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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Doctors under fire in Tamaulipas and Coahuila

Proceso: Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Doctors are under fire in Tamaulipas and Coahuila. The following two stories illustrate the extreme conditions under which they perform their duties.

Killers pick up and murder a doctor because she treated  a member of a rival cartel

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas ( Gunmen with an organized crime group kidnapped and murdered Erika Sanchez Marroquin, presumably because she treated a wounded man from a rival cartel that went to a clinic in the Abasolo, Tamaulipas, municipality, an official source revealed today.

The body of the doctor was found at approximately 10:00 a.m. in Abasolo, located more than 60 miles from this capital city, the source specified. 

Sanchez Marroquin was "picked up" ("levantada") yesterday afternoon by armed men at a regional clinic located in the Morelos Ejido at Abasolo.

The doctors from the clinic stated that the female doctor had treated a wounded man who went to the clinic, and who apparently belongs to a local cartel.
They also denounced that they have been threatened against treating members of that group.

The harassment that doctors in the northeast part of the country suffer from organized crime has been reported since October 2012 in the city of Monterrey.

In an unprecedented act, approximately 100 doctors from different hospitals and health centers, wearing white gowns and face masks, marched through downtown streets on October 20 that year.

The health workers gathered in the downtown Colegio Civil Plaza, and marched from that point to the Explanada de los Heroes, in front of the Government Palace, guarded at all times by police officers with the Civil Forces (Fuerza Civil) of Nuevo Leon, who were carrying rifles.

Attacks on the medical sector have increased since 2012, and range from crimes such as assaults, death threats, motor vehicle theft, to kidnapping, said the regional delegate from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS: Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social), Jorge Luis Hinojos.

Physicians from Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and Coahuila have complained anonymously that organized crime groups kidnap them and hold them captive to force them to treat members of their organizations who are wounded in confrontations.

Doctors and nurses are kidnapped after a shootout in Monclova

MEXICO, D.F. (apro)(2-14-2013).-- Yesterday, the State of Coahuila lived through one of the most violent days this year, with shootouts between suspected criminals and security forces, the alleged kidnapping of doctors and nurses from a hospital, attacks against Mexican Navy personnel, and an attacks using explosives in the Monclova men's prison.

According to Coahuila press reports, the wave of violence began yesterday afternoon with a confrontation between suspected gunmen and State and Federal police officers in the city of Monclova, leaving one civilian dead and two more under arrest.

The shooting started when armed civilians attempted to evade a road block located in the Brisas sector and opened fire against the uniformed personnel, who retaliated against the assault....continues

In the exchange of gunfire, which forced businesses in the area to close their shops, one of the suspected criminals lost his life. The suspect was traveling in his car with two other persons. In his attempt to flee, the vehicle crashed against a parked pickup truck.

The uniformed personnel detained two suspects and seized drugs, a firearm, an ammunition magazine, four cartridges and 38,000 pesos (about $3,000.00) cash.

According to local news sources, other suspected gunmen wounded in the incident had kidnapped doctors and nurses from the Monclova General Hospital to get (medical) treatment.

State authorities have not said anything about this latter allegation.

According to unofficial sources, the attack took place at 5:30 p.m. in Blvd. Nazario Ortiz Garza and Abasolo, which triggered a Code Red alarm.

Despite that, when they got to the location, state authorities stated that noting had happened, and, in fact, deactivated the Code Red.

However, Marine personnel were seen guarding the hospital where their wounded fellow (Marine) was taken.

The violent day culminated with the attack against the Saltillo men's prison (Cereso Varonil de Saltillo), where suspects in an automobile threw an explosive device at the prison.

Apparently, there were no casualties. State authorities maintained complete silence on this incident.


  1. what does this mean? are the zetas gettin attacked or what the hell is goin on? this Zetas turf?

  2. If it's low you know the zetas are responsible. They are subhuman monsters who all deserve to die in the most horrible manner imaginable.

  3. This is so sickening. To go after medical personnel, who treat all people is horrifying. Thrse people risk their lives daily to save peoples lifes, I would surmise most are innocents. What's next Priests?? There are not enough medical people to take care of the Mexican population to begin with. Even Dr.'s Without Borders have said that Mexico is one of the most dangerous places on Earth to go to. And yet, they like the Dr.s in Mexico continue to put themselves in harms way.One reason I follow what is going on in Mexico is the human factor,the innocents. The other is 3 of my kids followed in my footsteps and are with Dr.s Without Borders. My oldest son spends alot of time in Mexico and South America. I hear the stories of the innocents and what they are subjected too. And now, medical personnel are in even more danger.It is terrifying. Thanks for the update. And, God bless all the innocents involved in this Hell on Earth. As always, Texas Grandma. Peace to all.

