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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Durango governor sacks Durango's top cop

Jesus Rosso Holguin
By Chris Covert

Less than 24 hours after five Gomez Palacio, Durango transit police agents were gunned down in the La Laguna region, Durango's Secretaria de Seguridad Publica Estatal (SSPE) has stepped down, according to Mexican news accounts.

Jesus Antonio Rosso Holguin was "relieved" as a news report in El Siglo de Durango  news daily reported the news Saturday morning.  According to the translation, the news was released by Durango's Fiscalia General del Estado (FGE)or attorney general office. Rosso Holguin's  replacement was named Roberto Flores Mier, who was sworn in Friday.

Roberto Flores Mier, who is a veterinarian by trade has served with the Durango FGE and SSPE for 19 years.

The departure of Rosso Holguin was reportedly part of a minor shakeup pf the cabinet of Durango governor Jorge Herrera Caldera.  A second folio was changed as well:  Juan Francisco Gutierrez Fragoso of Durango's Secretaria de Desarrollo Economico was replaced by Ricardo Ociel Navarrete Gomez, who had held a private foundation job in the state.

State cabinet shakeups are not unusual in Mexican local politics.  Indeed, as Governor Herrera Caldera enters the third year of his six year term, so some changes are expected.  Changes in Mexican state top security postings are rare, however.

For example, Durango's current FGE, Sonia Yadira de la Garza Fragoso took the attorney general's spot before the second year of her predecessor, Ramiro Ortiz Aguirre, was complete.  Ramiro Ortiz Aguirre was murdered almost a year ago a few hours after FGE  Garza Fragoso pulled Ortiz's security detail.  Ortiz presided over the nearly year long discovery of mass graves in Durango state which eventually totalled 331 dead.

Another example would be the resignation of Brigadier General Ubaldo Ayala Tinoco, the SSPE of Tamaulipas, who left his post two years ago just as the mass graves in San Fernando were coming to light.  Those graves totalled 193 dead.

Rosso Holguin leaves in his wake a weakened but only recently revived security program in La Laguna and the oncoming pressure imposed by the newly elected federal government of the requirement that all police working in Mexico will be certified or will lose their jobs by November, 2013.  Many state and local police corporations have already begun the tests and transition to the new requirement, including Durango state.

The far eastern Durango municipality of Gomez Palacio lost almost 160 police agents earlier this month because of an internal investigation, and because those police agents refused to take part in training offered to them, according to Mexican press accounts.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. Why is it that the only post that get any comments are the ones involving the cartel aspect but nobody comments on the political posts they are just as important if not more IDK maybe im trippin

  2. michael keitth, they can comment on things that Only uneducated people is capable to comment, they don't even know politics. I like to say to you one thing: you are correct, political post are as important or more that the other posts. Jesus Rosso Holguin, if I'm not mistaking him with someone else is part of a big family of seven or something like that, it was better not to mess with them.

  3. Not only were several transitos (traffic police) killed in Gomez Palacio last week, but also several businesses belonging to the then mayor (Presidente) of Gomez Palacio were burned last week, leading to his resigning from office. So GP (population of approx 250,000) now has no police force, no traffic police force, and no mayor.

  4. February 24, 2013 at 10:35 PM
    "michael keitth, they can comment on things that Only uneducated people is capable to comment"(sic)
    Yes,and you and i,being edumucated peeple are percipient enough to reaglize the power of polidigs and indellecdual thought processes,i salude your indelect and drought provoking mierda and pretentiousness in your astute observations.
    michael keith

  5. michael keith said...
    "Why is it that the only post that get any comments are the ones involving the cartel aspect,nobody comments on the political posts"
    Because they are fuckin boring my perceptive,discerning friend and they are usually the most depressing because these are the people who make decisions affecting hundreds of thousands of people.Usually the wrong decisions in their litany of error and bullshit.


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