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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mayhem in Monterrey: 8 die

By Chris Covert

Six individuals were shot to death including four members of a family in an attack in northern Monterrey Wednesday afternoon, according to Mexican news accounts.

A story posted ion the website of Milenio news daily said that armed suspects dismounted from a Ford Explorer SUV entered a scrap metal dealer, near the intersection of Avenida Camino Real and Calle Fresno in Villa San Angel at around 1345 hrs and started shooting.

According to the report, the business was across the street from a farmers market where vendors heard about 20 shots fired.

Unofficially, the dead were identified in the news report as Alfredo Flores, 34, owner of the business, Juana Maria Villegas, 32, José Alfredo Flores Villegas, 15 and  Osiris Michelle Flores Villegas, 8.  Two other unidentified male victims were killed, and a seventh victim was wounded and taken for medical attention.

Two other individuals were murdered in ongoing drug and gang related shootings in the Monterrey metropolitan area.
  • A top Nuevo Leon state police commander was shot to death near his home in Apodaca municipality in Nuevo Leon early Wednesday morning.  Gustavo Gerardo Garza Saucedo, commander of Nuevo Leon's Agencia Estatal de Investigaciones (AEI), was shot from sixty meters away by a sniper using a Barrett 0.50 caliber rifle at around 0200 hrs near the intersection of calles Hacienda Santa Clara y Hacienda del Rosario in Hacienda del Carmen colony.  The news item speculated that a sniper was used because Hacienda del Carmen is a gated community.   Garza Saucedo had been under unspecified death threats in 2012.
  • An unidentified man was found shot to death in Escobedo municipality Wednesday morning.  The victim was found near the intersection of Calle Raul Salinas and El Libramiento.  The news report said the victim was shot then dumped at the location.
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  1. keep up BB stuff happening all over.
    EDINBURG - Hidalgo County's top lawman says home invasions are becoming a major problem in the region.

    Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino said his deputies have responded to nine home invasions in two months. He expects that number to keep climbing.

    "Home invasions have been a real problem for us, and they have always been. It is a priority crime situation for us," Trevino said.

    The sheriff said the home invasions have one thing in common.

    "Of the nine home invasions that we have investigated, eight of them have some sort of nexus to a drug-trafficking organization or a human-traffic organization," he said.

    He said the criminals often target the wrong residents.

    "Sometimes they get flawed intelligence. ... The people that they are looking for might have just moved from their rent houses and somebody else moved in, and they get their door kicked down," Trevino said.

    "They might get the wrong intersection ... the wrong address. It does happen to innocent people," Trevino said.

    Most of the times, the criminals take jewelry or televisions.

    Trevino said some of the victims don't give investigators all the details about the crimes.

    The sheriff blames the raise on home invasions on gangs and drug-trafficking organizations.

    "When we speak of traffic organizations, I am referring to local organizations," Trevino said.

    "We have had some reports where drug trafficking organizations in Mexico have ordered a home invasion in order to retrieve what they think was there. Those are few and far in between," he said.

    The sheriff urges the public to be aware of what happens in their neighborhoods.

    Trevino said he created a special task force to fight the home invasions.
    " i wonder if this task force will be anything like the ole "panama" unit?

  2. this is rich. sequestration going to give cartels more free reign of the USA.
    WESLACO - A U.S. Customs and Border Protection memorandum outlines the steps the agency will take if a sequestration goes into effect in Washington.

    The memo was circulated Wednesday afternoon. CHANNEL 5 NEWS obtained a copy from the National Border Patrol Council's website.

    The agency will be forced to cut $752 million from its 2013 budget. To meet that requirement, the CBP will reduce travel, training and expenditures in supplies and facilities.

    The cuts also would affect certain contracts, the memo states.

    The impact on personnel will be reduced overtime for officers and agents. It also would implement an agency-wide hiring freeze. The plan also would require mandatory furloughs of up to 14 non-consecutive days for all CBP employees.

    The budget reductions will go into effect only if a sequestration happens, the memo states. the entire document is available at krgv news

  3. Here is the link to the NBPC memo:

  4. Nice. And another Zeta bites the dust.....

  5. hows that new Los Zetas beheading video gettin round,the guys screaming is horrible...i think they were CDG that got the knife and axe
    I hope they let the lil fellar go in the middle...i somehow doubt it though,there is to much hatred between the Letter and CDG.
    Now of course Diablo is gonna come back with his version nxt following wks but Zetas under the knife.....
    Funny how people say zeta sicario's skinny,those guys on vid dont look skinny....they dont seem young either,seasoned assassins.

  6. They were probably halcones. Not assassins but lookouts and since they're usually not armed; there usually caught. Halcones are usually full figured men

  7. I was talking bout the dudes in Camo-gear,people on here sayin Zeta sicario's all skinny but when look on this vid they looked solid,that vid scared the shit out of me....the zetas looked menacing.
    the CDG members tied up,poor bastards....i really do hope they did let that lil bloke go,he looked young.....there is no need for this shit man.


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