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Monday, February 25, 2013

Ricardo Reza García, " El Reza," CIDA sicario boss and head of Acapulco kidnapping gangs arrested and 10 Knights of Templar arrested in Guanajuato

The Federal Ministerial Police dismantled a gang of kidnappers consisting of 15 people, including two fugitives. They operated in Acapulco, Guerrero, led by Ricardo Reza Garcia.  "He's a dangerous offender who has generated a lot of violence in the port," said Vidal Díazleal Ochoa, Federal Ministerial Police Commissioner.  At the press conference at the Interior Ministry, he  was accompanied by Eduardo Sánchez, Undersecretary of Interior Ministry.

Vidal Díazleal Ochoa said thanks to several citizen complaints and criminal intelligence work conducted jointly with the bodies that make up the National System of Public Security and the authorities of Guerrero, they were able to apprehend the alleged perpetrators of various crimes committed in the port city. He explained that on Friday Ricardo Reza Garcia was arrested, head of the bands of kidnappers, who had been directly related to the kidnapping of five people last January. 

The arrest took place when members of the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) and the Attorney General's Office (PGR) arrested Ricardo Reza Garcia as he left a house on Farallón Avenue, Farallón subdivision, port of Acapulco riding in Chevy Cheyenne  truck.
At a press conference, Eduardo Sánchez, Undersecretary of Interior Ministry, and Vidal Diazleal , head of the Federal Police and Ministerial PGR, announced the capture.
Vidal Díazleal Ochoa mentioned "El Reza" as one of those responsible for generating much of the violence in the town of Acapulco. Ochoa explained further that on January 4 at a service station, the criminal gang kidnapped five people, three of them minors, who were held captive in a safe house in the municipality,  Vidal Díazleal said the day after the kidnapping of those five people, a woman member of the gang, who is in hiding, was captured by security cameras in a convenience store, making some purchases and withdrawing money from an ATM. She was later located at the safe house where the kidnappers had the abducted victims. The Federal Police discovered the bodies of two adults who were abducted on January 4 of this year and found more bones, probably from other victims of his crimes in the  property's backyard. 

After the arrest, Ricardo Reza Garcia and the others, were immediately transferred to the City of Mexico and made available to the authorities of the Federal Public Ministry to answer for the kidnapping and murder crimes the PGR attributed to them. 
Meanwhile, Eduardo Sánchez, Undersecretary of Interior Ministry, stressed that the presentation of photographs of suspects is for victims to identify and report to the Attorney General of the Republic. The phone number 01 800 00 85 400 of  "When citizens trust their authorities and they respond to this confidence, concrete results will follow,  building a successful partnership we will achieve peace in Mexico." he concluded.

Guillermo Rios / El Sol de Mexico in Mexico City 

Sources: Univision, PuntorevistaOEM, Policiaca, Milenio

10 Knights of Templar operating in Guanajuato Arrested

Leon, Guanajuato. February 24. - In a joint operation between the Attorney General of Guanajuato and the Ministry Public Security, 10 suspected members of Knights of Templar were arrested.

It has been four months since the current state public administration has been dismantling of 12 organized crime groups.
The state public safety secretary, Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, reported that the detainees were involved in several killings, kidnappings and extortion in the cities of León, Silao, Guanajuato, Irapuato and Salamanca.

During the operation they detained  the gang leader, identified as Bogar Ricardo Espinoza Gonzalez  and / or Oscar Fernandez Campos and / or  Mauricio Correa Suástegui , nicknamed "El Niño" and / or "Baby", 25 years old.

In the same operation carried out Saturday, five A-R 15 assault rifles, two 5.56 rifles, five 9 milimeter calibre handguns were seized. Also the vehicles used to carry out their crimes of drugs sales, as well as four safe houses were confiscated.
Most detainees are from Morelia, Michoacan, identified as Jose Alfredo Guzman Villaseñor, nicknamed "El Chaparro", 23, Santiago Hernandez Resendiz, "The James", 25; Salvador Andrade Méndez, "The Viejon" 44, and Jose Luis Chavez Silva, "The Chelis" of 21.

Jesús Guía Rodríguez, also known as  “El Demente”, 23 años; Alejandro Nicolás Padilla Palomares, “El Pelón”, 30; José Francisco Silva, “El Frank”, 28; Óscar Padilla Gómez, “El Jetón”, 30, y Bernardino Ayala, 37.
According to state prosecutors, these people are responsible for a series of extortion in the form of payment plaza dues, much to the detriment of merchants especially in the city of León.

In addition to being related to the activity of the sale and distribution of drugs, several of the accused are being investigated for their possible participation in the involvement of multiple murders in Leon, Silao and Guanajuato.


  1. With a 2% prosecution rate these guys will most likely buy a get out of jail card. Those go for next to nothing in the Mexican justice system.

