS DE MIERDA SE RINDEN NOMAS VIENDO A LOS WACHOS Y MARINA HASTA SE LES OLVIDA LA PINCHE R15 CABRONES JAJAJ...GDG+CDS=CARTEL DE LAS HIPOCRESIAS JAJAJ..SEGUN LOS CDS SE SEPARARON DE LOS TORCIDOS POR K SEGUN ANDAN SECUESTRANDO TONCES QUE CHINGAOS ANDAN CON LAS GOLFAS SI ESOS PUTOS SON IGUALES O PEORES QUE LOS TORCIDOS(cjng)BOLA DE HIPOCRITAS

    1. Mas clarito ni el agua esta como el dicho que dice tiran la piedra y esconden la mano.

  3. Great recap. The Z's may have issues in Mexico. But, some Z's are doing very well in Guatemala. There crazy brand of mayhem rules and destroys innocents daily. Texas Grandma.Peace.

  4. Hey, Un Vato, (and others) what's the latest on San Fernando? I hate paying the cuota and driving all the way around Saltillo and Monterrey. Is it (relatively) safe to take the free route by San Fernando when going up and down from S.E. Texas? I drive an old (1993) Nissan pick-up.

  5. Metros were for Coss and Rojos were for Cardenas Guillen, I believe this article has it backward, also the rooster was for Condor 3 not M3...

    1. Metros work for Cardenas Family & Rojos for Coss & the rooster is for M3 its in front of his restaurant he own before his death.....XXX PINCHE GENDE DON'T SPEAK IF YOI DON'T HAVE THE INFO STR8

  6. February 21, 2013 at 9:38 AM
    "also the rooster was for Condor 3 not M3..."
    Didn't they take that rooster from outside a restaurant or some shit?It was taken and it was put up for him no doubt,as it had his name on a wreath.Been moved

  7. These cartels are so funny and don't know anything about loyalty . CDG created Los Zetas in order to prevent CDS from taking over their plazas .Zetas created La Familia Michioacana to remove Los valencia /Milenio cartel .Beltran Leyva was part of CDS .Metros and rojos were brothers as CDG .no CDG is dating CDS Los caballeros divorced from la familia .Beltran leyva sleeping around with los Zetas who in turn sharing love with Valencias and pretty soon with CJNG all these traitors Mis respectos pa la Marina Mejicana y Texas Grandma pongase a cocinar Tacos ...

  8. the rooster was for M-3 dude,condor 3 was a zeta.
    If M-3 hadnt of kidnapped Victor Mendoza and executed him los Zetas would still be part of CDG, but mendoza was a very good friend of Z-40.
    CDG Capo's have made some bad decisions including this one.


  10. February 21, 2013 at 3:48 AM
    "comandantes zetas,el guerra,el quemado,el flako,el malandro,el pompin,lazcano,nico,king kong,el perro,el flamas,lino,veyita,el tomy,doble k, todos estos y muchos mas prefierieron morir en la raya peleando contra los wachos o marinos por k los golfos no le atoraban a los vergasos aki en nectar lima(nvo laredo)"
    Preach brother preach,Wicho ran to the north.Tell the truth about your home ground,someone needs to?

  11. "Metros work for Cardenas Family & Rojos for Coss & the rooster is for M3 its in front of his restaurant he own before his death"
    Once and for all,as this dude says...

  12. I can remember the beginning of the war like it was yesterday. Cdg trucks entering cd. Mante and taking over the soriana plaza. I knew at the moment things would never be the same. Thank god I am out of there.

  13. But Rafael CARDENAS Vela was one of the heads of the ROJOS... Who wanted M3 killed because he thought M3 and Coss had given up his unc Tony T to the Marines (who Coss had on the payroll in Tamps until it became public and they got scared, Coss using the in service Marines did him better than Senor O creating the deserter Zetas, gotta give Coss some credit for that foresight)... And also because R1 was jealous that Coss had given his boy Borrego Flores the Reynosa plaza and thought Coss was favoring HIS guys the Metros... I'll admit I ain't in Mex but I thought that was pretty clear... This stuff is crazy, why would Coss give Reynosa to a Metro if Rojos were his backers... and why was it Rojos jetting to the Zetas when Coss consolidated control if they were his guys... But there are a few people here that seem pretty convinced otherwise... But M's with Coss and R's with Cardenas' just seems to make more sense with what has gone down... just sayin. I mean are you guys saying that entire narrative is made up? Seriously I'm interested in your points rather than some one liners and an insult... What's really goin on? haha Another question why ain't Coss running CDG from the clink like Osiel did? Just didn't have the gravitas of O? The troops didn't respect him as much? And I heard Mochomo is getting out in the next couple of years? If thats true, then arguably the most spectacular and bloodiest battle of the Mexican Drug War (given the massive amount of intelligence CDS and BLO had to have on each other, especially in the early fighting) was over less than 10 years in jail for Mochomo? Less than or at least pretty close to what Chapo did? I must be mistaken because that would be crazy. Would love to hear opinons without all the blog room tough guys talkin sh*t haha


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