  4. I think CDS/CDG is bringing the fight to the Zetas on their turf!

  5. They are threatening and killing the very people who will save their worthless lives when they get shot up?What kind of thinking is that?Are they this stupid?Is it any wonder everyone is getting pissed off by these fools,threatening the lives of children and women,now doctors,these fuckin mutts don't deserve any kind of trial,for real,they are no good to normal people.Even some bad asses know when to draw the line,there are some things you don't do.These fuckers are cracked and don't care for their own families,why would they care about anything?Killing doctors now,,fuckin scrubs,they have given up their human rights,they should not have them from us.

  6. Texas Grandma : I just read your post and am impressed that your medical family works in Mexico and South America in affiliation with Doctors Without Borders.

    Given, the above, I'd like to know what you think what "might" be done about the violence that generates large volumes of medical necessities.

    I know this is a huge question but I'd like to know what you might contribute on this topic, since you are so close to it.

    Any thoughts, observations,hypotheses, theories, opinions, or just "off the wall comments".... Please, don't put yourself out, any old "keyboarding" reactions will be appreciated.

    Thank you very much,
    Mexico – Watcher

    1. 3:58 pm. Thank you for your kind words about my family. I was concered about responding, till I spoke with my son yesterday. For safety reasons Dr.s Withoit Borders has a strict policy about talking about there missions. I can give you some insight though about the Hell these peope are subjected to and my hunble thoughts about the future. My son spends alot of time in mountainous areas in a region that begins with a S. It is heavily guarded by that group and dangerous. My son has gone enoigh times where he now has some sense of maybe I won't die. THE PEOPLE THERE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO WORK IN THE POT AND POPPY FIELDS FOR 12 hrs.a day. Many drop dead from exhaustion and starvation. When my sons team goes in it is to help save these workers. This is common in every region he goes to. Many are worse, with beatings and rapes of young people. The farther south he goes the one thing that he's noticed in the neighboring countries are they are lawless and run by 2 groups, one starts with Z. In order to get into Guatemala, you must have money and be watched by them 24/7. It sickens my son the level of outright abuse in that country. They do what they can. In Honduras, it is becoming more and more like Guatemala, except the Z have to work with several FARC type organizations, the abuse is rappent. In Ecuador, especially Quito, the drugs flow freely up to Mexico. The Z have a heavy presence there as do the S. Knowing all this, my son and I do not see any way to to halt the continued hoffific
      madness. My eldest son has been in northern Africa for 2 years.Due to the Afrcans,Taliban etc.being heaviy involbed with the drug trafficking from Boliva and Venezuela, they have nothing to loss. The ome comstant in each of these contries is-poverty,no education,no legal jobs to provide for the sanitation or cleam hope and CORRUPT GOVT.S WHO STEAL FROM THE PEOPE TO LINE THEIR GREEDY EVIL POCKETS. With so many countries involved, this isn't just a cartel problem. As much as I loath them and what the do to the innocents, we could kill them all and the druh pipeline would keep rolling. It is scary to think of the
      future. All any of us can do is be aware,take action(I write the UN and the White House almost daily), and pray for the innocents. My heart bleeds for tusm Sorry, I couldn't be more help. Texas Grandma. Peace

  7. This is truly sickening. But surely there must be a way to protect medical workers, doctors and hospitals in Mexico ... some sort of special private security that is completely reliable.

  8. And there are still idiots out there that support Los Zetas.

  9. it takes two too's not just zetas doin this...its anyone of those Cartels that have men injured which kidnap the docter's and nurses.

  10. Heavy fighting in camargo, tamaulipas. Shots could be heard to the U.S. side for about an hour

  11. and there are still idiots out there that support chapo's nuts....if chapo hasnt left Mexico yet, he damn better CDS goin down.

  12. now we have watcher looking for keyboard loggers traces. come on.

    1. 12:55 am. With all the factual data posted, this comment was the best you could come up with? If you have nothing bit this to add, why not post at all? Or better yet, get some rest..past your bedtime??? LOL at you.


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