  2. Extortion aye......Oh but the templars are good people,they help the community...where is Soldado these days,i aint seen his comments here for a while...CT,CDS,Zetas,CDG,etc...they all the same.

  3. I hear of the high profile arrests of suspected cartel members, but not much about the sentence or punishment handed down. Some reports of the justice system in Mexico indicate that only 2 percent of arrests for violent offenses end in a conviction and sentence; might be why I never hear of justice for victims and punishment for offenders. Who cares to discuss?

  4. Greed is a disease!! Selling drugs is a billion dollar business but u still have to extort and kidnap?? And CT always preaching about protecting the innocents. BUNCH Of MIERDA!!

    I cant see a way Mexico is goin to stop drugs coming thru their lands even if every cartel capo is killed... its like a never ending battle because the demand is so high for drugs. And its been goin on for so long.. but its way out of control! Its the killing of innocents, kidapping and extortion that I really hate! And the armed forces (army federales municiples etc) who work for the cartels and commit or participate in these haneous crimes its disgusting!

    Mexico needs someone who will clean house.. im talking cartels, armed forces, and judicial system!! Get people who arent persuaded by greed and really want the best for Mexico and its people! Create real supermax prisons to hold this scum in and create a death penalty for the worst criminals!! Take control and turn Mexico into the beautiful and plentiful land its supposed to be! -

    1. 7:58pm. You make alot of sense,in many of your comments. May I add- México could open a thouand SUPERMAX prisons but with a 2% conviction rate, won't help much. In my humble opinion, DRUGS,ALL DRUGS are the major mayhem on innocents. In the U.S. we have quite a few SUPERMAX prisons but that is not enough. The U.S. needs to clean it's own house. The U.S. is now the painkiller user in the world. We use 90% of the worlds painkillers. More people die of these than all other drugs combined. 98% of all 911 calls to homes involve od's from them. If that isn't crazy enough, I treat addicts as young as 10 years old. Until we deal with millions of addicts in this country, we and México are up a creek.Also, when kids can't afford pills,heroin is cheaper.It sddens and sickens me that innocents everywhere are effected by drugs. Thanks Havana, for the story. Texas Grandma. Peace.

  5. The top pic is funny,they looks like oompa-loompers
    from the chocolate factory...guess the factory didnt pay enuph.

  6. i though no more photo shoots of criminals ! hu where are fantasmas pics????

  7. I thought Perp-Walks and listing Nicknames was halted by decree?

    Would seem more and more arrest are focused on crimes against the people, verses taking down drug loads.

  8. They look like a bunch of Stinky Homeless Bums !!!

  9. He was having trouble coming up with the plaza fee, so they decided to take him out. this wont do anything because their is already another group that will pay the fee and be allowed to work in their place.

  10. Puro pinche GTO,Sinoloa,Nuevo Leon I Tijuana desmadre los CALIFEROS gente de derecha de los salvages el R7 al xien con el grande cds siempresfiel

  11. They show pics of this guys !! Y el fantasma !!

  12. "Also, when kids can't afford pills,heroin is cheaper"?
    Heroin is cheaper?Where is heroin cheaper than pills?Afganistan?

  13. serious? heroin is cheaper than pills in the sense that you get more...but anyways.

    1. Heroin is cheaper than pills in Texas. people get addicted to oxycotin which can run 50 to 100 a pill easy so they start buying heroin its cheaper. Thats why USA herion use on the rise because of oxycotin

  14. i all ways wonderd who controlled G.T.O
    i miss Guanajuato i remember going in 2005
    stayed for three weeks lovely place
    i stayed in the san pancho reigon
    i always wanted to go see the mummies there
    but i didnt have any time to visit.
    now that i know that C.T. or any other group are there im not going any time soon. sad

  15. the way heroin is cheaper is because when you pay 2-3 dollars per pill sometimes more, your supply is never stable , you keep having to take more, and more pills to stay high so then you go doctor shopping and each of those visits cost about 40-50 each visit and it doesnt go toward your pill purchase, so yeah it is more expensive if you use them regularly, hey mexico people do americans still come to the border towns to go to the pharmacias?? or has that stuff stopped??

  16. p.s i was just talking about vicodin and codene pills, but oxy is way more expensive, plus H can be one or two phone calls away..

  17. Not that my comment was anything special but it is strange that you omit it and allow some basic crap throwing comments. One of the most inconsistent parts of BB has always been its censorship.


  19. February 27, 2013 at 2:31 AM
    "but oxy is way more expensive, plus H can be one or two phone calls away""Thats why USA herion use on the rise because of oxycotin"What kind are you talkin about?White H,Tar,Brown?
    Know where you can get that shit in bars bro,,,oxy,,,still gotta pay for it,its never cheap,but,,,i dont know,50 to 100 a tab?Is that for real.Crazy to think about that?

  20. What happened to El Soldado, Havana? El Soldado speak.

  21. What happened to El Soldado? El Soldado speak.
    no i wont,you dont believe me


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